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I’ve Been Flooded with Map Survey Reports -I Need Help Auditing the Map

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

The article in the Conversation has been viewed more than 605,000 times, carried most notably in iflscience, Business Insider, and Live Science.

The Hum Map survey form has been clobbered, and I have many hundreds of potential data points to sift through. Before I even consider my next update, we need to ferret out the bad map points. If every read of this blog would commit to examining 10 Hum Map points, we can really increase the validity of the Hum Map.

Let’s review.

The World Hum is a low frequency sound – or perception of sound – whose source cannot be found. Countless descriptions have been offered, but the most agreed-upon description is that it sounds like a truck is idling down the street. Many people have described it as a big piece of machinery operating in the distance. It has been described as the mains hum made by a speaker or amplifier turned up loud but without music. The sound made by a fridge in the next room has been mentioned many times as well. Some people have used the image of a train locomotive idling a long distance away.

It is not a high pitched tone, a screeching metallic noise, or the sound of trumpets. If you see any apocalyptic references or other nonsense material in the Hum Database, let me know. Also be on the lookout for inappropriate web links.

The Hum is louder at night than during the day (in the vast majority of cases).

The Worldwide Hum is louder indoors than outdoors.

The Hum can appear out of nowhere, or gradually increase until at some point you take notice of it. It can wax and wane over time.

A significant proportion of hearers sense a type of bodily vibration or ear pain as well.

If you think you have found a bad Hum Map point, contact me directly at glen.macpherson@gmail.com. Please provide the timestamp and physical location of the Map point.

Thank you.



  1. onmywayhome2015 says:


  2. Mary Gaylor says:


    Oh how I prayed it was something wrong with my ears…I have seen top ear specialists had MRI scans CT scans, a raft of blood tests an endless lists of tests but nothing can be found to account for what is happening.

    I have kept an online diary since 2011….never really meant for public consumption so its rather rough and ready….but hey, if anybody is interested…. http://www.noisyneighbours.net/forum/topic/1830/timelinehistory-of-the-noisehumvibration-affecting-my-home/

    If there can be any use for my diary please feel free…. I am so in awe of your achievements with this site Glen and your commitment over the years to resolving the Hum menace…. Thank you for being there. I won’t have a breakdown if you remove this post as its off topic 🙂

    • Note that there are several individuals on YouTube, including one mentioned in your diary, who are using my name and the name of my project to promote their own agendas. For those who follow the finer details of all this, my YouTube channel has three public videos: one of the Hum box being welded, and two of my friend and I in his 1942 Dodge Carryall doing some very foolish and sketchy creek crossing. (I am the person cursing in the video, incidentally, and I apologize).

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