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An Exemplary Mainstream Media Article from Rob Waugh at Yahoo UK

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

Well done, Rob Waugh: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/thousands-people-around-world-hearing-strange-hum-one-scientist-hopes-find-144025258.html


  1. Harvey Wolfson says:

    An excellent article that finally represents The Hum accurately. Great work, Glen. Here’s an interesting point: Last month I was on vacation for 10 days in Merida, Mexico, in the middle of the Yucatan Peninsula. While there, I did not hear the Hum, but I assumed that was due to the constant presence of ceiling fans, air conditioners, street noise, etc. However, I notice on the current map that there are no dots on the Yucatan peninsula. So what is it in the Yucatan that negates the perception of the Hum??? An interesting point to research as well. When I returned to Vancouver, I did not hear the Hum for 2 full days, then on the 3rd day it started to return and by about the 4th day it was back at full strength.

  2. Steve Kiley says:

    Well done that more and more people are becoming aware of this.
    I have suffered from this for a long time (I live in Bristol UK). I recently had to move out from my usual house.
    My new flat is high up, as was my previous house. What I have noticed is that when I move to the window, the sound is much quieter, but at bed at night, it is torturous.
    I have also found that going somewhere different seems to cancel it for a while, but then it comes back.

  3. Kathi Stotler says:

    This is a relatively new to me I live in the Mid-West USA in Illinois. I am 61 years old and in sound mind and body and have just started hearing this HUM in the past 6 months!!! To me it is very strange like some kind of Radio wave or Transmission I expect to hear a language or something!!! It is a very weird thing to me! The levels ebb and sometimes are quite loud especially at night when I am in bed, relaxed it is very high! So strange to get this at this point in my life and BELIEVE ME it is not Tinnitus at all!! But just what is it is my QUESTION???

  4. Harvey Wolfson says:

    Hi, Kathi. Has anyone responded to you? If you read the various threads on this blog, you will note that no one has yet determined the cause of the Hum. Evidence suggests that it is partly, if not wholly, internally caused. Apparently about 2 – 4% of the population hear it. Glen McPherson, the originator of the blog, has created a map and database to log people’s experiences with the Hum. On the blog you will find a checklist of factors that are characteristic of the Hum and which distinguish it from actual audible sounds. The Hum has never been recorded and is not a standard audible sound. Although a number of contributors to this blog appear to insist that the cause is strictly internal, I believe that any investigation must also consider whether it is partly internal and partly external. If not partly, external, I would question why the map would even be relevant. If there are some areas of the world where the Hum is not heard, it seems to me that there may be some characteristic of that area of the world that negates the perception of the Hum. I’m not suggesting that to be the case; I’m simply suggesting that the possibility shouldn’t be discounted. In any event, happy blogging. By the way, I am 67, live in New Westminster BC (a suburb of Vancouver) and just started hearing the Hum about 2 years ago.

  5. Andrew Platman says:

    I first heard the hum about 10 years ago. One Sunday morning I left the house early and combed the neighbourhood looking for a source but found none. I have high tone tinnitus too, which doesn’t help. After several years of not hearing it, it has returned again with a vengeance. I’ve always felt a distinction between the tinnitus- which always seems internal- and the hum, which always seems external. As I write this, I can feel the room resonating to the hum. My wife doesn’t hear it. I live in London but the area is relatively quiet. Interestingly, occluding both ears with fingers obviates the hum. On removing the occlusion the hum returns, slightly softer initially but soon building up to previous level. I’m not sure what to make of that.

    • Henrik says:

      Andrew, if you are interested in resolving the cause of your hum, the first step would be to determine the frequency of your hum, and the second step would be to determine whether it is external or internal. If you do not do it in this order, you will never know whether what you see on the Spectroid screen is what you hear, or some other external noise. Please refer to the instructions at the home page http://www.thehum.info/

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