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Some initial findings on Hum report concentrations

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Looking at the Hum Map can be misleading, because heavy concentrations of Hum reports typically correlate with higher population densities. The regions of interest are where hum reports do not follow population density. One place in particular caught my eye: Vancouver Island, shown in the map below (for reference, Seattle and Vancouver are included in the screen shot).

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.56.23 AM

Vancouver Island is fairly big at over 31, 000 square kilometres (about 12, 000 square miles), but its population is only about 750, 000 people. This generates a per capita Hum report concentration of about 1 Hum report for every 17, 500 people.

Now contrast this with South Dakota:

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.06.15 AM

Four Hum reports among 875, 000 people. That’s a concentration of roughly 1 Hum report for every 210, 000 people. And along with North Dakota, parts of this region are home to one of the best optical fibre internet networks (http://dakotafire.net/article/broadband/). Internet penetration into home ranges from 73% to 80%, depending on the source you use. It could be even higher.

On a state by state or province by province basis and only on this quick and narrow examination, South Dakota has the lowest concentration of Hum reports. But that’s just an initial look at the Map. I expect others to do in-depth looks at the data, and to report more rigorous results.

Do contact me if you notice any Map points that look suspect or are obviously incorrectly geocoded.


  1. TINMA says:

    Pull up your hum report map, then pull up a map of all the locations of the worlds nuclear power plants. Just a note, if it is powerplants, what is the range of effect? Cheyenne Mountain complex is by Denver, have a look at that. No, there is not any mention of a nuclear power plant but what of the base? Just saying the two maps together look strange.

  2. John Gilmour says:

    It might solve your Mystery, to check the number ofroadway spans along distances supported by cables!
    Cables, could create a hum, with the wind blowing from a particular direction. wires give a high pitched whistle, while cables may “HUM”
    John Gilmour Toronto

  3. Dr. R.stonard says:

    The hum is very intense at times here in south Nanaimo. It was fairly benign this winter but has ramped up markedly the past few weeks. We are obviously in a seismically active area and according to a uk report this is the culprit.

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