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We are Alone

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No, I’m not talking about extraterrestrial life. I’m referring to the solution to the source(s) of the Worldwide Hum.

We are alone in solving this scientific mystery. Even though there has been media coverage (as an example, Al Jazeera is about to publish a brief but comprehensive and close-up documentary with me in my home in BC, Canada), fundraising is not covering the full cost of getting to the bottom of what we experience. Those experiences, documented in detail on the World Hum Map and Database (www.thehum.info), point toward a crucial conclusion: we are all experiencing the same thing.

Private scientific laboratories – and, tragically, university labs – will not pick up this challenge because there is no financial incentive to do so. Transnational corporations and pseudo-government/military groups – from GE to Monsanto, have a strong physical presence in the academic world, from MIT to your local college. They are not interested in research that does not service corporate goals. The reason why such university-corporate relationships need to exist at all is because the universities themselves have been scandalously underfunded. They therefore need such corporate relationships for survival and to maintain relevancy. Any prospective university president must bring an impressive record of fundraising to the table. And they need to raise tuition fees as well. Therefore today’s university graduates are saddled with breathtaking levels of student debt, which forces them back into the type of work that precludes them from spending their careers helping people in ways that do not generate a lot of profit.

So we will do it ourselves.

I write this in particular to the people who hear the Worldwide Hum but have not come forward yet, but also to those who have become interested but not yet involved. We are only responsible for what we do and what we can do. There is no abstract entity that solves these problems; it’s people like you and me who are in a position to do something about it. I’ve written a number of times on this blog about specific steps that you can take to help bring a solution to the suffering of vast numbers of people worldwide.

You can act today.


  1. Melanie Amaral says:

    Hey Glen

    Melanie, in CA have you thought of doing a Go Fund me Page?? its back on out in my area highest last week ranked a 9 level for me

    On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 7:05 PM, World Hum Map and Database Project wrote:

    > Dr. Glen MacPherson posted: “No, I’m not talking about extraterrestrial > life. I’m referring to the solution to the source(s) of the Worldwide Hum. > We are alone in solving this scientific mystery. Even though there has been > media coverage (as an example, Al Jazeera is about to publ” >

    • Thanks for that suggestion, Melanie. Speaking openly, I’ll admit that I was the kid in school who couldn’t stand going door to door to sell things for the fundraiser. I find it awkward enough putting a donation button on thehum.info. My hope is that somebody who is skilled in those areas might step forward and help with that.

  2. Jim Johnson says:

    You make some good points, but I would argue that we are not alone, not yet. Getting support from large organizations that have the where-with-all to expedite results is a challenge and requires some creative approaches. May I suggest a more widespread application of an approach that I’m already pursuing?

    With the number of people that have indicated that they are experiencing the HUM, I believe there must be a significant number like myself that are disabled Veterans of the U.S. armed forces. Right now the Veterans Administration (VA) is really under the gun to provide a higher level of quality medical support to veterans. We as veterans should take advantage of this renewed interest and enlist their help in addressing this annoying HUM. One of the advantages of using the VA services is that they are provided without cost to disabled veterans and the number one disability of veterans returning from the Middle East is tinnitus, and I would bet that significant numbers of veterans are also suffering from the HUM.

    I met with an Ear Nose Throat specialist yesterday and described all the symptoms related to the HUM that I’m experiencing. He has requested that the audiologist run some tests to confirm the frequencies of both the HUM and the tinnitus that I’ve been experiencing for many years. If she is successful I’ll try to get some digital tracks of the sound of the HUM. They are going to try to identify the frequencies of both the low frequency hum and the higher frequency (white noise tinnitus) and feed “cancellation” masking frequencies in (via special hearing aids) to help silence these sounds. My services are being provided through the Palo Alto Veterans Hospital in Palo Alto, California. Similar medical services are provided to veterans across the United States.

    What I’m suggesting here is that we poll those in the World Hum Database to identify other veterans that are experiencing the HUM and get the VA involved. The VA Hospital in Palo Alto has a very close working relationship with Stanford Hospital and one of my objectives is to make a conscious effort to attract the attention of some Stanford student researchers and offer myself as a “guinea pig” to encourage them to get engaged. Other VA Medical Centers, I’m sure have similar working relationships with other major universities. (The VA probably has more doctors from major universities working in its facilities to complete their residencies than any other institution.)

    The VA also has a program called the MVP (Million Vet Program) in which they have requested a million veterans to enlist in and give DNA samples for a long-term ongoing study correlating medical information with DNA characteristics. I enrolled in it several months ago. Over 500,000 veterans had enrolled as of August of this year. I’m going to make an effort to attract some attention to see if there might be a chance of folding this project into their study. If we could identify a large number of veterans in our database, this could help in that effort.

    I suspect that there could be other large studies being undertaken in the UK, EU and other locations where veterans (or others) might have an inside track to getting their institutions involved. This is a global issue and deserving of global support!

    Glen, keep your chin up. We can do this!

    Jim Johnson

  3. TINMA says:

    …And they say we are free in America LOL.Your comment alone, Glen, shows we are not. It also shows that the powers that be really do not want humanity evolving past their control. Nor do they care about the Hum.as you said, money is King !

    I am still investigating the HUM I hear.

    As I have stated in previous comments, temperature seems to increase my ability to hear it, although I have found temperature is an indirect cause of that ability to hear.

    I had thought that the lower the temperature, the more I could hear it. Although lower temperatures do help to propagate sound through the atmosphere ( I think I remember reading about this) , the hum isn’t, at least in my case, dependent on this. I can hear the hum just as good at this time of year if it is 40 degrees F or 70 degrees F . I am still working on why I hear it at this time of the year and not summer to early fall. I have a idea on that though.

    Keep up the good work Glen.

  4. Kurt says:

    Shared in our danish Hum facebook group

  5. Consider that if, from the general population, we identify those with a sufficient knowledge of hearing theory, signal analysis, electronics, etc., to be helpful in addressing the Hum issue. This might be 1 in 100? Now, of these, how many hear the Hum? I guess the traditional figure (1 in 50) of those capable of helping thus hear and thereby know intimately what is at issue. No problem (you might suppose), professionals work with such rare afflictions. But!

    We can all relate to SUBTRACTIVE afflictions (what would it be like to be deaf, blind, or to have an arm simply fall off) and to ADDITIVE afflictions with clear symptoms (diseases). But the Hum is an additive affliction with no real EXTERNALLY observable symptoms. If you don’t hear it (and most folks don’t), your sympathy is being requested on the difficult-to-relate information of others. Truthfully, I don’t know if I would put in much effort if I did not hear the Hum myself. Even as fine a fellow as Glen might drop a few percent effort, or not even be ABLE to do a useful experiment, if he did not know, personally, what was going on! It seems clear that we do rely on hearers (as researchers – not just as “subjects”) who have the necessary analytic skills. Relatively speaking, such persons are at least rare. We perhaps are alone.

    Those who lack the analytic skills (still being far from lacking the intellect to be conscientious and useful) should be encouraged to make even more detailed and thoughtful descriptions of the COHERENT FACTS of the phenomenon. (Some have done so here.) Write with a view to the professional who does not hear the Hum, while at the same time suppose that hearers will remark on the commonality; that your observation is right on (or not).

  6. Simon says:

    I wish it were not the case, but after beating my brains out for 10 years trying to raise public awareness, and kickstart government interest in hum research, i think we have no option but to press on ourselves in the absence of any real offers of help.

    My personal view is that “research” itself is a bit of a nebulous thing to explain to a lot of people, and trying to raise funds without some sort of project plan or structure (goals, scope, milestones and so on) might be difficult. I have no problem donating to a cause (like the Deming box experiment for example) as that was a tangible activity that added to the body of knowledge about the hum, but I kind of feel we need a properly structured research process to work to in order to get folk to part with some cash. Also if we do not try and formalise the process, I worry that we are doomed to casting around aimlessly for answers without any real resources, or end in sight.

    By the way, I don’t know if anyone has suggested it before, but how about a global conference on the hum and hum research? Vancouver could be a great place for it, and it might even make some money for the cause..

  7. tat stanley says:

    cbc white coat black art nov 18 with Dr Brian Goldman program is on sleep problems The presenter complains of an mysterios hum that is keeping him awake, sounds like the hum to me.Worth checking out and contacting him
    the program is available on cbc podcasts

  8. Jennifer says:

    Hi Glen,
    What are the specific steps we can take to help find a solution for all the Hum sufferers? I can’t find it on your website.
    Also, I’ve been hearing the Hum for years and I only hear it in certain buildings. It can’t be an internally generated sound like tinnitus. I have tinnitus and I hear it everywhere constantly, my whole life. I only hear the Hum when I’m in certain places. Therefore it can’t be internally generated. Something external is causing it.
    Also, to help with a possible earplug invention (regular earplugs are useless)…I found that sticking my finger in my ear stops the Hum, as if flesh absorbs/blocks the sound but foam does not. Something you might want to look into.
    Also, I’ve found that if I put my ear to the wall of my house where I hear the Hum, the low drone stops and I can hear what sounds like an appliance running but no appliances are running. It’s faint but it’s there. I believe the Hum is in part caused by buildings resonating from some vibration from somewhere else.

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