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The World Hum Map has been updated

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

Thank you to Henrik for his careful filtering of the raw data, and to Jason Lewis for his programming assistance on this one.

We’ve added just over 600 high quality data points to the World Hum Map. I’ve enlisted the help of a SFU Psychology student in generating the new statistics for Hum Hearers, and one early result is that we know the mean and median ages of Hearers are 43 and 45 respectively. I’ll release the full set of statistics when they are ready.


  1. Bob widget says:

    600 data points? Hot spots of the hum? Without a doubt we hear the sound of emg. I have dozens of times cleared it from my head. As your one writer said its frequency has increased to a broader range. The person recording it. I thought it might be a single source. Please release the info on the 600 data points when you can.

  2. Bob widget says:

    Sorry. I’m only on my phone so can’t download the data. In a nutshell what does 600 data points mean? I checked your map but it has me confused.

    • There are now over 3600 closely vetted points/locations on the World Hum Map. Henrik used a very strict set of criteria and distilled an original set of over 14,000 points down to our current data set. It serves as a resource for professional and amateur researchers who want to conduct research on the World Hum.

  3. Jennifer Webster says:

    Not sure if this means anything or not. I was recently diagnosed with 2 auto immune diseases. All hell broke loose June 1st. Doctor put me on 50 mg of prednisone. While I was on the high dosage I did not hear or feel The Hum. Now that I am tapering off the prednisone off I do (now at 9 mg per day and should be off totally in 4 months time). The diseases generally affect older people in early 70’s. I am 66 and considered on the young side. Prednisone and Methotrexate are anti inflammatories. Since The Hum and Polymalygia and Giant Cell Arteritis affect mostly older people do you think that inflammation could be the reason people hear The Hum? Just a thought.

  4. Visitor says:

    I’m just wondering what’s the purpose behind this. The source seems undefinable even in where you lived for decades. Does it really matter that how many places got the sound? I mean we don’t even sure if the sounds are the same. Most Importantly, we can’t track the sources.

  5. eileenbowie says:

    I’m not a scientist but maybe we are receiving something from space (even without the aluminum foil hat!)

    Astronomers may have detected background ripples in spacetime itself (newatlas.com)


  6. Catherine forster says:

    I have been hearing this hum for almost 4 years now its at night. I have to play white noise on my cell phone to get rid of this very ignoring sound.
    I live in pa

  7. Visitor says:

    I’m not wasting time on the things that won’t go to anywhere.
    The fact is you didn’t track a single sound. You don’t know anything that caused the sound. Not even on the place you’re familiar with the whole life.
    Just drop it. It’s useless.

  8. Daniel says:

    Hum seems stronger to me the last 3-4 days May 16ish to May21st, anyone else experiencing this? Also more irritability in everyone around me. Just curious.

  9. Val Cross, Bristol UK says:

    I hear a range of low frequency sounds since around 3 years ago, but really intensely since August 2020. It had gone on 2 occasions for a long period of time. Once 5 Feb 2021 for 3 months, and second time from 2 June until 21 June 2021. Did you come across someone having it gone for such a long time before? Do you experience it yourself?I tried to get hold of you via email, Glen. We have a massive issue with this here in Britain. I live in Bristol, UK. I’m finishing writing a letter to our Prime Minister Boris Johnson for help. I and other fellow sufferers tried everything, as a mean of elimination. I would love to get in touch with you, please.

    • Harry Verey says:

      Yes I have experienced quite long periods when the hum as disappeared. Sometimes I get two tones one being a a brief higher but very intense frequency lasting about 5-30 seconds and then back to the default low rumble. I live on the IW UK.

      • Peter Whitehead says:

        I live near Hythe not so far from you Harry, and I experience much the same – low subsonic with intermittent fluctuations to probably an octave above that tone. It’s not confined to here – I hear it too as far away as Salisbury, but only aware of the noise after moving to Hampshire from the north in autumn 2019, and even then I’d say I wasn’t aware of it until around winter. Oddly my partner cannot hear it at all. Sometimes it stops for quite long periods. For me it ‘feels’ like a power source… it might be my imagination, but the intensity is sometimes greater after heavy rainfall as though the ground is more resonant. We are of course quite near the Marchwood Power Station and Fawley Refinery etc but this doesn’t account for the distance of Salisbury where I occasionally work. I just accept it these days.

      • Andrew says:

        I have had the same experience. I was hearing the original low drone hum for a few years, then about 2 years ago started hearing the intermittent hgher frequency lasting 5 to 30 seconds, going highthen low, it only presents when the low drone is present. Thankfully, I find it quite relaxing to listen to. West Ireland.

      • Andrew

        What are the two pitches please

  10. David Hawkins says:

    I live in Nottingham in the UK and have been hearing the hum for about 10 years. For me it has 2 frequencies, both are low with 1 only slightly higher than the other. I hear the higher for a few seconds then it drops to the lower for a few seconds the time duration is random for both from maybe 5 to 30 seconds. It is at a low level or volume so is only apparent when it is very quiet for example when lying in bed at night. During the covid 19 lockdowns I have heard it a lot less often probably on 10 or 12 nights. I have thought it might be due to a lot fewer aircraft flying at these times. There is normally a lot of air traffic over England. I’m sorry I have never kept a log or diary of my experiences of the hum so it’s all from memory. Do you think it would be useful and does anyone else hear 2 distinct frequencies.

    • Diaries are always useful here, because they can be used as a tool for eliminating possible anthropogenic sources of noise. Cheers, Glen.

      • C says:

        Hi Glen, not sure if you know but someone changed the data on your site. It changed my age and most of the data about what I reported. It was the one at Falmouth in Cornwall, England.

      • I’m wondering if your original data was filtered out intentionally, and somebody else from that town submitted data. I’ll look into it.

    • David –

      Did you pitch match the tones?

      Is the tone unterruoted about 1/2 second by a vigorous head shake?

      I gather it is far from 24/7/365 ?

      Thanks Bernie

      • David Hawkins says:

        Hi Bernie
        I haven’t pitched the tones and the hum goes from high to low without interruption, there is no head shake or any physical symptoms. Recently I have only heard it once on the night of July 26.

    • Harry Verey says:

      I hear exactly the same as you the higher frequency lasting 5-30 seconds it is very pronounced in the quiet of the night. The higher frequency is bothersome, almost slightly dizzying and glad that it is not constant as is the lower frequency. It was about ten years ago I first picked up on the Hum and have since moved house three times in my locality but the hum remains the same. Sometimes the hum disappears for a few weeks only to return.

  11. Brenda Remis says:

    My constant low frequency hum ( often 2 toned at night ) has been for the last 2.5 years. I’ve written long descriptions of it to Glen early on, from May of 2019. Our power company ( Dominion in Virginia, USA ) is about to make some changes to the pole, transformer and underground power line, and a new meter ( not a smart meter at my request ). I am hopeful that something about this will change the hum that has made us want to move. We do not want to sell our home. Wish us luck. I will let you know if the hum ceases after this project!

    • edward says:

      I just laughed at myself! I read your post and I scolded the screen, “Well, DID it!? People never come back later to post what happened!” Then I noticed you posted YESTERDAY! lol Anyway, please do come back and tell us if the hum you hear ceases after your project.

  12. Brenda Remis says:

    I just wanted to update on a couple things Here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA:

    1) Our hum is constant, the 2 tone is more 11 PM to 8 AM, but definitely not every night. It is something that penetrates to the core of your mind. The notes on my piano that correlate with the 2 tones are B and F#. The F# can last much longer than the B….erratic in how long each note lasts. Wax earplugs help in both cases, but the 2 tone you can’t really get away from. I can get away from the hum, therefore I know the sound is not from within, but external.

    2) Our new power lines and meter ( not a smart one ) have not changed the hum. We’ve lived here 11 years. The hum arrived 2 1/2 years ago.

  13. Brenda Remis says:

    I just wanted to update all on the hum in the Shenandoah Valley of VA, USA

    1) Our hum is constant. The 2 toned noise is often at night ( 11 PM to 8 AM ) but not every night. The length of the 2 sounds are differing, erratic. I liken the high note to the F# and the low note to B on my piano keyboard. It can feel like a horror movie soundtrack. Wax earplugs can block out the hum, and thank God, because that reassures me the sound is not from within.
    The 2 tone really can’t be blocked out completely, it cuts to the core of me. But all I have to do is leave my home and the hum does not follow along. I am in good health and take a thyroid supplement ( 35 years now, very well managed on the same dose ).

    2) We now have new underground power lines and another electric meter ( not a smart one ) and there has been no change in the hums. We have lived here 11 years, the hum came 2 1/2 years ago and never left.

    Would like to know if others have a similar experience.

    • Henrik says:

      Hi, Brenda,

      If you want to find the source or cause of your hum tones, go to the page http://www.thehum.info, and follow the instructions there. First of all, determine the exact frequencies in Hz, and not with a piano, and then try to record the sound with a recorder or a smartphone as explained. If the frequency of the recorded spectrogram is the same as you have determined with the tone generator, then the source is external, and you just ned to move around with the phone to locate the source.

      • Brenda Remis says:

        Thank you Henrick,
        I will look into your advice asap. Right now we are in the flurry of Tgiving-Christmas activities, and dealing with our furnace that just went out, but I will let you know what I find. We will have the new furnace by mid Dec ( can’t get things quickly in this Covid season…a month to order ) and there’s a part of me that wonders if/ hopes that the declining system could have been part of the hum? Brenda

    • Greg says:

      I live in Ireland and am hearing it constantly day and night. It appears to be louder than when I first heard it.a couple of years a go. It is 10.52 am here now and it is extremely noticeable.

      • Aleph says:

        I live in Cranebrook NSW Australia. I have been hearing it for approximately 3.5 years. It constant day and night. At night the 2 toned noise increases at 9pm – 8am. The 2 toned humming is non stop however not as loud during the day. Although it can be heard 50 kms away from home. It doesn’t follow me every where. Right now is 8:19 am the toned has gone subsided. . I also noticed the noise has increased during the last year but recently is even louder at night during the last 7 weeks. I feel lightheaded at times experiencing dizziness not able to sleep properly.

    • lemon says:

      The humm “appeared” in Michigan at my home on Sept 19th, or 20th of 2015. Your descriptions, of a 2 tone, or resonance sound that permeates into ones core, is a great description. The humm here has 3 basic volume or resonance intensities. the quietest has a fluctuating volume… the loudest is a rather steady droneing resonating sound that one can only hope to dampen or cover with earplugs, or other sounds. Overall I imagine the sound is the result of 3 fans, or pumps that either 1, 2 or all 3 are simultaneously operating, and thus producing the resonating effect. Fortunately the past month has been more of the lower volume level 🙂

  14. Aleph-

    To what pitch (pitches) do you match?

    – Bernie

    • 24hercules1991 says:

      Hi Bernie
      Right know inside the house 40
      [Tap to close]

      Duration: 21.sec
      Frequency weighting:
      Response time:
      Calibration (dBA):
      Avg/Leq (dBA):38.1
      Min (dBA):25
      Max (dBA):55.3
      Peak (dBA):63
      TWA (dBA):
      Dose (

      • 40 what? Apparently, 40 dBA, which is for amplitude (loudness) not for frequency (pitch) in Hz.

        Overall, indications are that what you are hearing is NOT “the HUM’.


  15. 24hercules1991 says:

    Hi Bernie

    The tone is interrupted it goes from high to low 1/2 seconds nonstop and vibration through the house. Not head shake.

  16. Sean says:

    I live in Irvine CA USA. I first experienced the hum roughly 8 years ago. I recently moved closer to the hillsides and now my wife hears it as it is much louder. It begins at or slightly after midnight, and continues until close to 4am before it drops in intensity. Within 10 minutes of its intensity becoming barley noticeable around 4:10 am airplanes begin to pass through our area again as another day begins. Planes are not allowed to land or fly overhead from 10pm to the early morning due to noise regulation and the local airport not accepting arrivals and departures. I’ve had tinnitus since I was a child. I never experienced the hum before 8 years ago and it’s distinctly different. Now my wife hears it so I am satisfied that others are realizing something is going on that is not normal. I hope others begin their search for this phenomenon or intentional harassment that is upsetting to sensitive auditory groups. When the hum is being generated it is as though the home is vibrating to the tune of a Diesel engine for several hours.

  17. Val says:

    I submitted my location and filled in the form and yet my location isn’t showing on the map. Could you please add me?
    Val Cross, Bristol, UK.

  18. Annie Hunt says:

    I started to hear the hum in 2009. Most of the time it is a low hum during the day and at night it gets louder and makes me vibrate inside. Others in my community can her the hum also. I am located in Jacksonville, Fl.

  19. Vendi says:

    I have been stuck with the hum for 3 years. First I was fighting against it a lot, then I gave up and excepted the fact that hearing the hum is part of my tlife and there is nothing I can do to change hearing it. All I can say I have been to many countries and after a few days the hum appeared everywhere, I think it might also be connected with hormones. It happens that around menstrual cycle there is a day or two when I can not hear it.

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