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Al Jazeera is coming here

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I’ll let you know now that I rejected the History Channel’s offer to fly me to Taos, New Mexico, as part of their Taos Hum “investigation”. No offence, but it seems that in an attempt to maintain viewership, some cable channels such as TLC and the History Channel have devolved into producing pap. The reason I turned down their offer is that I was afraid of squandering four years of hard work by participating in a ghostbusters-type circus.

Al Jazeera (English) is in a different league entirely. I view them as one of the most serious news agencies in the world. Granted, every news agency has political underpinnings and leanings, from Fox News to Znet, but in the scientific realm, I take Al Jazeera seriously enough that I am considering giving them exclusive footage of me testing the VLF blocking (Deming) Box. They are sending a small crew to BC within the next few weeks. I’ll keep you informed.


  1. Marcus says:

    Sometimes you are better off dealing with genuine people than those who are in it for a quick buck. In the long term I think you are correct in going with your gut feeling.(3am here and humming as usual)

  2. Eva Fishman says:

    Seems to me the History Channel should be coming to BC, to learn from YOU, not the other way around. I see what you mean, Glen, some of their programs have devolved or been “dumbed down” for more viewership and ratings in recent years. How long have they been “researching” the HUM? Is there a credible scientist who leads their investigation? What kind of data have they gathered, and how is it used – and does it have consistency across populations who hear it? I’m skeptical about their credibility, I haven’t heard a thing about them vis-a-vis work on the HUM until just now in your update. When I began searching for information (and vindication I wasn’t nuts) in 2009, you were the only one out there.

    Anyway, I think you’re doing the right thing, I need to open my mind about journalism from other countries and keep my biases out of the science.


  3. Angus MacArthur says:

    Dear Glen , as with many others a big thank you for the website and support , it’s a challenge !.
    Found relief with Quies pure wax ear plugs, it may well help those struggling to sleep to get some peace.
    Again , thank you

  4. charlie says:

    I’m not that familiar with the History channel. Though it’s probably available through a satellite or computer connection here in Oz. But I definitely know of Al Jazeera.

    I get most news from google. AJ often features amongst the various outlets. I have no real idea of how this stuff works, but I have noticed that if one ‘paper’ gets a good story the others will also pick up on it. If a heavyweight like AJ publishes a story it might attract the interest of other outlets.


  5. Gerry says:

    With regard to History channel:

    Why the ‘Taos hum’ only?

    And why is this the only geographical location being offered in their investigation???

    I’m going to hazard a guess that this production is an excerpt of an episode of H2’s Ancient Alien series or some such?

    Amongst other reputable speakers, George Noory regularly appears on this show and I have found his input and many of the others to be fascinating!
    (ie. Georgio Tsoukalos, Linda Moulton Howe etc—all good presenters!)

    Right so, it most certainly is ‘out there’ and designed to capture the imagination of any budding young ‘conspiracy theorist’, but isn’t the Hum every bit the mysterious enigma that documentaries and productions like this are trying to convey to viewers? 

    I say do the History channel documentary and any other that comes your way!

    I’ve seen and heard you in all your radio and TV broadcasts thus far, and you come across very clear and concise and are the perfect ambassador to act on behalf of us all.

    Pap or no pap, I for one would eagerly await any episode of any documentary for any channel that you are prepared to contribute to.

    Your efforts are gradually bringing this incessant and torturous global irritant to the fore of mainstream international awareness.

    So jump on the celebratory train Glen when it pulls into Vancouver!!

    History channel productions enter the homes of a mass international audience too…

    Carpe Diem!


    • Eva Fishman says:

      I agree with Glen – there needs to be some discretion regarding publicity, otherwise the scientific processes he is using will get lost in the hype and circus atmosphere. I mentioned several weeks ago it struck me as odd that they wanted to bring him to THEM, and not go to him where all his equipment, research and resources are. Al Jazeera is coming to HIM, which shows not only professionalism, but they are also taking this seriously. I’d like to see public television and public radio involved. Isn’t there at least one (credible) journalist who sees the potential to be the one who breaks this story? It would sure help Glen with funding, and maybe speed up the resolution of what causes the HUM, it’s (harmful) effects, and solution(s).

      Since Sunday it has been horrible, woke me up at ~ 6am, after a summer of being gone or minimal. It was in the mid 80s, so it’s not due to a cold snap, though school started last week, and the school across the street has the HVAC on the roof. In 2009 when I first heard it, I’d go out in the middle of the night (couldn’t sleep anyway 😛) and try to discern where it was coming from. It wasn’t the school, in fact it seemed to be the opposite direction, but I keep my mind open just in case! I found Glen’s site in 2012 or 2013, at which time I stopped wandering around at night (local police would stop and ask, “You’re hearing it tonight?”) I’m sure they were humoring me, I was obviously a harmless crazy person….😲

      As for the potential physical effects on humans, I believe that will eventually be confirmed. My dog is affected when it is present, something I have described in earlier posts.


      • Gerry says:

        I too, for the most part, agree with Glen and fully acknowledge the case you also make in his defence. 

        But the point I’m trying to convey here is from a more ‘wide screen’ perspective(excuse the pun!), with the notion of seizing the opportunity of mass publicity to a wider international audience, or if you like,  the concept of maintaining balance by way of killing two birds with the one stone. 

        (ie. Al Jazeera for those stimulated by this type of production and History for those who are stimulated by theirs!)

        While Al Jazeera might be a more serious outfit, their broadcasts ‘statistically speaking’ would not enter as many western homes as a big player like History. 

        So, this is why I believe he should do both in this instance.

        Or alternatively,  offer the chance to one of his other researchers to act on his behalf???

        It just seems to me at least, like a wasted opportunity?

        Or to quote Robert Herrick, 

        “Gather ye rose buds while ye may!!”


      • Understood, but on Coast to Coast AM, even when others tried to drive their own agendas, the show was live and I could make my stances clear. On the History Channel, I would have no such control and, moreover, I was not ready with the equipment to do legitimate recordings. At all costs I wanted to avoid the “ghostbuster”-type nonsense, which, with editing, could make a clown show out of what we are experiencing. In case anyone is curious, I have agreed to more than 30 interviews and productions over the past few years, most of which can be found out there on the internet.

  6. Gerry says:

    I didn’t consider the live aspect and ‘clown editing’ when writing this Glen and I fully endorse the necessity to avoid any show potentially making a mockery of what we are all experiencing.

    Good luck with the upcoming Al Jazeera production and thank you.

  7. Gerry says:

    It’s a brave undertaking Glen, but know that the entire planets worth of fellow hum sufferers are firmly there for back up, should things go awry!

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