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www.thehum.info is experiencing outages

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

Over the past 36 hours there have been lengthy outages at thehum.info. The hosting company is investigating. I hope to be up and running soon.


  1. jimvandamme says:

    Is it a connectivity issue? I’m seeing it in a lot of sites. Some kind of bad Schei├če is going on.

  2. We are back in operation. My initial impression is that the current hosting company (SiteGround) is more agile and responsive than my previous host (Site5). If they perform well, then I will publicly congratulate them. If not, then I’ll critique them.

  3. Eva Fishman says:

    The past 2 days the HUM has been horrible – not even my sound machine at high volume is able to drown it out. Is there a connection between the various site problems and increase in the HUM? Anyone else experiencing an increase in the HUM?

    • Dawn G. says:

      Yes! I just started hearing the hum again a few days ago after not hearing over the summer. It is very loud and I can almost feel it.

      • George G. says:

        A lull began on November 2 and lasted up to and including November 7.

        Five straight days no Hum.

        It returned today at “full volume” and has maintained the same volume for the entire day, including now.

        Regarding a recent post where I suggested there may be a link between the Hum and barometric pressure:

        I began recording barometric pressure against Hum volume on October 29 on an hourly basis whenever possible.

        This includes the ‘no Hum’ period. There has been much variation in pressure and weather conditions as it is Spring here and the weather is very unsettled.

        So far, I have been unable to correlate the Hum to local weather or barometric pressure.

      • Eva Fishman says:

        That has been my experience as well – not able to correlate the HUM’s presence, intensity, volume, or other characteristics with weather, how I’m feeling, night/day, etc. I will say that temperature seems to have an impact, but that too is inconsistent. Glen has been grappling with this a long time, I’ve been at it about 8 years! If interested, you could check my posts and Glen’s responses over the last year or so (as well as others responses).

        You’re in spring – where are you? We’re approaching winter here in Minnesota, though the past week we have broken records with unseasonably warm temps, in the 70s when norms are in the 30s and 40s.


  4. George G. says:

    I’m in Victoria, Australia, Eva.

    And I will gladly trade your warm temps with this horrible cold air that arrives almost daily from Antarctica. I’m sick of it.

    Our experts keep ranting about the overheating planet. Meanwhile it’s bitterly cold here.

    I briefly looked at temperature/Hum relationship also. I agree with you, if there is a connection it is rather vague.

    I’m glad others are observing and taking notes, observation and recording results then comparing with others is our best hope.



  5. Charlie says:

    We’ve had a few hot days here (30+C) but no effect on the Hum. I’ve never noticed an obvious correlation between the Hum and local weather or season.

    I have noticed more rapid changes over the day to the Hum. Over the last couple of weeks I have made a note of some of the times when these changes occur. As yet I can see no pattern to them. But I’m going to organise myself a little better and keep up these obs for a little while longer.

    • Eva Fishman says:

      Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t a case of “as soon as you observe something, your observations change what you see”. You can’t step into the same river twice…

      • George G. says:

        Careful Eva,

        You may just cause an irreversible dam burst of quantum physics discussions———.

      • Charlie says:

        Quantum considerations aside, I have read a couple of people reporting that when they turned their attention to the Hum it appeared to intensify. I haven’t really noticed anything like this myself, and I suspect that these reports are based on false positives. Ie these people turned their attention to the Hum just as it was about to intensify anyway.

        But who knows? We still have no idea what the Hum is. Maybe actively observing it does change its character for some folk.

  6. Peggy says:

    I absolutely agree, it seems that as soon as I notice that I haven’t heard the hum in a while, very soon after it begins again. It has happened more times than I can remember. It’s weird how I try to not have an active thought about it so as to not trigger it.

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