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Targeted Individuals

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Joseph Stalin, perhaps apocryphally, said, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.” For the past five years I’ve been teaching psychology alongside Calculus and Organic Gardening, and so the psychological aspect of Hum work has been a focus of mine alongside the science.  I’ve known mildly paranoid to profoundly paranoid individuals, and they tend to be the most interesting people I’ve met in my life. They build theories backward from the conclusion; that is, they start with a received truth, such as, “Everybody is out to sabotage me at work”. Then, often subconsciously, they figure out what type of data would support such a conclusion. When such data is encountered among the stream of data in daily life, its importance is amplified and is paramount, and this strengthens the conclusion of conspiracy, which then keeps an even sharper eye out for any other data that might support the starting assumption.

Most of the time their theories are incorrect, and they change the subject when massive volumes of counter-evidence are provided. But, sometimes they are correct, and the reason I think evolution gave some people these tendencies is because humanity needs a few people on the fringes who can spot plots and dangers better than the rest of us. But they give far too many false-positives, and therefore we apply psychiatric labels like “paranoid” or “persecutory”.  I think perhaps they have a hyperactive imagination regarding what might be threatening in the environment.

But then what about people who do not have paranoid tendencies and also report persecution? There are many examples in recent history, such as during COINTELPRO, where individuals and groups have been directly targeted by government forces. So when people write to me claiming that they are the target of government mind control and electronic harassment, I try to keep that in mind. Deepening the intrigue, more than one person has suggested that my website is nothing but a front for government powers and their crimes. Well, how lazy indeed; my public writing on political matters is easy enough to find. I have scrupulously kept that material out of my scientific work, because it is completely irrelevant to the topic.

This is a scientific project. For the record, I think that governments’ infrastructure is indeed responsible for the Hum, but I also think that either they do not know, or do not care. For those who are new to the Hum community, I’ve written on this and multiple other topics elsewhere in this blog.

Also for the record, I think that the notion of “Targeted Individuals”, that is, the idea that the American or other governments are using electronic means to specifically control or torment individuals using microwaves or satellite technology, is utter nonsense and without any reasonable proof. It’s nonsense not because of the notion of targeting, but it’s nonsense because the “science” presented is outlandish, and false on its face.



  1. George G. says:


    Stop the bullshit! Progress report on the D. Box, please!

    • As always, George, you make your point succinctly. The status of the project is that the EM-blocking box can be built in several hours, although there is a minor concern about the seal on it. The acoustic-blocking box is still the technical challenge. That is, how to create an enclosure small enough, and effective enough, to block lower frequency sounds. Unless the box is somehow portable, its usefulness will be limited. It must be frustrating for people to sit and wait for me to make progress on this; if I were being paid to do so or if I had ongoing technical help, the experiment would have been conducted more than one year ago.

      • George G. says:

        That’s good news. Keep at it, no matter how long it takes. The information which the box will provide is vital. And remember, support is available if needed.


    • Arnaud B. says:

      i agree about that !

  2. Dhamma says:

    Mister MacPherson,
    To start your article with that quote from Joseph Stalin is gruesome. The man was responsible for the death of millions of people. He created fear all around him and everybody who was suspected of being against him, had every reason to become paranoid. To be picked up in the middle of the night, transported to prisons or far away places to be murdered, was business as usual under Stalin.
    But you seem to have some affinity with that quote. Most probably because of your own denying mind. Anyway, again you have set the tone! Hum reporters that are getting tired of your so-called scientific approach of denying – that definitely will never lead to any positive solutions – are just paranoid. There is nothing to worry about. There is no government to blame – except for being innocent and not knowing what they are doing. There is no such thing as (MK-Ultra like) targeted individuals; there is no such thing as willingly destroying our earth’s atmosphere by Geo-engineering and the use of Ionospheric Heaters – the main cause of the worldwide explosion of low frequencies in the earth’s atmosphere. Trust mister MacPherson, he will continue to his very last breath to find nothing of a cause for these terrible phenomena that’s torturing millions of people around the earth. And he will do that ‘scientifically’. With the same denying mind as Stalin, who of course killed millions for their own benefit and in the mean time accused people of being unnecessary paranoid. Sleep well mister MacPherson in your Peter Pan fantasy world. And keep up the good work for helping sick governments to come away with their misdeeds. We, are after all just paranoid conspiracy thinkers.

    • I expected a strong response from some readers. My regrets if you misunderstood my intent. I use that quote because Stalin, aside from his horrific actions, showed all the signs of classic paranoia as well, even though he was actually being targeted (correctly, in my view). You may have missed my final sentence, which says that the reason I reject the notion of Targeted Individuals is not because that governments haven’t targeted individuals (which they have), nor do I reject them simply because some of the people who write to me make fantastical or patently paranoid statements. I reject the notion because the claims are usually accompanied by incredibly weak science.

      I understand that some Hum sufferers are very angry and are tired of all the talk and inaction. You know, and I know, that hard science and data are needed in order to move this forward. The Deming Box experiment awaits, and I hope it shows us what we need to know. As for HAARP, electrosmog, and psychological warfare, these are all very real things and present possible dangers for all of us. And I hope there are others like you who can spread (accurate) knowledge about these and other projects. But I think I understand the difference between science and speculation. Once I’m satisfied I know the source of the Hum, my attention then turns to turning it off, or finding a way to shield from it. I regret that I can’t do this full time, but I have a family to feed.

  3. There are many thousands, if not millions, of victims of organized stalking and technological assault around the world. Many have heard inexplicable sounds and noises. Your comments suggest all of us are paranoid. I can assure you that’s not the case.

    Throughout history, corrupt regimes have used similar tactics to control their populations and quash dissent. Read about the Stasi and zersetzung. The “new dictators” so to speak are part of a global narco-system, powerful criminals with access to classified government technology. They have established a satellite connection with millions of peoples’ brains. Total surveillance with a broad range of torture capabilities, including the transmission of inexplicable noises.

    A better theory should be offered before dismissing satellite technology. Any competing theory has to explain how victims experience the same things all over the world – including on airplanes over the middle of the ocean.

    • Okay, let’s get into it; you wrote: “They have established a satellite connection with millions of peoples’ brains.” Let’s keep to this one claim. Please provide your sources for this. Be sure to include the full name of the person, what their credentials are, where his/her claims were published and when, and who else in the technical/scientific community have verified it and/or agree with it. The person should be clear about precisely what technologies and through what mechanism such “mind links” are established. The whole thing sounds quite intriguing as science fiction, but if I’m wrong and there is real science behind it, I’ll be the first to say so. Looking forward to hearing back from you on these precise questions.

      • George G. says:

        I bet London to a brick you will not receive one intelligent answer to those precise questions.

        Ignore the wankers, save your energy for the project.



      • straightcue says:

        I would reply back to that Glen, and give you the exact way they do it. It’s actually quite a simple process.

    • No, that’s quite incorrect; it’s perhaps abrasive of me to say so, but I would suggest that fewer than 10 people – out of the hundreds who have written to me – have shown paranoid tendencies. That’s probably about average for any blog of this nature. But I’m not interested in that, I’m interested in the scientific validity of what everybody has to say. Which puts the ball in your court yet again. You’ve made claims; now please provide your references.

      • straightcue says:

        Lastly Glen.. the fact is that is true, weather or not someone can explain it scientifically, yet I can prove it.. and I don’t even need a degree to have done it so.. You made the claim thou that those “targeted individuals” are not real, then, do step in my room for a time being.. and experience the source of energy under my feet and relate. I can not deny it Glen, its in my body, I experience it live. Now listen, and I give the proof, and we track it.. how? Wavelengths, simple as that, yet who pays for the technology to detect it, at least decode the patterns to read the information input/output on separate individuals. LOL.. No, cause the wavelengths can fluctuate on such large broadbands. Yet there is a another way. Simple, pray.

  4. Simon says:

    Hi Glen,
    I am entirely in agreement with you on this one. It is way too easy and also lazy just to describe any phenomena we do not understand and that affects our lives badly as a conspiracy of some sort, presumably perpetrated by a police state.

    I would question first of all however, even if it had occurred to me, that if I am being singled out for persecution, then for what purpose? I am not very important and I am probably far more useful to my government as a source of taxes than as a medical basket case who may well become a burden on the state..

    As you say, it is far more likely that that even if governments are aware of the hum (and I am sure the UK government is, because I have personally told them all about it!) but are really not very interested in doing anything about it as the number of potential voters affected is very small!

    Best regards

    Simon (Cambridge, UK)

  5. straightcue says:

    To those who would like another viewpoint of the research that has been developed in another diagnostic approach.. please review a Christian’s perspective on the take @ straightcue dot wordpress dot com It is tied in to this dilemma posted on this site, so I also referred this site on frontpage. All important data is relevant, it brings exposure. Thank you.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Many people around the world are ‘hearing’ the hum and I suspect there are many that are not aware of this site or just pass it over the sounds they hear as an unusual hearing phenomenon. Being a graduate researcher I have done some work in this field, Whist at university I studied how the use of psychotronic technology in relation to deaf or hard of hearing people could be applied. I would also be interested to know if any readers are hearing other invasive sounds in their heads besides the hum that could not be related to tinnitus.

    The low frequency tonal effects that people are hearing I am sure are not an acoustic phenomenon. The sound(s) is/are being transmitted by radio frequency technology where the hum sound at source is being modulated onto a radio wave. This is probably the reason why many researchers and acoustic analysts are totally baffled as to the source of the sound. The hum is in the air but it is not vibrations in the air. It is being carried by a radio wave which is demodulated by the auditory cortices and therefore is able to bypass the normal hearing channels.

    There are many scientific papers and patents relating to these forms of technology. Is it possible that all the hearers of the hum are being used as guinea pigs for a very advanced scientific experiment and the perpetrators want to see how the effects of this technology affects different people in different locations? I may be completely wrong, but I think this theory is worthy of further consideration. What do you think?

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