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The World Hum Map and Database now has 15,000 entries (www.thehum.info)

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

The latest upload is complete and things are looking good. I’m scanning for any obvious problems. If you notice anything askew, or if you use this upload to compute fresh statistics, please keep me informed. Glen.


  1. saymber says:

    I live in Alvarado TX and am hearing a low level noise and feeling a vibration almost constantly in my house and can also feel it outside. My home and neighborhood is surrounded by natural gas lines but I am not certain that is the source of what’s going on. In 2013 when they fracked a well 1700 ft from our house it was horrible for me as it was much the same as it is now. Here is blog I shared today: http://saymber.com/2017/04/22/22-april-2017-finally-getting-information-on-what-may-be-the-source-of-the-constant-low-level-rumbling-in-my-house-the-hum-and-natural-gas-drilling-in-north-texas/ – thank you for this. I don’t feel so “out there” now!

  2. straightcue says:

    thats it? 15,000, kinda on the low side?

    • Toby says:

      Take into account the following :

      – Most people assume at first that the hum is something explainable (heavy machinery, mining etc.)
      – Most people aren’t in an environment where they would constantly question what they hear. The city environment has lots of masking noises and therefore constant perception of a hum would be dissipated by daily activity.
      – Then there are the scientific research papers that attempt to explain the phenomenon.
      – Then the hearer has to find this site.

      I’m personally amazed that 15,000 people found this site considering all the preamble and personal doubt that hum sufferers go through.

  3. Nita Allsopp says:

    I live in South Africa,western Cape,I live near the Outeniqua Mountain range along the Eden district and the hum is very loud here

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