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The Hum Map now has almost 17000 points (www.thehum.info)

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

Recall that we had a significant setback in which the Hum Map became corrupted and we had to downgrade to the March 2017 version. The latest upload seems good, but please feel free to examine some points and let me know if anything looks amiss. Also feel free to share any fresh statistics you may compute.


  1. David says:

    Good job Glen.

    Folks, 17,000 means 17,000 voices that if channeled could bring important attention to this nightmare of a Hum tone that we live with everyday and everynight.

    We need publicity on a viral scale to garner much needed attention to our plight.

  2. Melissa Padgett says:

    Yes, as our numbers grow the possibility of being heard perhaps increases. My question is what to ask for, and who to ask. My pie in the sky wish is that someone with the passion, time and funds gather and pay a group of scientists (fill in the blank cuz I don’t know what kind) to solve the mystery. Kind of like that scene in the movie Apollo 13.

    • David says:


      Its always fantastic to get news articles on the Hum but they never carry any weight for the Hum tone to become viral. We have something very unique to the World, we can hear a noise the majority of the World cant.

      The short video documentary Kony 2012 made for online viewing received over 100 million views and grabbed the World’s attention.

      If we had a slick enough video showing how from East to West, North to South of the Globe people like us suffering and hearing the noise that is the Hum tone I should think and hope it would draw attention to our suffering. Contacting major media outlets to highlight it after they verified it as not being some crazy conspiracy video.

      I would hope that a university would have a department to research the Hum with the appropriate finance and expertise.

      • David –

        Obviously you recognize that there is no university with a “department to research the Hum”, and it is unlikely that any easy finances are available (including university “overhead” charges), nor is any “step-right-in-and-go” expertise waiting there. Nor is there a viable research proposal narrative to even offer. Then there would be the issue of the onerous protocols of doing research with human subjects (let alone, finding them available among the 2%). It’s not like the 50-year-ago movies where a carload of teens drops in on a professor’s lab Saturday morning (Bunsen burners and oscilloscopes going full!), race around all afternoon under his (yes, always his!) directions, and solves a mystery just in time to make the evening dance.

        So, Glen is correct that WE are “alone” as he said a bit back. While there are clearly individual exceptions, in my opinion the predominant, “classic Hum” is internal (probably middle ear). This means that we should be mainly concerned with issues of relieving the annoyance, not of speculating on other causes.

        – Bernie hutchins@ece.cornell.edu

      • David says:

        “Obviously you recognize that there is no university with a “department to research the Hum”

        Yes that is quite obvious Bernie I would highly doubt there is currently a department set up in a university to investigate the hum tone.

        “and it is unlikely that any easy finances are available (including university “overhead” charges), nor is any “step-right-in-and-go” expertise waiting there”

        Maybe not available in the city you live in but you cant speak for the World on that.

        The rest of your message is more or less the same but dont worry yourself about all that. Your problem with me is from the last time hence the tone in your message. What Hum tone sufferers need is publicity and hopefully that would get things rolling.

        I and others believe and can prove easily that the hum originates outside of the body.

      • I’m glad to hear that you can prove it easily. Please feel free to lay out your evidence and logic succinctly.

      • David says:

        And also Bernie when it came to Glen looking for finances for his project I willing donated to him and never chased him up for a conclusion of his experiment. So as per the topic of finances we may have to also dig into out pockets to finance a solution to the hum tone.

      • David – at 11:24 AM

        You said: “I would hope that a university would have a department …..” This I read as an expectation – a request for an information lead. I guess you meant you WISH (not hope) for such, or regret it were NOT true that there is none.

        You also said: “Maybe not available in the city you live in…..” Well, that for me would be Ithaca, NY, home of Cornell University. Generally respected – although also known as “Cow College”! You would find us surprisingly unpretentious. And your city is what?

        Still further you said: “Your problem with me is from the last time…..” What “last time”? Sorry I don’t recall anything. What and When? If you said something in the past, and wished to be remembered, try using your full name. Lots of Davids.

        – Bernie

      • David says:

        Oh I am just a stone’s throw away from the University of Limerick regarded as one of the finest universities in Western Europe, we have billionaires who contribute to funding JP McManus, Chuck Finney and have World leaders visit I seen the Chinese PM arrive and Bernie Sanders wife will visit next month.

        If we have 17,000 people suffering by their ability to hear the hum tone then a contribution of 100e would be pittance in funding ‘whoever’ and ‘wherever’ for a solution to the Hum tone, Universities who do research or whatever research body would be greatly financed by 1,700,000 euro. Departments would be created. You cant think small and we are all ‘alone’ huddling to our handkerchief. Im not going to live my life in silent suffering no way and I play my part in promoting this phenomenon.

  3. Robert Ellison Smith says:

    Is there anyone in Colorado that is researching this strange phenomena? I desperately need to find out what is going on. It has affected my sleep drastically.

    • Melissa Padgett says:

      Robert, while many good people are conducting various avenues of research, I recommend you focus your energies on finding strategies to live with it. Solving the mystery of what it is and how to stop it may take all of our lifetimes. After 4 years of 24/7 hum hearing, my best advice tor a good night’s sleep is a) purchase a smart phone if you don’t already own one; b) purchase well-fitting (i.e. not cheap plastic) ear-buds; c) download a free white-noise app; find the sound that will gently mask the hum, and listen to that at night. I’ve been able to sleep well for almost 3 years since discovering this approach. I hope that helps.

  4. Melissa Padgett says:

    What about a high-profile hum hearer as a spokesperson for a series of educational Youtube videos? Leah Remini in the states, who has created an Emmy-award winning TV series exposing the Scientology cult, is an example of how effective that can be. Don’t know how we’d identify someone as such, but it might be an interesting angle.

    • david says:

      Thank you Melissa that’s using your head and thrashing out ideas.

      I’ve recorded a few videos on Youtube that I send to journalists who go to research a story on the Hum.

      There is a Hum Tone sufferers group on Facebook and today we have been posting our photos of having to leave our homes to go and sleep in our cars and tents. The hum this weekend has been intense.

      There is another hum tone group on Facebook but its theories are a bit too far fetched for me to get my head around.

  5. thomas says:

    Hello. I’m in N.W Fl on the coast. I started hearing the HUM in 2010. I became very ill, not sure if it was the frequency or not. The HUM stopped around 2015 and has now returned as of a few months back. Does anyone have any clue what it is? I’m using a box fan to drown it out at night so I’m able to get some sleep. Thanks

  6. Lisa M. Allen says:

    Thomas, scroll to the top of the page and on the left side you’ll see the theoretical logic flow map – click on that. That will lead you to Henrik’s chart and discussion about it. I’m sorry the hum came back – that must have been very dissapointing! I hope you don’t get sick again. The stress and disruption to sleep can’t be very good for our health, to say the least.

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