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My interview with BBC Radio4 (Punt PI)

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  1. charlie says:

    The bit about HAARP transmissions, or lack thereof, was interesting.

  2. Eva Fishman says:

    Hi Glen-

    I finally got the chance to listen to the BBC interview today (8/22/16), and am feeling disappointed and annoyed. Maybe I’m off the mark, but it seemed cavalier, “unscientific”, and he focused on the wrong theories and theorists, almost dismissive to you and your years of research that IS scientifically based. He lumped you in with all the others, the “crack pots” as well as the legitimate theorists and scientists. The whole 30 minutes should have been with you, instead of his flitting around doing his “thing” and characterizing it as an “X Files” episode and that he’d suss out “the truth”. He’s not qualified, he is first and foremost a radio entertainer/host. I will give him this, he is intelligent, articulate, and seemed sincerely intrigued by it all.

    I’m concerned that it could have taken away from the legitimacy and progress made by your work (allowing the science community to blow it off). The good news is that apparently thousands of hearers are now aware there is a place for them to go to for support, information, and legitimization – and a huge boost to your data base (though that may be a problem until it can be sorted through…).


    • Apparently there are some people in Hollywood, who when told that there is a nasty story about them in the National Enquirer, respond by saying, “Did they spell my name right?” The unstated message there is that in some worlds, bad coverage is better than no coverage at all. I take the same approach, which is that even if the venue I appear in is less than ideal, as I long as I stay on message and remain serious and respectful, then the truth will come out and that other serious people will get on board. It is a nuisance, however, when silliness distracts from what we are trying to do. At some point I may need to stop saying yes to all such interview requests, or to vet them more closely beforehand. On a more positive note, I’ve learned that Al Jazeera might be coming out here for some filming. They are a very serious outfit – serious enough that I might give them exclusive footage of the Hum box being tested.

      • Eva Fishman says:

        Similar to the gambler who says, “If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all”. Or my comment that if it weren’t for my sense of humor I’d have no sense at all… I do understand the reasoning that at least it is getting exposure.

        However, there is need for caution – especially when entities/newspapers that are heavily influenced by the government where they live(the Middle East is unstable) are taking interest, like Al Jazeera. I’d like to believe in the purity of their motives, but I begin to wonder if it has more to do with them seizing on theorists who tout “government conspiracy”, or “mind control” by government, and other such ideas. It could be distorted to support their agenda to “demonize” our government or whatever. I suppose I sound like some paranoid weirdo, but my whole life I’ve been considered naive to the point of stupidity, so thinking something like this is out of character for me!

        I wonder if all of us HUM hearers are on some government watch list…๐Ÿ˜›
        That’s meant to be humorous…


  3. No doubt that every news organization has a political agenda, from Fox to Znet. I’ve kept my own politics out of the Hum work because it has no relevance here. I will say, however, that Al Jazeera tends not to waste time on trivial, puerile, or silly items. One could argue that these days, they are a more serious and reliable source of news and information that the BBC itself, or CBC for that matter. As for the government keeping lists, I assume that everything we write here (and in other public forums) is monitored, either by humans or robots. As much as I believe that people should have as much privacy as public safety will allow, everything I do with the Hum is in the open. I have no access to classified documents, nor have I had any off-the-record conversations with anybody in any government. The only thing confidential is the names of a few scientists who have made scientific contributions or speculations. Cheers, Glen.

    • Eva Fishman says:

      Oh dear, I didn’t mean to imply you had undisclosed information, quite the opposite. The HUM is a world-wide phenomenon and therefore apolitical. Too bad governments aren’t the same way…. My comments were tongue-in-cheek, and it is assumed our governments are monitoring the populace. I agree with you, no matter where you are on the planet, there is “yellow journalism”. I try not to talk politics in specifics, which currently is really hard to avoid considering our coming election and the choices we have.

      Anyway, getting back to the HUM, the summer has been mysteriously quiet with exception of a couple episodes early on. I have no explanation for that, though I did get new windows. Wouldn’t explain hearing it in my garage or car when sitting in it in the garage, though. Even if it is present but ambient noise distracts from consciously hearing it unless I sit still, I feel it, and I know to sit still a moment to confirm it. Until around June this year, at times it nearly made me certifiable (I’ve heard it since 2009).

      A clarification – the interviewer stated you teach high school science. Is that accurate, and you also are at the university? And work 24/7 on the HUM? Where do you find the time and energy…

      Wish I were wealthy philanthropist so I could help.


      • Isn’t it interesting that the Hum is the only “condition” or cause that does not have a famous or wealthy patron. Every disease and psychiatric condition under the sun has one, as does every movement or cause. Maybe all it will take is for a famous or wealthy person to join us and then that will help bring home the solution.

      • Eva Fishman says:

        I guess it’s because not everyone knows someone or has a family member who is “afflicted”, and it isn’t fatal. At least not yet… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ. Though the common cold isn’t either, but EVERYONE has had a cold and look at the millions poured into curing that, which is impossible due to mutations. Sometimes it’s who you know, not what you know after all. Wonder if we could get Stephen Hawkings to help…


  4. Charlie says:

    Or, as Oscar put it, โ€œThere is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.โ€.

    I agree that the show had a glitzy, pop feel to it, but then again that format could be more popular and reach more people than a more sober treatment. I guess that there are many people who have experienced the Hum and wondered about it without realising that it is a fairly common phenomenon, let alone that there is a website dedicated to it.

    Al Jazeera is as far I as I can tell, a big, well respected news outlet. To get a story with them would be a real score.


  5. Eva Fishman says:

    I assume you mean Oscar Wilde! Hmmm, maybe it’s up to one of us to become rich and famous…..

    It’s the paradox of being hated or loved, respected or feared, but preferring being hated or feared than treated with indifference.

    Re: the HUM, it was gone all summer (with the couple of exceptions I mentioned earlier), until last Saturday, and it’s back with a vengeance. I was feeling relieved that maybe whatever is causing it had changed and become a non-issue for this area, (I told you I was naive…) because this was the longest respite from it since first hearing it in 2009. It astonishes me how much of a negative impact its presence has on my mood and sense of well-being, both physical and emotional. My dog behaves differently too, as I’ve said before. Since finding this site (and Glen) about 20 months ago, making me aware I’m not the only one on the planet hearing it, I can control and manage its effects and fallout better, and my family has stopped telling me to see a psychiatrist. Maybe I should see one to help me manage my family….


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