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I’m mildly concerned that so many people think I’m an expert on so many different things. It’s not true, of course. For the record, my expertise is in mathematics pedagogy, teacher education, and high stakes standardized testing. I am not a scientist. However, for over 30 years, I’ve taught mathematics, psychology, physics, general science, biology, and other subjects. Over the past eight years, my goal has been to bring serious and disciplined inquiry to the Hum phenomenon. A basic working knowledge in a broad number of academic fields has helped me and people I work with to make some progress in this regard.

Every week I receive a large number of emails from people around the world, most of whom want to discuss unusual sounds they have heard or are still hearing. In roughly three-quarters of these cases, they are hearing an anthropogenic noise, and I am able to help them by pointing to Henrik’s guide for tracking down environmental noise, although for some people this appears to be too much work. There are also people who write to me because they want my validation or support for their battles against wireless technologies, 5G in particular. There was indeed a point in time when I was investigating the possible role of EM energy in generating the Hum. VLF radio (3 kHz to 30 kHz frequencies) were of particular concern; we have enough evidence now to set aside that theory and move on to other explanations that better fit the data.

We may discover or confirm a few years down the road that some types of wireless energy, including 5G, have deleterious effects on living tissue. Apart from the unhinged commentary on the issue, I’ve also scanned a few seemingly serious papers that do indeed raise troubling questions. But there is absolutely no evidence that Electromagnetic (EM) or Radio Frequency (RF) energies cause the Hum. Some folks don’t want to hear this, probably because they think it means I’m somehow endorsing or enabling the widespread use of such technologies. I’m doing no such thing, but the distinction seems to be lost on some.

My advice to those who are concerned about wireless energy is to accept a few things. First, spending a couple of hours on the internet does not make you knowledgeable on a topic. Second, that scientists are among the bravest people I know, and they want nothing more than to discover the truth. There is no scientific cabal operating here. They arrive at consensus by sharing their results with their colleagues, who brutally examine and pick apart the data and logic. If experimental results can be replicated, and the claims validated, then science moves forward. Alas, far too many people today start with the conclusion that appeals to them emotionally and then they hunt for evidence or interpretations of data that fit what they have already assumed to be true. As a teacher of psychology, I am fascinated by this – that is, how intelligent and educated people can hold on to some beliefs even in the face of colossal and overwhelming evidence to the contrary. To avoid being gratuitously abrasive, I’ll refrain from listing specific examples.

I try to bring people together with enthusiasm and curiosity rather than through rhetoric, but I’ll repeat what I’ve written elsewhere. Science is arduous and challenging work, and often people’s lives are too full to take that on. Also, some people are intellectually lazy.



  1. Dan Gascon says:

    I didn’t really read your full email there Glenn but I suspect that would be just a common analogy thinking that you know how to inquire about this stuff

    to make the point more clearly what I meant to say is that you receive all this information how about this stop and since it is such a huge priority for you to figure out what it is you would appear to be more informative then most of the people out there and you have your exterior sources as well so would you blame anybody to think that you are more or less at least a experienced amateur at this well like usual Glen this is Dan again

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  2. janetmenage123btinternetcom says:

    Glen, there are hundreds of studies showing biological harm to living tissue from radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, which have nothing to do with the Hum.

    Please avail yourself of the information at http://www.bioinitiative.org for starters. You might also try Professor Martin L Pall.

    Kind regards, Janet

  3. Brenda Remis says:

    Thank you for this message, Glen. I am one who reached out to you 13 months ago re: a 24/7 low frequency hum that has taken over our 3,000 sq. ft house in the Shenandoah Valley of VA. After a year of eval. by every utility service possible and even recent opinions from geologists, we are no closer to an answer. If you ever have an opportunity, I would still like to get your opinion.

  4. Debbie Aitchison says:

    Thank you for this article.

    I am among those who do not have time to do more than a few hours looking (so called ‘research’ by many) on a subject and then I have to get on with the rest of my life. I understand that what I learn by doing that only allows me to form an opinion but in no way, shape or form, does that make me an expert nor does it allow me to say what I know now is irrefutable fact. But I know many, like you have described, who think that doing the same makes them an expert or ‘woke’ (as the saying goes these days, apparently) and the rest of us are sheep who aren’t as learned as they *sigh*.

    I have been hearing the hum for the last 10 years. When I first started hearing it, I had no idea what it was. I looked at everything within a 10km radius of being to blame (my neighbours air conditioning units, local & not so local businesses, road works) and then when everything was disproved to be the source I simply felt I was being driven crazy by my own mind.
    When I finally broke down and expressed my pain to my son, he did what I hadn’t thought to do and Googled it! He found references to this phenomenon, starting with the Bristol Hum. The profound sense of relief and validation I felt can not be underestimated – I wasn’t crazy, it was real and there were others who heard it too!

    In winter, so that I can sleep, I use headphones every night to listen to ocean sounds – no music – just consistent heavy waves – have to be careful to have no periods of silence (no matter how short the time frame) as the hum will find the space in silence. During summer, a large fan will generally suffice in generating enough white noise to hold the hum out.

    I am incredibly grateful to people like you, Dr Glen MacPherson, who have authentically and open-mindedly questioned and persisted so that those of us who do the pop in & out ‘research’ can do so knowing you are doing the real deal research – thank you, thank you!

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