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The Endless Struggle

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Yes, every once in a (long) while I resort to dramatic clickbait-type headlines, but the title is actually quite accurate. Over the past few months I have received a number of emails from people asking about HAARP, The Schumann Frequencies, foil shielding helmets (seriously), and on and on. I sat back and I wondered if, over the past 10 years, our project has made the slightest impact or move forward.

It has. One article alone has reached over 1 000 000 people, in addition to the probably tens of millions of others through other media. And then I sat and thought about the students who walk into my classroom every year who know little to nothing about certain subject areas. I start from scratch every year with all of them and, if the taxpayers got their money’s worth, I make a small dent in ignorance, superstition, and lazy thinking. My efforts on the Hum seem to parallel this in many ways.

Until we make an important theoretical or experimental breakthrough, there is little this project can do except teach, advocate, and keep this issue alive. We think we know what the World Hum is, although we have no solid theories about why it started when it did or why it seemed to propagate the way it did. We need the effort and support of others to push through to a conclusion.

One more time, I ask for a university or serious private laboratory to get interested in this serious topic and help us bring a definitive answer to all this. Two other major historical efforts were made on this topic, but ours is the first in the internet age, and it is time to solve this. I wouldn’t mind retreating from the public eye and returning to a more typical life.




  1. ladymozart says:

    Thank you for all that you have done. I appreciate your work.
    It’s interesting that the Hum disappeared during and following my Covid experience. I was so grateful; what a relief. Sadly, it returned. It has been off the charts lately. I wish you the best.

  2. Jim O says:

    I had suggested this a while back, but then just accepted the Hum and moved on with life and stopped reading the posts from this site.
    Has anyone made a trip to the anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota? Because if the Hum can still be heard inside this chamber, it would point strongly to an internal cause.
    And I do realize it might take the subject several days of acclimation in a new location.

  3. Jim Burton says:

    Dear Glen,

    It would be amazing to solve the riddle, but discovering your site and realising that I wasn’t alone in my low frequency madness is deserving enough in my humble opinion. I’ve learned to live with it and shut my eyes each night safe in the knowledge that there are many, many others doing exactly the same.

    You deserve a medal for bringing sanity and normality to us out-of-the-ordinary hum folk. Personally, I think we are the chosen ones”!

    Very best,


  4. Geiser Micheline says:

    Dear Glen,

    I thank you very very much for your enormous work about the hum.
    I had and have no competence to help about this subject, I try to live with this bother, and to raise my vibrations, with a spiritual approach. The enemy stays hidden. Yes, we are many people who suffer with it, we are not alone, but it is a real thin consolation…
    All the best for you.

  5. George G. says:

    As a long time observer of this post, I see a common theme appear over and over.

    Desperate and frightened people are jumping onto the forum and thanking you for providing assurance and comfort that the Hum is perceived by many others as well, thereby feeling tremendous relief that they are not alone.

    That alone is indicative that you have not wasted your time. In fact, I am certain your blog has probably saved souls.

    Good work mate!

  6. straightcue says:

    I also agree with George G.

    Most profusely I stand behind my diagnostics, the evaluation consistency which I endure the torture each day. Where as keeping up with the forum is a nice relief to see progress and implications are still being suggested. On a personal note, I’ve learnt to live with it, because I do not have the resources or not the fiances to pursue this to a greater degree. So where as I have devoted my time to the essentials.. Working from the inside, outward.. this is mainly is the highest successful influence anyways. Be the lighthouse.

    Pious to point.

    Thanks Glenn, keep up the good work !

  7. George G. says:

    Hey Straightcue,

    Glad you are still around mate.

    best wishes and God bless,


  8. Elizabeth Colley says:

    Hi Glen,

    I’m reaching out to you because I know you’re probably the only person that might listen to me. I’ve heard the hum for years now, indeed I actually searched and found your website by accident just trying to find answers all those years ago.

    Anyhow, let me get to the point. Although the hum has always sounded to me like the truck idling sound so many report, I knew it also sounded, or rather felt like something else. Today I have realised my ears feel the same as when I am in a plane on a long distance haul. The continuous pitch from the engine in your ear that never really goes away until the plane lands.

    Now this is where I’m going to sound really bizarre, but I have to ask you, because I don’t know if this is possible, but could the hum by any chance be the sound of the earth moving through space. After all it moves 67,000 miles per hour. Maybe we feel and hear this as a hum. Maybe this is impossible, but please let me know your thoughts

    Kind regards


    (Elizabeth Colley)

  9. Jenny Widov says:

    Hi hummers, and Liz,
    I am here by chance and do not count myself as one that has heard the Hum. I came through clouds, ie I by searching on my own cloud pic I found an article from an newspaper in Borgå, Finland, reporting on strange nightly sounds heard by many. Also a video where a a Borgå inhabitant was climbing a roof with torch in hand searching for the source of the sound. In an update of the article the journalist linked to newsvideo about the founder, Glen.
    So, basically just a curious person, with no research credentials in any area.
    What makes me write is that I do have auditory experiences that is certainly adjacent, and the obvious realization that I can give you, Liz, a reaction at least.
    My auditory experiences has occurred in Malmö, Sweden. In a city like this there are often a lot of sounds and noises which source is hard to define. It takes some time of listening before you are able to sort out. For example, it took me a long time to realize that I could actually hear the railway which is a few kilometres from where I live. It has to be night, probably the sounds get mixed during the day. Also when I do hear trains on the railway they appear to be a lot closer than a few kilometers. I have not searched into the matter, just idly hypothesising that air conditions like temperature and air pressure and also topographic conditions has an impact on how the sound travelled, so that the sound appeared larger and closer than otherwise.
    Secondly, I definitely recognize your feeling of pressure to the ear. Since first time in an aeroplane as a four year old kid, I know my right ear is sensitive and I must often decompress even when I ride a car or train through a tunnel.
    This pressure feel occurs even when not travelling. The closest thing to the Hum was when we lived on a busy street on top of a bakery. At 5 or 6 in the morning a big truck would park on the street beneath our bedroom. Both me and my husband at the time woke up from the sound of some engine or compressor, and for me, pressure feel on the ear. We were sick and tired of this, and really wondering what it was that could make so much noise. So one morning my husband went down to talk to the driver. The driver was baffled. There was no compressor, he turned off the engine once he had parked. I did not believe that there was no source at all, because it only happened when the truck was there.
    Reading these pages, especially the PDF about how to sort out and rule out sources, gave me an insight. The trucks engine, or the small driver for the ramp, must have resonated with the building and/or the bedroom, thus not only multiplying but likely creating a new vibration in the room and building itself. This was a strong sound but not as strong as the sound from the video from Borgå.
    I also have what might be classified as tinnitus, ie a quite high pitch sound in either left or right ear. My explanation for this is quite personal. For me left has one significance and right another. It usually means that I’m ignoring something that I know but has lost track of. Sometimes I can’t find what, but I always hone it, like there is something now, hold it a while.
    I have no idea if this helps. But I think both we as individuals, as humanity, and the whole existence is bigger than we know for a fact. It is all there to be explored. How boring if not.

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