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If each reader could please audit one Hum Map point

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

Here’s the Hum Map; each of the red points is clickable, which reveals the data within: https://fusiontables.googleusercontent.com/fusiontables/embedviz?q=select+col20+from+1EyjVZqUPpoXGQDa_cry9DqFaBVMOgEyq-3qo85bx&viz=MAP&h=false&lat=51.960881049265694&lng=-96.71619032500007&t=1&z=5&l=col20&y=2&tmplt=2&hml=GEOCODABLE

Here’s the database: https://www.google.com/fusiontables/DataSource?docid=1EyjVZqUPpoXGQDa_cry9DqFaBVMOgEyq-3qo85bx#rows:id=1

Please pick any point in the world and look at the entry. Does the description fit the classic world Hum? Is the sound louder at night, and indoors? Are there any references to high pitched noises? Is data in the incorrect columns? Is there information in a language other than English? Does something seem wrong? Is there anything offensive in the entry?

Please point me toward any Map points that need scrutiny. glen.macpherson@gmail.com


  1. Melissa Padgett says:

    Glen I’m happy to click and audit based on your questions. How do you recommend I track which dots I click, so that I don’t duplicate others’ efforts?

  2. Tracie Thomas says:

    North west tx and west tx looks good. On Apr 24, 2016 10:24 PM, “World Hum Map and Database Project” wrote:

    > Dr. Glen MacPherson posted: “Here’s the Hum Map; each of the red points is > clickable, which reveals the data within: > https://fusiontables.googleusercontent.com/fusiontables/embedviz?q=select+col20+from+1EyjVZqUPpoXGQDa_cry9DqFaBVMOgEyq-3qo85bx&viz=MAP&h=false&lat=51.96088” > >

  3. Lee says:

    I hear what you are saying Melissa – quite a task for USA & Europe. What I did was choose my country – I live in South Africa and it is way easier as there aren’t as many reports. I just continued up the continent till I got to sub Sahara. I took screen shots of reports that may need some editing and emailed those to Glen.

    I am happy/keen to connect with other South Africans who have reported The Hum.

    Thanks all!

  4. Melissa Padgett says:

    I’ll stake out California if no-one else already has. I just reviewed a portion of Southern California and sent the report to you Glen. I was struck by our common experiences: it was depressing, confirming and inspiring all at once. To see (basically) the same report over and over and over… the database is such a valuable tool.

  5. Graham Tomlin says:

    I will work on BC and all the gulf Islands and continue East after that.
    I have found 3 entries on Vancouver Island that I would say don’t fit the classic world hum, but I wish to clarify what that actually means? I certainly have my own idea of what that means as I find myself at this website frequently. So I would consider myself a “sufferer”
    if an entry appears to be a one time event that lasted only a short time to an individual, I myself would not consider that a “classic world hum” entry. Its to bad that each individual entry doesn’t have a way to continuously update their entry point, as several appear as one time events only. I believe to fit the mold of the classic world hum, these points would be from people who continue to hear this sound as time goes by. From reading all the descriptions that each individual point has, you can very quickly see common patterns to the questions, by people who are, without doubt, all hearing the same hum. So when a description doesn’t seem to match all the other common answers, this is what I will base my definition of what is not a “classic world hum”
    Is this a reasonable way to judge each point on the map as questionable? what specific info do we pass onto you? Is it the timestamp that you need? I wouldn’t want to overload you with entries that I personally find questionable.

    • Good post. Hearing it for a brief time is questionable. As for continuous updating, that would be ideal but has proved impossible because it would require a significant new layer of complexity, passwords, and so on. Every last plea I’ve made for technical programming assistance for this project has been met with silence, and so I guess we’ll need to go with what we have. Feel free to tell me about any suspect points (address and timestamp, please). Cheers, Glen.

  6. heelhulpje says:

    Hi Glen,
    What can be more healing than realising you’re not the crazy one… to read about all these strikingly similar stories and complaints and sensitivities… after all these years… Thank you!

    I think I now checked out all Netherlands entries on the map.
    – There was one, in Heemstede (12/10/2014 9:40:10) that said the Hum had stopped. I am of course very curious if it’s still gone.
    – A man in Almere (3/23/2015 11:54:29) describes the sound as a higher pitch than the low frequency diesel-like pulsing most others describe.
    – In Gaanderen (Mar 4, 2014), somebody describes another pitch (a motor cycle at high speed) and also is speaking of something incidental.
    – The entry in the south of Arnhem (5/2/2015 2:32:00) also seems to be more of an incidental character, and does seem to describe a different pitch.
    – The description in Tuindorp (near Lobith) (7/23/2015 4:14:07) is slightly different (blowing in a bottle sound) and describes a different rythm: around the same times, a few times a day.
    – In Vught (10/29/2015 12:14:58), somebody describes a ‘rattling sound’, but the rest of the descriptions are similar
    – in Utrecht ( 7/14/2015 3:19:02) somebody heard the sound once, and does not mention anything structural.
    – Also in Rotterdam (9/3/2015 3:30:13), somebody describes a highly disturbing ‘trumpet’ noise heard one night. Probably an incidental hum.
    – In Monster (5/18/2015 16:23:45), someone hears a hum that is not pulsing like the one most people describe. It starts low, then gets louder and then stops. It might be caused by something else.

    Hope this is of any help for you.

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