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This will take five minutes of your time. I need your help.

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

This could end up being fairly serious. I can’t do this by myself – the Hum Map is too big now. Please download the raw, live database in Excel format (replete with all the duplicate entries, spam, and abuse). Then, download the Hum Sufferers Database in Excel. Then, pick a random entry from the Hum Sufferers Database, and then go find the original entry in the live database. Compare the two, and check that every column is correct. I am particularly concerned about the entries from 15, 000 onward. If there are problems with previous uploads, then I have no choice but to take the entire Map down and rebuild it, which could take at least one month. If the problem is limited to the latest 1000 or so entries, then I can manage that with about 10 to 12 hours work. I need the Hum community to step up and help with this.

Thank you.


  1. eileenbowie says:

    Oh boy, Glenn.

    I hope I did this wrong, but I compared entry 8080 through 8082, and unfortunately, they do not match.

    Should the entry match number by number? If so, I think we’re in trouble.

    Let me know if I should compare in another way.

    BTW, you and this work are so important, and I appreciate you so much.

    Let me know what else I can do. The latest schematics are too technical for me, but administrative things I can do.


  2. Lisa Allen says:

    Glen, I looked at record 19356 dated 29/5/2017 and could not find it’s counterpart in the other database. I used the filter and put in the man’s age (38) and only a handful of entries came up – 9 I think. The 19356 entry was not there. I’m happy to do more – just let me know.

    • Just to review this point, lots of entries don’t make it from the live database to the actual Hum Sufferers Database, which is why we need to start from the latter and then go back and check the former. The live database has thousands of more entries than the edited one.

  3. Geiser Micheline says:

    Sorry, I am not comfortable with data processing, computer. I am not able to help you. I thank you very much for all your work.

  4. Maria Antonietta says:

    I made a brief check in the raw list (wich I suppose is the original database) and found many doble and triple entries. Which wdould be the next step?

  5. Melissa Padgett says:

    Not sure I did this right: Please confirm or correct: I opened row 15416 in the Hum Sufferer Database, then checked 15416 row in the live database. I discovered a) they do not match. So then I selected text from first doc and searched for it in second and discovered b) there is no match. Finally, I selected text from second doc and searched for it in first doc and discovered c) there is no match. Is this helpful? Have I understood your request?

    • The process I use is this: locate a specific time-date stamp in the Hum Database. For example, 6/29/2016 13:18:03. Then I went into the raw database and located that same date-time stamp (this can take a little while). When I located it, I checked that the description matched, as well as the age, the gender, and location. In this case it did, so I jumped ahead a few hundred entries to check another one. Later on, I found that 5/6/2017 14:59:37 is incorrect. So I’ve been moving back and forth, tryng to find where the errors begin. Alas, somewhow both the Canadian and American date formats are intermixed, so sometimes you have to jump around a bit in order to find the date you are looking for. So tedious, I know! I’m actually thinking about rebuilding the entire thing so that the dates are all the same format. This is an ugly exercise! Thank you for your help.

  6. Lisa Allen says:

    Found another match: 8/15/2016, 20:45:33 in HSD with line 14858 in live database.

  7. Lisa Allen says:

    Match found: 10/23/16, 11:49:06 from HSD with line 16496 from Live Database

  8. Lisa Allen says:


    I have a question: did you always date month, day and year (ie, 7/28/17) in that order or did you sometimes reverse the month and day (ie, 28/7/17)? The reason I am asking is because I tried to match 4/10/17, 21:35:06 from the Hum Sufferer’s Database to the Live Database but in the latter found 10/4/17, 21:35:06 on line 18,686. And the text didn’t match. I didn’t see the date 4/10/17 though.

    I will check between the dates you mentioned above – 6/29/16 and 5/6/17 the next time as it seems like things went haywire sometime between those dates, right?

  9. Lisa Allen says:

    Match found: 11/9/16, 4:20:19 from HSD to Line 16768 in Live Database.

  10. Lisa Allen says:

    I found a match: 9/16/16, 10:28:36 in HSD (Hum Sufferer’s Database) with Line 15882 In Live Database. I noticed that days and months are sometimes reversed so disregard my question!

  11. Lisa Allen says:

    Match: 12/30/16, 5:13:10 in HSD to line 17462 in Live Database.

  12. Lisa Allen says:

    Match found: 7/28/2016, 13:40:01 in HSD with line 14206 in Live Database.

  13. Lisa Allen says:

    Match: 2/9/2017, 5:49:46 from HSD to line 18008 in Live Database.

  14. Lisa Allen says:

    No Match for 3/5/2017 2:21:10.

  15. Lisa Allen says:

    No match for 4/19/17, 22:56:22.

  16. Lisa Allen says:

    Match found: 2/26/2017, 1:16:25 in HSD to line 18207 in Live database.

  17. Lisa Allen says:

    Match found: 3/3/17, 19:05:05 from HSD to line 18279 in live database

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