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Dr. Franz Frosch responds to my criticisms

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Recently I made a post regarding what I thought was an impressive German study, which I thought was also possibly flawed because of insufficiently thick copper shielding. Dr. Frosch wrote to my blog, pointing out that I neglected to pay attention to the building itself in which the experiment was housed.

And he is correct in that, and my regrets over my oversight. 

But EM sources of the Hum are still the main suspect. A single anecdotal report, no matter how rigorous, does not make for a formal study. What is needed is a controlled, double-blind experiment that points to the source, whether it be electromagnetic, acoustic, both, or neither. Moreover, the experiment must be replicated across multiple sites and multiple hearers. The Deming Box experiment is still the gold-standard for this, and fund-raising continues.

Thanks to Dr. Frosch for correcting the record.


  1. Yiorgos Sak says:

    We moved from bayville nj 5 months ago and the hum was a nuisance there, kept me awake and drew me in, disrupted my sleep and frustrated me. There was no humming noise in middletown nj until this morning at 3.38am. I awoke to it as if it started up like you would start a truck or a lawn mower. I was so relieved when I didn’t hear the hum in our new home and now I am afraid it will continue here. 5 months with no hum and I slept well and had no problems and now I am concerned again. I changed nothing in this house to cause it to start up which leads me to believe that it is a broadcasted signal of some sort. I don’t believe it to be wifi as it would have started the day I had the wifi installed 5 months ago. There are no high tension wires around the neighborhood either so after reading through the posts it seems to me that you should investigate if this is some sort of broadcasted vibration because it wouldn’t just start out of no where and ramp up and then cycle with intervals almost like a heart beat.

    The building in which the hum is housed doesn’t make complete sense as it would have been here when I moved in 5 months ago, although the sound may resonate in certain rooms of the house it couldn’t be the source. Also it pulsates and the best way to describe it is if you have been in a mechanical room in a large commercial building and listen to the chiller cycle, the fan, pump speeds and air dampers vary depending on the cooling/heating load and they cycle thus causing a heartbeat type of sound.

  2. jim says:

    Are people be wearing aluminum foil hats to repel the hum? Maybe that will provide some relief.

  3. Brian says:

    Glen. Firstly, thank you for your time and commitment to discovering a source for this evil hum.

    You stated that Dr. Frosch is correct in that you failed to take into account ‘the building’ in which the experiment was housed.

    What is your opinion of Dr. Frosch’s conclusions with the building taken into account? i.e. are you now more sympathetic to the idea that the perceived ‘Hum’ might not be induced by electromagnetic means?

    Do you think it is feasible, considering the hum could be heard in Dr. Frosch’s shielded chamber and building, that it is possible to construct a mobile (demming box) chamber with substantially better shielding than that used in his experiments?

    Kindest regards

    • Dr. Frosch’s experiment was neither blinded nor controlled, and had a tiny sample size. Nothing can be concluded from, but I made the post just to keep my statements accurate. The Deming Box experiment will allow for generalized conclusions, on that fine day when I finally conduct it!

      • Brian says:

        Thank you Glen. As I am in agreement that the source of the hum is likely to be electromagnetic (as opposed to accoustic, or gravitational!) I will take your word for it until I can get myself a full copy of Frosch’s report. Perhaps Dr. Frosch has to some extent proved that the hum is not perceived from a signal above a certain frequency (the specification of the chamber he used), in real-time at least.

        I am considering whether there is a pre-sensitisation period of the body/brain/ears which enable the hum to be heard, like the blood-brain-barrier being mullered by long exposures to certain frequencies over a certain level, and then the brain is able to perceive either external or internal frequencies within the body. I have only heard ‘the hum’ since living at my current address which is located within about 100 yards from some stout looking antennae on top of a telecom building, yet I only moved here from about a mile away where I never heard the hum. Furthermore, when I am hearing the hum, I can drive for miles and not get away from it. To clarify, I am saying that perhaps the telecom signals are sensitising my perception, but the same signals are nothing to do with the hum itself.

        To your knowledge, have you heard of anybody that has claimed to shield themselves from the hum? I know there was some interest in trying out a shipping container in one of your discussions, but I don’t think there was any follow up.

      • George G. says:

        Hiya Brian,

        If you look at ‘The Source of the Hum’ April 2 2014 you will find a post from Chris G stating a site which deals with the very question you ask in your last post.

        Someone indeed claims to have found shielding from the Hum.

        Happy hunting!


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