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We’re on the Coast to Coast radio show Tuesday night at midnight

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
I got the email today, and after a quick talk with the executive producer, I’m booked for two hours with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, at midnight, Tuesday night. The show covers a spectrum of topics, from the uncontroversial to the fringes of accepted science. The first hour will be a dialogue with George, and the final hour will take callers.  I’m hoping to explain our situation with the world Hum, and to present some evidence that will bring it away from the fringes and into widespread common knowledge. I’m hoping that certain researchers will be listening. They could bring a university lab into the investigation.  http://www.coasttocoastam.com/


  1. jimvandamme says:

    I hope you can filter out the loony tunes. Good luck!

  2. Eva Fishman says:

    I’ve never heard of the show, I hope it isn’t “right wing” in it’s outlook, and Glen is given respect. The time isn’t ideal if it is midnight Pacific Time; that means for those of us who are east, it is 2am – 4am, and I am concerned that the people who need to hear this won’t be listening. Will a tape of the show be made available for us to purchase? I wish Glen could get on PBS, or “60 Minutes”, or some other established media that have credibility within the scientific community! (And have a larger broadcast audience).

    By the way, I don’t like the new site – very confusing and hard to find items, no logo, etc.. Or did I miss something and this isn’t the site…? I hope there’s a positive outcome to this and Glen gets the support and attention needed. The hum was gone for a few weeks until Sunday the 31st of January, 2016, and has been horrible the last few days…

  3. Ross says:

    “low frequency emanations.” – Here is a quote from the book I reference at my website.

    Also, I believe my device will relieve people of much discomfort from the hum. You can see my device at my website. Videos showing how to build this device are linked on the website. But first, read this quote:

    “The majority of humanity fails to understand that unseen forces surrounding them are affecting their ability to survive. These are hidden within the “modern” conveniences powered by alternating electrical current; through radio, television, and many other low frequency emanations that now alter the individual’s and the planet’s magnetic fields to an unimaginable degree.

    Just as human scientists experiment using what are considered “lesser species” with little concern for their suffering and death in the name of “scientific advancement,” so also is humanity considered a lesser species to be used in like fashion. “You” are being used in exactly that way with the full knowledge and participation of those humans who believe themselves a part of the controlling hierarchy. These misguided humans are under the direct supervision of those beings that desire to continue to control this planet and others. The evolving conscious awareness of humanity has again evolved to a level that is considered dangerous. There are many that are now aware of this very real outside influence through the history revealed in the artifacts that were not
    destroyed or hidden, and by reaching logical conclusions about the sightings of various space craft as well as interaction with their occupants. These interactions have been both face to face and telepathic. The evidence indicates the presence of outside powers trying to continue the long standing control of Earth and its solar system. There are also those that are a positive presence hoping to be of assistance to an awakening humanity that must be willing to take on the responsibility for determining its own future in order to receive this available help.

  4. Excellent show last night, Glen, we found it very informative. You relayed the information very concisely and clearly, it was really good to hear this material discussed so well, and as “Coast to Coast” is listened to by many, many N. Americans, hopefully this will help get the word out to much greater effect now. The topic of ‘the Hum’ is very intense, and we feel for sufferers everywhere, including of course for marine life, which is hugely exposed to these deleterious VLF soundwaves, if that technology is indeed what this phenomenon is caused by (makes a good deal of sense — beached & dying whales becoming a more common occurrence by the day now, sadly). We live in the Lower Mainland and have experienced ‘the Hum’ ourselves from time to time. My sister and I also often experience odd bouts of dizziness & vertigo, along with ‘buzzing’ sensations in our bodies, middle-of-the-night sleeplessness & even, in my case, ongoing states of the shakes from time to time, which seems to take over the entire body on occasion for some weeks, a very uncomfortable anxiety-causing experience. As the saying goes, radio-waves and such can penetrate the ‘wet-wear’ (our vulnerable bodies) very easily, and there is just so much out there that might be the culprit, if not a combination of technologies coupled with other as yet anomalous things of which we are not yet aware. I have just finished the new book “Strange Electro-Magnetic Dimensions” by Louis Proud, which interestingly coincided with discovering your slot on “Coast to Coast”, leading me to feel I have stumbled upon the right ‘thread’ in association with this phenomenon, that thread being your site here! It is to be hoped that the fine work you are pursuing as to the source of ‘the Hum” will eventually help to guide us out of the complex labyrinth of difficulties & concerns that it has brought in its’ wake. Sincerely, Kristin

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