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Tympanostomy proposed as a new medical treatment for Hum sufferers

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DISCLAIMER: I write a disclaimer here because I need to protect myself legally from people who might think that because I have a Ph.D. and can be called “Doctor”, that I somehow can give medical advice. I cannot, and do not. I do, however, have a simple idea that you can take to an open-minded physician. The two of you can then talk about it. Do let me know what happens.


A number of readers have wanted to know why I have not yet dealt with infrasound in a substantive way as it relates to the Hum phenomenon. There are several reasons. First, I am a teacher of science and not a scientist, which means that (apart from my actual areas of academic expertise) I am expected to know a little bit about many scientific topics, and be an expert on none of them. The second reason is time. I’ve invested at least 1000 hours learning new material, scanning abstracts, chatting with working scientists, and sometimes just sitting and speculating, staring into space and waiting for whatever “Eureka” moments might come. A recent exchange with a reader of this blog showed me quite convincingly that I was wrong about a basic rule that many of use when talking about sound. We are taught in school that the typical human hearing range comprises frequencies from 20 Hz up to 20 kHz. Frequencies below 20 Hz are referred to as “infrasound”. What happens at the lower end of that range has been poorly understood and oversimplified until relatively recently. There is no sharp dividing line between sound and infrasound. Try the following experiment: go to an online tone generator, such as http://onlinetonegenerator.com/, and connect your computer or phone to a good set of speakers or headphones that have good bass response. Start at around 60 Hz, and then begin lowering the frequency. You will notice that at some point you feel the sound more than you can hear it. There are many people who report that some tones, down around 17 or 18 Hz, if played with enough power, can cause unusual and sometimes unpleasant sensations. The biological system that processes acoustic signals is massively complex and involves numbers of structures and mechanisms. The person who posted to this blog claimed that he can hear frequencies as low as 1 Hz or even lower. This was met with some derision by a few readers, and I simply dismissed it as a case of somebody who was ill-informed about the science. That was not the case. One reported effect of Meniere’s disease is to render patients sensitive to lower frequency sound and infrasound. The same contributor sent to me several links to infrasound studies. One of those studies (Salt & Lichtenhan, 2014) addresses the issue of wind turbines noise, and suggested an idea that may have big implications for the Hum community. A tympanostomy tube insertion is a common procedure in which a small tube or grommet is inserted into the ear drum so as to prevent fluid buildup and to aerate the middle ear. It happens to be one of the most commonly performed medical procedures on children, as well as being a treatment for Meniere’s disease.  It is a simple procedure which can be performed in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia, although with children, general anesthesia is often used to prevent movement during the insertion. The procedure does not affect sensitivity to frequencies of speech and other daily sounds, but it drastically reduces sensitivity to lower frequency sounds. The authors suggest that this procedure could provide relief from sensitivity to infrasound. And so, I took all their work and moved it a few inches down the road by suggesting that this may be a medical treatment for the Hum. Again, I give no medical advice here, but if you do pursue this with your doctor, I’m sure there are many people who will very much want to know what the results are.


  1. But this suggestion is offering a medical treatment to inhibit a natural ability to perceive infrasound! – As if there was something wrong with us!!!

    The “wrong” is with the source of the infrasound and the ELF e/m transmissions!

    • I agree. But on a practical level, we have some folks who are suffering badly. It seems to me that this might offer some relief as we push toward a broader solution.

  2. George G. says:

    David, regarding your appointment with the specialist; mention a frequency of approx. 30Hz.

    Good luck!

  3. I want to be sure I fully understand your question. I wonder if you could clarify. Thanks.

  4. Jacqueline willingham says:

    Ive had this hum foe 12yrs and at some seconds of my life..ive not been able to cope because its there 24hrs its louder ehen im wakimg up and if im alone in quiet. Its as if theres a constant electrical signal or noise humming inside my brain.i just say..oh I csn hear my brain working to laugh it off.but its a problem which ive tried to stress many times with doctors and they say its tinnitus.which it is not becsuse I do get that occasionally and thats a very high ring. This is not high its very low and I feel likke pressure is buildinf up in my head . Its affecting my hearing because some days the humming is so intense I cnr hear speech. Soon im gettimg a septoplasty so I hope it will stop or limit it.thanks

    • Hi Jacqueline,

      I empathise with your stress as I experience the same, at times it can be so loud and it doesn’t go away. It isn’t tinnitus! The mechanism which results in tinnitus cannot produce low frequency noise around 80 Hz and is typically upwards of 1kHz. I’ve learnt that we are perceiving either a harmonic resonance of lower infra-sounds or E.L.F. Radio waves which resonate with cellular membranes in the cochlea of the inner ear producing real sound signals along the auditory nerve that form beats when similar sound frequencies are heard.

      When I had a left ear injury recently I lost all perception of low frequencies in that ear for about a month, the hum had stopped only in my left ear and I began to have painfully loud tinnitus in that ear like pink noise and tubular bells. The hum was just the same as usual in my right ear. When my left ear got better the tinnitus stopped and the hum returned to “normal”!

      Therefore this is an ability, a heightened perception that most people don’t possess, NOT a disability or a health problem. It has been postulated that only about 1:50 people around the world are hearers! Most GP’s probably won’t understand unless they experience it too. You really are hearing something that really is there, the real problem is with the artificial ELF waves being broadcasted (for submarine communications) and the industrial infra-sounds being produced in our environment.

      We are effectively human gauges for a new type of environmental pollution, these frequencies are unnatural and could actually be causing harm by interfering with the earth’s natural frequencies (i.e. the Schuman’s resonances).

      • Lee says:

        Agreed Brian! For me it is certainly an ability rather than an illness. I described it as being able to hear the heartbeat of the Earth 🙂 Strongs to you too Jacqueline…some days is just too much

      • Sometimes the hum is so annoying, it disturbs my sleep at night and frustrates me when I hear it during the day. Sometimes it is really loud, particularly recently. It is an intrusion into my personal life and the sanctity of the peace in my mind.

        When it’s at its worst I find listening to the seven chakra frequencies in recycling ambient music helps and blocks the hum. Some people try listening to white noise but that will only dampen down the hum and isn’t at all comfortable to listen to. (I recommend Source Vibrations (with 432hz retuning), StellarDrone Schuman’s mix (The Journey), and various Schumann’s resonances with Shamanic or Crystal tones).

        I personally suspect the culprit to be submarine communications by the UK, US and Russia, which use 80 Hz ELF radio waves that can pass through the earth and can cause resonance in our ears producing a perception of sound of the same frequency. This is an artificial pollution of our planet that is directly affecting about 2% of the population.

        Having surgery on your eardrum to stop you from perceiving the hum is equivalent to having surgery on your nose to stop you smelling the foul pollution caused by a nearby factory! Who knows what other effects this pollution is having, e.g. the world’s wildlife, equatic life, perhaps even the earth’s magnetic poles? We are sensitive to this and so are probably many other species on the planet; so perhaps it’s our duty to be the whistle-blowers. The cause of the problem must be addressed, not our eardrums.

        As for the heartbeat of the earth, there is one! It’s called the Schumann’s resonances which are at different frequencies. They are completely natural and don’t appear to be connected to the Hum at all.

  5. akcaponte63@gmail.com says:

    I began hearing the hum in 2011 and in the beginning it about drove me mad. I spent endless hours walking the streets trying to figure out where it was coming from only to find it was everywhere yet no where. At one point I lost the hearing in my left ear from the constant irritation. I regained the hearing when I traveled to a location where I did not hear the hum and my ear had time to heal. During this time I happened to adopt a puppy and in an effort to keep her cool in our hot climate I placed a small plastic turbo fan in the room. Around the same time I started menopause and placed another fan in the room just for me. Eureka! The combination of two little plastic Turbo fans from Walmart drowned out the hum enough that I could sleep! I purchased another smaller one for my office and it also helped. Give it a try and I do hope it helps. Namaste

  6. Kirstie Pearce says:

    David, did you end up having the surgery? I would be interested in how it went if you did.

    • My problem with that is that it’s NOT a disease! It’s a rare ability, which highlights a global environmental problem that few people are aware of! It’s that problem that needs to be recognised and tackled not our ears!

      You wouldn’t sew your nose up because you don’t like an obnoxious smell coming from a new factory next door! Would you?

      • David! With the greatest respect, I was NOT sounding off, I believe that I was making an important and valid point, and I responded to what you DID in fact say! I quote: “what I would like for is the Hum to be recognised as a ‘disease’”!!!

        I believe that our ability to perceive the Hum when most others can’t is important and significant. It shouldn’t be there, but WE know it is there! We are the 1:50. It would be bad practice for the pilot of a Hi-Tech aeroplane carrying 50 passengers to ignore or cover over an annoying flashing red light on the dash board without investigating it!

        I appreciate that the effects of the Hum can be unbearable at times, but there are things that we can try to neutralise it (see my earlier post). However it is important to consider that the Hum is (we believe) a man-made environmental pollution, most people cannot hear it, but as most animals have hearing that is up to 40 times more acute than human hearing, I believe that most of them are likely to be affected by the Hum also. Note the frequencies people are reporting: 65Hz and 80Hz. Several studies show that the human brain’s gamma waves are in the region of 25-100Hz and it is believed that they are associated with levels of cognitive consciousness, however the strongest gamma waves produced by Tibetan monks during meditation was in the range 25-40Hz. Studies also show that particular frequencies of gamma waves can be artificially induced. (See references below.) What effect will raising the frequency of human gamma waves to 65Hz or 80Hz have?

        I’m of the opinion that the Hum could be harmful electromagnetic pollution that is global and that 98% of the population cannot consciously perceive the Hum doesn’t mean that they aren’t being affected by it!


      • Semantics: A disease of sorts is a sort of a disease. If you meant “like living with a disease” then you should have said that. But it’s not worth arguing about, please don’t take it out on me, we’re supposed to be on the same side, and I still maintain that my point was valid. That I addressed the word “disease” was not intended to cause you offence and I was also addressing a similar sentiment expressed earlier on the forum!

        “If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee!” (Matthew 5:29) – But it seems a little extreme to damage our own ears because they’re working a little too well and picking up something that someone else is causing! I suppose it’s in my nature to pursue the cause and stop it at the source! For that, hard evidence is needed and support from large numbers of people! 🙂

      • David. With respect I think you’ll find that it is you harping on! You began by being rude, which I felt was quite unnecessary. I quote:

        “Brian I have little paitence for people who dont discern messages correctly and sound off just the way you did.”

        Then you took the insults further: “Pride is a mean trait.”

        You were wrong! Admit it, apologise and move on!

      • I’m good with the “moving on” part. Specifically, moving on toward actual experiments. Any thoughts on funding sources for the Deming Box Experiment? Kickstarter requires a full and complete set of specs for the equipment.

      • Might I suggest putting together a business case for sponsorship. I.e. we need specs and figures! Then we (volunteers) could approach businesses for support! Perhaps there are a few wealthy business CEOs among the 1:50? 🙂

    • Kirstie says:

      I guess I can see where the doctors are coming from, erring on the side of caution. The noise is really doing my head in at the moment. I would try anything to make it stop, but that is not rational either. Frustrating!

    • Kirstie Pearce says:

      You make a good point Brian. I agree it’s not a disease, but it is a challenge to live with this ability. What are your thoughts on what it is? Surely the 4000 plus of us on the database are a powerful voice to lobby for change? Maybe we need to be more vocal about our experience.
      I now live in a very small rural town of only 200 people, 300 km from Melbourne, Australia. Certainly didn’t think I would hear it here, but it’s louder than ever.

      • Hi Kirstie,

        We need hard evidence and Glen is doing a stalwart job in spreading awareness and logging people’s experiences. What we need is to collate all the survey data into a live analysis that highlights trends and also look for events or even military/industrial activity that coincides with these trends.

        Then we can start to approach Universities and governments. General Practitioners will be reluctant to step forward for fear of stepping out of the mainstream and being labelled a “conspiracy theorist”! This is why we need the hard evidence and lots of it!

        What is it?
        As I said earlier I personally suspect the culprit to be submarine communications by the UK, US and Russia, which use at and around 80 Hz ELF radio waves that can pass through the earth and can cause resonance in our ears producing a perception of sound of the same frequency. I hear a 1 Hz throb in the 80 Hz Hum with other structures within that which leads me to believe that there is some kind of modulation going on. 80 Hz ELF submarine communications have always had a data transfer rate limitation, but if there is a dipole / stereo transmission with modulation then that data rate could be multiplied, which appears to be what is happening.

        I notice that at times when the Hum is strongest I don’t sleep well at all, I’m waking up every few minutes and I’m irritable (which fits the picture for 80Hz gamma waves). However I find that listening to crystal Schumann resonance and chacra* meditation resonance sounds really does help by neutralising the Hum, I sleep well and am not left feeling irritable afterwards, in fact I seem to feel pretty good afterwards. IMHO these sounds seem undo and block the effect of the 80Hz Hum and restore my brainwaves back to their natural frequencies. [*Foot note: Beware of Chacra music for “Tav” using the unnatural 440 Hz, this should be the natural 432 HZ!] 🙂

  7. Jennifer Webster says:

    I am not a scientist or for that matter particularly smart. I do, however, hear/feel The Hum. I am 60 years old and have realized that I have heard/felt it for approximately 6 years. Before that time (3 years) I thought that maybe it was coming from somewhere in our neighbourhood. I too walked outside trying to locate its origin. Soon realized that it was a bit like finding the gold at the end of a rainbow. I sleep with our air conditioner fan on otherwise I would not be able to drift off to sleep. Sometimes I feel The Hum’s vibrations on my pillow whether at home or when away on a holiday (I don’t snore so I am not causing the droning vibrations myself). I think that I do not get a proper rest at night because I am constantly fatigued and when not properly rested I experience terrible muscle pain. I have noticed that when there are no clouds it is blissfully silent and I feel quite normal – I am able to recover with good rest and thus no muscle pain. When there is no Hum I have boundless energy and feel happy. When there is The Hum I am lethargic and fight depression. Rainy days are hell. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of my life so in the winter we have many overcast days. Could low cloud cover be a reason The Hum is more prevalent? During the summer time, when there are no clouds, life is much happier for me. The Hum is not just in my head – I feel it affecting my body as well. Another observation is when The Hum is particularly oppressive our cat is out of sorts. Maybe it affects animals too?

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