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Is there a quiet zone near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

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This morning I took a phone call from somebody with serious academic credentials who is taking an extended stay in the Puerto Vallarta area of Mexico. I asked him/her a number of probing questions, first establishing the s/he was hearing the Worldwide Hum in western Canada. I was told that the Hum was non-existent where s/he was staying in Mexico. I asked the usual questions about sources of night-time noise, and so on, and I am now taking this report quite seriously. I know that roughly 1.5 million people from the United States and Canada visit the Puerto Vallarta region every year. Surely there are a good number of Hum hearers among them. (Please keep in mind that air travel typically disrupts the Hum for three or four days). I am very much looking forward to hearing from readers of this blog who travel to this region and report on their findings. If this area is indeed a Quiet Zone, then this would be a big discovery, and might change the direction of research, or at least open up new lines for it.


  1. TINMA says:

    Well theres no quiet zone here.
    I hear the hum again this winter, though not nearly as loud as last winter. I am thankful for that.
    I have to be in a quiet room to hear it. I is probably 1/3 as loud as last year, no idea why. Just strange. Will update if anything changes.

    • Rob says:

      Someone please clarify: “(Please keep in mind that air travel typically disrupts the Hum for three or four days).”


      • Pretty much as I wrote: It has been reported a number of times that after air travel, the Hum cannot be heard for several days. It usually returns after the third or fourth day. This is significant becaues the same thing has been reported in regard to otoacoustic emissions.

  2. Lisle says:

    Namibia in Africa is a quiet zone, too, Glen. I was there in 2014. Perhaps you could also canvass North Americans travelling to this part of the world. There will be fewer, but perhaps a footnote? (I can offer a BPolSci and DipJourn if these are required to join the conversation.)

  3. Mrs Sue Pearson says:

    Good morning….firstly thank you for saving the sanity of many😊.

    I don’t know if this snippet of information is of any use but it refers to ‘quiet zones’ and may offer a little in the on going research.

    When I first joined your site I (like many others) trawled through the letters written in order to find a common link or locate a quiet place to go to for respite.

    One letter did raise my interest. It was written by a lady in NZ. She and her Mum had moved house several times to escape the Hum but to no avail. However she did go to Antarctica to work for several years and never heard it there. On return to NZ she unfortunately did.

    I have tried to locate her letter but sadly can’t but will keep looking.


  4. RTS says:

    Thank you for your hard work and research. Where I live the hum has stopped and in the northern part of the province there was heard loud booms that were unexplained and all I know is they coincided with the hum stopping on the same day the booms were heard. I always get the feeling the noise is from seismic type activity and is coming up through the ground. It seems like the noise gets amplified inside a home. I once saw a news report from a scientists in Toronto who claimed the “trumpet” sounds people were hearing in various places around the world were due to the fact the earth was in a time of low magnetic field and that was changing what we could hear and that the noises were coming from the earth plates shifting and moving. Now there is a theory that we are in a time of a polar reversal that causes the low magentic field. So combining the two that is why some of us are hearing the vibrations. Sorry, looked for the video of the scientist but can’t find it.

    • EJR says:

      I think I know the video you are referring to. Thousands of these events (real or fake) have been documented by local news outlets around the world beginning around 2008-2009. They come in a range of flavors including the ‘End Times’ trumpets and loud “booms” that shake structures and can even make steel fences rattle. Just Google “strange noise sky” in videos.

      As for the trumpet sounds in the Canadian news clip below, the learned professor says the sounds are natural electromagnetic environmental noise coming from the earth/ionosphere/Van Allen belts and nothing to be worried about.

      It is possible that the “global hum” and these odd trumpet and boom noises may well have a common origin. Since there are no geologic frequencies that I am aware of that mimic “distant engine idling” and “twin engine seaplane” sounds with a those irregular and bothersome sub-second oscillations, my guess is that we are looking at ionospheric or perhaps even VAB electromagnetic (RF) waves. Schumann resonances could partially fit that bill.

      “Schumann resonances are the principal background in the electromagnetic spectrum[1] beginning at 3 Hz and extending to 60 Hz,[2] and appear as distinct peaks at extremely low frequencies (ELF) around 7.83 (fundamental),[3] 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz.[1][4]”

      These ELF EM waves are extremely difficult to block with standard shielding requiring perhaps half an inch of steel or several inches of aluminum to block 90% of an extreme low frequency signal.

      Could you please tell me in which province the hum has stopped in the north?


      • RTS says:

        I live in southwest new brunswick and the booms although the scientists say it was not an earthquake took place in northern new brunswick. I am only a 40 minute drive from McAdam where they had all the unexplained mini earthquakes that shook that town.

  5. RTS says:

    I also very importantly should have added the ice storm took out a major amount of power 100,000 customers or more with out power in the north part of the province. And the noise came back three days later when a good portion of the power was back on.

    • EJR says:

      Thank you very much RTS.

      Indeed that was some very important information.While we all know that correlation does not necessarily imply causation THAT correlation is something you just can’t ignore.

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