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Here are some statistics: Gender, Age Distribution, Time of Day, Medical Factors

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com


FEMALE – 45%    MALE – 55%

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 10.58.53 AM


Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.28.14 AM

NOTE: The latest data contradicts the long-held belief that the Hum is a middle-aged/older person phenomenon.


Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 12.00.19 PM.png



Right handed – 84.19%    Left Handed – 8.3%     Ambidextrous – 7.8%

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 12.14.46 PM.png

Note that ambidextrous individuals are over-represented among hearers. Most sources suggest that between 1% and 3% of the general population are ambidextrous.


  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks Glen always good to see data on the hum. Here are three things I’ve been curious about for some time and wonder if you or any other hearers have comments about them:
    1) I only hear the Hum in my left ear. What does that say about the type of phenomenon it is? What other sound is heard with only one ear? BTW: I had my hearing checked last year and both ears hear near-perfectly. I DO feel it as a vibration as well in my hands, feet, stomach and teeth, but not always.
    2) About the time I started hearing the Hum full time (2.5 years ago) I had fallen and hit my head on the left side; no concussion but a huge lump and lot of pain for a few days. I’m wondering if there’s any connection and how many hearers have sustained any type of head injury?
    3) I believe that when I dip my ears completely underwater in the bath tub, I don’t hear the Hum. I can hear my own breathing and heart-beat and other people walking or the radio, but no Hum. I dearly wish others would test this, as I believe that would add to our body of knowledge.
    Thanks Glen for continuing to be a standard bearer of investigation of the Hum.

  2. SGVH says:

    Thank you re the WP commenting (your post at YG Hum group). I finally figured out the problem, sorry about that. The problem wasn’t at your end.

    The email addy I was trying to use (SGVH) is connected to a WP blog I never finished setting up, so WP keeps insisting I log in if I want to use that email to comment.

    So I’m using a different addy to comment that is not connected to any WP blogs. Duh on me!

  3. SG says:

    Great news that it’s not just us 60+ people that can hear LF, & that it’s not just women!

    (We get blamed for everything, medically-speaking. I’ve been through the “Disbelief” crap for decades already due to “unconventional” illnesses, CEBV, CFIDS, M.E., etc.)

    As to Melissa’s comment, when it first began here, it was via my left-ear, but over time I can hear it from both ears though at times it sounds like one or the other, depending on direction of the LF & my location inside the premises.

    However, I did get the left-side of my head busted open once in 8th grade, 50 years ago, at a school pool party in the Summer. The boys were balling up soaking wet beach towels into big heavy balls & throwing them to each other across the pool. I was in the pool holding on to the ledge. One of their big heavy towel-balls hit me in the back of the head, slamming the left front side of my head into the hard concrete pool ledge. POW! Ouch! It only required 13-stitches but what a headache for days!

    I also had Encephalitis 25-years ago which means virally-induced brain inflammation, if that might matter.

    I’ve also had a few MRIs (the YG Hum group had wondered about that a few weeks ago).

    I’m also wondering if LF-Hearers are people who get car sick &/or sea sick since those are supposedly inner-ear/balance-related. Both of those can be added to my list of miseries, haha.

    The YahooGroup Hum group was also recently discussing high altitude air pressure. I only have one experience with that, 1977 flying out of a Rockies town of 8900+ feet & up higher to get across the Rockies. All the sudden it felt like someone was stabbing both my ears with ice picks, excruciating! Just as I was on the verge of screaming out loud, it stopped. Whew!

    I’m also wondering the shape/size of “Frequency Hearers/Feelers.” I was born a runt, small, petite, thin bone frame, small head, so I probably have a thin skull, too. 🙂

    Add amalgams as inside oscillating antennas & we have a big mess on our hands as I not only hear the horrible frequencies (LF to higher MWR) but FEEL them via internal-bodily/chest/heart/lungs/gut & internal-head/brain/eyes vibrations (beginning as of late-April/early-May 2014 & continuing).

    • Deb says:

      So good to see your post, as I too was the “crazy” one , until my husband heard it a few years later. I too have cfs/fibromyalgia- again looked at as fake or a little crazy, until recently.
      I’ve heard/felt the hum for about 8 years. When I first started hearing it I was consumed by it every night. Tried sleeping in different rooms, ear plugs don’t do a thing.
      I spent many sleepless nights, and needed medication to fall asleep. I have a headband with speakers, that I plug into my phone and listen to music all night. Anything to make the noise stop.
      Of note … I didn’t hear it the past summer/fall for some reason. Can’t begin to guess

  4. SG says:

    Haha, hi Deb, thanks for your story. Yes, we’ve “been there, done all that,” right? 🙂

    Glad your hubbie finally “saw the light” only so that he could support your truth about the noise & dismiss the “Disbelief Factor.”

    Fantastic that the hum has disappeared for you this past Summer/Fall. Was that a first in eight years?

    It drops off in the Fall here, but began again in January for 2 weeks straight, then settled down again but it hasn’t been too nice this February either. I think it’s determined, locally at least (South USA), by the “Real Demand” vs. the “Reactive Demand” of the Power Grid & the energy required for the different Seasons of the year. That’s one of my “working theories,” anyway.

  5. io says:

    Hello everybody.
    Thank you for your messages, which I read with great interest. I hope I’ll be able to share my own experience with you, yet I need to know something more specific about this project, so I’ll address my query to Dr MacPherson: could you please tell me whether this research linked to the military, either financially or in any other way? Does any member of the staff hold a position or connection in/with a military/military controlled organization?
    Thank you.

    • Not in any way, directly or indirectly. And I wish I had anything that resembled a “staff”; it looks like two or three technically skilled people are about to become volunteers for the project, and if I had the funding, I would hire them.

      • lysine4flu says:

        (1) Someone on the Tympanostomy blog commented about using Turbo fans for relief.
        Well, how about using sleep-machines instead?
        (2) How about Filtered Sound Training?

  6. io says:

    Thank you for your reply. I’m glad to hear no military are involved. I hope the three people will collaborate with you.
    Here is, in short, my own experience.
    I started hearing the low sound in June 2014, when I went back to my homevillage.
    I started hearing it the very first night of my staying. The village is verypoorly populated, and is usually very quiet especially during the night, so it would have been impossible not to notice the low background vibe.
    I thought the source could be a distant car or more likely a bus or a truck, but nothing was in sight and the vibe wasn’t heard outdoors. So I started switching off any household appliance, at no avail.

    It certainly is a low sound, but not so easy to be defined. In my opinion, is not just a sound (I came to understand this detail in time) but more something that I first perceive with my hearing, notwithstanding the fact that it affects the whole body,literally hitting a side of it – especially when I’m lying in bed.
    Sometimes I’ve literally seen that the impact made the body stir (while being in bed) and wondered whether it was the bed or me. Even when the vibe power is low, it still makes the whole body shake, almost
    imperceptibly, and an electrical current is clearly running through me.
    When the hum is stronger, it is like a throb and if I try to stand up still, I can’t: I see the body is pushed by something, rythmically. I am sure, by now, it comes from an external source, yet there’s something in my body that must be interfacing it, as it seems to affect muscles and joints and, just before the hum starts anew (sometimes it totally stops), I hear a very high-pitched sound getting across my head, ears level, trying to get aligned to another that comes from the right ear. It is the same process occurring with microphones and speakers, when you try to set them before a concert. They can interfere with each other, then you align them.

    Sometimes the hum is just announced by different sounds, high-pitched ones, something I could loosely resemble to a hiss, but of a very soft and high kind, which changes and seems to turn and break into overtones, as if the sound started spyralling. Then the hum becomes stronger and the other sounds either disappear or become a sort of background. There are other sounds too, but it is difficult to describe them… they might be compared to wind impact into metal conducts, but from a distance. They remain as a background, too.

    The hum is continuous for long periods of time, yet has a pulse, like an engine. Tonight, for instance, it went from 5 to 7 pulses before shortly stopping, and then starting again.
    I hope this is useful.

    • Melissa says:

      Io, I’ve long thought that while the Hum must exist outside of my body, there is SOMETHING about my body that allows me to hear/feel it. It’s what I puzzle about the most. Is it minerals or other dietary factors? Is it hypertension or a head injury or (as Mark on this forum posited) metal fillings? Why do we hear and feel it while others don’t? What is in our bodies that resonates with this vibration? I dearly wish I knew.

  7. Mark says:

    I think we should asks hearers about whether they have metal teeth filling and how many or which teeth.

    Let me ask Mellisa to dip her head in water to cover teeth but not ears to see if it stops hum when this happens…

    • Melissa says:

      Ok I’ll give it a try and report back. Have you experimented with that and/or placed your ears underwater? I’d love to hear your results.

  8. Virginia Calov says:

    Hi. Just found this site. I’ve been hearing the hum now for around three years. I hear it only from my right ear. It’s louder inside the house and the same intensity 24/7. I sleep with the fan on so it blocks the noise. I’ve had meningitis, CFS, fibromyalgia, encephalitis, and about three MRIs. I’m 66years old and female. I live in Australia.

  9. Paul says:

    Haven’t heard the hum much lately here in Albuquerque-I wonder how often the hum is heard while outside-it seems to me the walls of my house, cement block, acts as a filter blocking out most of the outdoor/city sounds, allowing only the infrasound to come through. Also, high tension wires hum audibly-could that hum be magnified through harmonics because all the high tension wires in a given area are on connected/combined circuits thus in harmony-could that hum be transmitted along all the wires connected to that circuit, i.e. house and building wires thus inside all connected buildings?

  10. Jeff says:

    Hi I’m glad I found this site
    I thought I was going crazy
    I’ve been now hearing the hum noise now for a year
    I live in Pennsylvania wood construction house

    first time I heard it I thought it was something in the house
    So i cut the power off to see if it was in house
    No luck
    Went outside and it was there too
    I hear it for weeks at a time then it stops for days
    it’s a pulsating noise
    I have tintitus and it actually drowns out the hum some nights
    I notice if I listen to loud music during the day
    The ringing in my ears at night drowns out the hum
    I also live in Florida
    In a block house
    It’s there too
    I notice it 99% time when I want to relax or fall asleep
    It’s miserable

    • There are many people who are experiencing exactly what you report. Some of us have tinnitus as well (incidentally, the rate of tinnitus among hum hearers is roughly the same as that in the general population). The working theory is that the world Hum is result of a high level of (possibly modulating) VLF radio energy. This was first argued by David Deming in 2004, and I have been following his suggestion for future research. The VLF radio blocking box is also known as the Deming Box. There are many posts on this blog that explain the background to the theory. There are also primers on a few different topics in basic science. Serious advocacy is the only route to normalizing this alongside tinnitus, even though tinnitus is ancient, and the world Hum did not really rise in a big way until 1970, In England. But there are tens of thousands of perfectly serious and stable people who are reporting this. We are all experiencing the same thing, and it is real. Mass hysteria has been effectively ruled out, because in the case of the world Hum, the vast majority of people discover what is known about it it via searching for their symptoms over the internet, independently of other people. The past three years have seen initial penetrations into mainstream media, initially more on the fringe, as with Coast to Coast AM and Spaced Out Radio, and then to Policy.mic, and within the next month or so, The New Republic has told me that they will be running Colin Dickey’s piece on the world Hum. Tens of thousands of people, including a good number of scientists, read that magazine every month and online. I’m willing to bet that a good radio physicist would be able to quickly evaluate my physics, and critique my design of the VLF Blocking Box, including my calculations that 1.2 mm of mild steel would provide 10 radio skin depths for a 10 kHz VLF radio wave. After any physics or design corrections and testing, if VLF radio is indeed the culprit, then this becomes a political struggle. If VLF can be ruled out, then we shift at once to examining the role of the accumulation of infrasound and low frequency sounds generated by the activity of civilization itself: traffic, every type of industry, but particularly mining, smelting, wind mills, hydroelectric production, and perhaps some contributions from the electric grid itself. There are other theories after that one. So at some point in the near future, when a serious university lab picks up the story, this will be solved. At least, that’s how I see it. Glen.

  11. Claudia says:

    Hola Yo vivo en un pueblo tranquilo a 50 minutes de Barcelona y escucho este ruido, a veces si y otras no. Tengo 42 años y una vida saludable. Este ruido aveces es horrible.
    Tengo el factor V de leyden, y algunas ocasiones ansiedad y depresión leves, y una vez un TAC para detectar una apendicitis.
    Ex fumadora y de lo demás todo muy normal.
    Si hay algo que pueda ayudar más?
    Mucha suerte a todos.

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