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If you were wondering how you could help …

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

Even though I know better, I find myself landing on Wikipedia as my first stop on searches covering a spectrum of academic topics. On some topics, Wikipedia can be an outstanding source. On some other topics, not so much. That’s why I regularly tell my students, Wikipedia is often my first stop, but it’s never my last stop. My speculation is that there are quite a few people like me out there, who span the spectrum of educational levels and intellectual engagement.

That means the Wikipedia article matters. From what I can only infer, there are one or two individuals who are determined to marginalize serious discussion of the worldwide Hum. Every edit I and others have tried to make has been reversed. Apparently, we should be learning that mating fish are important enough to warrant a full paragraph in Wikipedia. At least two notable investigations into the phenomena cannot be mentioned, because they get edited out.

This is no conspiracy, but it can be brought to a stop within a few days if I can get a few of you to start an editing debate on Wikipedia and have a Wikipedian step in to settle the dispute. Hopefully, s/he will spend a few hours researching the phenomenon and then easily conclude that the article should be sourced from people who are widely recognized to know some documented things about the phenomenon in question.

So if you are reasonably familiar with different aspects of the worldwide Hum, then be brave, step in, minimize the trivia and the distractions, and add some documented content that includes widespread media attention and scientific inquiries. And when it gets edited, revert it right back to what you wrote, and so on. If several of you get together and do this, this will lock down the article and then Wikipedia will settle the dispute. Winning this struggle will enlighten and teach the broader public about what we experience and, with enough critical mass of effort, we can put great pressure on government to investigate this noise and, if possible, put a stop to it.


  1. Jens Peter Lange says:

    First, my name is Jens Peter and 38. I am Greenlandic, so if my English writings looks peculiar, sorry.

    Some Words you wrote exite me, I haven’t seen anything like that before. Thank you. Hum huh? Deep. How about micro vibrations in both polar glaciers, massive force grinding northern bedrock versus southern, meets somehow in deep underground greating the hum. Stupid it is stupid does, just a thinking.

  2. Ian says:

    Hello All,

    Wikipedia? I gave it ago at the turn of the year. I tried adding to the external links section of the “The Hum” page this website address (http://www.thehum.info/). Within minutes it had been edited out. I tried adding it again, being a little taken aback at the speed, thinking it must be automated. Subsequently I received a warning for soapboxing. A warning, but no explanation as to why/how I had breached the rules by trying to add an external link!? It seems innocent to me to add this website as an external link(?) I used as the hyperlink display text the following taken from this website home page – “A Scientific Inquiry into the Source of the Worldwide Hum”. Possibly I should have used something different or maybe simply the website address itself.
    I have discovered that moderators/patrollers will not be drawn on the merits of the content added but seek impartial and neutral content only, which I kind think is fair enough, playing strictly within the rules that is – It is easier for a skeptic’s judgement to hold sway.
    I have been directed to the talk page, as you mention in your latest article, but the more I think about it the harder it seems me to come up with a dialogue the would satisfy those who have control. I am also doubtful that expanding the talk page would receive the same level of interest as simply blocking edits, though if I can come up with what I think is a persuasive argument for something as simple as adding this website address to the external links section, something which I am still trying to do by the way, I will give it a go.

    Regards, Ian

    (and I look forward to your findings)

  3. Ian says:

    Hello All,

    New Year I tried adding this website home page address to the external links section of “The Hum” Wikipedia page. It was removed in minutes. Taken aback at the speed of removal, and not receiving any reasoning behind the decision, I wrongly assumed it to have been automated. So I tried again. Similarly as quickly it was removed again, this time I received again no explanation but was issued a warning for soap-boxing. I used as the hyperlink display text the following “A Scientific Inquiry into the Source of the Worldwide Hum”. Which you may recognise form the homepage.
    Having been shot down a few times I have been directed to start a dialogue on the talk page. I am currently trying to come up with something persuasive with which to open with. The more I look into Wikipedia rules the more difficult it seems to me, Wikipedia accepts ONLY what is judged by moderators/patrollers to be unbiased and neutral content. (Consensus) Easy to get from sufferers. Difficult to get from non-sufferers.
    A complete overhaul of the page would, I feel, take considerable time.
    Possibly, I should have simply added the website address as the link, and may yet do so. This is going to be chosen my starting point, if I can come up with a persuasive opener on the talk page, that is.

    A less likely alternative (?) may be to see if it is possible to get a journalist interested in this website. If published by a big enough news publisher I think this may bypass all Wikipedia rules and allow this website address to be added to the Further reading, References or preferably the External links section of the Wiki page.

    Regards, Ian

  4. Ian says:

    Hello Glen,

    I don’t know if you are able to shed any light on this but if I may I would like to address this question to you:

    Though VERY rare, and only ever very briefly do I get respite from the hum. This doesn’t seem to be your experience though (after reading some of your more recent postings(?)). I would be interested to find out if someone who was experiencing “remission” so to speak was paired up with someone who wasn’t at the same location…? Very difficult I know. I for one have only ever met one other person who has said they had experienced the hum (though excluding family members, I don’t often talk about it). That person said they had experienced it only briefly and not since, though they did describe it very accurately to my own experience and with descriptions I have not really seen in news reports.
    My question? Do you have any thoughts regarding this?

    Regards, Ian

    • Eva Fishman says:

      Hi Ian –

      I know it was addressed to Glen, I hope you’ll forgive my butting in. Until about 3 weeks ago, the hum has been incessant, at times so loud and intrusive it drove me out of the house. For more descriptive experiences with it, please see my previous posts. For some reason, the last 2 weeks or so the hum has been GONE, with exception of a couple of days when it appeared in the a.m. and then was gone by noon. This is the longest respite from it I have had in 7 years of suffering and have no clue why. When the solar flare occurred, I was nearly made certifiable by the intensity and so was my dog (see previous posts).

      My experience is similar to yours re: not wanting to share with those who haven’t heard it. It doesn’t matter how credible you are, people are SO skeptical about something they haven’t experienced, and with the trouble of trying to get “press” on Wikipedia, despite the scientific basis for it, shows just how uphill this battle is. I contacted a local news station 3 years ago in hopes of getting their interest to investigate on their own, (via email) and I did get a response from one of the newscasters – at first. I sent her the site address, as well as a “history” of my experience. She stated (through emails) she’d get back to me once she’d looked at it, etc. I didn’t hear from her, and after 2 more attempts a few weeks apart, I decided she wasn’t interested so i didn’t pursue it any more. I’m thinking of trying again now that there is even more data supporting the project.

      What makes it difficult for those of us who have a scientific background, and are “normal” healthy individuals trying to provide credible data to non-hearers, are those who purport some far-out theory that is nothing but “gibberish” as Glen stated to one such person – this taints it for the rest of us. Moreover, they may get the attention of the media, and the whole thing is given a “wink” without the media ever having investigated it (why waste their time on something a “nut job” is describing…).

      Would National Geographic take an interest, or other PBS group? Even Mythbusters might, and if you got THEIR attention, it could mean funds and support.

      It’s not a matter of “conspiracy”, it’s a matter of incomplete understanding or acknowledgement, and prioritizing the news. Though the inordinate amount of time media spent (and spends) on “Downton Abbey”‘s final season, the new Star Wars movie, athletics in general and Super Bowl in particular, is astounding to me (and VERY annoying). OK, no more soap boxing.
      P.S. I’m in Minnesota

      • Ian says:

        Hi Eva,

        Thanks for your reply, it’s always nice to hear from someone who has experienced this.

        I do not have a scientific background, but I also do not have a mind that subscribes to conspiracy theories either (nor a Wikipedia conspiracy). I am not quite on tenterhooks, but I am eagerly awaiting Dr MacPherson’s findings.

        I first began hearing circa 1983/4. You write you began hearing 7 years ago. Why do people start hearing, having not always heard? If you had been with me at the time I first heard (assuming you are not so young of course)? Likewise, Glen has written he hasn’t been hearing the hum lately, I pretty much hear it constantly (as in everyday). For the last few years I have ceased masking it (except for if it causes me to “snap” so to speak. I don’t routinely use anything to mask it out).

        On the occasions I realise that I am not hearing it, I almost find it hard to believe.

        Have you ever, I won’t say “tuned yourself into it”, but noticed your not hearing, then a little while later noticed it, oh so ever faintly, in the distance almost? Then had it “come closer”, get stronger and intensify? I have sometimes had that experience at night. Stunned almost by it’s absence, I find it “returns home”.

        Please excuse the “dramatic” description and language but I find I maybe more puzzled by why I hear it rather than the actual physical cause. Is there, is there a way to learn not to hear it?

        Again, regards.


  5. Eva Fishman says:

    Thank you! I always fear I get “diarrhea of the mouth” and run on and on…

  6. Linda says:

    My name is Linda and I have two birth defect that they say could be the sources of my constant ringing in my ears and that odd rumbling, like storm sound or like a huge aircraft carrier flying around me.
    Problem is when I live in parts of Mexico, the sounds increased depending to how far I was from the ocean or if I lived in an area closely surrounded by mountains and hills. In Phoenix Az, USA, it wasn’t as intense as it is while living in Tucson Az. .
    Now, mind you, I had no idea of my condition until I was 44. As a child I tried explaining these sounds but learned that I was the only one that heard them, in my family. In order to sleep I just had music to help drown out the sound.
    Only way that I can make it stop, now, is by sedating myself with a number of sleep aids and anxiety meds.
    I hear it all day but the rumbling begins around d dusk.
    I am not a scientist or a College graduate or even consider myself as a I telectual. I am quiet, and I observe
    the personalities and behavior of people. I have only noticed that in Tucson, people seem to loose control of themselves very easily, that is unusual because most small cities or towns have a lower crime level. Our motorist have a high level of road rage as well. Persons who you would never see as easily agrivated can and do become monsters behind the steering wheel.
    I would gladly assist in your endevours to find and concluesevly bring this from a theory point to an actual truth.
    (Please forgive my crude grammar and spelling)

  7. Suzan Gonzalez says:

    I live in Southern California and was born here. I moved to Washington state in 1979 and moved back in 1984. Ever since I returned I have been tormented by the hum. My hum sounds like a big motor hovering overhead with a constant low pitch. No one, I mean ‘No One’ else ever hears it. I have only discovered one other person that hears a constant noise; but that lady hears mediun to higher pitch static sound. The sound never seems to go away. It is just that you are more conscious of it at certian times than other times, (I think). I think it contributes to my being hard of hearing to low tones, because of the now need to hear over and above this enter fearing low roaring sound. (THE HUM)
    Upon studying the hum map, I notice it seems to exist more north on the globe. And even closer to my home, it seems to be heard more popularlily in northern California US than in southern California US. Why is that?
    Or can I make some repore with other hum hearers that are geographically close to me?
    Are you out there? You southern California HUM Hearers. Please reply. Would like to connect. Thank you

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