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If only we had access to this equipment…

If we had access to this equipment, our mystery could be solved within a few weeks. Working on our own and with limited resources, this could be a long project. As soon as a major university gets involved, we will have our answer very quickly.



In response to a recent comment…

The Deming Box experiment was conducted and was described here in detail. The next experiment requires making some minor modifications to George G.’s device (specifically, measuring the inductance on a coil inside the unit). As for finances, the web hosting costs about US $356.00 per year (see attached receipt), and the WordPress ad-free hosting is US $30.00 per year. Donations cover less than this amount (see Paypal statement).

But nobody should ever feel compelled to donate. I’d rather a wealthy person who can easily afford it do so. Better yet, I’d like governmental or institutional funding.


Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.27.59 PM


Regarding my interview with Maclean’s Magazine on the US Embassy in Cuba

Every once in a while I need to set the record straight about my scientific credentials. I am not a scientist. I have been teaching mathematics, psychology, physics, biology, general science and other subjects for almost 30 years, as well as having trained mathematics teachers at UBC for 16 years. I also lecture at UBC Robson Square with their GMAT and GRE programs. I clarify this in every interview I give, although this information slips through the cracks sometimes. Several sources have stated that I am a scientist at UBC and that is quite false. My work with the Worldwide Hum has caused me to read very broadly into a large number of scientific topics. In other words, I know a little bit about everything scientific, which is why outfits like Maclean’s talk to me.

I directed the interviewer from Maclean’s to some widely available peer-reviewed research (from PubMed, etc) on vibroacoustic disease and exposure to low-frequency sound and infrasound. I also explained some basics surrounding the use of ultrasonics to generate localized sound at a distance. I obviously don’t have access to classified documents, so my comments regarding the US Embassy in Cuba were sheer speculation – and the reporter correctly reported that.

The Hum Map now has almost 17000 points (www.thehum.info)

Recall that we had a significant setback in which the Hum Map became corrupted and we had to downgrade to the March 2017 version. The latest upload seems good, but please feel free to examine some points and let me know if anything looks amiss. Also feel free to share any fresh statistics you may compute.

Attention Hum hearers in New York State

Kristen French is putting together an article and would like to hear from people in New York State. Please contact her at french.kristen@gmail.com.

Hum Hearers in the London area. BBC wants to hear from you.

Please contact Gareth Furby at gareth.furby@bbc.co.uk

We’ve located the corrupted data in the Hum Map – Thank you to Lisa Allen

Lisa worked diligently to help track down the point of corruption in the Hum Map. Thank you! I’ve reverted to a previous version and I am rebuilding the Map.  Stay tuned.