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Who is behind this project?



This news and research blog augments the World Hum Database and Mapping Project located http://www.thehum.info

Dr. Glen MacPherson lectured for 16 years at the University of British Columbia (UBC), training mathematics teachers in the Faculty of Education, and worked for 10 years with UBC Robson Campus with its GMAT and GRE curriculum program. He is also an ethnographic researcher, and high school teacher of physics, mathematics, psychology, general science, and biology. He lives and works on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. His books, articles, and speaking engagements focus primarily on mathematics education.

After first noticing the Hum in spring of 2012 and discovering the Hum community, he sensed the need for a unified, moderated, and serious place for discussions and research surrounding the world Hum. This led to the World Hum Map and Database Project.

The leading theory is that the world Hum is an internally generated audiological phenomenon, possibly related to otoacoustic emissions.  (Note that tinnitus is also a self-reported audio effect, although it manifests quite differently from the Hum.) There are four competing theories.

This is a place for disciplined inquiry, and not for wild speculation and conspiracy. There are many entertaining and interesting websites available for those who want to indulge in those activities.

Contact Glen at glen.macpherson@gmail.com



  1. George G. says:

    To Benoit,

    Hello again.

    You mentioned an electric field.

    “—–our body takes care of this electric field—-“.

    Please explain how you detect this field so that others may attempt to detect this “electric field”.

    Do you use an instrument of some kind?

    I eagerly await your response.

    Thank you.

    • Benoit says:

      Hello George,
      Yes I guess it’s an electric field although I have not been able to detect it with my kit MK30 GIGAHERTZ SOLUTIONS but strangely latency decreases in the rest areas when I’m barefoot on the earth.
      Since my past experiences with the RION NL-62 sonometer that goes down to 1Hz have only resulted in the discovery of beats of industrial machines, I definitely put aside the hypothesis of a sound of low frequency even if it is perceived in this way by the inner ear. Strangely in my rare rest areas there is no 4G and the antennas are far apart.

      • George G. says:

        That’s great Benoit,

        Keep the experiments going, and keep us informed on new developments.


  2. Vanda says:

    I use a child’s sleep fan which I’ve been using for six years to recreate a similar drone to the HUM with several settings. This is about the best thing I’ve tried over many years. I first “felt” the vibration and droning and HUM in Bristol in the 1980s when I was in my 20s. I now live in Oxfordshire and it is almost constant and far worse at night, destroying quality-of-life. A Osteo once asked me if I had second sight because his PhD prof had studied my skeleton type and I have a large occipital bulge. The left side of my body is slightly bigger from the chin down to the toes and it is on this side that the hum is far worse. I have a theory that we sensitives have a different brain type and possibly a larger amygdala. The BBC radio recently emitted a sound most people including the presenter heard as LAUREL; only one caller said she heard YEARLY. I was the second person who heard that. It is quite a large discrepancy. Also I’ve read up on wind turbines; underground vibrations can actually amplify over distance. Passing through underground cavernous spaces as well as overground, the (noise) frequencies must get stronger. I also live near a new American Intel base using massive telecommunications Equipment. The environmental health officer who visited told me there was nothing a council can do as they are exempt from any such investigating. The Earth Pulse I also tried as I assumed that the frequency 7.8Hz might help. But I get just as much benefit from laying out on the grass for half an hour; it feels like the battery has been charged or the body drained of what was depleting it. Since I’m hyper aware my last theory is that we have more of the Neanderthal brain, attuned to sounds at a different frequency than is the general population. A gift thousands of years ago, but an affliction today.

  3. Vanda says:

    Does anyone know anything about the oscillation rate of brain cells; is that connected to electricity (excuse the pun)?

  4. Radosław Szukiewicz says:

    It seems to me that each dot is placed conviniently close to a running water source (a river, a stream or a pond) and to a crossing of roads of primary or secondary importantce. The sound must come from Tunnel Boring Machines or other heavy equipment building undergound shelters and communication links in expectation for a coming nuclear war.

    • Of course your conclusion is false. Human beings live near water. I would ask you to list more than a tiny handful of even medium-sized cities that do not have a significant river flowing through or near them. Likewise with the correlation between population and connections to highways. This marks the end of “tunnel boring machine” discussions.

    • J.O. says:

      Well, if a nuclear war is coming anytime soon I guess we’ll soon stop thinking about the causes for the hum.

  5. Gwebo says:

    I just completed my entry in the world wide database. I am a ham operator and have equipment to see the hum. It’s operating at 59 Hz. Nearly steady with my ear but equipment showing a very slight variation in intensity. Very slight. I took a screen shot and can send showing the signal.

    • Keith Hamlyn says:

      Could you please describe your equipment? I am also a radio ham and am trying to isolate the noise and to use some form of direction finding equipment at audio frequency to search out the source, a bit like RDF.

    • Gwebo –

      Are you in the US or Canada? IF SO, there is a suspicion that you are hearing 60 Hz originating in the power equipment. How accurate is your equipment? WHAT equipment did you in fact use?

      Another indication that it is associated with power is that you describe it as essentially rock-steady. Hearers of the traditional Hum (in contrast) describe it as surging (diesel engine in distance). Also, you got some sort of display? Getting a display of AC hum is trivial. No one has ever displayed the traditional Hum.

      Since you have filled in Glen’s survey, how did you answer two of the questions: (1) Does a head-shake interrupt the hum you hear for about ½ second? and (2) Does anyone else at the same time and location hear the same thing?

      Thanks for your additional info when you get the time.

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