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A brief note on mass hysteria and hallucination

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

A few weeks ago a reporter from a serious scientific journal came to Gibsons, BC for an interview. We were sitting on the beach near my home and, after an hour or so, he broached a delicate, but completely legitimate subject: mass hysteria and hallucination as they relate to reports about the world Hum. As a teacher of psychology, I observed his micro-reactions as he prepared to ask his question. His right hand trembled slightly, and his body tensed in anticipation of how I might respond to such an inquiry.

And I was very glad that he did raise the topic. There is a crucial aspect of the world Hum that is revealed through the hundreds (perhaps thousands now) of emails I’ve received on the topic, as well as the almost 10, 000 people have who have made detailed entries into the World Hum and Map and Database. More than 95% of people who write to me or find the world Hum Map do so independently of other people. Mass hysteria is contagious and does not operate that way. And if you haven’t read their reactions, then you should scan the database and do so. Many of them have reported that they have cried in relief that they are not alone and that this is a real and documented phenomenon.

So it’s time to normalize this and move beyond the X-Files and the fantastical world of the Targeted Individuals. We need a major university to pick this up and solve it. When it is solved, I will withdraw to my previous (and quiet) life. And I’ll be good with that.


  1. George G. says:

    Hiya Glen,
    I’m back, (only briefly) and I have some very bad news for you. You will not find a university on this planet that gives a stuff about our problem. Unless there is money to be made they are not interested.

    Paid researchers today work on projects which promise lucrative returns for their bosses. Unless the university can make a buck (sorry, I mean receive funding) then they are not interested. The world is going broke.Governments can no longer provide endless research dollars.
    A good example today on our ABC News——some researchers (and I use the term very loosely) from an Australian university are under the microscope for declaring that sugar is not harmful———. Coke provided the funding. The university administrators refuse to comment. Same theme a month ago, a dodgy university researcher falsifying data to please another corporate donor.

    I’m sorry mate, but unless you can wave a fat corporate carrot under the noses of uni board of directors, then you are stuck with this project.

    Now, should you decide that you need to withdraw back to your previous quite life sooner than later, then do it! I cannot see anyone from this forum objecting to you having a well earned break.

    You have provided enough direction for others to carry on this research, and they can always consult you if they have any questions.



    • Nice to hear from you again, George. I’m afraid your perspective on university research is all too accurate. It has been standard practice for years now on tenure-track professor job applications – even in education – to ask about one’s track record in securing external funding for research. In the case of university presidents, your track record in this area is a deciding factor in perceptions of success. In many major institutions such as UBC, the corporate presence is overwhelming. You can walk from one end of a hallway to the other in the Faculty of Education, for example, and read signs along the lines of, “The International Center for the Study of Interdisciplinary and Integrative Leadership Initiatives in Education”, or some such thing. Over time, buildings become dependent on such external funding and are obviously influenced heavily by the people who write the cheques.

      But that is no excuse for not reaching out to professional scientists who feel the need for answers.

      I’m not going anywhere quite yet; I intend to see this thing through. My only regret here is that I haven’t been effective enough in lobbying for serious investigation into the world Hum.

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  3. A says:

    Ok. Most of these people talk about high pitch hum. But I’ve heard a VERY low pitch hum, that oscilates faster than anything I’ve heard before out of a sub woofer. Its just as loud in any room even if the windows are shut because it’s coming from outside. It never changes volume (loud) and eventually stops after about 5 minutes. It didn’t sound natural and I felt a huge presence coming as if a plane was about to fly really low over head but nothing. I’ve lived in cities for years so I’m used to noise and sounds and this was completely different. This is from Portland Maine

    • I wasn’t aware that most of these people talk about high pitched hums. This website is about a low pitched noise, so I’m glad you found the right site!

      • A says:

        David sands is going all over the comments talking about high pitch frequencies… on your website. LOL check ur comments

  4. ericaryberg says:

    Hi Dr. MacPherson, is there a database of possible sources of relief that we can test, no matter how crackpot? I see a lot of traffic about where people hear it, rate of incidence, source of the energy we perceive, etc, but haven’t stumbled upon an organized resource for palliative or even “cures” apart from CBT, white noise, and relaxation. Thanks!

  5. Jody says:

    Ummm… I have been hearing a low “hum” for years, in two, disparate locations (my urban home, and a remote island I own) (NB: There is no power grid near the island. About 15 years ago, we chose to go with solar, rather than bringing grid power to the island.)

    I FIRST heard of “The World Hum” phenomenon two days ago.

    As such, I didn’t know anyone else heard “the hum” until two days ago.

    • Ian says:

      How do you feel, if you don’t mind my asking, now that you know you are not alone?

      • Jody says:

        Well, Ian, I’m quite fascinated, and even more curious about the source, since so many people are, apparently, also hearing it. Who knew? 😛

  6. milomag says:

    Maybe a university department of audiology would show an interest in the hum. I notice that the hum is not altered one bit for me if my hearing aids are on or not. The hum is exactly the same when I take both my hearing aids out of my ears, which, to me indicates that there’s a resonance acting upon the inner ear nerves IN my head; frequencies being conducted (microwaves)?

  7. Jonathan says:

    Glen, The problem is that radio frequencies or microwaves cannot be ruled out. There is no conclusive evidence the hum sound is a VLF wave travelling in air. Could it possibly be that the hum is being produced by a heterodyning effect and is caused by two separate radio frequencies beating together and the difference between the two frequencies causes the hum effect to be heard in the head but the experience is as if the hum sound is being generated outside of the head? If this is the case, who could be responsible for this form of technology and more importantly, why? As to the reason why, I may have found a possible answer but will only publish my findings should readers wish me to do so.

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