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Targeted Individuals (TIs), Reality, and the World Hum

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There are some people working to soften the boundaries between hallucination and agreed-upon tests for determining what’s real. Once in a while I’m presented with the argument that goes: if the Hum is a self-reported phenomenon and should be taken seriously, why should we not take seriously the reports from the many thousands of people who report that they are Targeted Individuals (TIs)? The New York Times broached this subject recently, and explored the sense of community that is now available on the internet to people who claim to be TIs or have been labelled with paranoia or delusional disorder. I cringed when I read that there may be some therapeutic value in being told, “You’re not crazy”. What a setback for those who aren’t paranoid or delusional in any way, but nevertheless experience something that others do not. Time and again I return to tinnitus (which I do not suffer from); if we believe people who self-report tinnitus, who do we not believe, and why?

Reality has a democratic element to it. For example, if a Schizophrenic person tells us that large purple rats are climbing the walls, we would vote “No” – that’s not real. If a person diagnosed with tinnitus tells us that he hears a loud high pitched squealing noise that nobody else is hearing, we would likely vote “Yes” – I believe that it’s real. Where do Targeted Individuals fall on this spectrum?

Let’s set aside the documented targeting of individuals by the American government, of which there are many examples. For example, during the COINTEL program, which was a gross violation of civil liberties and personal privacy, many individuals were identified – on Nixon’s “enemies list” for example – and were the subject of surveillance, harassment, and in a few cases, extreme violence. But that’s not the type of thing TIs are talking about.

TIs are claiming the existence of technologies that are not discussed anywhere in serious science. There certainly is evidence that some demented experiments were conducted in the early 1960s by the American neuroscientist Alan Frey in his notorious “microwave hearing” experiments,  in which he tried to beam speech directly into the human brain. The failure of this experiment was documented in declassified military literature (widely available), and I can’t find any evidence of any replications of those studies, even in the hugely embarrassing and detailed Wikileaks documents or the Snowden revelations.

But even if those experiments succeeded – which I don’t think they did – it makes no difference anyway. Ironically, a single layer of metal foil will indeed block and reflect microwave frequencies (there’s a reason you were taught from a young age not to put metal in the microwave oven). Therefore, simple metal shielding of any kind would block any such efforts to control people with microwave or higher frequencies. This includes smart meter and cell phone frequencies as well. Note that these are therefore also excluded for the same reason as sources of the Hum.

Many TIs claim that they are being targeted because some authority has labelled them as “cranks”, or trouble makers, or potential whistle blowers. This makes no sense at all. There are so many easier and cheaper ways of disrupting people. More cogently, no government program of any size has gone on for long at all without being identified and discussed. This ranges from the Manhattan Project to the Stealth Bomber to the NSA. Speaking of the NSA, its vast infrastructure operated 24/7 for decades with countless employees and a massive array of supercomputers and transmitters before its very existence was officially acknowledged. But the thing is, everybody knew about it and what type of work they did and what types of tools they used for doing it. It was only the scale of operations that caused widespread surprise. The TIs are claiming an even more massive, more intrusive infrastructure located who knows where, wielding unknown technological powers, all for the purpose of harassing people who complain about corruption at city hall.

Finally, to the Worldwide Hum. Few Hum hearers want attention. The attention I have received so far has had a neutral or negative impact on my professional and personal life. Five or six quite serious scientists (two retired), several physicians, a dentist, a few psychologists, and so on who can hear the Hum correspond with me on the condition that I not name them. That’s because they are serious people who value their professional reputations yet want to support the research that has already been done. I can’t really blame people who don’t want to pay the social price for being on the fringe of any movement.

Unlike in cases of mass hysteria, Hum hearers almost always discover the Hum through independent research, rather than hearing about it first through other people. So therefore I believe the tens of thousands of people who all hear the same thing under the same conditions, and have reported to the Hum Map and Database.

And so it’s time to find out what it causing it. By August I will have settled in to my new house and property in the forest, and I’ll be able to finally complete the Deming Box experiments in a way that I and others find convincing.





  1. TINMA says:

    I most certainly do not want attention from this, just want it to stop or not start again. I have not heard it since mid to late spring( thankfully). I have done some experimenting to see if I could hear it…I do not. Somehow , I suspect come late fall I will. I am not sure why, but I do believe I will. I did not hear it until I got into my home in the quieter part of town, and I did not hear it when I was looking at my home to buy(late August). By November I was hearing the hum( drove me nuts, first thought it was something in my house making the hum, when that was ruled out, suspected something in the neighbor hood, ruled that out. Suspected industry. Ruled that out. At that point, did research online and found you Glen). I am not sure if it has something to do with the cold, position of the planet or what.

    I am not a TI. Its nuts enough for me to have heard this hum, I do not want to fall into the realm of “the crazies” .

    I do not have a mental problem or health problem. I dread when fall hits, I dont want to hear it anymore.

  2. Ian says:

    Hi Tinma,

    Your story is pretty typical, if you don’t mind my saying so? I first started hearing the hum around 32 years ago and blamed it on the local electricity substation across the road. It wasn’t until about 8 years ago that I researched it and came across others who described the same experience and that it had been given a name already “the hum’.

    • TINMA says:

      You are very correct. From everything I have read, my story is typical. i just want to find out what it is. i will keep you updated when I start hearing it again or any changes at all.

  3. Gerry says:

    Hi Glen,
    I wrote to you some time back expressing my support for your quest to resolve the elusive source of the mystifying hum.

    I’ve been ‘detecting’ the hum since 2011 and I fully endorse the theory that it is not a sound at all, but rather a perception of one.

    The only logical explanation for this perception is that the human auditory mechanics are ‘somehow’ decoding an EM(radio or other) frequency and creating a ‘perceived sound’ which only hum sufferers can detect.

    On a personal level, I’ve tried to resolve this conundrum using services that were available to me.
    Namely, I’ve had local ‘department of environment officials’ use advanced sound detecting equipment at my home(NO sound was detected—no surprises here!!!) and I’ve just recently completed a series of hearing tests(to include magnetic resonance imaging of my auditory canal—all overseen by a senior doctor/medical consultant) and was happy to find that all is well and that my hearing is perfectly normal(again, no surprises here!!).

    Note : As I believe I’m relatively sane, I’ve decided that, for now at least, this will conclude my own private “medical” investigations into the hum!   

    Personally and at this juncture, I’m open to any reasonable theory of what might be the source of this irritant and while some outlandish notions might have paranoid undertones, I feel it might be wrong or perhaps scientifically unwise to discount all of them. 

    One thought I’ve had in relation to your good work on the Deming box and frequency blocking techniques, is that,
    another approach might be to do the exact opposite, and instead of blocking it, why not try to recreate the frequency!

    Perhaps start with the most commonly used frequencies in communications today and then engage with locally sourced ‘hum sensing volunteers’ and see if they can detect the noise as you go through the process??

    (In a Hum free zone if you can find one!!!)

    Doppler radar(widely used at ground level nowadays for predicting weather!), then Smart phone frequencies{ GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G} & also frequencies used for location services{smoking gun perhaps??}, then signals broadcast by satellite TV & GPS might be a good place to start??

    (I believe that the most common frequencies broadcast & received by modern devices might be the most logical starting point for such an experiment?)

    I also believe that the source of this frequency is not necessarily from the lower end of the frequency spectrum(in hertz) as it’s only our brain that is perceiving it as such!!!

    I believe that this is a powerful and energetic frequency being generated ‘most likely’ in commercially motivated industry, a frequency that is being decoded within our auditory senses & perceived as a low tone, but this does not necessarily mean it is low frequency in measurement??

    Also, from reading through the many entries on the research map, I’ve noticed that a high percentage of fellow hum detectors started perceiving the noise circa 2011/12..

    Smart phones using 4G kicked into overdrive at this time..

    These devices are utilising very advanced broadcast and reception frequency channels and along with GSM, 3 & 4G & wifi, they are ‘talking to’ GPS satellites for fun, as well as tracking & communicating everyone’s location as the ‘added bonus!!’

    GPS is also utilised at a more advanced, ‘classified’ and exclusive level by military(two thirds of the structure of GPS is controlled by the U.S Air force—the rest is public—they also use a much higher bandwidth allowing vastly higher data exchange rates!!)(Could an interaction of this with everyday smart phone frequencies be a source???—-or could it be the source, period!!?).

    Lots of electronic fuzz to vamp up ones scientific inquisitiveness(or personal paranoia!!)to be had here!!

    But one thing I’m 100% certain of is, that the “HUM IS NOT A SOUND’ and the sooner that this ‘notion’ becomes mainstream thinking in relation to finding the source, the sooner a scientific resolution will be found.

    Good luck on your continued quest and again, thank you on behalf of all of us for keeping this investigative medium open.


    (Southeast Ireland)

    • TINMA says:

      Something i might add to this. When It got cold outside (40 something degrees) I stopped ‘hearing’ this hum. Now i have a notion that when fall returns, I will ‘hear ‘ the hum again.

      Any Ideas there?

      • Gerry says:

        Not really Tinma, though I have noticed that in adverse weather conditions(namely high wind and or heavy rain!) the hum appears to dissipate.

        It sounds to me like you are in the early stages of detecting it and I hope for your sake, that it remains on the lower scale of interaction with your senses.

        But know that you are not alone in your suffering here and hopefully sometime in the not too distant future, this mystery will be solved.


      • TINMA says:

        Your are correct, wind and rain does counter act the hum, as does people talking around me. I noticed in late spring when temps were up and down the hum was up and down with it. I have no doubt the hum will return with the cold this fall…unfortunately.

        I have a few good friends that live nearby, I pointed out the hum to them, they do not hear it (thankfully). They think i am nuts lol. Good thing they like me lol.
        My wife on the other hand, she hears it. Not at first but eventually she did. just weird all around thing.

        I really hope i do not hear it again, it is so annoying…Any way, on with fining the answer to it.

      • Michael says:

        Hi TINMA

        I’ve been researching on Gerry’s theory and found, that Vitamin D has a influence on the release of serotonin. And since Vitamin D mainly is produced by sunlight, and you mentioned a possible relation to spring/fall, I am curious wether you’ve had checked your Vitamin D level?

      • TINMA says:

        Sunlight and vitamin D…hadn’t thought of that. I will look into it if /when the hum returns. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Gerry –

      You are quite correct that the Hum is NOT acoustic. See my:

      Click to access ENWN40.pdf

      and the four previous notes referenced there, including storage scope displays.

      If it is RF (etc.), which I strongly doubt, then why can I (at least myself) shut it down TEMPORARILY for perhaps 1/2 to 1 second by personally grunting, or shaking my head. Others report the same. And why does it so much resemble the “rumble” (muscular fluctuations) you hear when you lightly plug one ear with a finger?

      It’s internal according to this evidence – or do your experiences and experiments differ from mine?

      Sorry if this is not exciting enough!

      Bernie Hutchins

      • Gerry says:

        Thanks Bernie, 

        My first thoughts would be that shaking your head or grunting is simply interrupting your perception of the hum momentarily while your brain realigns itself from the shock caused.
        (Though, I would advise against the head shaking!!)

        But, I don’t see how this proves or hints at the sound being something generated internally.

        I’m no expert though, nor do I hold degrees in scientific research, so my ‘experiments’ are based on my own personal experience with this since I first started ‘perceiving’ it circa five years ago.

        Also, recently I moved from a noisy suburban setting to a completely noise free rural setting and hey presto, I’m now detecting the hum both inside and outside and I’m perceiving it even louder than ever before!

        (Lucky me!)

        However and this is important with regard to your research, the perceived noise most definitely fluctuates in intensity and seems to work off a clock, ie, it is much higher in intensity from dusk till dawn than it is from dawn till dusk.

        (Remember, I’m residing in a 24/7 peaceful rural setting with no industrial noise pollution whatsoever, so a high and low setting seems to fly in the face of it being internally generated!)

        Occasionally within my experience, it fluctuates or pulsates to a slightly different rhythm than the standard mono tone that one normally senses, this again, to me at least, suggests an external source.

        Finally though Bernie, I do like your scientific literature and presentation, and anything or anyone who is prepared to consider all logical possibilities with intent to resolve this phenomenon, offers excitement enough for me, as I’m sure it does for everyone else who wants to see this mystery solved once and for all.

        Thanks again,


      • TINMA says:

        Maybe all these micro waves are resonating in our skulls, in my case, temperature seems to be a factor. Just a thought.

      • TINMA says:

        I do not hear the hum when I plug my ear, just ear noise.

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Gerry can you hear the noise too ? I live in south west Ireland and can hear it

      • Gerry says:

        Loud and clear since 2011 Natalie!

        Have a read through all these wonderful threads, look closely at the map and enjoy the wonderful world of the unknown that awaits you!!!

        I assume you’re new to this experience?


  4. Gerry says:

    Thanks Bernie, 

    My first thoughts would be that shaking your head or grunting is simply interupting your perception of the hum momentarily while your brain realigns itself from the shock caused.

    But, I don’t see how this proves or hints at the sound being something generated internally.

    I’m no expert though, nor do I hold degrees in scientific research, so my ‘experiments’ are based on my own personal experience with this since I first started ‘perceiving’ it circa five years ago.

    Also, recently I moved from a noisy suburban setting to a completely noise free rural setting and hey presto, I’m now detecting the hum both inside and outside and I’m perceiving it even louder than ever before!

    (Lucky me!)

    However and this is important with regard to your research, the perceived noise most definitely fluctuates in intensity and seems to work off a clock, ie, it is much higher in intensity from dusk till dawn than it is from dawn till dusk.

    (Remember, I’m residing in a 24/7 peaceful rural setting with no industrial noise pollution whatsoever, so a high and low setting seems to fly in the face of it being internally generated!)

    Occasionally within my experience, it fluctuates or pulsates to a slightly different rhythm than the standard mono tone than one normally senses, this again, to me at least, suggests an external source.

    Finally though Bernie, I do like your scientific literature and presentation, and anything or anyone who is prepared to consider all logical possibilities with intent to resolve this phenomenon, offers excitement enough for me, as I’m sure it does for everyone else who wants to see this mystery solved once and for all.

    Thanks again,




  5. Heinz Schneider says:

    What had been done with

    • This is one of the rare cases where I removed a post. Numbers of people wrote to me, concerned that it was a distraction at the least, and a diversion at worst. I think that I did a weak job of developing the background for the post and why I thought it was useful to read and explore. However, I am more than happy to discuss it on an individual basis. Glen.

      • George G. says:

        I do not think you did a weak job in developing the background to that post. On the contrary, you highlighted a natural phenomenon which very well could be responsible, directly or through secondary mechanisms, of what we call Hum.

        As for the “Numbers of people—–” who pressed you to remove that excellent post, I just wonder about their motives?

      • I refer to five people in total, and I think their motives were good. I get harsh critiques all the time, but in most of those cases the writers discredit themselves within the first sentence. When serious people express concern about something I’ve written, I always step back and take a hard look. In this case I erred on the side of caution. If I do explore the topic again, I’ll put more thought into it first.

  6. Gerry – You wrote: “My first thoughts would be that shaking your head or grunting is simply interrupting your perception of the hum momentarily while your brain realigns itself from the shock caused.”

    Likewise, I already considered this as possibly a temporary interruption of an EXTERNAL source (see my ENWN-37 Page 3, bottom paragraph, and ENWN-40, Page 3, Conclusion 1b), but that seems highly unlikely. It would require TWO things, an external source and a MATCHED internal interrupter (tuned to just that! – other real sounds get through). Muscular fluctuations involve only ONE thing: the protective muscles tightening and then relaxing to vibrate again.

    Gerry – you also said: “it is much higher in intensity from dusk till dawn than it is from dawn till dusk”

    I think you are absolutely correct, but it is also true that nights are at least relatively quiet everywhere (even fewer critter noises in your forest), and particularly at low frequencies. If I hear the Hum outside, it’s after midnight. For me, I hear it right now (5PM) in my basement, but not upstairs or outside. Later.

    Tinma – you said: “I do not hear the hum when I plug my ear, just ear noise.”

    I don’t know exactly what you mean by “ear noise” – I am referring to the “rumble” (non scratchy) sound familiar to us all since we were children playing around, and subsequently (high-school biology?) identified with muscular and blood-flow fluctuations. It is significant in two ways: (1) as a “demo” for the SUPPOSED 98% non-hearers, and (2) as a suggestion of internal origins. See my ENWN-40, Page 3, Conclusion (1c) for details and exactly what I was suggesting.

    Thanks for your comments,


    • Gerry says:

      Hi Bernie, 

      I just tried the index finger trick to recreate what to you consider to be a good reproduction of the hum.

      To me, it sounded very dissimilar.

      The index finger tone was deeper in tone than the hum(more rumble than hum caused by blood flow) and I could clearly sense the vibration within my middle ear.

      What I ‘detect’ with my perception of the hum is a higher and definitive tone/sensation that I believe I’m sensing at a more central location within my cranium.

      Like where you might sense a binaural beat or similar, or the part of your auditory senses where you get that perfect stereo sensation.

      (I believe I read somewhere that binaural beats/stereo perception may have something to do with the pineal gland?)

      Again, for now I’m firmly in the external stimulus camp with regard to the source of the Hum, as I believe a simple frequency is agitating something within this sensory area of the brain.

      If not and it turns out to be internal, then it’s ‘100%’ a biological issue and the cause still needs to be ascertained.

      On that note(excuse the pun!!), I’ve just read that calcium deposits can affect the pineal gland as we age….!!!!?????

      Hmmmmmmmmmm(or Hummmmmmmmm!!!)…..

      Could we have perhaps stumbled upon something ‘tangible’ here????

      I welcome your thoughts in response!!!

      And now knowing and fully appreciating your attention to detail Bernie,  I just know you’ll have many!!



      • Adam says:

        In addition to calcification of the pineal gland i wonder if dental amalgam could have anything to do with this? Since most of us suffering are in the age when amalgam was used. Im thinking long term symptoms here.


    • TINMA says:

      Yes i mean I just hear the noise you would hear inside your or such when you plug your hears. I do not hear the humm right now(thankfully) but ,as i have said, I believe i will hear it this fall when it gets colder again. I dont understand the correlation, as I have read that people who live in warm climates hear it. We shall see this fall. At that point I will plug my ears again. if i remember correct, when I plugged my ears it canceled out the hum, as does other noises( imagine, a person walking around all day with their fingers in their ears, call for the white coats lol).

  7. Gerry – that’s interesting.

    I believe that the most common form we call “the Hum” is that which sounds very VERY much like a truck idling up the road. A low pitch. It sounds a lot like the finger in the ear. Put another way, if you NEVER went out and looked up the road, fully expecting to see a truck (!), we may well be talking about different things.

    And you said “higher and definitive tone/sensation”. Can you pitch-match this (piano, function generator program, etc.) That would be very helpful. The Hum I am talking about is low and has a poorly defined pitch.

    I am now wondering if what YOU hear is a 100 Hz tone (Ireland right, 50 Hz AC) 2nd harmonic. If you do match pitch (and please fix the pitch firmly in your mind before going near the piano), go to the C that is one octave below middle C, then down to the G below – that about 98 Hz.

    [ Oh – before someone asks. If, as I have stated, it is very hard to hear 50 Hz, how do we so easily hear the lowest piano keys (as low as 27 Hz)? It’s because of the harmonics in the vibrating string. It’s the pure sine wave you can’t hear. You can even “hear” a pitch where there is NO spectral energy at that pitch if it is supported by harmonics – the so called “missing fundamental”. ]


  8. Heinz Schneider says:

    Absolutely i do not disclose, that hum-hearing is bound to a combined
    physiologic and possibly psychologic cause.

    But think much more complicated!
    We have to deal with a phenomenum caused by a
    multicausal structure!

    Our bodies are only one factor. But it must be a factor!
    (Why i can hear it, but my wife not?)

    To the hypothesis of RF-Induction:
    Why is the sound IN buildings much more be heared?
    Buildings take the role of attenuating RF-Waves instead of amplification!
    Therefore, RF-Hearing must be louder OUTSIDE a building.
    (Take in mind, that outside are more masking sound, BUT at night
    at my location there is NO masking sound, and it is louder inside!)
    (AND go a little away from structures – look on the further lines)

    I can hear it much more better, if the building has wide spanned
    floors. Therefore i’m thinking, that any structures like buildings,
    cars, yes even trees are taking the role of a laudspeaker, converting
    vibrations to their own resonant frequencies.
    In addition that can solve the phenomenum of hearing high pitched noise
    generated by smaller structures or structures of brass or metal foils.

  9. Gerry says:

    To Glen, Bernie and anyone else who may be interested in exploring this:

    Some more info on a ‘possible’ link between the pineal gland, calcite and the otolith(otoconia) and sensory perception of an electrochemical nature!

    Pineal gland calcite research:


    Otoconia(see mechanism):



  10. Gerry says:

    Circa 57 Hz(Sine) Bernie.

    And the higher tone I mentioned during a pulsation episode would be circa 67 Hz.

    I researched the regular hum tone a few years back and at that time 57 Hz was the closest I could get.
    (I’ve just tried 67 Hz as a close approximation to the upper tone I’m also experiencing from memory… and I believe this to be close enough?)

    I found an easy way to hear the tone by simply using a frequency generating app on my ‘smart’ phone and plugged it into an amp through the headphone socket!!
    (NB:Output from headphone, Input to amp!!)

    Works a treat!!

    And yes, Ireland’s grid runs at 50Hz AC.

    Ps…. pulsation episodes are very rare, though they seem to be increasing as the months and years roll by.

  11. straightcue says:

    Thanks Glen for furthermore looking into this diverse subject as it seems,

    Yet so your more informative on the subject on a slightly more interrogative sense.

    Yes TI’s are being affected by high pitch noises that are attempting to control their minds.

    How would it do it anyways. By synaptic control. You can use certain frequencies to induce cell growth and the mind has a travel pathway of these various networks.

    Serious.. what the problem is, is not just the outside influence being projected towards the mind. This has to do with an inner influence as well. Most people don’t like talking about this, because its spiritual.

    I’ll give you a light example. For instance your out buying groceries, and you are rambling through your mind on what type of cereal you would like to get. So in a person that is a TI, they may receive a frequency sound that is being projected to them to indicate a choice.

    That may sound a bit far fetched, but the point of these projected frequencies is mind control. And the trigger to unlocking the mind is to infuse your auditory senses with what you feel. So thus you can increase your motivation and vent/pent out your “abundances” What you want.. to what you need, response and reaction to create trigger associations. The start of inspire.

    So basically to narrow it down slightly and hopefully your following without too much of a “sigh” Get this. The point of mind control is to embed thoughts into a persons mind to subject them to a certain frequency pathway. That what the hum is, it has all the basic coordinates of the earths aura about people’s basic instincts and intuitive levels. Don’t give up on me here. Follow along.

    Next thing they do, is to overlap you with enough frequency patterns to put you under their control… Ok whoa eh.. hold on yet.

    Back to the synaptic control thing. OK so you discuss the metal blocking thing, true true, but thats not the only thing. That is just the overbearing intrusive sound that is being adjusted into the stratosphere and along with ground instruments to projected this sound. Control the world, the weather patterns and climate change and you can affect the whole population of Earth..

    OK, well back to the more personal interactive approach again. synaptic control ok. Ok, what is left if you have so “blocked” yourself from these frequencies.. IS the spiritual aspect of it. Once your aligned to a certain number of “digits” of a mind control scheme pattern/program. You begin to have followers. Either you have been an individual that has resisted the main frequency flow. BTW, they monitor this, if they pick you up in the sound-waves or in spiritual conveyances. And then you become targeted. Or you can just succumb to the main frequency flow.

    OK? In both cases what happens is in this frequency alignment. Your body aura senses this adjustment and it opens a door of an intrusion, spiritually. Its the pathway to the door of making a choice. Either you can accept it or not. Though it may seem easy to just go along with the flow, or the vibe you may say, or don’t. Whats the price to pay or whats in it for you, could be some of the questions that arise, or don’t.

    So basically what it means, if a person either resists, or accepts this impeded artificial soul intelligence, an comprise entity, the machine beast, they will be subjected to it means of it either or, or so.. This calls to knowing yourself and your identity…

    And if its allowed to continue, its the end of the world as we know it. The human race is over.

  12. Gerry – you said: “Circa 57 Hz(Sine) Bernie”

    Good. Thanks. This puts it about one octave above the lowest note of the piano. Well within the ballpark of other hearers who describe the “idling truck” analogy. That helps.

    None of us know exactly what someone else hears, or another’s experiences with hearing, but off hand, I would say that you ascribe a more definite pitch than I do, but this almost certainly has an apples/oranges aspect to it. Good job.


    • Gerry says:

      Hi Bernie, 

      Firstly I just want to mention the ‘idling truck’ analogy & my experience with it.

      This is ‘without doubt’ the best physical simulation of the tone that it produces, and when I first ‘heard it’, it then inspired my first ‘experiment’ with the Hum experience that I engaged in, and it went something like this: 

      Whilst half asleep, I pulled my bedroom window curtains aside at circa 4 am to see who the ‘wise guy’ was that was running his car just outside my hall door!!

      Had I have seen one, the experiment would ‘most likely’ have progressed rather rapidly at that juncture, but mercifully for the car/truck driver(& more likely me!!!)… He was nowhere to be found!!!!

      (Truckers are usually hard men and best “left alone!!!!”)

      The truck idling is what all ‘true hum’ perceivers/receivers (and soon to be sufferers!!) first hear during their initial indoctrination as it announces its arrival onto the world stage, and on into every one of our own ‘little private sensory universes!!’

      And it most certainly, is not welcome!


      Right so, if possible,  let’s leave sound, octaves, notes, vibrations and “interactions with the ear” out of the equations for the time being at least, as personally speaking,   I’ve long since left the sound notion behind me with specific regard to “my” logical understanding and reasoning with respect to what the Hum “actually is or might be”,  so much so, that I’m currently not even considering it.

      Perceived sound’ is an “electrochemical perception” of an actual physical vibration, as relayed to our brains by the mechanics of the ear.

      I believe the Hum also to be an ‘electrochemical perception’, but it’s not the ear that is sensing/receiving it, nor is it a sound in any way, wave, shape or form.

      So the next logical conclusion might be to consider “what exactly is” detecting/decoding/perceiving it and in turn “transposing it” into a perceived tone within our psychological mainframe(aka our brain!!).

      It is currently “my suggestion”, that the Hum is being received, manufactured/processed and in turn relayed to our logical reasoning(psychological awareness) by and through electromagnetic interaction with our “pineal gland”.

      I believe that the gland is converting an EM signal or perhaps a convergence of signals into a “perception of sound!”.

      I believe that the pineal gland is the organ which receives the signal and I believe that those of us who perceive it are individuals with either a worn or damaged pineal gland from age, or alternatively, a highly sensitive one or even a more evolved one(personally I favour evolved, but it’s most likely the first or second!!)

      Either which way, it’s the pineal gland that is the processor of the elusive hum frequency(or frequencies!), NOT THE EAR, and the pineal gland’s interaction wth the EM spectrum(in some shape or form) is ultimately the cause and effect of the world wide hum!!

      (Can you hear the trumpets in celebration!!!!)

      Right so, there yeh have it…

      Next up proof.

      (Specifically for science!)

      I’m now in the process of researching my hypothesis(which is currently all it is!!), but I welcome, endorse and even ‘challenge’ anyone to either prove or disprove it with me.

      With this in mind..

      We need neurologists, biologists, electrical engineers and non paranoid, fearless science educated professionals or even ‘informed and normal lay people'(just like me!!), to get on board this train…

      And quickly, as it’s growing exponentially in size and lest we forget that people are “suffering” as a direct consequence of it.

      This train needs positive contributary thought promoting and balanced passengers from all walks of life and it needs to get moving

      Once and “for all!!”

      Thanks again for the interaction Bernie,

      Much appreciated,


      Ps and NB:  I believe the source to be electromagnetic in origin and it’s still possible that it’s only one frequency that is the ultimate cause of the disturbance.

      Failing that, it’s a conglomeration of frequencies which has now reached a tipping point and the pineal gland has simply become overloaded.

      Or.. the pineal gland itself is somehow ‘vibrating’ due to ‘wear and tear’ caused by this threshold overload.

      I welcome yours and everyones else’s thoughts.

      But for now at least, I’m happy and eagerly excited to say that I’m almost certain this is “the hum” both in cause and effect.

      And if it turns out I may be wrong.

      This suggestion/contribution may at the very least…

      Warrant scientific consideration and research.

      Over to you Glen.
      (& Bernie!)




      • Gerry –

        I don’t know much about biology – just about digital signal processing, audio, and related engineering. That said, I’m sure you want an honest engineering response: I find your theory unlikely.

        First, I have found there is no acoustical correlate to the hum (you agree I believe), AND the evidence (grunt-interruption) virtually mandates an internal source. This latter observation at least makes any RF source with, a corresponding “transducer”, unnecessary from the get-go.

        If I were looking for a transducer, RF to audio perception, I would not choose a (relatively) massive organ (pineal gland), or anything that is not at least plausibly fragile and “on edge”. The hearing mechanism, having a dynamic range of roughly a million to 1 would be a more likely candidate (as an RF transducer) although still highly unlikely.

        Still, degeneration with age causing perceptual difficulty is worth considering (eyes and ears being notorious in this regard).


      • Gerry says:

        Thanks Bernie,

        As I’ve said before, I don’t consider the ‘grunt or head shaking hum interrupting effect’ to be sound evidence that the hum is caused by an internal issue only and I’ve given a plausible response as to why I believe this to be so.

        (The grunt/shake simply interferes momentarily with perception!)

        That said, ultimately the perception of the tone is most certainly ‘internal’, though based on my experience so far, it is my belief that it has nothing to do with the ear, hearing, or audible sound energy.

        As previously mentioned, I detect this tone from deeper within my cranium in a more central location away from my ear canal.

        So if this “is” a physical manifestation of the disturbances location, it’s not the ear, how can it be??

        Also, I’m concentrating my hypothesis on the “perceptual awareness location” of the tone and the possible interaction between an internal “and” external source.

        (The pineal gland being the transducer in this hypothesis, the aggravating/agitating signal incoming from an external source!)

        So, to keep with further scientific reference of a neurological/biological nature, there is evidence to suggest the pineal gland calcifies with age and it is most certainly a perception and awareness processing organ that is far from massive in structure!

        (Strangely enough, the only ‘other’ part of the body this occurs is within the Otolith, within the ear!)(see my earlier posted links)..

        Again, I’m in the early stages of this hypothesis, so it could take a while to gather evidence supporting same.

        Referenced feedback from neurologists on this subject might help, but I believe to dismiss any solid theory out of hand is a scientific error of judgement.


        Ps. perhaps you need to consult with a qualified neurologist and between both of you, could thrash out the intricacies of frequencies, perception and dare I say it… sound!!

        (Could even bring an audiologist into the mix too, as a mediator!!)

        And see what comes of it!!

        I’d bet there might be some serious conclusions drawn ‘and perhaps’ some common ground to be found here.


  13. straightcue says:

    Its ok Glen to reveal your disclosure, the means it the matter to the end and just continuing a discussion about so is rewarding enough for me, thank you.. And in light of what has been said, its very basic intellectual stuff, so I’m actually slightly dismayed at a failure to comprehend this tiny conclusion. Regards and Respect, which I believe are actually the same thing.

    God Bless.

  14. straightcue says:

    OK Gerry, how about reading up on wiki about Cellular differentiation?

    Because basically we are talking about mind control here and TI’s theories, in your words may.

    I say this The Hum is a harmonic force that is being projected via the stratosphere via harrp and other ground instrumentation.

    So what if someone found a way to co-habitat a link between synapse functioning, growth and development to implement a correlation between two people interaction reception relating to audio impedance? IE the term, walkie talkie. Do they not already use this method in aiding people regain functions in the mind, by using various sense-like auditory equipment to induce pattern-like similarities to promote growth in those damage areas. These area has a vast amount of research into it. This practice has already been extensively be experimented on people for military purposes. IE for spy’s and for infield combat to receive orders simultaneously via technology projections weather it be by chip or other extensive brain stimulation to induce voluntary reception. IN regards, involuntary for TI’s.

    Something more to look into.

    • TINMA says:

      I certainly hope this HUM is not some Government thing, what ever it is, I plan on doing some experimentation this fall when it gets cold ( because I have stated my hum is associated with cold temperatures ). I have no doubt that our government know of tech we have no Idea of, but we shall see what comes of my HUM.

  15. straightcue says:

    But ok, IN respect to Glen’s wishing to scientific grounding in these preliminary explanations.

    I hope it doesn’t sound intrusive here, but let me elaborate a little more.

    So we know that there is The HUM and affects it has on people, that it is perturbing disturbing to individuals that experience this emittance of “noise” or in other words we could say basically say “influence from some type of source” or in other words on yet another level say “a projected source that is heard worldwide”

    Ok so lets try to eliminate the PULSE of the matter. Because this influence source has enough power to simultaneously harmonize a person’s heartbeat to a sound beat, similar to like using sound various to create a binaural beat.. and so likewise this can be used to symphonic a persons aura. but that can be discussed at a later date. So back to details.

    The scientific data to back it up. I don’t believe its a theory, because I experience this on a daily basis, but to be proficient ambassador or a simple advocate to explain the relevant details, I must be “out of the box” to relate to this from an outsider’s perspective, as to not be a contaminated source, or have a so called bias opinion, yes? In order that it can be validated that it is coming from a reliable source, true or not?

    More to be discussed later, food for thought.

  16. Michael says:

    Like TINMA, I can stop the hum by sticking a finger/earplug in my ear. So it’s a external source (resonates with 71Hz).
    Shaking my head or a grunt/other temporary noise also stops the hum for 1 second.

    But what if the hum is caused by the earth (or something we cant change). Why is it that only some people can hear it? And how can we stop the over-sensitivity?

    I’ve been suffering the hum on and off for the last 2 1/2 year. It started when there were some huge changes in my life (lost my job and upcoming surgery).
    At the same time I got overly sensitive to low frequency sounds (<90Hz), but thats probably related to my hyperactive autistic senses.

    Maybe the reason why we begin to hear the hum could be related to a change in the brains neurotransmitters?
    Why I suspect this, is because of the above, and the fact that antidepressant medication (NaSSA: noradrenaline and selective serotonin agonist) stopped the hum completely, while I was on it for 6 months.

    • Michael – you said: “Like TINMA, I can stop the hum by sticking a finger/earplug in my ear. So it’s a external source (resonates with 71Hz). Shaking my head or a grunt/other temporary noise also stops the hum for 1 second.”

      Outstanding. I am glad to hear that we agree head-shaking or grunting gives a 1 second interruption. However, I’m not convinced that your conclusion about an external source is valid.
      First of all, sticking a finger in your ear usually creates the familiar throbbing sound which I have judged to be quite similar to the Hum (a demo for non-hearers). With GREAT care I can adjust the pressure so that I can hear BOTH the Hum and the throbbing, but in general, the throbbing overwhelms (masks) the Hum. It is not BLOCKED from entering the ear canal, but rather overpowered by the pressure-induced throb – it doesn’t take much. Is it possible that the ear plugging with a finger is masking for you and not blocking? Indeed, I am quite certain, as I have related, that there is no actual in-the-air acoustic sound to block.

      As for the earplug (I assume the rubber plugs which are inserted and nominally do not hold pressure) I guess I don’t understand your findings. Most hearers say that earplugs do NOT work (to their disappointment). Are you perhaps holding these in place?

      In any event, the fact that you have control (head-shaking/grunting) IN ITSELF strongly supports an internal source.

      Good report


      • Michael says:

        Hi Bernie

        My post was primarily aimed at the neurological aspect, so my “conclusion” was based on my test with foam-earplugs, two years ago – couldn’t stand the earplugs, so I never tried them again.
        That was long ago, so last night, when the hum was louder than normal, I made another test. This time with in-ear headphones, which supresses backgroundnoise by 18dB (no music, no hands, no cable noise). It didn’t stop completely, but there were a noticeable difference.

        Whether it’s a internal or external source, I agree with you that it’s a internal cause.

    • Gerry says:

      Good honest report Michael.

      I particularly like the fact that you say the medication was able to “completely” eradicate the noise for six months while you were taking it.

      Perhaps, you could continue this trial and alternate your consumption routine to see if you can switch the “hum” on or off more frequently.
      Though, it might be wise to seek your doctor’s advice before engaging in an activity of this nature.

      Melatonin is a Serotonin derivative.

      Melatonin is produced by the Pineal gland.

      Both linked to circadian cycles and assisting sleep.

      I note from some quick preliminary research that the medication enhances the transmission of serotonin within the nervous system.

      So, might it be possible that both melatonin and serotonin are responsible for inhibiting the senses just enough to reduce or cancel the hum tone altogether.

      This to me at least, suggests a biological link to a less productive/worn Pineal gland, thus
      1) connecting the Pineal gland to the Hum
      2) suggesting a dysfunctional Pineal gland could be allowing the hum to interfere with our sensory nervous system.

      Excellent answer Michael.

      Thanks for this and remember to consider the trials I mentioned under medical advice.

      In fact, I may even look into this myself.

      Bernie, This actually supports your internal source theory by way of hinting at the possibility that ‘something’ not working correctly within the nervous system eg “The Pineal gland”(perhaps??), is the root cause or “generator” of the hum…

      Though, there’s still room for external agitation of a sensory organ (from an EM signal for example!) as being the ultimate cause.

      But all needs to be fully tested and proven.

      Again excellent post Michael,


      • Michael says:

        Hi Gerry

        That is a VERY interesting reply.
        Yes, research shows that serotonin plays a role in how the senses are regulated. But I’m not willing to try the medication again because of the side effects.
        I’m glad you questioned the word ‘completely’; checked my notes and I heard the hum on five days, during that period. There is a lot of connections to serotonin. I definitely have to research more

      • Gerry says:

        Thanks Michael, 

        And thanks for the heads up with regard to ‘your experience’ of side effects caused by the medication.

        Bottom line is that medication silenced the hum for you and I would allow 5 days in a six month period as an exception, while still agreeing that this was, for the most part, a total cessation of the dreaded tone.

        It implies that, if it can be silenced by way of medication, then, at the very least it can be treated.

        Though this is still only a remedy and not a cure and more people will need to reveal whether it worked for them too in order to validate this.
        (Similar neural stimulation medication might be worth considering also—perhaps containing serotonin or melatonin within the chemistry—or similar stimulants?)

        The reason I’ve suggested the pineal gland as a smoking gun for this hypothesis, is the fact that there is evidence to suggest the gland calcifies with age, that it produces melatonin and also that it is located within the same area of the brain where
        nature has offered most protection to.

        (There’s critical importance implied here!)

        Calcification suggests that a vibration could be created or received, thus generating the hum.
        (Source of agitation remains to be determined!)

        There is also evidence to suggest that the pineal gland can be stimulated into production ‘with mechanical sound’ , so this was yet another pointer for me.

        Though, it ultimately ‘is not’ linked to the auditory mechanism of neuron transfer towards sound perception.
        (What I’ve learned so far with research!)
        But it’s in the general area of the sound perceiving organs linked further up the ‘electrochemical chain’ from the ear, so without naming them too, I believe that one of these sensory organs, ultimately, will be proved as the part of the brain that is perceiving this tone.

        Also, I’m currently testing something which points to an external source as the ‘potential’ agitator to an internal source, and when my results come in, I’ll post them.

        On that note, I’ve already a few pointers which strongly suggest and perhaps almost prove the agitation is incoming.

        But I want to be sure my own testing works, before I announce my thoughts.

        Thanks again Michael, 


      • Michael says:

        Hi Gerry
        Regarding melatonine, I’ve tried circadin for a few days, 3 times. And each time, it made the hum “louder”.
        That makes sense, since I’m probably low on serotonin, which it counteracts.

      • Gerry says:

        Hi Michael,

        I’m not certain the medication is at fault here, as recently I’ve noticed an increase in the Hum’s intensity myself and I take no medication whatsoever!

        In my experience,  the tone regularly waxes and wanes throughout a 24 hour cycle and to a very predictable time schedule, which to me at least, is but one piece of evidence which strongly points to the perceived Hum irritant originating from an external source in nature.

        Also, there’s no doubts this perceived tone affects circadian rhythms, as I’m sure the vast majority of people who experience it will testify to having had more than one sleepless night as a result of hearing it!

        I can’t really offer advice on what medication may or may not work for silencing the hum,  but if something works for you, I’d say continue with it and long may it last! 

      • Michael says:

        Hi Gerry

        I’m not asking for medical advice – that’s what my doc is for – I tried melatonine for sleep, and I’m not using those anymore.

        I replied to you because you also mentioned the link between serotonin and melatonin.
        The interesting part, of what I’ve observed, from a neurological view, is
        – serotonin silenced the hum.
        – melatonine made it more perceiveable.
        And it affects how sensory input are processed in the brain (google sensory prosessing disorder). It would explain why only a tiny amount of the population, can percieve that horrible thing.

        By the way, I’ve also noticed it has been more intense, the last few days.

      • Gerry says:

        Acknowledged Michael.

        But for the record, I was referring to myself and a wider audience when referencing medical advise, it was not aimed at you.

        Also, I made those initial comments last June, it’s now September!

        That’s a lot of hum suffering and what not between postings!

        So the essence and train of thought from that point in time has now been forgotten!

        My apologies for this.


      • Gerry says:

        To Michael,

        Elevated melatonin may suggest a biological link between elevated auditory perception of the hum.

        I’m wondering,  and I plan to evaluate this over the next few days,  if the hum increases as one begins to feel sleepy(day or night?).

        Though and it should be noted, this only hints at excess melatonin being a ‘biological factor’ within elevated hum ‘perception’, but not the ultimate cause. 

        Did you mention that serotonin only served to diminish perception of the hum, but not silence it completely? 

        Either way, your results suggest that these two chemical compounds are working within the mechanism of hum biological perception, both positively and negatively.

        And again, I do like the fact that you mention serotonin worked (at least at some level!) to silence the hum for you!

        Thanks for reminding me about this Michael, as it had gotten lost in the mix.

        And speaking of doctors, I think I’ll be having a chat with mine soon and this topic will be high on the agenda. 


      • Michael says:

        Yes it’s not something people in general should play with on their own.
        No need to apologize, it’s a old post and these observations has taken their time.

        “Did you mention that serotonin only served to diminish perception of the hum, but not silence it completely?”
        It silenced it completely during those months, with the exception of a few days. Can’t say wether it eliminated it totally, but it certainly was below my perception threshold.

      • Eva Fishman says:

        Well, as usual, trying to follow any given thread of thought is like herding snakes… I’m responding to the discussion of melatonin, and my mind is like the inside of a golf ball, due to ADD: Dozens of ideas simultaneously are in play, and I go from A to Z in a split-second, so bear with me.

        Melatonin production (or the decrease of production) in humans is dependant on the light/dark cycle from the earth rotation and orbit around the sun. So, I have questions about its use in trying to obfuscate the HUM, and how it would work to do that. All the questions are in regard to “normal” conditions vs when you used the melatonin. They are rhetorical, I don’t expect you to answer them publicly (unless you want to).

        At what time of the year did you experiment with the melatonin? Was it during shorter periods of daylight, or longer periods? Was the temperature warmer or colder? Was the weather pattern wetter or drier? How much sleep did you average? Was your sleep pattern the same as usual, or did you notice a change? Did you try stopping it for a couple days then start it again, or did you take it continuously? Were there changes in your activities? Did you change your diet? Did you drink alcohol while taking the melatonin, more, or less consumption? Are you on medications of any kind? Did you experiment with the dosage of melatonin, and did it make a difference in perception of the HUM? At what time of the day did you take it, did you try different times, if so, did changing when you take it make a difference? Etc. Etc.

        Melatonin is a powerful substance, (produced in the body) and just because it is available over the counter as a supplement to your own doesn’t mean it is totally safe to use. I’d caution anyone using it or thinking of trying it to manage the HUM, to ask their doctor before starting it. They could give guidance on what dosage is safe for you to use, or if there are contraindications to using it (such as any meds you’re on or medical conditions that would compromise clearing/processing excess from your body). I wonder if after a period of time whether the melatonin would stop working for you (?).

        Until the cause of the HUM is identified (Glen and crew), I’m more comfortable using non-invasive measures (I.e. white noise), and avoiding chemical interventions. It reminds me of the serenity prayer: “God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”. The HUM has been horrific the last 10 days after a quiet summer, so I’ve needed to let go of it, or risk becoming certifiable!! 😲

        Can’t wait until Glen et. al. identifies the cause(s) 😊


      • straightcue says:

        “It reminds me of the serenity prayer:” Thanks Eva.. I understand, the last 10 days have also been rather extricating, while the pressure escalates. We are getting closer to the end, for the devil is trying harder, it just points to the one true indication that is over. We are Overcomers in through Christ! Have faith, do good, and think about whatsoever be true, pure and holy, to endure to the end. Humbly yours.

  17. Charlie says:

    Just for the record I would like to say that I have tried grunting and head shaking (anything for science) and neither seemed to make any difference to my perception of the hum. I have also tried blocking my ears with my fingers and using various other sound reducing devices (eg pillows, headphones) and again they made no difference. The throbbing, rumbling sound I get when I stick my finger(s) in my ears doesn’t resemble my perception of the hum.

    For me, the hum clearly doesn’t behave like normal acoustic sound. So to suggest that it has an internal source seems pretty reasonable. But on the other hand, I’m not sure that we can entirely rule out the possibility that it might be an internal response to some external stimulus eg. radio waves interacting with our pineal gland, or some such.

    To me (I can’t speak for others), the hum ‘sounds’ man-made, it’s like some kind of machine. It doesn’t resemble tinnitis, or any of the other internal noises I have heard. It gives me the impression of being fairly distant, quite unlike other internal sounds. Also it can change quickly, almost as though something is being switched on or off. I know these things don’t prove anything, but I can’t help getting the impression that there is an artificial (human made) factor in all this.

    I’m not sure that I can believe in TI. For instance, I can’t see why ‘they’ would want to target me, particularly if it’s just with some annoying droning noise. But I have sometimes wondered if that annoying drone couldn’t be changed or modulated in some way in order to resemble speech or whatever. Propaganda, politicians, adverts – it’s not a happy thought!


    • Charlie –

      Thanks for another data point. I wonder however how you interpret comments about blocking ears. If someone mentions both plugging with fingers and earplugs, is it WITH fingers and separately WITH earplugs (store bought) or is it fingers AS earplugs??? When one normally plugs an ear with a finger, it both blocks acoustic entry and creates a throbbing sound then overpowers any residual. Overpowers, not blocks. And the result is irrelevant to the Hum (except as the throbbing may suggest the Hum – to me) if (as many feel) the Hum is NOT acoustic.

      I also just did an experiment to show that the “grunt” interruption works for the Hum but not for a simulated (ordinary audio) hum. More details are in my previous notes, and in a new note just posted:

      Click to access ENWN41.pdf

      Bernie hutchins@ece.cornell.edu

      • Charlie says:

        I have wondered that if someone mentions blocking their ears with their fingers what method they might use to this. And I don’t know if someone mentions using both earplugs and fingers if they mean separately or simultaneously, unless of course if they say so. I guess some folk communicate their methods better than others.

        But regardless of the actual method used I suppose that they are reducing acoustic entry to some degree. And by so doing they make their perception of the hum more apparent. At least that has been my experience.

        Much to the horror of my daughter I have just tried the grunting method again (I had to leave the room). But again I didn’t notice any effect on my perception of the hum. But like finger blocking grunting can be done in various ways. Maybe you have a better technique! Have you tried making other types of sound? High grunts, low grunts etc.

        So far, I have found nothing that affects my perception of the hum. So I am greatly looking forward to seeing Glen’s findings with the Deming box.


      • straightcue says:

        Thanks Bernie for your source diagnostics pertaining to the hum.

        Perhaps this can be of some help to others too plus aid into a further research in how to counteract the Hum.

        I find many methods to relieve me of my physical stress that is caused by the pressure impedance I experience regularly. I do believe that is an effective method to help relieve any increasingly amount of hum from trapping your mind into a gridlock paralysis. I do use earplugs at night, and sometime during the day to just have some room silence.

        See the body is comprised from that electrical current I was speaking of in an earlier post, and that generated electrical field is your bodies aura. So in order to offset your body’s aura from being too “contaminated” by this pressure “influence/source”, you need to create an anti-disturbance to reset your reception, either in only solely mental exercises to stimulate the brain to react differently in response to the impedance or in other physical means to counteract the affects of the Hum that is being impeded on yourself.

        I use a strong vibrating massager to press against my ear drums and particularly along my bone structure as well massaging my muscles with the tool to induce a recosuting vibration that allows me to escape the “skirt” of the contraption pressure/impedance. This is one method I have found that works. Another is using a hairdryer and using it to tingle the skin, which is using the heat close enough to the skin till it stings slightly. This also helps with causing the body to reset its heat sensory system, because its interaction with heat, removes some additional pressure. Another form that I use is turning the hair dryer around and pressing the intake fan beside my ear and lose myself in the whirling noises, meaning to let my ear receivability to travel into the zings of the fan turning. And for one last method that I have found works immediately, but I don’t recommend unless your extremely careful. I using a certain type of earplug, with one of those tiny screwdrivers, and stick in the ear, far as it will allow me to go, and use the massager against the handle of the screwdriver and massage inside my ear drum. This provides me with almost an incredible amount of relief. I know these methods work, but I do say, that I experience I high volume of pressure impedance, so I do having to repeat some of these methods 3 or 4 times a week.

        Nevertheless, whichever works, but I do say with precaution, you can try all of these methods, and even though the Hum reappears, it will have more lasting affect, that while your doing this stuff to be constantly thinking about good things, this helps the reset of your mental existences of experiences, and physical body aura intake projections to be aligned with good measure of associative value. I like when I’m taken seriously. Have a good day y’all.

      • As a doctor told me when I was younger: I do not recommend sticking anything bigger than one’s elbow into one’s ear!

      • Charlie commented: “Maybe you have a better technique! Have you tried making other types of sound? High grunts, low grunts etc.”

        I didn’t define this very well did I? Short, low-level “unnn” types similar to what you would emit if someone were explaining something to you – thereby granting them permission to continue. Only very short duration.

        As previously mentioned, head shaking, talking, etc., all work fairly well.

        But what I didn’t explain very well, or perhaps not emphasize, is that it is the RETURN of the Hum that is most evident. One’s mind doesn’t seem to work fast enough to “Register” the silent period. How would one notice that a sound is (was) gone when it is ALREADY BACK? I think what I key-in on are the returns, the ramps back up following the grunt.



  18. Jonathan says:

    Charlie, this is a good report of your personal experience. All through today I have been hearing the hum and perceive it to the right of my head. Monitoring it through the day I have noticed that the texture of the sound changes slightly from a single low-frequency note to a modulated effect, maybe 3 or 4 hertz (idling diesel engine effect). Tinma said that when she blocks her ear canal either by using ear plugs or gently inserting the little finger in the ear the sound disappeared. I have just tried the same method and the sound was still present and still perceived the hum to be external of the head. As I think the hum sound is being generated inside the head but perceived to be an external sound, could it possibly be that Tinma is hearing an external acoustic sound that is travelling in the air and not the hum?

    I think the reason why some people hear the sound and others do not could be related to the length of the auditory nerve where different lengths of the nerve equals different wavelengths. The hum is a very annoying phenomenon and I think the only way that we are going to progress on the matter is to do it as a collective body. Governments, the medical and psychiatric professions, and many scientists do not seem interested in investigating the issue as it is something they cannot see so as far as they are concerned it’s all in the mind of the individual and therefore is something that does not exist. But the hearers know different and will say it is real and I for one believe them 100% being one of the many ‘hearers’.

    In some way we have to get to the root cause and of this phenomenon as it causing many hundreds or possibly thousands of people mental trauma and discomfort. Somebody out there has to know something about what is causing this sound or possibly the source which would be even better. I would welcome a report from any anonymous scientific whistle-blowers on the subject. Are there any people in the scientific communities hearing the hum?

      • I agree with you very much on the notion of collective effort. Many good things in society have come from collective action, without the aid or approval of universities, politicians, or bureaucracies. I think a critical mass of opinion is building on the Hum, and people in sufficient numbers will demand answers surrounding it.

      • TINMA says:

        I still havent figured out why ass it got warmer I heard the hum less.This fall will be interesting. I will try the finger in the ear again. i may not be remembering this effect correctly.

      • Tinma said June 23, 2016 at 8:44 am in part: “I still havent figured out why as it got warmer I heard the hum less.”

        Me too. Possibly you have windows open more during warm weather? I’ll bet. Relatively tiny amounts of outside environmental noise make the Hum hard to hear – in my experience, and so it is generally reported.


    • Charlie says:

      Yes I agree, the evidence does suggest that.despite being perceived as an external sound the Hum is in fact somehow being generated inside the head. And judging from what Tinma wrote I think she was probably hearing a normal sound. It’s not hard to confuse normal sound for the hum. I live in rural Australia, and occasionally aircraft fly over. To me the hum sounds very like a distant plane, so to test whether I’m hearing the hum or a plane I block my ears. If the sound drops it’s a plane, if not it’s the hum.

      I’m not sure what percentage of the general population are hearers. But I seem to recall reading somewhere that it is about 2%. If that is so, then surely some of the 2% must be scientists working in relevant fields. The problem is, I think, that the hum is often seen as the domain of fringe thinkers, or people confusing it with normal sound. And as such it would be very difficult to get uni’s etc to commit to serious research.

      So, I guess that in some senses the hum suffers from an image problem. Like UFOs it seems to be a magnet for slightly crazy people and it’s often trivialised by the media . If some people somewhere do actually know what causes the hum, and if they don’t want it stopped for whatever reason (maybe it’s militarily useful), then it’s not hard to imagine that they might want to capitalise on the hum’s slightly dodgy reputation. One can only speculate as to what lengths they may be prepared to go to in order to do this. (Paranoid? Not me!.)

      I can’t see it atm, but I think Glen said in his reply to your post that what we needed was a sufficiently large groundswell of opinion. (Apologies if I’ve got that wrong). Anyway it does seem reasonable that if enough people report it that it will become harder to ignore or dismiss.


  19. straightcue says:

    Really? just google “whistle blowers harrp” and you will get plenty of info.. Why isnt harrp being a subject being researched?

    Do you even know what that machine does, and it has the power to affect the whole world, so why amidst the topic when its right there in front of your eyes. Every body generates a electrical field and it can be altered by various types of sounds. And if your adjusted well enough, it can make you spiritually receptive to allow others to invade you by entering your field of energy to “listen” into your thoughts. Though it sound sophiciated but really its not, its old school age stuff, ever heard your gramma’s voice in your head when you were going to snatch that cookie out of the jar or trim of some extra cake knowing company was coming over? well thats alot closer to home when its understand what goes on there and how it links up with brain and with the synaptic control (growth & development) and works with your spiritual consistency….. Match it up is what they say when they listen in clear enough and find a comfort zone in your spirituality sense to start a profic image of your brain pathways “responses/reaction”. They teach themselves to just think something different what you think about, and if your a good nature person, its like fighting the other half that is evil, yet you know its not you. So matter to point, thats really whats going on here, and this kind of hitting the point but not is pretty much baby babble far as I’m concern, till you recognize the bigger picture of it all, but please do continue on, its getting interesting, like Glen says.

    Start researching Harrp and promise you, you wont get any happy feedback about the project and its “ferments”.

    • I don’t understand what you are saying, but I think you meant to write “HAARP”, not “Harrp”. I’ve written on HAARP elsewhere on this blog, and you perhaps you can post a comment there.

  20. Gerry says:

    Re collective effort and critical mass.

    I concur.

    Perhaps you might post a new header on your site, suggesting that each and every one of us who perceive the hum go and consult with their GP’s to seek medical advice and in turn a medical examination.

    I’ve already engaged in this and found the effort rewarding.

    You’ve had in excess of “ten thousand” posters give a geographical location to where they are hearing the sound and other data.

    Imagine how “excited” the scientific fraternity worldwide might get, if each one of those ten thousand posters landed on the door of their medical practitioner’s surgeries simultaneously!

    You alone, could prompt something of this nature by devoting a thread to this one point.

    I would hazard a guess that the Hum would become a mainstream medical complaint warranting “serious” medical investigation by qualified practitioners(ie those who can sign off on it!) “rather quickly” from this point onward.

    Giving them no choice but to acknowledge it and in turn ‘research it!’

    Then perhaps, the same qualified professionals who are currently ’embarassed’ about announcing they are perceiving the hum(as mentioned in your earlier post) , will now have license and funding to research and contribute to it positively.

    Them and at least ‘ten thousand’ others.


  21. Jonathan says:

    I suggest a new thread on how we can determine the source of the hum. It would appear that something inside the cranium is acting as a “demodulator”, therefore the hum effect is being modulated onto a RF carrier wave. Now, if by using an external RF generator with a wide sweep of frequencies an ‘interference’ wave could be generated to produce a “beat” effect which should also effect the perception of the hum as well. Just one theory of mine but I hope it helps. Hearers have been suffering the effects of this phenomenon for far too long and it’s about time mainstream science picked up on it and started a full-scale investigation of where the source could be.

    • Charlie says:

      I like the idea of using an RF generator. Not knowing anything about them, I had a quick look at Wikipedia, and it said that their output typically varies from a few Hz to 6 GHz. Some will also allow you to modulate the output in various ways – AM ,FM, phase, pulse etc. If you slowly swept over the hum’s carrier frequency, you might notice a ‘blip’ or something.

      I’m unsure about how well a RF generator would work as radio transmitter in VLF or ELF – mainly because I’ve read that transmitters in those frequencies need special aerials. But perhaps it could be made to work as a very low powered radio transmitter, or maybe you could just stick the output wires to your head (: . I really don’t know, but I’m curious enough to want to find out a bit more about these things.

      Anyway a quick search revealed RF signal generators for sale on amazon – some are less than $200. Again I don’t know if they’d be suitable. But it could be an avenue worth looking at.


      • An RF signal generator is typically of very very low power just as a test signal for various receivers. You would be connecting to the (input) antenna terminals of the receiver being tested. Else you could use a “dummy load” which is typically just a resistor. That’s what they call it – not sure they had anyone’s head in mind!!! If you need an aerial you also probably need an FCC license too! Odds are with YOU however. Have fun.

      • Charlie says:

        Hi Bernie, I had a quick look on the net and found a site where someone had used a EICO signal generator as a ‘flea powered’ AM transmitter. Apparently the thing had enough power for it to be picked up on regular am receivers around the house. The aerial was a coil of wire (no dimensions were mentioned) hooked up directly to the output of the signal generator. I have no idea if you can do this with other frequencies etc.

        I hadn’t really thought that much about the regulatory side of it. I sort of assumed that if were possible to use a signal generator as a transmitter that it be so low powered that it wouldn’t be a problem. Probably wouldn’t hurt to check though!

      • Charlie –

        Quite correct. From memory of MANY years ago, you could use an AM transmitter of up to 100 mW. The “kicker” was that you had to attach a label signed by a certified/licensed 3rd-class radio engineer stating that the input power to the final stage was no more than 100 mW. Now that’s hard to get!

        In practice, you are unlikely to get caught. Some friends were operating a bandit FM station (relaying the BBC short-wave) using a surplus FM “Exciter”. Eventually (months later) the FCC came knocking, complimenting them on the quality of their signal 30 miles away, and suggesting that they really SHOULD stop.

        Oh – for fun – unrelated to the Hum.


      • Charlie says:

        So assuming that there are no legal issues, the main consideration is whether an RF signal generator is going to be capable of acting effectively as a low powered transmitter in frequencies outside of the regular broadcast AM band.

        I’m not sure what kind of antenna would be suitable. Given that a signal generator can produce a wide range of frequencies I guess a tuned antenna is out of the question. Perhaps just a random length of wire might function as a very inefficient antenna.

        The issues of antenna design, legalities etc. might possibly be side stepped if, as I mentioned before, I just connected the output to my body, Possibly the output of any variable RF oscillator could be used in a similar way. Assuming that the Hum is RF of some sort, it’s possible that something inside me is acting as a tuned circuit in order to receive it, so turning myself into a low powered transmitter at the appropiate frequency might ‘do something’ to my perception of the Hum.

        There are a number of technical issues, and obviously I don’t have the expertise to address them all properly. Perhaps the easiest thing to do would be to get one of these devices and just experiment with it. Anyway I quite fancy myself as a human RF transmitter, and with any luck I might glow in the dark as well – you can only hope.


      • There is no such thing as an RF (Radio Frequency) generator or an AF (Audio Frequency) generator. Both are just “oscillators” that produce periodic waveforms, almost always voltages. While an oscillator produces a voltage, it is neither inherently AF nor RF. The terms RF or AF apply to the oscillator’s frequency range, and how the oscillator output is USED.

        Traditionally AF means, logically enough, frequencies in the audible range of 15 Hz to 20,000 Hz. RF is traditionally 500 KHz to perhaps 100 MHz (much higher today). AF is traditionally converted to sound in the air by using a speaker (or headphones or other transducer), intended for the ear. It propagates at a slow 1100 ft/sec (speed of sound). RF is traditionally RADIATED to empty space by some sort of antenna and is intended for an electrical receiver. It propagates at the much faster speed of light (186,000 miles/sec).

        Whether or not AF or RF voltages can be applied to that human body (without carefully considering transducers or receivers) is largely undefined, except as a resistive load. It is a matter of impedances. You are unlikely to notice a 1 MHz microvolt signal that an AM radio would appreciate. A 35 KV impulse from an electric fencer will knock you back, but not really hurt. A 60 Hz, 117V jolt from a wall socket can kill you. So potential grief – but unlikely anything useful about the Hum.

      • Charlie says:

        I appreciate your points about oscillators and output voltages etc. I have no idea what output voltage would be suitable if somebody tried to connect the output to their body. And so far I have blithely ignored the question of impedance matching!

        In this situation there is some overlap between typical audio frequencies and the suspected ELF (3 – 30 Hz) and VLF (3K – 30K Hz) RF bands.

        Basically I just picked up on an idea from Jonathon, which caught my imagination. I think the best thing for me to do atm is to do a little reading on these matters.


  22. Marcus says:

    Just to comment on the hum and it’s relation to weather conditions _l find the hum gets louder on warm, quiet and especially foggy nights. After many sleepless nights l would drive around hoping to locate the source of this pest and eventually ended up at the gates of an electricity substation about one mile away. I got chatting to a worker and was told that when it gets warm _cooling pumps automatically cut in to cool the towers at the substation hence the warmer the weather _the more pumps would be running and the louder the noise. I also believe that many people may have really acute senses they are not aware of.for example some dogs can actually smell cancer and it is proven that animals will vacate an area long before a natural disaster eg.earthquake,tsunami occurs.maybe some of us are programmed to be on the alert for any form of danger.just my own thoughts _ Marcus _cork_ireland

    • TINMA says:

      Marcus said, “Just to comment on the hum and it’s relation to weather conditions _l find the hum gets louder on warm, quiet and especially foggy nights.”

      I have found just the opposite , the warmer it is(40-45 degrees f it seems) the less I hear the hum. It is 80-90s around here, I have tried to hear it and do not. I have a hunch the hum will return this fall.

  23. Gerry says:

    “The time has come…

                                       …to solve the hum!”

    Re: research and some simple tests to evaluate ‘auditory perception’ of the worldwide Hum.

    By Gerry.

    (Southeast Ireland.)

    Aside from undertaking professionally evaluated medical examinations of my auditory senses(to include an MRI), here is a list of personal experiences and experiments that I’ve undertaken so far with my own individual perception of ‘The Worldwide Hum!’

    Note: I had begun to consider the possibility that the hum may have been ‘detected’ or even ‘generated’ from within another sensory organ related to our auditory senses aside from the ear, but having reconsidered five years of my own experience with it, complimented with some recent testing; I now believe that everything leading to final perception of the tone, commences with a frequency entering our audio senses “via the ear.”

    Experiment 1) 

    “Hum Block” :

    I can ‘completely’ silence the hum by covering my left Auricle/Pinna(ie entire ear!) with my hand or by pushing the anti-tragus ‘gently’ towards my ear canal to form a seal.

    I cannot achieve a ‘Hum block’ by repeating the processes with the right Auricle.

    (Note: Hum block= total cessation of Hum tone)

    See link below for diagram of Auricle anatomy.


    Also, I cannot achieve “Hum block” with any artificial “man made” plastic, foam, or silicon based ear plug(or similar), regardless of how hard I try to seal my ear canal.

    (Right or left ear.)

    Conclusion experiment 1:  

    a) The Hum is ‘first’ being detected within the mechanism of the ear with the frequency ‘incoming’ from an external source.

    (In my case, the left ear only—though this may differ for individual anatomies?)

    b) The Hum ‘frequency’ is able to pass through regular ‘inert’ matter(eg. man made), but not through biological living tissue, thus implying it’s an ‘incoming frequency only’ and “living tissue”(so far tested) can somehow disrupt this frequency.

    c) The hum frequency is not created by an internal source within the human anatomy.

    Experiment 2) 

    “Finger tap”

    By gently but ‘positively’ tapping my forehead with my index finger, I can alter the tone to a slightly higher pitch which lasts for circa two to three seconds, it then returns to the lower and more standard reported ‘monotone’ pitch.

    (Note: tap once or twice and pause until you detect frequency change, be patient and you should perceive the higher tone eventually.)

    Conclusion experiment 2:

    A mechanism involving ‘sensory perception of sound within the brain’, can alter the pitch of the Hum “if” it experiences an external vibration and/or is interrupted by an external secondary tone.

    (Perception pathway most likely commencing within the ear.)

    Experiment 3) 


    By immersing my left Auricle in water, I can achieve ‘Hum Block’.

    By immersing my right Auricle in water, I cannot achieve Hum block.

    Conclusion experiment 3:

    a) Water can block the frequency entering the ear.

    b) That “my” perception of the hum begins after the frequency enters my left ear only.

    c) The hum frequency is incoming to human sensory perception from an externally generated source only.

    Experiment 4)

    “Location, location, location”:

    Occasionally the hum tone can be almost silent and by changing location from one to another, within the normal place you detect it(eg your home), the tone can increase to a higher intensity.

    This works by going outside a structure and returning in and/or relocating from one position within a structure to another(eg. moving from downstairs to upstairs).


    Conclusion experiment 4:

    The Hum frequency perception can be increased from a low level to a higher level by increased heart rate and associated endocrine electrochemical interactions caused by body movement.

    (Even minor increase in body movement is sufficient to increase tone perception.)

    Experiment 5)

    “From dusk till dawn”:

    Nighttime perception of the hum frequency tends to be higher than daytime perception.

    Conclusion experiment 5:

    a) Frequency perception is higher at night.

    (Possibly caused by our circadian rhythms as influenced by endocrine hormonal secretions, eg. Melatonin production from the Pineal gland promoting sleep.)


    b) Perceived frequency created by external source, but at a higher intensity/energy level after dusk.

    Experiment 6)


    There are destinations where I can go that I cannot perceive the hum tone.

    (Day and night for extended periods of time.)

    Conclusion experiment 6:

    a) The Hum frequency is not being internally generated or created by a sensory organ within the human anatomy.

    b) The Hum frequency is manufactured artificially and originates from an external source “only”.


    May I suggest that those of you who are willing to consider the above, to try out these simple tests for yourselves.

    Your results may or may not correlate with mine, but I would predict that ‘many’ of you will experience similar with perhaps subtle differences only.

    (Eg. You may experience same results,  but from opposite ear.)

    The data you collect will be valuable for reference should you decide to take it further towards undertaking a ‘professionally overseen’ medical hearing examination; which in turn will help greatly with the international establishment of the worldwide Hum as a recognised and “official” medical complaint demanding the appropriate research.

    Best of luck to all,


    • Gerry gave a report on 6 experiments, June 21, 2016 at 11:04 pm

      Gerry – Expt 1: “I can ‘completely’ silence the hum by covering my left Auricle/Pinna (ie entire ear!) with my hand or by pushing the anti-tragus ‘gently’ towards my ear canal to form a seal. I cannot achieve a ‘Hum block’ by repeating the processes with the right Auricle.”

      Bernie Reply: Given that some people hear the Hum and others don’t, it is not particularly surprising that in some individuals one ear “experiences “ the Hum and the other doesn’t. I is interesting, but ears are not completely symmetrical. My right ear (“gun ear”) is less sensitive than the left since army days! But your experiment does suggest a disruption of one ear (one of two) instead of the effect of a pineal gland (one of one). Also, you may be confusing “blocked” with “overwhelmed”. A pillow should “block” any real sound. A hand over the ear could easily cause a tremor that stops the Hum from fluctuating.

      Gerry – Expt 2: “By gently but ‘positively’ tapping my forehead with my index finger, I can alter the tone to a slightly higher pitch which lasts for circa two to three seconds, it then returns to the lower and more standard reported ‘monotone’ pitch.”

      Bernie Reply: Nothing for me. Tapping the forehead (I assume center) is rather directly to the skull and both inner ears by bone conduction. No good ideas.

      Gerry – Expt 3: “By immersing my left Auricle in water, I can achieve ‘Hum Block’. By immersing my right Auricle in water, I cannot achieve Hum block.

      Bernie Reply: Likely consistent with Expt 1. Not sure how you manage to do this water block. I assume your head is tipped! Conceivably, there would be less pressure than with a hand. But water in the pinna would disrupt the directional cues. Tough experiment.

      Gerry – Expt 4 “Occasionally the hum tone can be almost silent and by changing location from one to another, within the normal place you detect it (eg your home), the tone can increase to a higher intensity. This works by going outside a structure and returning in and/or relocating from one position within a structure to another (eg. moving from downstairs to upstairs).
      Conclusion experiment 4:
      The Hum frequency perception can be increased from a low level to a higher level by increased heart rate and associated endocrine electrochemical interactions caused by body movement. (Even minor increase in body movement is sufficient to increase tone perception

      Bernie Reply: Is the write-up confounded at this point? You seem to have two experiments here – changing geographical location, and changing heart-rate etc! Changing location of course also changes background noise, which is hard to control. Not sure about just body movement. You say it makes the Hum louder?

      Gerry – Expt 5: “Nighttime perception of the hum frequency tends to be higher than daytime perception.”

      Bernie Reply: Do you mean “frequency” as in pitch or likely occurrences. I assume the latter (here and above). I think everyone agrees on this. A reduction of environmental noise at night would seem a major factor. Also, if it’s louder at night, presumably your heart-rate (etc.) slows down at night, and this (second part of experiment 4) means you have a contradiction.

      Gerry – Expt 6: “Holidays”: There are destinations where I can go that I cannot perceive the hum tone.”

      Bernie Reply: This seems to be the same as Experiment 4.

      • Gerry says:


        I think perhaps, the only confusion I can see here, with specific regard to your ‘critical analysis’ of mine and each and every one else’s postings(from what I can see!!) rests firmly with you.

        Perhaps, you should ‘hold back’ on your ‘obvious’ determination to try and prove your theory while simultaneously doubting everyone else’s and wait and see what results from other hum sufferers might come in.

        (Note: my last post was tests and “obvious” conclusions, nothing more!)

        Failing that, go see your own medical practitioner, get the necessary scans, read up on your biology, converse with ‘qualified professionals” who can push “real” research forward and then perhaps you will be in a ‘better place’ to offer your ‘electrical engineering’ input.



      • I approve of a vibrant exchange of ideas, and I also encourage that exchange to focus on specifics of science.

  24. Charlie says:

    I tried the tragus blocking and the head tapping, and neither made any difference for me. I suppose this could mean that responses to these methods can vary between individuals.

    I agree that the Hum probably has some external origin. Though I’m not convinced that the source is acoustic, for the simple reason that (for me) none of the sound blocking methods that I have tried have had any effect. Which suggests to me that the source may be electromagnetic (ie. intentional or unintentional radio transmission). I don’t know what internal mechanism is that could turn RF energy into the the perception of sound, but it’s not implausible that somehow this is happening.

    If the source of the Hum is external and can be identified, it might go some way in helping this be seen as a (possibly treatable?) medical condition. If the source is known it might be easier to pinpoint the mechanism responsible for its perception. The fact that some people report being able to change their perception of the Hum by using variety of methods – tapping, grunting, antidepressants etc. – suggests that we may be able to exercise some control over our experience of the Hum. Maybe these (and other) methods could give an insight into means for reducing suffering. An extreme remedy might involve surgery, but I like to think that it wouldn’t have to come to that!


    • Gerry says:


      I believe it’s an RF frequency also, one which is somehow being converted into a tone at the point of perception.

      For me at least, this RF frequency seems to originate its pathway to perception via my left ear!


      If you read through my thoughts again, 4 and 6 are most definitely different.
      In 4, I mention that I perceive tone at some level.

      In 6 , I clearly say I don’t and my conclusions are different also.

      And I can assure you, my thoughts pertaining to the hum are not confounded or contradictory in any way whatsoever.


      • Charlie says:

        Hi Gerry
        So if I’m correct, what you’re saying is that you hear the Hum in your left ear, but if you put your (L) ear in water or use the tragus you can block it, whereas the other types of soundproofing that you’ve tried don’t work in this way.

        One thing that may be worth noting here is that the tragus also contains water. This is Really Speculative, but if it is RF entering through your ear, maybe it’s water thats blocking it. If you’re using the tragus (which is fairly thin) to block your ear then the thickness of the finger that you use (and the water it contains) could be adding to the thickness of water in the tragus. Maybe that small thickness of water is enough to block or attenuate certain RF.

        Possibly you could try holding other water containing objects (eg a hotwater bottle) up against your ear. ( Or organise something along the lines of a Faraday cage.) But again, it was just an idle thought, I have no idea how effective a layer of water a few mils thick would be in blocking RF of any sort, but it might be worth looking into.


  25. Gerry –

    You do not need to assure me. Tell me what I said that is wrong and why it s wrong. That’s how science works.


    • Gerry says:

      Ok Bernie,

      And I agree.

      For now, I think it’s fair to say we all want this thing solved.
      And in time, I’m sure it will happen.



  26. Eva Fishman says:

    The posts by Charlie start out sounding erudite, but lose credibility with every exclamation point and quote marks. Excessive and improper use of both puts what is said into the tongue and cheek category, and makes it hard to accept any value it may have in furthering scientifically what the HUM is. I doubt the majority of hearers, especially those in parts of the globe who are indigent or outside industrial, academic, and scientific environments, experiment with ways to stop hearing it. I will say again what I posted a few months ago: I believe the HUM has been around far longer than when VLF, microwave towers etc.started to be built, and what has “suddenly” become a phenomenon is due to instant global communication and the ability to go where people hear it, and not so much to it being a new problem CAUSED by modern technology, but technology has exacerbated it and made it possible for large numbers of people to report it . I DO agree that there may be something to theories that all the drilling and mining, etc. has damaged/impacted the earth in ways that are yet to be understood, and by the time we DO understand, it will be too late. A confluence of technology and natural phenomena is likely at least one source of the HUM. I articulated it better previously.

    Glen has made it a credible problem worth continued study, and given those of us without his scientific “chops” a place to discuss it without ridicule. (I’m grateful for that). Sticking to the scientific process as he has is the only way to discovering the source(s) of the HUM. Anecdotal and personal experiments won’t help (unless and or until) they can be replicated with the same outcomes for thousands of hearers.

    Thanks –

    • Thanks, but you can make a big contribution without scientific credentials. Start digging through the Times of London digital archive, which goes back as far as the late 1700s. I have been shown a few very interesting stories from the 1800s that make me wonder. If convincing examples can be discovered, then this would change the course of my research dramatically. You will need to get creative in your search terms and, alas, you may need to sift through all the ghost and haunting stories. Incidentally, those stories tend to come in waves, separated by several decades. There’s a Masters thesis waiting there for an interested graduate student.

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Eva
      I fear I may be giving the wrong impression here. Honestly I’m not trying to be tongue in cheek. Admittedly some of my posts may be sloppily written and of little scientific value, but I am trying to be sincere. I’ll try to make the effort to be a little more careful with how I express myself in future.

      all the best

      • Charlie –

        My impression is that you comment, and then ask reasonable questions (like about RF generators). You then LISTEN to and digest the responses you get. Then you refine your comments and ask refined questions. We need more like you.


      • Charlie says:

        Cheers for that Bernie. It’s been good to be able to get the opinion of someone who has some knowledge and experience with those things.

  27. Gerry says:

    Hi Folks,

    A dear friend of mine “John” from Wisconsin sent me this link earlier.

    I fount it very interesting.
    (To say the least!!)



  28. George G. says:

    Eva Eva Eva,

    You don’t understand our Aussie sense of humour.

    What Charlie stated is as credible as anybody else’s theory, including yours. And what better place to observe the theory you propose than from outside an industrial, academic and scientific environment.

    Please do not hold the view that only city folk are qualified to experiment.

    Oh, by the way, I am in complete agreement with you in regard to the Hum’s existence prior modern technology.

    I just cannot prove it, and probably never will.

    Now it’s time for another beer, sit outside in the peaceful country air, think about some technical problems to solve perhaps, and—-dammm what’s that awful humming noise—?

    • Gerry says:


      Did someone mention BEER??

      Yeah…. now you’re talking!!

      Wash it down with this..

      7.33 seconds of blissful Hum relief!!(for science of course!!)

      Ps.. Charlie, I’ll try out those water blocking tricks you suggested and get back to ya.


      • So now I’ve seen it all; the word “beer” appearing (twice) on the World Hum Blog. I haven’t loss my sense of humour, and so I’ll spare you all my mild disapproval (I am a high school teacher, after all).

      • Gerry says:

        My apologies Glen.

        I won’t do it again.
        (I promise!!)

        But this version is for the purists!!
        (& for science!!—honest!)


    • Charlie says:

      Hi Gerry One last thing about the water blocking (then I’ll shut up about it -for the moment anyway) . Seeing as RF can be blocked by conducting materials (eg. sheets of metal) it might help to put some salt in the water . Making the water more conductive might reduce its skin depth to whatever frequency that might be involved.


    • Eva Fishman says:

      Hi George –

      You may be right that I don’t understand Aussie humor, but know that if it weren’t for my sense of humor, I’d have no sense at all…
      Anyway, my comment that “I doubt the majority of hearers, especially those in parts of the globe who are indigent or outside industrial, academic, and scientific environments, experiment with ways to stop hearing it” was misinterpreted.
      Peoples in jungle environments, indigent areas, or are nomadic by necessity focus on basics like food, safety, and shelter, and not on “what is that sound and where is it coming from?” I wonder if surveying those populations would yield a whole category of HUM hearers that currently we aren’t aware exist. It would have to be face-to-face, in their language – they most likely do not have TV, computers, or cell phones. If they DO hear the HUM, what might that say about the cause, with no VLF or other “modern” sources for hundreds of miles?

      As for historical data, back in early spring Glen responded to one of my posts that he has made forays into the topic, and challenged me to do more in depth investigating.

      On another note, trying to follow some of the posts and keeping the chronology straight and who wrote what, is confusing. I do want to respond to the pineal gland remarks, (whoever made them) though, so here goes (BTW, I have a medical background):

      While it is true that the pineal gland can become calcified, especially as we age, the “crystals” formed migrate to the part of the ear with hair-like structures called cilia. However, that fact seems to have been misinterpreted to suggest the “crystals” act as receivers for signals that are interpreted by the brain as the HUM. The problem with that is we’d have to get data on all HUM hearers and see if they have such calcifications, and my scientific sense tells me not all hearers do. The corollary would be that not all people with calcifications hear the HUM. Also, calcification can occur in people as young as 17, but is common in the elderly (one of the prices of long life), and compromises hearing – but most HUM hearers seem to have normal if not acute hearing. Much contradictory data that I will keep in mind, but hold with skepticism until scientifically proven. While simplified, the functions of the pineal gland (taken from a medical education site) are as follows:

      The pineal gland is involved in several functions of the body including:
      Secretion of the Hormone Melatonin
      Regulation of Endocrine Functions
      Conversion of Nervous System Signals to Endocrine Signals
      Causes Feeling of Sleepiness
      Influences Sexual Development

      None of these functions seem to have much to do with the HUM (or am I missing something?). Since I don’t drink, I’m going to have a cold glass of tea or lemonade (it’s been in the 90s here with high humidity), and think about all of this while laying in my suspended hammock swing …

  29. straightcue says:

    How about trying to duplicate the sound, take the earth stratosphere tone, and mix it with what affects the pineal gland on human beings and start there. Impedances, think energy fields and body aura’s, anything that creates a pressurized zone. And this said “frequency” can used with the power-grid to enhance it’s incompetence/circulation. Is to why “IF” your not so much a TI, going to a isolated place away from the city, you will lessen the affects of it. Where is within the power-grid, and being a TI, your more receptive to the resonating affects. But duly note, that if your a specific TI. Going away to an isolated place, you can still be largely affected, because of the spiritual overlay. And to note this.. that means your body is being attempted to be possessed, so the pressurized zone around you, is whomever targeted you, trying to get in, by matching your “physic” profile image. (weather unknowing, or not.) And this can regard to your physical being subjected to mind kinesiology via algorithm-isms. Seriously go there, and thats it. Process Application Predetermined Source. Ready for your PAPS Test? just for an example.

  30. George G. says:

    I’m glad your sense of humour is still intact Glen. Don’t let it leave you, it’s important to laugh away anxiety, especially Hum related anxiety.

    For serious experimenters only: After a couple of b–rs the Hum vanishes. Now there’s a Nobel Prize waiting——

  31. Charlie says:

    George are you serious when you say a couple of drinks quieten the Hum? I hadn’t really noticed that myself… I think Ill have to do bit more research here. As you probably know somebody else mentioned that antidepressants had an effect on the hum. Food for thought I guess.

  32. George G. says:

    Yes Charlie, I am serious, but we have to be cautious here, because it may be due to distraction rather than direct cure.
    I often become noisy after a couple, chat more, play music, sing, etc. and as you and others are probably aware, the Hum is easily forgotten with the slightest of background noise.

    Sadly, I cannot say it attenuates the Hum at 3.00AM while trying to sleep, but I hope you enjoy further research in this regard.

    Cheers mate.

  33. George G. says:

    Hello Eva,
    Judging by your opening line I would say your sense of humor is well developed. And with your permission I will use that grand line myself when the opportunity presents itself.

    Thank you for your medical commentary on calcification of the pineal gland. My vocational training is electronics, but I often draw startling parallels between electronic engineering and biology, so your efforts were indeed appreciated.

    Best wishes,


  34. Jonathan says:

    Let’s just assume that the hum is being modulated onto a radio frequency carrier wave and there is some organ within the cranium that is able to act as a demodulator. Does anyone have any ideas as to what organ would be capable of achieving this? Possibly the basilar membrane within the cochlea perhaps?

    • Gerry says:

      5 star post, 5 star poster.

      To Jonathan..

      Do you think it might be possible for a sinusoidal wave to be be demodulated and converted into “resonance” within the basilar membrane and in turn decoded by the ‘organ of corti’ by way of ‘action potential’ and electrical interference within ion channels(eg. sodium, potassium and calcium ions) as they flow across secretory and epithelical cells?

      If so, could this interference be spotted by way of utilising the ‘patch clamp’ technique (or similar)?

      Ref: Erwin Neher & Bert Sakman

      If so, could highly charged beamed electromagnetic energy (eg. microwave) act as the carrier you mention and in turn be ‘disguising’ a less energetic signal(frequency) which in turn is interacting within the mechanisms of human auditory perceptual awareness by way of presentation as a tone?  
      (Eg. The Hum?)

      Just a thought…

      And I welcome yours in response. 


  35. Jeanine Lyons says:

    Could this possibly be some kind of defense shield for the military? We live in Huntington Beach, CA but have also heard it the Local mountains, far from industry, Chino Hills, CA, Big Sur camping in the forest etc.

    It’s hard to not keep looking for the hums source when it drives me nuts, but then I remember we’ve heard it in the middle of nowhere, as well!

    Have a noise machine and fan going at the same time. It doesn’t drown it out, because as you’ve said, it is more of a vibration, like it’s in the pipes under the pipes or in the walls, but no sound when you put your ear up to it.

    IF IT IS 4G, God help us when 5G goes into effect. Didn’t they just launch satellites for that?
    That was my other theory of why you hear it for months and then it stops for a short time. Maybe it’s when the satellites are closer in range to our location?

    If listening to certain waves and tones can improve sleep and mood etc. what can this sound/vibration be doing to our brains, BESIDES driving us

    It used to be that unusual noises stood out in the quiet here. NOW, if the Hum ever stops, IT IS AN INSTANTLY NOTICEABLE RELIEF!

    The reason it IS so annoying is that because it’s a vibration, it feels like it makes my ear drums move.

    Really appreciate this forum and your work, Glenn. Thank you

    • Eva Fishman says:

      It gets confusing as to what comments people are responding to, because many of the responses are addressing something written 3 or more years ago! Anyway, has anyone else experienced the HUM recently as being horribly loud? The last 6 weeks have been making me certifiable. I’m in Minnesota and we’ve had bizarre weather, 3-4 inches rain in a few hours, record cold (it was 49 degrees yesterday), record snow, etc. again wondering if weather, geology, etc. has anything to do with the HUM (I spoke ad nauseam on this 3 years ago…) along with other factors that are impossible to “delete” out one by one in order to create a controlled study.

      As for distracting myself from it, when the weather is so bad, it is hard to leave the house to get away from it. At night I use a sound machine on white noise. I have been awakened by a sudden increase in intensity and volume of the HUM, so I turn the machine’s volume up until it is less perceivable. I can be “minding my own business” while working around the house, the HUM is essentially absent, when BAM! I’m assaulted by the HUM, with some rooms being much louder than others. I’ve developed a detente with it, if I didn’t, I’d have to be locked in a rubber room (gives new meaning to “bouncing off the walls”, which I do anyway with ADD). It takes a lot of energy to cope with the HUM, and it would be wonderful to at least determine the cause(s), even if we can’t do anything about it.



  36. Robert Radlinski says:

    I started hearing strange sounds ringing in my ears 24 hours a day and seven days a week in 2015. It keeps me awake at night and i havent slept in several years, since 2015. All i can hear is this loud noise ringing in my ears and there is nothing i can do to shut it off. I had testing done by Dr. Hildegrade Staninger and a report from Ben Colodzin advocating for me. Nothing good came of their testing because it doesnt prove anything in court so it feels like all they did was take my money anyways…

  37. Robert Radlinski says:

    I have a loud noise ringing/buzzing making noise in my head nonstop 24 hours a day and i havent slept in several years or since it all started in 2015. Sleep deprivation torture with artificial tinnitus.

    • You haven’t slept in several years?

      • Robert Radlinski says:

        I havent slept since it all started in 2015. Ive applied for disability benefits and im waiting for a determination.

      • Robert Radlinski says:

        I tried reporting my symptoms to the police and they sent me to a psychiatric hospital where they diagnosed me with schizofrenia. The doctors dont believe me and they think im hallucinating symptoms. I joined the ICATOR lawsuit so who knows maybe something good will come of that.

      • You mean poor sleep, right? You’re not saying that you haven’t slept at all in two years are you?

      • Robert Radlinski says:

        I havent slept at all since 2015 when i started hearing this high pitched noise ringing in my ears.

      • That is a remarkable claim, and from what I can see, unheard of in the medical literature except for a genetic prion disease called fatal familial insomnia.

      • Robert Radlinski says:

        I have loud and high pitched squeeling noises keeping me awake 24 hours a day. Artificial tinnitus. Im unable to figure out how this is even possible, or who is doing this to me.

      • I’m afraid I am unqualified to provide any further assistance with this. May I suggest attending a sleep laboratory.

      • Robert Radlinski says:

        Thanks anyways. What i need is a really good doctor who is able to diagnose anomolous health incidents and not just diagnose me as delusional.

  38. straightcue says:

    robert you can contact me at replied4@gmail.com and lets see if we can further talk, regards Dan

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