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Last Night in the Forest

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I might be accused of click-baiting with titles like this one, but it nevertheless seems appropriate.

For the past year, I’ve been living in a condominium situated above a loud and busy section of town, replete with constant traffic, roof heaters, refrigeration units, and so on. The noise is relentless, and therefore I can’t hear the Hum here. Seeking some respite from the cacophony, I spent the night with friends whose house is situated near the end of a long cul-de-sac, and borders on a large forest and campground.

The Hum was very loud and unmistakable. And when I stepped outside, it stopped. It seems that my only complete break from noise in my world is when I am alone, outdoors, in a large forest. I feel thankful that I am not tormented by the Hum but rather intrigued by it and its unusual properties.

I will be making some technical announcements over the next few weeks regarding changes surrounding Google Fusion Tables (which drive the Hum Map and Database), as well as my upcoming trip through Europe where I will meet with Hum hearers in a number of countries during July.





  1. Bob widget. says:

    I just read a article of a guy who went to Japan on vacation for three weeks. He stayed at three different major cities. He did not hear the hum once. Simply he said for all of Japans high tech if the hum came from them he would surely hear it there. This pretty much proves to me a very specific signal that matches in frequency the human attention. No different then a radio receives and we hear. So my theory is proving more to be true.

  2. Brouchoud helene says:

    If ever you are in Italy this summer, you can make a trip at Panicale, which is a very beautiful medieval village in Umbria. I can hear the Hum very well here. So far, I am the only one to hear it. I precise that I don’t hear it when I am in Paris or other places.
    I will be at Panicale all the summer except from 22 to 27 July. It will be a pleasure to meet you.
    Best regards,

  3. Jennifer Webster says:

    This past weekend I was in Armstrong, B.C. I did not hear the hum – it was bliss. Have you had any people in Armstrong report The Hum?

    • Jennifer – thanks

      One logically infers that you have a “home” (that is not Armstrong) where you regularly DO hear a hum and that you traveled to Armstrong (means? distance?) and did NOT hear your hum while saying there a couple of days. Right?

      Travel (particularly by air or with other changes of elevation) is known to disrupt “The Hum” for days up to a week or more. I have no idea if Armstrong is environmentally noisy to a level that would mask any Hum, or not.

      Importantly, after you traveled home, did your hum return, and was the return immediate, or delayed?

      Important implications depending on answers.


  4. Citrique Citron says:


    This is my everyday life, living in the forest. 80% of the time the hum is « very loud and unmistakable » . After +5 years of hearing, I’m now almost used (consequences still there…) and will be surprised only when the hum disappear for 1 or 2 days. I feel like a heavy charge going out of me when this happens. Reminds me the old myth (?) about diffusing a very low frequency at the audience prior to the arriving of Hitler on stage for his speech, the audience then felt better right after they stop the low freq and instinctly link this feeling to the person of HH. True story or not, I’m sure it could work.


    De : World Hum Map and Database Project Envoyé le :26 mai 2019 14:38 À : citriquecitron@gmail.com Objet :[New post] Last Night in the Forest

    Dr. Glen MacPherson posted: “I might be accused of click-baiting with titles like this one, but it nevertheless seems appropriate. For the past year, I’ve been living in a condominium situated above a loud and busy section of town, replete with constant traffic, roof heaters, refrig”

  5. straightcue says:

    Good day Glen, I understand, I’ve been there, I thought it was such a immediate relief to have silence in my ears.. But after some time, I came to the conclusion, because I tested this theory over and over again.. See the Hum has alot to with the bodies energy field (aura aka frequency) and if you rest heavily that the “calmness” of the event, or you could say circumstance you have faith in.. Faith affects people strongly.. Power of thought can be quite influential on your bodies energy field an others, aka peer pressure. Like that study with plants subjected to different types of music, and which ones grew better. Well this encouragement thus motivation can spur, in other words, heighten and increase a stronger resistance against the hum. Because like you have mentioned.. you dislike the Hum, thus greater the instance to resist. But what if it was to go away, would you be less persistent to pursue it, research it to further help me and others affected by it..

    Ok point made I presume, so lets take it a step further, so where as it is like suggested above.. we have the power to suppress the Hum to decrease or eliminate based on our strengths to resist against it..To go away from it or to go nearer to it. And..so, the Hum may reside and come back even stronger.. So to question this, how do we test this theory..

    Look Glen I know you don’t want to restrict your regions of exploration to narrow down the possibilities to what is this. More information could result in more conclusions. And in all due respect, I’m glad to be enlighten by your enthusiasm to follow up the possibilities. I mean really. I know what research is.

    So please don’t eliminate when I say that because of the position your in.. That it can not be ruled out that you could be selectively selected to experience frequency phases. Because when you get closer to understanding the depths of the Hum dilemma, these warps between what’s happening and the basis of how you perceive life, can suddenly get rubik cubed.

    So sorry about the long explanation about this, but many people get stuck in their little conundrum they never try to exist out of their “parenthesis” to find out whats really happening out there.

    Good day Glen,

    A friend, Dan.

    • Thanks, Dan. Maybe I should first clarify that my interest in the Hum is scientific, and also rooted in the sense of responsibility I feel for the many people who are counting on me to find an answer to all this. Sometimes I might stumble in that because of my other responsibilities and my fatigue at the end of the workday. The Hum does not bother me in a significant way. Notions such as “resistance”, and so on, don’t really have a lot of meaning for me when it comes to this topic. Emotions should play no role when it comes to how we evaluate scientific claims and evidence. A rational, hard-nosed, and level-headed approach to the Hum is what has got us this far, and it is what will take us to the finish line.

  6. Brian Mason says:

    Hi Glen.
    Without my knowing the frequency of the hum, if you went back into your friends house and killed off the main power switch would that eliminate the hum?

    • I’m not completely sure I fully understand your question, but in my experience, turning off the house power makes the Hum louder.

    • Henrik says:

      Hi, Brian,
      I read your question to mean your friend’s house and not Glen’s friends house. So you could try. If your hum disappears, your hum may come from some electric appliance from his house. A better way would be to use the Spectroid and check first, whether what you hear is an external sound at all.

    • Dee Smith says:

      The answer is, yes, it used to decrease the vibration and hum, early on in 2009-2012. Thereafter, attempts to reduce it’s intensity and duration by cutting off power to the house did nothing. For Glen: I’m a career scientist, engineer and industrial health specialist.

    • And what a horrible article it is.

    • Henrik says:

      As I see it, this guy has been investigating environmental noises/vibrations seemingly caused by high-pressure gas pipelines and possibly amplified by house resonances. But it is very disappointing that he shows no spectral analysis of whatever he has recorded, and that all the sound effects of the video were artificial and were not even claimed to have anything to do with the subject of the video. So the impression of the whole video is “ghost hunting” and attention seeking, without any ambitions to technically prove any claims or present any conclusions. The fact that he shows displays of an A-weighted broadband “noise meter” shows that he has very little idea of audio measurements.
      In my opinion as an engineer it is fully possible that some small portion of the Hum Map observations relate to environmental noise caused by gas pipelines. But that has nothing to do with “the Hum”.

  7. Dee Smith says:

    I’m curious to know if the hum returned once you were the in the same location (in the forest, before you traveled this summer), in the days after you posted this blog entry.

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