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Microwaves or Satellites as the Source of the Hum

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  1. J.O. says:

    So Glen,
    You said in an earlier post that you do not think it’s possible to relocate to a place “…where the hum does not exist… ” That would imply that you either believe the hum is internal, or that it exists everywhere globally. Do you mostly lean towards an internal cause?

    • That’s the direction I’ve been leaning toward for a while.

      • J.O. says:

        Years ago in “another life” I lived on a small lake in rural Northern Idaho. I worked as a forester so was acclimated to being outside year round. I could get uncomfortably hot inside a house where others found the temperature pleasant. So I slept with the window above my head cracked open year round unless it was single digit temp’s. And I noticed that in the winter time, I could hear the low rumble of a freight train and its whistle at a road crossing miles away at night. But I never could hear it in the summer. Knowing that colder air is more dense, I assumed colder air was a “better” transmitter of sound. And what I found out was that sound actually moves faster through warmer air, but may move further through colder air especially in a temperature inversion situation. Cold air does slow the sound down.
        I have heard the hum very well through the last 3 winters, but have not heard it now in over 3 weeks and the last time I heard it, I had to focus on it. If the hum was internal, why do I not hear it year around? Others have also noted the hum is louder on cloudy days. Therefore I will be surprised if some day the hum is attributed to some internal source. (But I get surprised often!)

      • J.O. at JUNE 7, 2018 AT 9:48 AM wrote: “Therefore I will be surprised if some day the hum is attributed to some internal source.”

        I assume you are speaking here with reference to YOUR own version of the Hum – not insisting that if yours REALLY is a transformer (or pump or similar external cause) that others may not instead have internal generation. There is GOOD evidence that BOTH cases occur (largely for different individuals), as I hope you would acknowledge. The evidence with such options is NOT supposed to agree.

        I do recall your suggesting that your hum is seasonal, but not if the “head shake test” interrupts your hum for 1/2 second or not?

        I am familiar with your train sounds! I live on the hillside of the glacially-carved valley with a train (infrequent) through Ithaca 500 feet below, two miles away, and the sound occasionally diffuses over the rim, when meteorological conditions are right. The effect is as old as trains, and unrelated to any sustained hum sounds.

  2. Glen –

    Of course, the notion of microwave pulses becoming audible in the sense of a wide-ranging worldwide Hum is of course ruled out by the extraordinary amount of energy required, even if pumped into a transmitter right on earth. Broadcasting from a satellite would have the additional problem of getting enough power to the orbiting transmitter.

    * * * * * * *
    Incidenally, a fairly short and easy-to-read discussion of Frey’s findings is:

    “Human Perception of Illumination with Pulsed Ultrahigh-Frequency Electromagnetic Energy”
    Author(s): Allan H. Frey, Rodman Messenger
    Science, Vol. 181, No. 4097 (Jul. 27, 1973), pp. 356-358
    Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/1736624

  3. SGVH says:

    Sorry, I didn’t watch the video, prefer reading, it’s faster, but we already know you guys are anti-satellites, anti-power-grid, anti-microwave-grid, anti-technology as the sources of your “hums.” If you had anything different to update re that, I’m sure your headline would reflect that but it doesn’t.

    For those who believe it is internally-generated, who’s to say it is not internally-generated due to EXTERNAL forces affecting your “INTERNALS” which then REACT to the EXTERNALS?

    In the nicest way I can say this: I think you guys are nuts or in denial of the “White Elephant of Technology Growing Fatter & Fatter” in the Room even from before the Bristol UK Hum timeframe.

    Here’s a “test” everyone could do with little effort: Watch for any changes in their “internally-generated hum symptoms” &/or any increased activity to your Hum sites, YouTubes, Twitter, YahooGroup, etc., when the already-approved &/or waiting-for-approval (20,000 total so far) 5G satellites begin being launched sometime later this year 2018, some with 8,800 watts (lower constellation) & up to 5-million watts per beam (upper constellation) & modulations/demodulations with ELF/VLF.

    • I’ve edited out your links because I would prefer not to give free publicity to such stuff. I’m sure that you can do that quite well on your own. But you seem confused about what our intent is here. Nobody here – at least that I’ve seen – thinks that electrosmog, satellites, microwaves, VLF, or noise from the electric grid are good things. We are talking about the source(s) of the Worldwide Hum here. That’s the distinction you seem incapable of making. I can’t make it any clearer than that. I wish you the best in pursuing good science and whatever else you are trying to do, but I think you’ve had your say here.

    • George G. says:

      “—-5-million watts per beam–”


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