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Here are some screenshots from the new Hum Map (and other news)

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

We have applied a very strict filter to our entire database (thanks to Henrik).

[In Henrik’s words: I stumbled over http://www.thehum.info by pure chance (March 2016), and took an interest in it mainly because I thought I spotted some shortcomings in the methodology, and partly because the then prevailing theories about VLF/ELF/RF and the power grid were close to my own competency area and experience. I am a retired electrical and telecommunications engineer (M.Sc.E.E.), who has spent 25 years with Nokia in R&D and sales support, and another 20 years as Chief Engineer and CTO for a number of smaller Asian telecommunication operator. Due to a quadruple heart bypass over 20 years ago, while living in a developing country, I also had to take more responsibility for my own health, and had to read up on various subjects in that field as well. I therefore have taken the liberty to cook up some hypotheses related to medicines, nutrition, metabolic and hormonal aspects and environmental chemicals. These, of course, need to be scrutinized by experts in the respective fields. Being a non-hum-sufferer, I have mainly focused on methodology and analysis and staying within the boundaries of known laws of physics, in addition to correcting misunderstandings concerning radio waves and electromagnetic fields, which at one point were key suspects in the project.]

We are now left with just over 3000 very high-quality data and map points, and we can now answer more definitively some of the questions that people have been asking about the Hum for decades. I will be releasing the full database in MySQL format, as well as the data filtering criteria over the next few days.

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 3.12.53 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 3.13.13 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 3.13.43 PM.png


  1. lemon says:

    Thank you for the report, and for this page. I strongly suspect that the hum that is audible both in the center line of the state of Michigan, as well as north of the Detroit area, is the result of transmission lines, namely the compressors that regulate the movement of product in the pipelines. The sound has a varied volume level and a slight change in frequency or resonance. These changes in audible volume level, and resonance are presumed to be the result of the number of compressors running or pressure required at a particular time to move product. Some have suggested that the new smart meter / smart grid is the cause, however I am doubtful. Thanks again!!

  2. Keith Hamlyn says:

    There seems to be a problem now that Google have decided that “All Google Fusion Tables data (eg. data you uploaded to tables) will be systematically deleted from Google servers.” starting on 03 Dec 19. This has had an effect on Google Maps, it would appear – at least on my Apple MacBook.

  3. Glen and scientists in residence, thanks for carrying this torch. I eagerly await all new messages. 2020 sounds special. I hope that in the year 2020 some societal stakeholders will be finally willing to play their part in finding a solution regarding the worldwide Hum.

  4. Dee Delamer says:

    I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. I have been hearing a faint noise at night for several years like a car idling in the distance. Over the last two nights its like the noise has moved inside my head. It is a low frequency hum and vibration. Interestingly they have just upgraded to 5G here. I suspect it is coming from cell phone towers.

  5. Max says:

    Referring to hum inside the head, I’d like to give some info, may be helpfull or
    stimulate the effort to understand this phenomena.
    Some drugs if taken for a long time or in high dose known as ototoxic can cause tinnitus in both ears.
    Acetylsalicylic, anti-inflammatory molecule indometacin, diuretics molecule furosemid and etacrinic acid, antibiotics group of aminoglycoside.
    Tinnitus, Claussen Claus Frenz, Current therapy, 2008
    La nuova audiometrie, 2, 1986 4-8 ( A.Procaccini, G.Govoni,V.Cavalca,A.Caroggio )

    Strong emotions in high sensitive persons.
    This condition can cause hum in the head during the night, should last a limited period of time.
    Microwaves have a narrow field of side propagation through the air, therefore should be investigated the devices receiving this frequency.
    Basically I think that hum hits mainly over the average sensitive persons.

    • Henrik says:

      Thank you, Max, for this information. Actually, the list of ototoxic antibiotics is much longer: Aminoglycosides, Quinolones, Glycopeptides, Macrolides, Polypeptides, Tetracyclines, and under “others” Chloramphenicol (Wikipedia). That is why we added the questions about antibiotics when the questionnaire was updated. However, the replies in the “blue map” so far do not indicate that antibiotics would be a significant factor for the Hum. Their main ototoxic effect is, as you say, hearing loss and Tinnitus.

      Microwave and radio transmissions as real-time causes for the Hum have been basically discarded as a hypothesis, because it would imply that there would exist “hot zones” in the immediate vicinity of radio stations and cell towers, where more or less everybody would hear the Hum. Such hot spots do not exist.

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