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Finally, the March 2022 World Hum Map Update

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

Two quotes set the stage for this post.

First, “If you are unhappy with your volunteers’ work, cut their pay in half” – Anonymous

Second, “Customers never remember a delayed meal, but they always remember a bad meal” – Chef Marco Pierre White

The delay on this update falls somewhere between a crime and a scandal, but it has arrived. As time permits, I and other volunteers will take second and third looks at the new points to ensure their validity and quality, and fresh statistics will be generated.




  1. Lisle Blyth says:

    Glen, filled in another form on the site. It’s the third time, but my location’s not on the map? I’ve heard the hum since 2013.

  2. Jeanine says:

    Glad things are on track for you. Thanks, Glen.
    Don’t know about anyone else, but here in Huntington Beach, COMMIEfornia, the HUM has been BUMPIN’ LOUD and constant!

    I SERIOUSLY wonder if this doesn’t have to do with some kind of radar/missile defense shield. Have heard it in Big Sur-camping, Big Bear, Wrightwood, doesn’t seem to matter where we’re at. It’s NOT a hearing problem. It is a vibrational sound/almost feeling….Like there are generators running underground.

    I sure wish someone would figure this out🤦🏻‍♀️
    If listening to Alpha waves etc is good for you, God only KNOWS how this is affecting people. When it occasionally stops, it seems so dead silent, it’s unbelievable AND a relief!

    It USED to be that a noise like this would be out of the ordinary and cause for investigation. NOW it’s the norm and silence is even more golden.

    Sad that I’m actually getting used to it after 10 years. But at times, like recently, it CAN’T be ignored. We are not the only ones hearing this. It IS EXTERNAL!


  3. Rodey Robinson says:

    I heard this hum constantly for a period of 2 years disturbing my sleep every night while my wife couldn’t even hear a thing even though she was laying next to me in bed. It stopped quit suddenly for me and now I only hear it occasionally when I’m trying to sleep but my wife now does hear it on occasion and often at times when I don’t to the extent that it disturbs her sleep. Its very strange.

  4. j18651 says:

    First started hearing the hum in 2016 in Lincoln, Illinois. What I hear is not a constant hum but fragmented. Very low frequency and seems to be only at night in the house. At that location, I was close to a high pressure natural gas pipeline and so attributed the hum to that. But then after several weeks, it stopped as quickly as it started. The pipeline was still pushing the gas, so obviously was not the source. At that time I had a lake cabin in the UP of Michigan. Very isolated. Far from any pipelines, high voltage power lines or any noise generated in an urban area. All of a sudden, the hum started in this remote location. Considerably louder than in Lincoln. It lasted probably several weeks and quit abruptly. Never heard it again in that location. I’m now living in Naples Florida and have been for 4 years. Up until three nights ago, I have not heard anything from the hum. But now it’s back. Seems to be only at night but I can also hear it outside this time. Not quite as loud but still discernible. Sound has never varied from these various locations. Definitely a hum but as in the past, not steady. Maybe like Morse code with the dits and dahs extended. Being an architect and knowing a bit about acoustics I’m certain this hum is not a product of the structure I’m occupying with the possible exception of my own personal structure. My mind/body.

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