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If only we had access to this equipment…

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

If we had access to this equipment, our mystery could be solved within a few weeks. Working on our own and with limited resources, this could be a long project. As soon as a major university gets involved, we will have our answer very quickly.



  1. George G. says:

    Fantastic link Glen.

    ‘Importance of Locally Synchronized Neural Activity’ and,

    ‘Tinnitus-Linked Alpha Oscillations’


    These guys are right into the gist of the matter, this is promising research.

    And yes, incredible gear at their disposal.

  2. Janet Menage says:

    It may or may not elucidate the cause of the hum, because similar brain processes might be involved whether or not the source of the hum is internal or external to the body. For example, tinnitus can be caused by internal factors (ear damage) or by external factors (a loud disco). It would do no harm to contact the authors of the paper and see if they are interested in investigating a hum case?

    • Good comment, and it triggers another question for me: will there be the neurological activity we are looking for in Hum hearers when they can’t hear the Hum because of background masking noises? If so, then the fMRI machine itself would block the very phenomenon we wish to study. I might contact them, in any case.

    • Janet – is it that simple?

      Let me be the first here to admit that I can’t even begin to understand the paper (emperor-clothes?). Could someone here, who claims to be able to understand it, write up a paragraph or two explaining what the authors did and how it is significant to us? (Note that it has been up 2 years and no one has even posted a single comment on it.) With 9 authors, according to jibe, it makes the probability that it is significant already down by 1/81 !

      Could well be out or my league – or perhaps that league is intentionally closed. Tons of this stuff just filling-in vitas.


  3. Janet Menage says:

    Since many of us feel vibration as well as hear the hum, I wonder if anyone has tried using seismic equipment to try & measure it? Currently it wakes me at 3am – I shall try putting a glass of water on the floor & see if there are any ripples…….

    • In his original paper, Dr Deming swore that at times his bed was vibrating, and many other people report a similar sense of vibration. There are indeed (expensive) highly sensitive vibration meters available. I should research one. I’ll put that on my to-do list, which only has about 60 items on it! Cheers, Glen.

    • Janet –

      Be sure to control your experiment. Don’t just look for them at 3AM but at random times. I think there are ALWAYS some ripples in the cup.


  4. I chose this article because it’s one example of how now with fMRI, there is external validation for internally perceived sounds. The above paper also makes the important point that the neurological activation associated with tinnitus is much broader than previously suspected, including, importantly, the limbic system (which directs and mediates all manner of emotion, memory, motivation, and so on). Therefore if we could get a group of Hum hearers, and non-Hum hearers, to go under this type of examination, we might learn something fundamental. One possible result might be learning whether the Hum is a variant of tinnitus, or whether it is a variant of otoacoustic emission or something else entirely.

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