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Not a single Hum report from China

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

This is a surprise. The Chinese form has been available for months now at http://www.thehum.info, and has been advertised on a few Chinese forums in Vancouver. Not one report has been entered. There are a few possibilities, in order of plausibility:

  1. Word has not spread. If I can get a few readers to post to forums in Hong Kong, this may cause discussion of the Hum to go viral and get the reports flooding in.
  2. My site is being filtered from web searches by the Chinese Firewall (this should be easy enough to check).
  3. The Hum does not occur in China (I find this highly unlikely, but it is possible).

Stay tuned.


  1. Gerry says:

    Hello Glen, 

    A thought just occurred to me re China(and indeed Russia!) and the fact that there seems to be little no Hum feedback from either!
    While it might just be down to undemocratic censorship, I wondered could their hum silence be a consequence of a technology they apply as a means of defence? 

    While it’s fair to say that most everyone would shudder at the notion or concept of individual surveillance and targeting, I think it might be an error of judgement to at least not consider it a possibility. 

    For example, while watching a news broadcast yesterday, a current and controversial surveillance technique being used by British police forces was mentioned known as IMSI catchers!

    Ref: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/oct/10/controversial-phone-snooping-technology-imsi-catcher-seven-police-forces

    So, if this is basic ‘on the ground’ type surveillance, I was left pondering just what might military capabilities be?

    Then I wondered could selective and more advanced military targeting technologies be a prerequisite for the cause of the world wide hum??

    Bizarre as it might first seem, in my opinion and coupled with modern technologies widely available today, should this technology or perhaps abuses of this technology not be considered as a potential source and cause? 

    Just a speculation I know,  but here’s some web data I’ve just recently researched pertaining to how the military ‘actually’ go about this type of thing in our ever changing modern world:

    At the very least,  it makes for a good read!!!!






  2. H says:

    There is also another plausible explanation for the absence of reports: the self-censorship in all matters that seem or could be perceived as “abnormal” and/or beyond the control of the state – not to mention the possible assumption that any such phenomenon would be the by-product of precisely some “state” activity, which should be left unquestioned.
    Such self-censorship would be typical of any totalitarian state, not just China.

  3. Hernan says:

    Hi Glen. I lived for +9 years in Hong Kong and I travelled extensively around mainland China. I never heard humming there…now dealing with it in Ibiza, Spain…

    • I get a very slow trickle of reports from China, but I am assuming that the problem is lack of discussion and awareness as opposed to lack of Hum. But I could be wrong on that one. I very much need Chinese speakers to post a link to the Chinese version of the Hum survey.

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