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Who is behind this project?


This news and research blog augments the World Hum Database and Mapping Project located http://www.thehum.info

Dr. Glen MacPherson lectured for 16 years at the University of British Columbia (UBC), training mathematics teachers in the Faculty of Education, and worked for 10 years with UBC Robson Campus with its GMAT and GRE curriculum program. He is also an ethnographic researcher, and high school teacher of physics, mathematics, psychology, general science, and biology. He lives and works on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. His books, articles, and speaking engagements focus primarily on mathematics education.

After first noticing the Hum in spring of 2012 and discovering the Hum community, he sensed the need for a unified, moderated, and serious place for discussions and research surrounding the world Hum. This led to the World Hum Map and Database Project.

The leading theory is that the world Hum is an internally generated audiological phenomenon, possibly related to otoacoustic emissions.  (Note that tinnitus is also a self-reported audio effect, although it manifests quite differently from the Hum.) There are four competing theories.

This is a place for disciplined inquiry, and not for wild speculation and conspiracy. There are many entertaining and interesting websites available for those who want to indulge in those activities.

Contact Glen at glen.macpherson@gmail.com



  1. Lisa Allen says:

    Derek, I hope you never hear what we hear, but if you did, you would understand why it bothers so many of us. Loud, constant, low frequency noise can be very irritating, especially when it gets much louder at night just when you’re trying to go to sleep.

    • Lisa says:

      I believe the noise is Intentionally being generated to disrupt cognitive focus and awareness.
      Just like Flouride in the town water supply.
      Now a cell phone tower seemingly every 1/4 mile in my area.The towers went up, 5g?. The high pitched ringing in the ears began.
      Corelation does not mean causation, but with smoke there usually is a fire to be found.
      Noise is worse in home than outdoors. Also many people in area going to wifi wireless internet in thier homes. Cause?

      • Daniel Parks says:

        If the Hum is intentionally generated, how do you explain the following historical record from the United States?

        As far back as the early nineteenth century, there’s a record of unusual, deep rooted vibrations that have been characterized as a mysterious humming sound. At first it was explicitly centered in a desolate region of eastern New Mexico, due north of Montoya on the 104th Meridian West. While it was never documented by the US government, it became a factor in the ultimate disappearance of the general population in the area of Montoya and the mountains off to the north of that region.

        The leader of an exploration party traveling in that part of New Mexico in 1828 described the hum as follows;

        “When our party first beheld the northeastern mountains in New Mexico, we were most forcibly seized by a dull, low moaning sound, which was evident during periods of deathly silence. It was initially judged to be the results of possible earth warble we supposed from the bowels of some great, deep volcanic flows. However, in a vain attempt to connect it with any particular location, or assign an adequate cause for these unusual sounds, we abandoned our search. Some in our party judged the sounds could be caused by various, unknown attributions, perhaps insect swarms just out of sight, or shifting sands, but since the vibrations were nonspecific and not visually evident we continued on in our trail of exploration, and gave it no more thought.”

        Even now, in this modern age, those sounds still exist and have been the cause of areas of complete desolation north of Montoya, New Mexico. There’s got to be more to it than that. The above attribution is taken from the book, “104th Meridian West.”

        On Sat, Feb 24, 2018 at 8:57 AM, World Hum Map and Database Project wrote:

        > Lisa commented: “I believe the noise is Intentionally being generated to > disrupt cognitive focus and awareness. Just like Flouride in the town water > supply. Now a cell phone tower seemingly every 1/4 mile in my area.The > towers went up, 5g?. The high pitched ringing in ” >

      • I and a few others have been scouring the literature for historical reports of the Hum. I have seen a few references to this one before, but it appears to be an isolated case. Feel free to post on any other historical references you find.

      • Lisa Allen says:

        Please note that there are two “Lisa’s.” Lisa Allen (me) did not write the above post. Because I strongly disagree with it I have to clarify that those are not my opinions.

    • Donna Lakomski D'Angelo says:

      I just came across Dr. Glen MacPherson Research Project last night thru a Post on FB by Thunderbolts Project and it’s kept me up all night. I filled out Dr. Glen MacPherson’s questionnaire on this website and have been reading the reports. I must say, I am very happy to have found a place where others are discussing the very same thing I have been experiencing myself….and that I was right and that I’m not crazy after all.

      I can certainly relate to this and this is what my experience has been…..I live in the NE US, Western NY to be more precise.

      I hear/sense it a lot, usually late in the evening(overnight hours) when human activity comes to a halt, such as car traffic ect. and the world sleeps…but there have been times during the day when I will notice it as well.

      For me, I would not say it’s a rumble but more like a humming like tone. It’s kind of like the humming you hear when you’re near one of those local electric power stations, except the tone varies in it’s intensity, with the tone or the humming building up, getting deeper and then going back down. Sometimes it’s more subtle, other times it has a much deeper resonance to it…and it is constant, always starting low, like it’s farther away and building, like a frequency wave of sorts, pulsing as well. The only other thing I can compare it to would be like when you hear a motor/speed boat in the far off distance as it’s speeding up and then slowing down and then speeding up again and slowing down again, over and over again. And I’m not even sure if I’m just hearing it or if I’m also sensing it in some other way as well. I have tried bringing it to others attention at times when I do notice it and sometimes if they’re listening intently enough they may but they do not always seem to notice it like I do.

      I’m wondering if it’s coming from electromagnetic energy of some sort, but from what I do not know. I know the Schumann resonance has been recording peaks of energy it’s sensing of our planets Electromagnetic field and I’m wondering if that may be what I am sensing as well……weird I know but after all the human body is up to 60% water…and water conducts electricity. Something I think about anyway.

      • annamaeforever says:

        Hi Donna, Welcome. I guess we are all trying to figure it out.

      • Vicky says:

        I also wondered whether this phenomena’s source is due to an individual’s sensitivities to EMFs. Interesting to learn however through Daniel Park’s comment on Feb. 24th that there are records of this hum recorded back to the 19th century. If this this account is true, it discounts EMFs as the culprit. I’ve been hearing the hum since the 1980’s when I lived in the city. Currently and for 13 years now, I’m living in the woods in isolation from any industrial factories….it’s even louder here.

      • Historical reports of the Hum are elusive, and, tellingly, are reported by groups of people in the same place at the same time. It’s this last point that differentiates such reports from what I am studying.

      • Stefan Delani Gbogboade says:

        ELECTROMAGNETIC HEARING…MICROWAVE HEARING…FREY EFFEKT…known at least since second WW by radartroopers..

      • Yes, and it has been demonstrated beyond any doubt that the Microwave Hearing Effect has nothing at all to do with the Worldwide Hum. Please search for this topic in this blog for more information.


      Lisa Allen: You are so right. I am literally being slowly crippled by it. So very painful…

      • Lisa M. Allen says:

        I am so sorry you are suffering with this too. It’s awful that we have to live with this. Even if we figured out where it was coming from, trying to stop it might be impossible, unless many, many more people started hearing it too.

  2. Lisa Allen says:

    In case anyone is interested, I wanted to say that I ordered and received the ballistic gel from a medical company online that sells it for the purpose of training medical personnel (since it is similar to human tissue). I bought it because my finger is the only thing that can block out the hum when it’s loud, so I wanted to see if something made from a material that was similar in density and viscosity would also block it. Well, when i press it against my ear I cannot hear anything. I have tried it several times. When I hear/feel that pulsing hum when I put my head on the pillow, and then press the small sample of the gel against my ear, it is silent. This is the only thing that has blocked the hum for me. I am afraid to put it in my ear, however. But if these can somehow be made into earplugs they would block the hum. I can melt them down, shape them into small ear plugs, and then insert them into a foam earplug that the middle has been cut out of. I don’t know if that will work but I’ll try it when I have time. This is what it looks like (still in plastic wrap):



    • I’m glad it worked for you.

    • annamaeforever says:

      Hi Lisa, Please tell me where to get it and what to order. Thanks

    • william Hoffman says:

      ear plugs only help slightly but my fingers block the noise just as you have mentioned. I only have to put a finger in one ear and the noise is nearly gone. It can be either ear but it only takes one. I find this fact interesting, there has to be an explanation for this that can offer clues

      • Lisa Allen says:

        I agree. I bought a stethoscope for $12.00 online a while ago and found that that also blocks the hum; that too would be worth finding out “why.”

  3. Lisa Allen says:

    Annamae, I bought it from Hominics Medical. I bought a bag of gel samples (photos in prior post) and also a bag of the #1 gel cubes. I recommend buying the bag of samples. It’s only $10.00 and you can experiment with them and see which works the best for you. Gel #1 is the most dense and most like human tissue. Gel #5 is the softest but it still works ok. I haven’t tried #2, 3, or 4 yet (maybe tonight). Last night I was trying to sleep and heard that pulsing noise and put the #5 sample between my ear and the pillow (inside the plastic bag it came in) and it blocked the hum enough for me to fall asleep. Gel #1 works better but isn’t as comfortable because it’s harder. Anyway, I hope it works for you. Let me know how you like it.

    • It’s probably a good time for me to mention that in no way do I endorse this product or any claims associated with it. This product is being suggested by a blog member. Glen.

      • George G. says:

        If you allowed my Aeroplane Jelly crack to get through the filter, you would not have had to worry about endorsement rules.

        They would have loved the publicity, and who knows, they may even have offered some funding.

        (I am an eternal optimist)

        Ha ha and cheers.

  4. Lisa Allen says:

    Correction: Gel #0 is the most dense (not #1).

  5. Lisa Allen says:

    George, you piqued my curiousity and I had to look up Aeroplane Jelly – I never heard of it before. Well now I know something new, thank you! It’s a jello type dessert in Australia I guess. Maybe one day before I die I will actually have an oppornity to talk about Aeroplace Jelly with someone. 😉

  6. George G. says:


    I owe you an explanation.

    Yes, it is a jelly desert which dates back to the time when aircraft were becoming popular, especially with youngsters, so the manufacturer decided to marry the love of aircraft with their product. They even had a theme song for it.

    Aeroplane Jelly is fruit flavoured gel crystals. You simply add hot water and let it sit in your refrigerator till it sets.

    When I read your comment on ballistic gel, my initial thought was something toxic entering your ear canal.

    After researching ingredients of ballistic gel, and what it cost, I figured you could make your own much cheaper. So, I commented that perhaps you should use Aeroplane Jelly instead of ballistic gel, that way if it did not achieve the desired affect of blocking the Hum, at least you could enjoy eating the rest.

    Moderators, in their wisdom, decided to block the post.

    I had a few beers, (as Australians do) and I was being silly.

    Hope we are still friends,


  7. Lisa Allen says:


    I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but below is an article about your segment on Inside Edition:


    I think it may be on tomorrow night based on the previews that were on at the end of the show tonight.

  8. Lisa Allen says:

    George – Lol, that is a funny story! I have posted a few times myself after having some wine so I understand. I heard that Aeroplane Jelly theme song – it’s very cute and catchy. I guess what we call jello in the U.S. you call jelly? What you described sounds like jello. Jelly is what we spread on toast here. About the ballistic gel, or medical gel (same thing used for different purposes) I wouldn’t put it in my ear – I’d put in inside of something first. But right now it’s still in the plastic packaging and I’m just putting that between the pillow and my ear. Anyway I enjoyed reading your explanation – gave me a good laugh!


    • George G. says:

      Thank you Lisa,

      Is the gel still blocking the Hum? Perhaps random diary entries over the next week or so may be in order?

      Good luck with your experiment, and regardless of the result, at least you are having a serious attempt.

      The forum can only benefit from practical research participants such as yourself.

  9. Lisa Allen says:

    Hi George,

    Well, so far the gel that is most dense and most similar to human tissue (gel #0) works best, but when the hum is loud I have to put my hand under the gel pack, and apply a little pressure against my ear, when my head is on the pillow. Then about 95% of the hum is blocked. That does help me to fall asleep. The gel #5 (least dense) got into the washing machine by accident and flattened out, so I’m not using that one anymore. It was nice because it was softer but didn’t do a good job of blocking the hum. I also heard the hum with gel #3 and #4. I don’t remember what happened when I tried number 1 and #2, but I will experiment with them again tonight. The hum is not always the same volume (partly because I go to bed at different times and the later I go to bed the louder it gets) so a gel level that works when the hum is low will not necessarily work when it’s loud. I will report back when I have more info. on gel #1 and #2.

  10. annamaeforever says:

    Glen, I just wanted to say thank you, for all of your help. I saw the tv show and I was very proud of you. You were very professional and came across sincere. I know there were errors in the program but I am hoping that a university will somehow start to have an interest in it’s study. I believe that “it” will eventually affect all of us and not just a few. Thanks again.. Mary Ann

  11. Lisa Allen says:

    Last night I didn’t take anything to help me sleep, and the hum woke me up at 3:00 a.m. and I didn’t get back to sleep until after 6 a.m. So, tonight I finally cut one of my gel cubes (gel #0) into two small pieces, wrapped them in saran wrap and stuck them in my ears, and they seem to completely block the hum when I apply pressure to them. The only thing is that they don’t stay in unless I hold them. I’ll need to buy a tight headband and see if that holds them in place. I wouldn’t recommended doing this though. I’ll be the guinea pig and report back on how it goes and the condition of my ears after a few days of this.

    • annamaeforever says:

      Lisa, thank you for being the tester. My problem is that I have RLS and the vibrations trigger it in my right foot on the bed. Do you think if I get this stuff and put it in a bag and put between my socks with a sock over it it would stop the vibrations? I have just tuned the sound out since it is the vibratory issue that is so pressing for me. I’ve been going to bed with 3 pairs of socks on and a slipper to minimize the vibrations. If it is really bad I do take something light . I have always slept fine no problems until this thing came. I hate it and I call it “the hell monster” the “hum” does not fit it to me.

      • Lisa Allen says:

        Annamae, I think the gel cubes would probably feel uncomfortable using them the way you described, and I don’t think they’d help with the vibration, but of course I can’t be sure. You can buy anti-vibration pads online and put them under the feet of your bed, and see if that helps, though I did that and it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. But who knows, it may work for you. I’m glad you can get to sleep most nights without having to take anything. Is there medication for RLS? That’s got to be difficult to live with. I had trouble sleeping even before the hum and now it’s hopeless. I called a sleep lab today and told the guy about the hum. He had never heard of it before but looked up this website while we were talking. He’s going to have a doctor who is a sleep specialist call me. Last night I wore a bandana to bed over the gel in my ears, but it was uncomfortable after about 15 minutes so I took them out.

  12. Randy S. says:

    Has anyone experimented with noise-cancelling headphones or ear buds? I’m thinking ear buds in particular, if effective, might allow a good night’s sleep.

    • They have been tried, with mixed results. Let us know how they work for you.

    • Benoit says:

      Hello, I have experimented with the earmuffs, I bought a construction model with hard shell and very tight ring for maximum pressure.
      I removed the foams and placed several layers of aluminum foil, then put the foams back.
      The advantage of this experience is that we reproduce the calm of a bedroom everywhere outdoors.
      In some areas a few miles from my home I was able to separate from Hum.
      In the bed it is also effective because after a few minutes the Hum decreases by about 70%.
      Only discomfort is that you have to sleep on your back.
      This experience allowed me to understand that the Hum is the vibration noise of an internal organ generated by a phenomenon of external pressure variation.

      • annamaeforever says:

        Benoit, Did the vibration diminish in the bed also?

      • Benoit says:

        Yes, in the bed -70% but only after a few minutes, which confirms that the noise is inside and that after an insulation of the ears of a few minutes, the internal noise decreases. My wife had the same experience, and the result is the same.

  13. Lisa Allen says:

    One of the posters here (Dr. Menage) has had some success with that though I purchased the same thing and I could still hear the hum. I am thinking of trying the Bose noise cancelling earbuds, though I don’t feel very optimistic about it. If you find something that works for you, please let us know.

    • annamaeforever says:

      Lisa, was the sleep lab person any help? No, no acceptable meds for RLS. Is it mostly the sound that bothers you?

    • Lies Jonkman says:

      Bose QC 35 Didn`t help me (and alle the others known bij Low frequency Noise Foundation/Stichting Laagfrequent geluid/The Netherlands.
      http://www.laagfrequentgeluid.nl Besides, the vibrations in the body do not go away bij trying to mask te noise.

      • annamaeforever says:

        Lies, You are so right. The vibrations get so strong that I don’t even care how loud the thing is.

    • Brian Titus says:

      I tried Bose headset until I forgot it on a plane, and then tried Bose buds. Ironically, both made “hum” worse – I think because other distracting noises are reduced. But they are wonderful for flying (reduce jet noise) and for listening to music – which is some consolation for price. (Ear plugs have same effect, as does small bunker I made lined with 12 tons of sand and double-doors, each of which weighted about 70 pounds. Cut out external sounds from obvious sources and “the hum” intensifies for me.)

      • Lisa M. Allen says:

        Brian, I think if you find an app with relaxing sleep sounds, then you might not hear the hum. Try mynoise (mynoise.net) – they have several different sounds that you can adjust in different ways. And there are no advertisements. If the earbuds are comfortable and stay in your ears and you find a pleasing sound that allows you to fall asleep this may work out. I couldn’t use the earbuds either without some noise for the same reasons you mentioned.

  14. Lisa Allen says:

    Annamae, the sleep lab doctor hasn’t called yet. The guy I spoke to on the phone said it might take him a few days to call because he’s not in but once or twice a week. If he calls I’ll let you know what he says. What bothers me is that I can’t get a decent night’s sleep because my current masking machines aren’t loud enough to cover the sound of the hum late at night, and I also feel and/or hear the pulse of the hum in my ear through my pillow. I definitely hear the hum because I can hear it over my noise machines, but that pulsing thing might be vibratory – I’m not really sure. I know you said the vibrations are what bother you most, but do you hear it too? Does it get loud late at night? I re-discovered that a stethoscope blocks out the hum. I wonder why? Too bad it’s impossible to sleep with that in your ears all night!

    • annamaeforever says:

      Yes Lisa, It is very loud at night and right now as I type it is 12:49 pm. There is also a banging sound and my house shakes with each bang. It sounds like a massive machine under my house. I can hear it outside sometimes too. I think we are talking about the same thing, vibrate/pulse.

      • Keith Hamlyn says:

        We have much the same. However, providing evidence to those who cannot hear it seems impossible. Have you (or anyone) found equipment that can record the noise. Most of the common ones make so much thermal noise in their front end amplifiers that the noise is totally drowned. Ideas and suggestions, please.

      • George G. says:


        Loud banging sounds followed by physical shaking of a house is well beyond the Hum’s capabilities—-it simply does not have the energy.

        Assuming you are not imagining (or hoaxing), a shaking house is a call for council investigation—immediately, especially if you feel the source is below ground.

        If some underground construction activity is underway, your house may suffer structural damage. The sooner you report it the better.

      • annamaeforever says:

        George, Sorry but you are wrong.

      • Virginia says:

        annamaeforever, since your house actually physically shakes has anyone thought of putting a “Richter scale” type device around your property to see if there are small earthquakes happening? If nothing else you will have proof that it is not something you are experiencing internally like a problem with your ears. I have a hard time believing that it can be such a problem since people seem to be able to block it out…if it WAS inside your ears then you wouldn’t be able to stop it with earplugs. Everything i have read about this hum makes me think of the sound cannons used against pirates in the Caribbean a few years ago.

  15. Lisa Allen says:

    Annamae, good Lord, that is so horrible. I’ve been hearing a banging sound too lately, and I can also hear it outside sometimes. To me it sounds like the world is in a big, very old dryer, tumbling and rumbling away, all the time, with the occasional banging and droning of an old motor. I was thinking, I wonder if a hypnotherapist would be able to help by giving suggestions that make this not so disturbing. I quit smoking years ago using hypnotherapy so I know it can work. By the way, last night I turned off all my sound machines since they weren’t helping and pressed my sample gel #0 against my hear and couldn’t hear anything. Of course I couldn’t sleep like that but even having the gel pack under my ear helped some and I fell asleep (with the help of melatonin).

    • annamaeforever says:

      Lisa, Do you hear the banging more at night not as much in the day? The stethoscope is very interesting.

  16. Lisa Allen says:

    Annamae, I have heard the banging only at night a few times. I have wondered if there are other contributing factors to this, ie, the heat blowing through the vents, the airport runway being just a half a mile away, Air Force jets periodically flying overhead, a road with traffic less than a half a mile away and the ocean a mile away. The hum has a more or less predictable pattern most of the time, and I wondered if when there are deviations it is actually the hum or the hum plus other factors in the environment creating a new sound. I don’t know. A couple of weeks ago my husband closed the vents in one of the rooms and it seemed to make the air flow louder in our bedroom. It was loud and very annoying, as if the hum isn’t hard enough to live with. When he opened the vent back up the extra noise stopped. Do you hear the banging during the day, too? Do you live in an area where other external sounds could be altering or adding to the hum sound?

    • Benoit says:

      Be careful, do not mix all the noises.
      World Hum is a sound wave phenomenon that creates a continuous noise in our auditory system.
      Variable noises at various frequencies and therefore with beating are noises from industries, domestic machines and others amplified by the HUM phenomenon.
      I used the stethoscope by placing it on a coin. I discovered a slight vibration that after much research led me to an industry 8 miles from my home, large mixers were vibrating the ground. When they stopped for maintenance, more vibration in my house but the HUM is still there.
      The HUM varies more late in the night for the simple reason that starting at 5am people are getting ready to go to work.
      HUM is also stronger when the terrain is frozen. The trees, the meadows … become solid and promote the reflection of the waves.

      • Lisa Allen says:

        Could you explain more about putting the stethoscope “on a coin” and how that led you to finding large mixers that were vibrating underground? Thanks.

      • Benoit says:

        If you place the stethoscope on a hard floor, you will not hear anything because the slightly recessed membrane does not touch the floor.
        By placing a coin between the device and the ground you will hear the vibration. But this is not the HUM, it may be an industry or just the washing machine of your neighbor who is in spin mode.
        How did I find this industry 8 miles away?
        The vibration I felt was at 7 Hz. I did not have a device to measure so I took the keyboard of my computer and I pressed the “I” key with each beat for 10 seconds. I did 5 tests and I found each time between 70 and 72 beats. I then divided by 10 and found 7 beats per second so 7Hz. I reproduced the same experience in front of the factory and the frequency was the same. After contacting the managers of the factory who received me well but did not take my request seriously at first, because for them 8 miles it was impossible, I discovered in front of the factory that cable connecting two poles vibrated 7 times per second!
        When they stopped the factory for maintenance, I no longer had that beating at home!
        I thought at first that the HUM was this cause but after various experiences I discovered that it is the HUM that amplifies our ears, therefore we perceive the infrasound and beats at a great distance.

      • George G. says:

        You have an interesting theory Benoit, which could explain why a small percentage of Hum afflicted people experience so called vibrations, shakes etc. when others cannot.

        As you probably know, most Hum hearers only hear a hum but do not report vibration or shaking.

        Essentially, you are saying the Hum is a sound wave, which all Hum hearers are able to hear. Yes?

        Furthermore, you suggest the most sensitive amongst us also feel spurious background vibrations from various sources, such as industrial activity, as a direct result of this sound wave interacting with industry, thereby interpreting these spurious “beats” as a product of the Hum. Am I correct?

        Are you able, someway, to record this sound wave, this continuous noise, and present it to us?

        How do you detect this continuous audio source you confidently declares exists?

        By stethoscope, or microphone? Perhaps you could couple your stethoscope to an electret mic with suitable tubing and record it for us?

        An interesting experiment awaits, Benoit. I hope you take the challenge.

        By the way, good work by coupling a stethoscope to ground with a coin— you are obviously a dedicated experimenter.

      • Benoit says:

        Hello George,

        The stethoscope allows you to hear the vibrations of the ground. World HUM is not a vibration of the soil.

        I am a sound technician. I started hearing the Hum between 2010 and 2012, I thought it was machines working in the valley where a problem related to my profession.
        Over time this noise seemed to increase slightly but I could only hear it at home, not at work 14 miles away, maybe because the environment was noisier.

        In October 2016 I stopped working and found myself at home 20 hours a day, this is where the noise became permanent.
        My wife already heard it since 2013. A continuous sound like a transformer and at the same time there was a beat at 7Hz.
        After my first research started in January 2017 and mentioned in the previous article, so I discovered that the beat came from this factory 3 miles (sorry I mentioned 8 miles in my previous comment, small problem with my Km converter / Miles) and thought everything was connected as it was running 7/7 and 24 hours a day.
        After stopping for the maintenance of the plant I did not hear this beat for 4 days (from 19 to 22 June 2017) during which temperatures were around 32 ° C.
        Once these four days passed, the temperatures go below 26 ° C and the noise comes back but the beat is not the same, it is slower, I go back to the factory and I see that it is still at the stop and the cable does not vibrate anymore.

        In July 2017 I had the opportunity to test for a week the only sound meter able to measure infrasound from 1 Hz.
        I did 80 measurements in the valley over a radius of about 9 miles. I first measured the noise in my house and had a peak of 40 decibels at 4Hz. Then the most important noise came from old refrigerated units located on the roof of a supermarket in the valley where I measured 84 decibels at 4 Hz!
        I then studied the frequency converters present in refrigeration units and discovered that at certain speeds, the frequency variation creates harmonics that cause audible vibrations at low frequency.
        I thought for a moment to this theory because at 32 ° C the frequency converters are almost inactive, the fans rotate at maximum and therefore no harmonic and therefore no vibration.

        The second most powerful source was a 1000 MWe electric generator 1.9 miles from my home + – 70 decibels at 4 Hz.
        My conclusion was that each time the most powerful beat stops, the next one is heard, so it’s not rotating machines that create the HUM.

        A few weeks later, I decided to go to the quietest place in the country, away from industries.
        Arrived on the spot, no HUM and no beat. After a few steps in the forest, the HUM returns down a valley but no beat, just the impression of being near a transformer.
        A little later I returned to this place, a day when I had a headache and neck stretched. I heard the HUM everywhere! After an exercise pumping my heart, the HUM pulsed at the same time.

        I concluded that the Hum is internal, so it is impossible to record, some machines where transformers can reproduce a similar sound but as soon as you move away it decreases.

        I am convinced that a powerful and inaudible wave vibrates our auditory system that reproduces this vibration as the sound of a transformer and not as a diesel engine with flapping. This phenomenon stresses the muscles of the neck behind the ears.
        If I stay too long in my house, my neck tends and sometimes I can have a headache, if I travel, the neck relaxes a little and no headache.

        Why a wave?

        In my experience with the anti-noise helmet and aluminum, the HUM decreases after a few minutes in the bedroom, which means that a wave vibrates our auditory or auditory nervous system and after a few minutes minutes the system is under stress, the HUM decreases. However, the experience of the Glen box designed to stop the HF waves did not stop the HUM, so it would be a low frequency wave, but why then aluminum would reduce it in my helmet? Mystery!

        In the valley, in two places I manage to separate myself from the HUM after a few minutes with the helmet, if I go back, it is no longer possible to part with it. If I go further, he comes back. These two places are spaced 6.2 miles apart, in their center at equal distance is a radiological detection beacon and a little further away an army communications antenna. But … Nothing is certain …
        What is found on every point of the HUM map around the planet that could create this?
        Let’s continue to look for and benefit from everyone’s experience, to be able to communicate here between us is already a big step towards this mystery.

    • annamaeforever says:

      Hi Lisa, The county has been to our house several times to investigate the sound and pulse and banging. The banging sounds like water Hammer but much stronger and at night. Orlando is full of construction but that has been ruled out after several inspections. No pile doing at night allowed here. The power company has been here 3 times also we have transformers and under ground lines and that has been ruled out. The home insurance agent has been here twice and taken pictures of our house frame and all over inside and out to see if any structural damage from construction has happened. none. My daughter lives close and hears it very early morning and in one area of her house. The neighbor across the street hears and feels everything that I do including the banging but her partner feels or hears nothing. and has since moved. My neighbor down the street was here and I asked her to get on my bed and she did and she said she feels “a shaking.” The sound and vibration/pulse is constant and the banging usually starts at night. No construction pile driving at night anywhere near here. Heat is never on and everything has been ruled out, I could go on and on. The DOT was involved also. My friend in Me. hears the same water hammer banging also. There is only 1 thing left… Been here since 1977 and nothing until 2016. Love it here nu use to move it could come wherever we move. My family feels nothing only my daughter hears it. I was surprised to see so many spots on the world hum map so close to me. I wish I could talk with them.

      • Lisa Allen says:

        Annamae, the fact that your daughter and two neighbors have heard it too is significant. I can’t help but wonder if there really is something going on with your electric company (or some other industry) that they are not telling you, or, aren’t even aware of. If they were to admit that they were the cause of the noise, can you imagine how dificult and expensive that would be to fix? I’m not saying that that is the case, but I think it’s a possibility. And so few people complain that they probably feel no pressure to really investigate thoroughly. The next time I hear banging I’m going to pay more attention and turn the power off in the house and really listen to how it sounds. But it sounds like you’ve done everything humanly possible to get to the bottom of it. Are there many others in Florida who hear it, too? It would be interesting to talk to them if you could.

      • annamaeforever says:

        Yes Lisa and not just in Florida but very near my zip code, many dots. The thing with the power being the cause is, why my family members do not hear and feel it too except for my daughter? All those people who came to our house from the county inspection and the home insurance and the Duke energy people did not hear or feel it. My granddaughter lays on the bed with me and does not hear or feel a thing. And at the same time I feel and hear it. The neighbors across the street, she heard and felt it but, he didn’t. The neighbor down the street felt my bed shake but didn’t hear it or feel the floor vibrating. btw, You can check your immediate area on the world hum map page too by manipulating the dots.

  17. mark a Hayek says:

    2 theories i have for the cause of hum: 1. underground tunnelling, ,imig machines digging underground causing vibrations/
    2. pharmaceutical companies use large machinery in their plants which generates frequencies that travel great distances

    • annamaeforever says:

      Mark, your theories are very interesting and made me think a lot, but, it all still comes back to the question, why can only a few of us hear/feel it?

  18. Lisa Allen says:

    Benoit – that is very interesting. Good for you that you were able to pinpoint exactly where it was coming from – you are a good detective. But you say that, “I discovered that it is the HUM that amplifies our ears, therefore we perceive the infrasound and beats at a great distance.” But where does the hum comes from? Do you think it’s internal? I put a coin under the stethoscope on the floor and it did sound different than without the coin, though I didn’t hear anything that sounded like a machine. I’ll try it again sometime.

  19. George G. says:

    Thank you Benoit,

    I now have a better understanding of what you meant on your earlier post.

    I agree with you, I also believe the Hum is an internal manifestation.

    And thanks for sharing your experiments with us, every experiment hearers conduct and report helps others to develop and refine their experiments—all knowledge is good.

  20. Lisa Allen says:

    Annamae, a woman in my town heard the hum a few years ago, and it was a nightmare for her. Eventually she moved and doesn’t hear it now. She was sure it was a substation of our local power company (which bought her house after she moved, by the way). I don’t know if it was in fact the power company but in her case it could very well have been. If it’s a very low frequency sound, regardless of where it’s originating from, most people won’t hear it, so it could be the power company, but it could be many other things, too. That’s part of the frustration – just not knowing and not being able to track it down. Right now my left ear is completely clogged and I hate to say it, but I’m kind of thankful because I can’t hear as well now. That seems to be a ridiculous thing to say but it’s the truth.

    • annamaeforever says:

      Lisa, During the hurricane we were out of power for miles. I remember thinking in bed, well at least there is no racket. But then all the generators started a few nights later and I couldn’t tell the difference between the generators and the hum. I do remember it being so quiet at first. There is a sub station close to me but it has been there since 1977 and this didn’t start until 2016. I hope you feel better but until you do, feel the peace of quiet.

  21. Lisa Allen says:

    Thank you, Annamae. I want to make sure I understand what happened during the hurricane: you’re saying that the hum went away when the power was out, correct? And when the power came back on you heard the hum again? If that’s the case, then the hum has to be caused by your power company or something running on that power in your area, doesn’t it?

    I’ve lived in the same house for 10 years and didn’t start hearing the hum until two years ago. I think something in us must have changed since the environment didn’t change, to our knowledge anyway. I read somewhere that we’re exposed to low frequency sound throughout our lives, and that eventually that constant exposure can effect our auditory system in a way that enables that low frequency to break through so we start to hear it. That would explain why so many people start hearing it all of a sudden, even though they’re in the same home and nothing’s really changed.

    • annamaeforever says:

      hi lisa sorry caps key won’t work again. yes, the first night when the power went out I heard nothing, but, there are times when it is not here at all so I can’t be sure. the next day and night there was nothing I can remember laying in bed with no power so so hot no ac but saying, well at least theres no racket. it was quiet. the next day everyone knew the power would be out for over a week and so the generators started. they sound just like the hum thing. same sound and pulsing. very large generators were all around me and so I don’t know if it was here or not. I have called the power company, duke several times I have a transformer right out front and all power here is under ground. they came out and were here for many hours and said all is ok. at this present moment it is railing since last night at 2230 when it switched on like a machine. it is so loud and pulsing. I slept around 2 hrs after taking something at 5am. I am on my own and very scared there is no-one to talk to or call no-one understands they can’t hear it how can they I get it. I am trying to figure out what to do. if I believed this thing was internal I would be at the dr getting treatment, but I don’t. it is a machine and someone on this planet knows what it is. thanks for your support means a lot to me.

      • Charlie says:

        Hiya Annamae,

        I don’t post here much anymore. But after reading your comment about you being a little scared by the dreaded Hum I felt that I should say something.

        And it’s this: 1. what Lisa just said, and 2. in my experience the Hum doesn’t do any much more than be a nuisance, and as far as I am aware it has never physically harmed anyone, although that said, psychologically it can be stressful.

        The Hum is weird, but as yet I see it as more of a scientific curiosity than something we should be especially concerned about.



      • I think this comment should be challenged. Even though I am fortunate enough to not suffer from the Hum, there are vast numbers of people who do. I’m assuming you’ve sampled the 17,000+ entries in the database. If you have, then surely you’ve read about how folks have suffered over the years. I might have investigated the Hum only out of scientific curiosity – and there’s nothing wrong with people who explore anything for that reason – but in this case, there is a real need to find the answer. I’m assuming that you wouldn’t also discourage the researchers who are getting close to relieving people from tinnitus?

      • Charlie says:

        I didn’t mean to appear callous. I have read enough on this site to realise that the Hum can be a very stressful experience for many people. It was just that the poster seemed anxious about the Hum and I was trying to alleviate her concerns.

        When I first became aware of the bizarre and seemingly anomalous characteristics of the Hum it made me feel quite anxious as well. Nothing in my world had ever behaved in this way before. The unknown can be a little scary sometimes. So I felt that in some way i could relate to Annamae’s concerns.

        I can see now that I took the wrong approach. As it was I was trying to reassure her (hopefully correctly) that the Hum isn’t actually physically dangerous. But by so doing it appeared that I was dismissing or trivialising the psychological impact that it can have. My mistake, I rushed in and based my post on my personal experiences. If I had thought about it I would have written it differently.

        I understand the argument that both tinnitus and the Hum are both self reported. That one is seen as an accepted mainstream condition, whilst the other can be seen as a bit fringy is a problem that needs to be addressed. I have tinnitus myself and the doctors have never questioned that. I don’t know how they would react to my reporting my experience of the HUm. For some reason I expect that if I did, it would be met with sceptism, a self imposed stigma perhaps.

        Hope this clears things up a bit.


      • annamaeforever says:

        Charlie and Glen, Thank you both for your understanding and support.

    • George G. says:


      Your statements–

      “I think something in us must have changed—-” and—“That would explain why so many people start hearing it—–”

      rank as two of the most logical trains of thought I have read on this subject since the begin of the forum.

      Excellent logic.

  22. Lisa Allen says:

    Thank you, George. I don’t always succeed but I am trying to think about this logically.

  23. Lisa Allen says:

    Annamae, it might not be much help, but when you are scared and feel alone, try to remember that many people around the country and around the world are going through exactly what you’re going through. I’m up here in Myrtle Beach, just a couple of states up from you, hearing the same thing and trying to deal with it, too. I think if I lived alone I’d probably move, but maybe not. I don’t know.

    In my mind, everything is on the table regarding what could be causing it, including the power company, because we don’t have any absoluate proof, to my knowledge anyway, that any one particular thing is or is not the cause. So for now, I think it could be the power company as well as anything else. But just because they’ve come out to the house to investigate and claim there is nothing wrong, that wouldn’t convince me of anything. It may be beyond their ability to assess, and the fact that they don’t hear anything doesn’t help.

  24. Lisa Allen says:

    Annamae, I just want to make sure you know there is another area on this site where people also post comments. Glen just posted a chart called the Theorectical Logic Flow Map that Henrik created. You may find it interesting if you haven’t seen it yet. I’m printing out a copy now.

  25. Lisa Allen says:

    ….Then click on topics under “Recent Comments” on the left of the page.

  26. I filter out entries that include the sound being louder during the day, louder outside, and descriptions that don’t match. And also those who have made no effort to track down the source.

  27. Lisa Allen says:

    Glen – I was just surfing around looking at Hum info, and came across this which was a Facebook post:
    “Hi everyone, my name is Alexa Ginsburg – I’m reaching out from Inside Edition. We’re doing a segment about these mysterious hums people are hearing, the impact they have on your lives and possible theories behind them. We already spoke to and interviewed with Glen MacPherson but we’re also looking to hear from hum sufferers themselves. Please message me or email me at alexa.ginsburg@insideedition.com if you want to share your story – I think its incredibly important that people know they’re not alone! Thanks!”
    Do you think it’s ok to email her? If everyone did maybe they’d do a follow up story and be a little more serious about it.

  28. Lisa Allen says:

    I just realized that since this was posted before the show she’s probably not interested anymore in hearing from us. I’m tired and wasn’t thinking!

  29. Lisa Allen says:

    Today the hum is very loud; I fell asleep and actually had a strange dream about the hum. Anyway, when I woke up I turned my cell phone recorder on and pressed it down on my mattress to see if it would pick up any sound. As soon as I picked it up and looked at it, I saw that there were short vertical lines indicating sound along that sound spectrum line. I did that a few times and the same thing happened. That seems to be proof that it was picking something up, even though there was no audio. When I just held the phone in my hand it went back to a straight, flat line. Maybe this is nothing new, but I didn’t know my phone would pick anything up at all.

    • annamaeforever says:

      That is very interesting Lisa. It has been very loud here too since last night at about 2300. I had to put slipper boots on with heavy socks to sleep because of the strong pulsing. It has been loud all day and still now. I wonder about the cell phone. The pulsing is strong and the banging is present too. I will try and record it and see what happens.

  30. Lisa Allen says:

    Annamae, if you try this, make sure you press the phone into the mattress when the hum is the loudest. I’d be curious to hear if you have the same results. Regarding your feet, do you think putting pillows (those heavier gel pillows) under your feet/legs would help? I recently bought a couple of gel pillows (which are very comfortable by the way) and now when I sleep on my side I put a heavy pillow on top of my head and that blocks the noise I hear in the room about 75%, and then I have to position the pillow under my head away from my ear so I don’t hear/feel the pulsing. So far that’s worked better than anything else I’ve tried.

    I really wonder what it is about those of us who can hear the hum that is different from everyone else. We must all have something in common, but what? And why, out of the blue, did we just start hearing it one day? Is it just some oddity in our auditory system that was triggered by something? I wish we could figure that out. I have an appointment with a new ENT in a couple of weeks and I’m going to ask him what he thinks.

    • annamaeforever says:

      Lisa, I will look into the gel pillows. Last night I tried stuffing bubble wrap into my slipper boots and it gave me a barrier to the pulsing but still bad. I tried the phone but nothing, I will ak my family members to do it when they come over and see what they come up with. My grandchild is a geek. I do believe that this thing is real and for some reason we can hear/feel it. I think I understand the “internal” theory better now. I see now that the internal opinion means that we experience it but do not cause from our own bodies. ie, It is real. It is quiet now, I love it. Even my cuckoo clock is happy! I’m happy for you that you have found some resolution if even just a small amount for your ears. I think we have to keep finding the treatments for our own specific symptoms because I wonder if it will ever be gone. It is no use to move because it is everywhere and if I move it may come there. I love my home.

      • annamaeforever says:

        Lisa, I have a sleep number bed with two, 2 inch toppers on it. It is an adjustable bed and I have tried every position it has. I have oak hardwood floors throughout the house. I think you are right that it is everywhere not just the floor or bed. Its so quiet right now, where is it??? It will be back at 2300 hours tonite I guess. The logic Map is a great at a glance tool. Thanks for your prayer. Do you think you may bring a copy of the Logic Map to the ENT? That may be helpful. I have some questions about the Map that I want to ask Henrick. I guess I will try the pan of water experiment the next time it is railing.

  31. Cartney says:

    Got a better match to the tone from a different sound generator on sawtooth setting it is 48.888 Hertz G1 tone.

  32. Lisa Allen says:

    Annamae, isn’t that funny, last night it was quiet here, too. I hardly heard a thing when I was going to sleep. Today I hear it a little but it’s not loud. I wonder if a mattress topper would help to absorb some of the vibration you’re feeling. I used to feel the vibration alot more with my old bed. When I bought a new bed, it was too firm so I bought a mattress topper at Bed, Bath and Beyond that made the bed more comfortable, but also may be the reason I don’t feel the vibrations much anymore. I don’t know. I also believe the noise is coming from an external source but something unique about us allows us to hear it. I thought the internal theory was that there is no external noise and that our bodies are producing the sounds we hear. Is that wrong? Maybe I’ve misunderstood the posts that claim that. I hope the peace and quiet continues for you all day and night! I pray for you, myself and everyone here suffering from this.

  33. Lisa Allen says:

    Annamae, It is still pretty quiet here – I hope it is where you are, too. I think the pan of water is a good idea. I’ll bring the Logic Map to the ENT but also some info from this site; I want to show him there are thousands of people affected by this, not just me. Chances are he is not yet familiar with the Hum.

    • annamaeforever says:

      Hi Lisa, Bad night and no sleep. Did you mean pillows with memory foam and gel? can’t find any with just gel. Glad quiet for you.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I am a ‘ targeted individual’, live in the USA. Started at the time of my divorce with a hate campaign. The hum started a couple of years ago and gets much worse at night the goal definitively to stop sleep and torture. I have been told it is a sophisticated DNA specific electronic harassment, therefore individuals right next to you will not be affected. I am not sure of the specific technology, but have no doubt it is a type of military sabbotage that has gotten into corrupt and wrong hands.

    • Okay, so on this topic you get one chance – and one chance only – to make your case. Please provide your evidence for targeting. No links out to discredited websites, no sweeping claims, no generalities. If you provide something we can work with, great. Otherwise, this is the end of the discussion. Glen.

  35. J. O. says:

    I’ve been hearing this over the last 3 winters. But it’s been about 6 weeks straight this winter day & night. It just started in early Feb. at about 11:00PM and for the first week I only heard it at night. But now it’s constant only blocked by the televison, guitar playing or some other background noise. Everyone that comes to the house has to “try to hear it”…but so far just me. I thought perhaps I was going crazy, but I’m happy to discover today through a google search that I’m not alone (even thought it’s terribly annoying).
    I do appreciate your efforts Mr. MacPhereson and also all of you who have replied and given data to help understand this phenomina.

    • annamaeforever says:

      Hi J.O. I am hear/feeling it a lot more in the day also. It used to be at night after 11 and sometimes in the day but since Jan 2018 it is very active all day too. My backyard is very large with many oak trees and I have a swing that hangs from 2 trees and today I was sitting on it and noticed that even though the swing is hanging and my feet don’t touch the ground I still felt the pulsing, but I don’t hear it as much outside only feel it all over my neighborhood and property.

  36. David O Rourke says:

    hello folks, ive just found you today , i will fill in a form asap , ( up until i saw this page, i thought i was either being haunted , had tinnitus, or the nearest water treatment plant was drilling under my house ) but today im mostly just wondering has anyone found a way of getting asleep without blasting 2 to 3 hrs of music in the bedroom at night ?

    • Peggy says:

      Hi David,
      I use a small, 4-inch fan as far from my head as I can. It’s enough to stop it from waking me at night. Better than any other noise-blocker I’ve tried so far.
      (Holmes Mini High Velocity Personal Fan, from Amazon)

  37. David O Rourke says:

    second comment 🙂
    Having now read through some of your comments, i can see that there are good suggestions for minimising the noise, and getting some sleep.
    Im sure many people have said this before, but it is so reassuring to find that i’m not totally alone on this, and that someone cares enough to try and resolve .

    I returned to live here in a small city in the southeast of Ireland approx 12 months ago, and I only began to notice the Hum/noise in september of 2017 ( i had not experienced it in the 7 yrs i lived in greater london , but that could be attributed to the background noise there )
    But lately, especially since the snow cover which began on 1st march it has become unbearable , i haven’t really slept for 5 days now , but yet my neighbours and partner only hear it if they really really focus at night

    Is there a guideline / process that someone has already written , to help a new sufferer like me rule out any external influences ?

    best wishes to you all

    • annamaeforever says:

      David, Do you feel any vibrations/pulsing in your bed? I have a high powered fan called Cyclone / Home Depot, that minimizes the sound significantly but I still feel the vibrations in my bed. If it is extremely active and is a racket I have to take something light to go to sleep.

  38. Lisa Marie Allen says:

    Hi David,

    Below are links to a site that I used for quite a while to drown out the hum noise at night. The second one (Raniy Riverbanks) is the particular one that I used and liked best. You can adjust the tones/frequencies to what works best for you.



    You will find some believe the hum to be internally generated, and some believe it to be external. Although some feel they have proof that their position is correct, nothing is conclusive at this point, though Glen and others are continuing to try to figure it out. I’m sorry you are suffering with this, too, but you’ve come to the right place for support and information.

  39. J.O. says:

    I’m trying to draw on personal experience to think of a potential cause(s) so…
    I’d be interested to know how many of you have “metal” implanted in your body? I for example have titanium rods, screws and brackets in my spine.
    How many “sufferers” use meditation techniques often?
    Anyone besides me notice an enhanced awareness of the hum when under the effects of marijuana (I live in Colorado so legal here) but with that said, when it’s lights out, I have zero problems sleeping to the hum after mj.
    From my experience in past years (2016-2017), I no longer hear it after about April. Cold air is more dense and transmits sound better. Anyone else only hear this in the winter months?
    Has anyone left their northern climate homes and gone to a place like Hawaii or some other tropical zone? Did you still hear it when you got there?
    (I haven’t tried this idea, but it sounds pretty tempting :< )
    Thanks in advance.


  40. justin says:

    my problem only started 3 months ago. i hear a stopping and starting hum. very much like the sound of somebody using an arc welder. there is also a vibration with the noise. its loudest at night but still quite noticeable during the day. i put this down to less background noise during the night. after reading these posts i tried the finger in the ears and it works well for me. i then tried a cheap pair of soft gel ear buds. works very well. blocks the noise almost completely. but the little buggers will not stay in all night. im sick of being woken up by the sound. my family and neighbours cannot hear it.

    • annamaeforever says:

      Justin, Well it sounds like you’ve come up with a solution . I bought these ear bud holders at Amazon and they keep the buds in. If you want them I will search my history and tell you the exact product. I run so need to keep the buds in when running laps. They stay in. Oh, and, Welcome to our board good to have your post.

      • justin says:

        hiya. thanks for the offer but im now using duct tape. it works to hold the ear buds in and nothing wakes me up faster than ripping the tape off in the morning 🙂

  41. GS Handley says:

    Just found this site by searching for low frequency Hum. Thank You Dr. Glen MacPherson. I started hearing this 5 years ago. It seems like 60hz and oscillating down an octave to 30hz irregularly. When returning to 60hz from 30hz there’s a slight (+0.5-1db) surge of energy, also each tone sometimes wavers in volume, although that could sometimes be outside interference.

    Recently I traveled 300 miles away, and heard it there, although slightly fainter.
    For a half second I thought I was maybe crazy, but then I just calmly noticed I’m hearing what I’m hearing. So, I thought that both areas must have the same set of yet to be identified industrial infrastructure(s) that’s causing this. I was about to embark on making some kind of frequency specific microphone/filter/amplifier to search for the source…. but…….I was beginning to feel like there’s got to be more people that hear this, so I searched and found way more than I imagined, somewhat confirming, but also somewhat alarming that this many, even scientifically based people have not figured it out, and that it’s not just a unique local problem.

    Rather than reinvent the wheel, I assume what I’ve proposed has already been done. I read that someone measured it at 56.5hz which is NOT 60hz. Think about it, line frequency is set at 60hz, it can’t deviate or it will cause huge problems. If this hum is actually 56.5hz then it’s Not a derivative of the line frequency, although whatever device IS producing the 56.5hz may very well be powered by the standard power line at 60hz. Therefore the 56.6hz must be “specific” for some reason and Not an annoying unintentional byproduct, right? Well, this assumes it’s an industrial noise, that’s not self powered by some other source than PGE. Whatever it is, it’s powered by something, rather immense power it seems. My old wood house is like an acoustic guitar body, it amplifies the sound. It’s literally rattling my house. So, is it multiple sources that are very similar to each other or the same? Or one source, even across 1000’s of miles? The later seems harder to imagine, as the power need would go up exponentially, right? I have too much to say about this so I’ll stop here. Thanks again for providing an insight into this phenomenon.

    • annamaeforever says:

      GS, Very interesting post. I believe that

      “they” haven’t figured it out because there are not enough of us yet identified to make it happen. Those of us who experience it are in the minority. If everyone could hear/feel it , it would be on the evening news etc. and “it” would stop.

    • J.O. says:

      Interesting post. Based on the large number of reports in the US & UK (with way fewer like in Russia/China) I’m thinking it is some technology that we are using that is not used as much elsewhere.
      With that said, this is my 3rd winter hearing the hum. Last year I could no longer hear it after mid-April and that seems to be repeating this year…for me anyway. It’s faint here now and I have to focus to hear it whereas a month ago I could hear/feel it even with the TV on. I will NOT miss it, but now that I know I’m not alone, I won’t forget about it either.

      • J.O. says:

        I live in W. Colorado. Last week we had temp’s in the 60-70’s (F) day and 50’s at night. I had to “focus” to hear the hum and it was faint. This week a cold front has moved in and the hum is again loud and very much present without my focus. For this reason, I do not believe the hum is an internal phenomena, but an external one. If it was internal (like tinnitus), the outside temperature would have no effect on my ability to hear it. I have not changed medications or any other single factor in my life…only the environmental temperature has changed. I look forward to more warming in the near future!

  42. Benoit says:

    I investigated again in my village and distinguished 3 types of hearing people:
    1) Those who do not hear it are going to work far from the village and have houses located at the bottom of the valley, glued to each other which could explain why other houses screen.
    2) Those who hear it sometimes and 9 times out of 10 in the morning. Are those who will work outside the village. At night the body is exposed to the wave at the same frequency and they hear the morning, once at work they do not hear it anymore and after work back home they do not hear it.
    3) Those who hear it all the time often live in 4 isolated facades of others and the HUM is stronger in the hill. These people do not work or leave the perimeter of the village.
    In the houses at the bottom of the hill, it is stronger on the floor than on the ground floor.
    In the houses in the hill, it is the same everywhere.

    • Vicky says:

      I agree with all of your points Benoit. I live in an isolated hilly area far from any major city where the hum is present in varying degrees almost all the time. Yet when I went off to work 20 minutes away, because of all the people noise inside the building, I would rarely hear it. I’ve been hearing the hum since the late 90’s. Where I lived in the 90’s was a highly populated area right outside of a major city, however my house was situated high on a hill. When our family would settle down for the night, although I was aware of the outside noises…traffic, fire engines, dogs barking etc… I would hear the hum and no one in my family could hear it. Two family members of mine are now living in hilly isolated areas and have said they are now hearing the hum. When I visit them (2 hour drive) I hear the hum at their homes. Interesting…

  43. GS Handley says:

    I recently found out the Navy has a submarine detecting “station” about 10 miles south of me near Ferndale, CA. It’s near the coast, as I am.
    But when I traveled 300 miles a week ago, I went east into the Sierra foothills, far from the coast, and I heard it there, at night, and it was fainter than at home on the coast. The Navy does use some LF stuff, and I can’t imagine they’d be worried about what the civilians think/feel about it. I may go down there soon and see how close I can get to it. From what I understand, the wavelength of these low tones are at least 50′ long, maybe longer, and therefore the hum may not be as loud right near the source, as farther away.

    BTW has anyone made a (RC type, like a speaker XO) filter so that when using a microphone connected to some high gain amplifier with a db readout, you can get frequency specific? I was going to build one, but I assume it’s already been done? Or is the idea of finding a “direction” already ruled out?
    It’s always been hard to tell which direction it’s coming from, and perhaps it’s hard because it’s omnipresent or ?

    • Keith Hamlyn says:

      There are several web pages that describe band pass filters. Basically, these are high pass and low pass filters in series. There are both active and passive filters, the active ones giving some amplification, but, more usefully, higher and variable Q (sharpness). The formulas for calculating the frequency responses are also there, as you will need to select the correct configuration for the frequency that you wish to pass. At the moment, I am building two such filters with microphones, amplifiers etc for a 100Hz man made noise that I will set half a wavelength apart. Adding them together should them give me a null when line up with the direction of the noise. Two or more directions should then pinpoint the source of the sound.

      As regards values, please look on the various websites under pass band filters or active/passive filters. After that, it’s pencil, paper and calculator, I’m afraid! Good luck.

      Best regards,

  44. Peter Haartsen says:

    Last month I left Holland to start my previously planned hum-research trip in the Dordogne valley in the south of France. A short stay there in Siorac last summer inspired me to find out if it is really possible to find some relief from the continuous presence of the hum.
    Two short stays in Sarlat offered me hope. Less hours of hum activity guided me to the decision to look for a place to live in Sarlat. Since I had to decide about a place to stay within a few days, I accepted to rent a mavellous appartment in Saint Cyprien, close to Sarlat. A Sarlat based real estate agency helped me out on this. Well, little could they know that in that wonderful village I would be confronted with the hum in a way that even I could’t have imagined.
    My quest will continue. The actual challenge now seems to be to find a way to organize a kind of “test-stays” in eligible appartments in the old city of Sarlat. I so hope that the “chambres d’hôtes” (B&B) where I recently found hum-free hours in Sarlat, can afford themselves to be of some help in my quest. I surely will try to put my research targets forward.
    Where all this will take me, I don’t know. But really,from now on the hum is not going to stop me from trying to get back into some good old psychological agency kind of wholeness.
    (Is this me dreaming out loud?)

    • Lisa M. Allen says:

      Peter, I can easily imagine how you must have felt to start hearing the hum again in your new home. How disappointing, to put it mildly. But, I admire your determination not to give up, and I’m sure you will find a better place to live where it is not so obtrusive or better yet, completely absent. As an aside, one night a while back when the hum was very loud I got out my new Tascam recorder that Henrik was nice enough to recommend, turned it on, and the bar that indicates sound was moving, so it was picking something up. I got a video of it on my cell phone. Other then the hum it was dead quiet. So that is additional proof, to me, that it is external. Best of luck in your continued search; let us know how you make out.

      • Hi Lisa –

        If I am not misunderstanding, you had a “very loud” hum and your recorder sound bar was indicating that SOMETHING was being picked up. Sounds like a perfect opportunity. You are not totally clear, but it seems you did NOT push the record button at all (except on a cell phone?), and then try to play any recording back. If you did try to record, what was the result? If you did not try, why not? Details please.

        Thanks – Bernie

  45. Lisa M. Allen says:

    Hi Bernie, yes, I did push the record button on the Tascam recorder, and the bar moved at particularly loud moments of the hum. I also had my cell phone nearby so I turned that on as well to video the bar moving on the Tascam recorder. I hope that’s clear. I can post it if you’d like.

  46. Lisa M. Allen says:


    After showing the video to an engineer and getting some advice on recording technique and recorder settings, I’m going to try this again so I can post a better quality video. Although the video is meaningful to me, apparently it’s not up to snuff yet. When the hum is very loud again I will repeat the experiment (the right way I hope) and post it then.

    • Thanks Lisa – understood

      Please keep in mind that it is only the AUDIO from the recorder itself, (and not a cell-phone visual of what is essentially a “digital VU Meter” of the recorder), that would be convincing.

      The prospects of successfully recording the traditional Hum are not good. See (and possibly share with your engineer/adviser):

      Click to access ENWN54.pdf


  47. Peter Haartsen says:

    Lisa, thank you for your encouraging words. I do hope to find confirmation that the hum can exhibit varying levels of intensity. I guess it is an incredible coincidence I hear the hum this loud for three weeks now, in a village right between two nearby places where I experienced absolutely less hum-activity. I will need some time and opportunity to verify these experiential facts. I would certainly love to share all information which can take us further. I hope I can keep things together.

    • Lisa M. Allen says:

      Peter, that is very interesting. Are you still in the same place and is it still just as loud? Does it vacillate at all?

      • Peter Haartsen says:

        Hi Lisa, I came back to my appartment in Saint Cyprien yesterday, after having stayed for four days in Siorac at Camping du Port. I will go there for short periods within the next 6 months. And I will try to go to Sarlat for a few short periods.
        During my stay in Siorac the hum was loud. A clouded sky, lots of rain, just 15 degrees Celsius. So I thought I might as well go to Sarlat, because it would be more comfortable in a B&B room while experiencing the hum level there. At 11 o’clock A.M. I started packing my roller case. And then, just 12 o’clock, it happened. Within minutes the sun broke through, and there was absolutely no hum to be heard. Outside the temperature was immediately six degrees up.
        In a post J.O. asked if any of us have experienced a combination of sunny weather and no hum. And in one more recent post this phenomenon has been remarked by one of the hum-hearers, and as a phenomenon it may be in need of further documenting.

        I had a train to catch at four o’clock. But I started doubting to leave the mobile home at Camping du Port. Silence and sunshine will have that effect on every hum-hearer’s mood!
        However, because of the positive effect of sun and silence, I had the feeling that I should return to my appartment in Saint Cyprien. If I could enjoy this silence at home also, then I could derive that in this wider region the hum activity might differ remarkably from what I have come to know as an ever present pest.
        And I was glad that the hum was gone in Saint Cyprien too. These seven weeks here have had a few days during which the hum was less intrusive. Yesterday it was absent.
        Now today around twelve o’clock a probing kind of hum activity started again. But twenty-four hours without the hum is a gift. I hope that during my stay in this region the hum will be absent for longer periods. It’s too early to think ahead, but a few breaks in the regime of the hum may help formulate new questions. And what happened in this region yesterday at twelve o’clock, just as is happening in many places, may help to understand possible connections between the hum activity and weather conditions in earth’s atmosphere.

        Lisa, you asked if the hum vacillates.
        On april 8, 2018, GS Handley opened this post with a useful analysis of the hum.GS Handley really helped me with his description of how the hum gets powered up. The exact words were (I hope I do not transgress by quoting GS Handley): “When returning to 60hz from 30hz there’s a slight (+0.5-1db) surge of energy, also each tone sometimes wavers in volume, although that could sometimes be outside interference.”
        This is a description I can easily connect with, because to me the hum is like a continuous swirling in my head. Like an electromagnetic storm. The swirling as the sound of a Hammond organ with rotor projecting vertigo (vibration?) inducing the brain into experiencing information to which it can’t really adapt to, or decode into steps the nervous system can handle to restore or protect the integrity of the bodily functions. This is for many hum-hearers the cause of continuously experiencing stress.

        The thinking about the external and/or internal production of the hum on these pages may lead us to paradoxical observations. I hope these few lines may be understood as an effort to picture the hum with some metaphorical liberty.

      • Benoit says:

        Interesting your observations Peter.
        In my study of Hum, I noticed an important element that very few people take into account: Latency.
        I noticed that in areas where I do not hear it sometimes takes several minutes (between 10 and 15) to separate me. I also met people in whom the latency can exceed 1 hour. It is important when we change places to listen, to wait a few minutes to see if the wave is present or not. This is an important detail that tells us that our body takes care of this electric field and takes a while to discharge into a quieter area. When I return to the few areas that I have seen quieter, the latency is never the same, it is more important when the sky is overcast and seems infinite when the tension in the neck is very strong or the migraine is feel. All my experiences are with a construction helmet covered with several layers of aluminum to obtain a false test.

      • J.O. says:

        Just to clarify, I noted “warmer temperatures” with less hum, colder temp’s with more hum. So for me this is seasonal. We get many sunny days here in the winter and the hum was quite loud on sunny as well as cloudy days. I have to really “focus” now to hear it and I’m glad as it was beginning to drive me nuts! I do have high frequency hearing loss and perhaps some lower level as well which may be why I cannot hear it now in mid-May. (Another year of playing the electric guitar and I probably won’t hear much of anything…JK!)
        On another note, have any of you tried a ceiling fan at night to help distract, replace or over-ride the “hum”?

      • Lisa M. Allen says:

        Peter, If I’m not mistaken, you are from the Netherlands, right? Is the hum overall less intrusive where you are now in France? It sounds like that’s been your experience. If that’s so then you have been successful in your venture, even though it’s not completely absent. The question is, will it stay that way? I sure hope so. A woman who lives in my town who I’ve become friends with heard the hum several years ago; she says it was very loud. She hired an industrial engineer to investigate and one thing he said was that even after you move, the hum stays with you for awhile before it goes away. I don’t know why that would happen but apparently there is a reason. When I see her again I’m going to see if she can explain to me what he said about that. But that happened in her case – she moved and now doesn’t hear the hum anymore, anywhere. It’s possible she was hearing a local noise but her description and experience of it is pretty much the same as what most people describe on the hum database. By the way, when it’s overcast here, the hum is much louder – I think that has been reported by many others, too. I hope you are still finding more peace and quiet where you are now.

  48. J.O. says:

    I keep thinking about possible causes for the hum and so looked into the possibility of our atmosphere escaping gravity and leaking into space. And that lead me to this page on sounds from space such as solar winds. Hopefully Dr. MacPherson will allow these links to be posted because while this is not a perfect match from my experience, it’s “ballpark”. (2nd link)





    I just want to take the time to say that all the comments here are awesome. I am a hum-sufferer and very glad that I am not alone in this fight. For me, the hum, which sounds like a heavy powerful generator, effects my auditory, skull, and neck. The reverberation is ridiculous. I have smaller than normal ear crustaceans and above-average hearing. I feel this hum is man-made electro-magnetic frequency pulsating through the ground being amplified by the house I live in (the old wood stereo speakers concept; I’m inside the box).

    Until I can move, I will try the soft gel earplugs. This is supportive and thank-you all and Dr. MacPherson!

    • annamaeforever says:

      Hi JIBRI, I feel your pain, same here. Have thought of moving but from everything I have read it is not a good idea because the thing may be where you move to and if it isn’t there it could come there. Been here since 1977 and nothing like this until 2016 and then, it came here. I love my home and have worked so hard for it and to give it up only to move into the same thing keeps me from doing it. I have read several posts, not here but on other sites about all of the above. I am trying to find a way to cope with it but feel like I am close to the edge many times. wishing you peace and rest. Thanks for your post.

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