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The Hum is Very Loud in a Quiet Forest

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The title of this post may read something like a koan, but in any case, after a relatively quiet couple of years, I’m hearing the Hum again in a very loud way. I’ve moved to a home in a relatively isolated forest and ocean inlet setting, and because of the quiet provided by being in the forest, the Hum is so loud at night that it was becoming a genuine irritant unless I masked it with the bathroom fan. As soon as the boxes are unpacked and we feel organized, I’ll move the Hum Box to this location and then begin testing it, as well as sourcing out the technology needed to test whether the unit actually provides full blockage against VLF radio waves. Stay tuned.


  1. Melissa Padgett says:

    Ah Glen, with your move to the forest you’re now on the investigation frontier in yet another way!
    I’m going on three and 1/2 years hearing the Hum 24/7. Hard to believe that I’ve adapted to having an ear-bud in my left ear every night, for the soothing white noise, for all that time. I never imaged myself handicapped in this way; but I’m happy to say I’m almost never angry or distressed like I was in the beginning. Hard to believe I’ve adjusted. Knowing about you and others who hear the Hum did so much to help me let go of the anger.

    Two changes I’ve noticed in the last–say–three months. One, the Hum seems less in my ear and more “out there” or generalized. And two, I don’t feel the vibrations in my feet, teeth, and stomach as much any more. Why? Who knows?

    Good luck in your endeavors. Looking forward to your next report!

  2. TINMA says:

    I too have my own sort of experiment approaching. Fall will be here before we know it, with it comes the cooler temps. As I have stated in previous comments, my hum seems to come with the cold.

    I await the cold with some trepidation.

    • Melanie says:

      I am in Northern California mine to comes more in Fall and Winter seasons very loud. I have felt and heard it last week quite like just letting me know its still here and coming back… I have it down to an Art form of times and days different sounds I just can not record it yet.

  3. Micheline says:

    In Switzerland, near Neuchâtel, I heard the hum since the end of 2012, but now, since June, I don’t hear it anymore. Why? Has the treatement I received with quantic medicine the definitive solution for me? I hope so.

  4. Charlie says:

    Well, I can certainly relate to how noticeable the hum can be in a rural/wilderness environment. Currently I live on a small disused farm sandwiched between two large, heavily forested, national parks. It is bizarre, almost surreal to be walkjing through the forest and to hear this persistent, intrusive and quite out-of-place ‘sound’. It can kind of spoil the ambience on occasion.

    An isolated spot would have to be better for testing the Deming Box than an urban one. If it is anything like it is here (Hum-wise), it would be easy to tell if the DB had an effect.


  5. Eva Fishman says:

    Wanting to maintain a sense of humor (and thereby my sanity), your comment about “staying tuned” made me chuckle, Glen. Unfortunately, as with everyone else, staying tuned isn’t a choice! Anyway, much of the summer here in Minnesota the HUM has been inconsistent, with a few mind-numbing days and early morning (or later night) episodes, with mostly subliminal or gone altogether times. We’ve had very hot weather for extended periods, with occasional torrential rains. Not sure if that explains anything, have had the air conditioner on with the fan on low 24/7 which I suspect may mask the HUM if it is low grade. I’ve had the white noise machine on at night only a few times since end of June. As with TINMA, I anticipate an increase in the loudness and frequency when cold weather comes and the house is closed (I have new windows).
    As always, thank you, Glen.

  6. I’m a new sufferer of this “Hum”. Just over a year ago I moved my family out of the city and into a very rural area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, since then I have been disturbed by this humming/droning sound that seems far in the distance. It never goes away. I hear it day and night, while my wife and neighbors do not report being able to hear it or feel it. My investigation is just beginning, I’m 37 years old and have hearing damage in my left ear from the military. It seems I hear it more with my left ear than I do with the right but I can feel the hum as well. If I’m in total silence I can feel it resonate through my body, otherwise it seems to be drowned out by other noise like my generator (we don’t have electricity) or from vehicles that occasionally pass by the road far off. Feel free to contact me on Twitter if you would like to share your findings to assist my research on the matter.

    • David says:

      Hi Apo,

      You are not alone in this and you represent a growing number of people from around the World who are claiming the same thing me included in Ireland.

      I play white noise through earphones to sleep and its been a God send. It completely masks out the Hum tone.

      Here it is, you will have to download it.

      Please consider joining fellow sufferers on this private FB group page.


  7. Gerry says:

    Hi Apo,

    I too at times can sense the hum frequency as a resonance in my body and apart from the obvious perceived audible tone it generates, I personally suspect that it may be interfering with other bodily electrical systems also.

    Note: if the frequency has enough energy to create a tone in auditory perceptual awareness, then, in my opinion, it most certainly has the energy to interfere with other electrical signals generated within human biology. 

    From disrupted circadian rhythms to irregular heartbeat, the intensity of this ‘as of yet undetermined’ frequency is having adverse affects on human physiology, but it must be stated, that until proof is produced in science, all sentiments such as these will unfortunately, remain as speculation only.

    In my experience and as time has passed, the intensity of the ‘hum tonal effect’ appears to be growing and I believe I’m personally beginning to show some signs of physical wear & tear as a direct result. 

    With regard to a non medicinal way to silence perception of the tone, I too utilise a similar airplane white noise method(mentioned by David and others) and find, for the most part it works, though there are times when the intensity is so strong, that it can even penetrate through any secondary noise that I might apply to try and disguise it.

    Ultimately though, applying secondary noise interference as a means of hum tonal relief, doesn’t stop the interference of this frequency with human electrical systems, thus, I personally suspect that it may be causing disruption at a micro cellular level that we, as of yet, are not aware of.

    One final thought for now; like David, I also live in Ireland.
    (South east coastal & quiet rural, but for the incessant perceptual tone of ‘the hum!!’).

    Upon closer scrutiny and over the last twelve months or so, I have noticed that my perception of the tone completely stops during adverse weather conditions and in particular during episodes of high wind & rain which are commonplace in this neck of the woods!
    (Guinness is not the only thing that Ireland is famous for!!!)

    Note: the perceived tone vanishes completely,  it is “not” being replaced by the noise of the storm, as the storm in general cannot be heard from inside the structure of my home due to good standard heat insulation and good external sound proofing.

    This to me provides yet more evidence that the perceived tone is caused by an externally generated frequency and that volatility within the earth’s atmosphere is somehow disrupting the hum frequencies propagation and dispersal.

    All to be determined in proven science at some point in the future of course, but hopefully and thanks to sites like this, we won’t have to wait much longer.


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