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Two crucial questions for Hum skeptics

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From the beginning, in every interview I’ve given, I’ve insisted that the interviewer answer two of my questions:

The first question is, “Do you think that tinnitus is real?” (The answer is almost always “Yes”, which leads to the second question.)

“Why do you think it’s real?”

I admit that I take pleasure in the awkward and sometimes stunned silence that usually follows. You see, tinnitus is self-reported, as is the Hum. Why is one credible but not the other? The answer is simply one of proportions. So many of us have experienced transient high frequency squealing noises and tones that nobody questions another person who also reports it. But since a much smaller proportion of people experience the Hum, some people have doubts. It’s a good thing that so many typical, everyday, and responsible people are in our ranks.

So the next time you encounter skeptics, you have two questions for them.


  1. Lisa Allen says:

    Good point; I will remember to ask this the next time someone looks at me like I’m crazy.

  2. TINMA says:

    Isnt it a medical fact that Tinnitus is a real thing? I dont doubt people hear a hum. What is the hum? That is yet to be answered….at least the hum all of you are investigating. Tinnitus on the other hand is a documented real thing. I heard this “hum” too. Turns out I was hearing this hum because of low vitamin D . Shortly after I started taking Vitamin D suppliments, the hum went away. No mystery there.Give it a try.

  3. George G. says:

    While talking of vitamin D, I thought I might muddy the waters a little.

    My wife, a long time Hum sufferer, was diagnosed vitamin D deficient.

    Her doctor prescribed vitamin D supplements, approx 12 months ago.

    She is no longer bothered by the Hum.

    • Given the standard cautions about Vitamin D overdose and a physician’s advice, I can see no reason for anybody not to try it. That goes with almost anything, however. But given that the density of Hum reports correlates strongly with population, and that nutritional deficiencies do not, I would be most surprised if this turned out to be something that applies to a significant number of Hum hearers.

  4. Dawn says:

    I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2014. I had several MRI’s. Besides hearing the hum there were times I could feel it as well. My neurologist eventually put me on Vitamin D. I no longer hear the hum.

  5. George G. says:

    Our vitamin D discussion is not drawing out those I hoped it would.

    Are there any medical practitioners out there——?????

    Any at all???

    Come on come on come on you guys!

    Your absence in this forum has been notable from the start.

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