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We are being hit by a G3 Solar Event

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

My model predicts significant changes in the Hum across the planet during these types of solar events. Please check in and document any changes in the Hum over the next 72 hours. In my case, I plan to put the house into “quiet mode”, perhaps don some sound-reducing ear muffs, and listen carefully after 11:00 p.m. (something I haven’t done in a long time). If I hear the Hum clearly, then this will set a good stage for finally getting into the box and finding out (informally and in my case) if the Hum is rooted in VLF Radio transmissions.




  1. kurt says:

    no significant change in Denmark, at least not in the south part.

    • Alinoe80 says:

      I’m fromage Belgium
      The hum is particularly strong today and the days before (2-3 days). I always eat it but can try to forget it. But not the days, cause it s too strong. I tried the “white noise” mentioned in a previous comment…… It only works if I put this white noise at the maximum volume… not really nice …

      Courage a tous

  2. kurt says:

    but there was hum all right

  3. Simon says:

    Hi Glen, thanks for the update, and good luck with the box experiment. As I mentioned in my last post the hum went very quiet over Christmas, but it seems to be following the usual pattern now. One thing I have noticed however is that it seems quieter and less intense now than when the weather is colder. We are currently experiencing incredibly warm weather (for December!) in the UK and I have noticed that during cold spells the hum gets much louder.

    I was recently contacted by a chap in France who has made some good recordings of the hum. When compared to other hum ” recordings” (we cannot prove they are not simulations but they sound very convincing nonetheless) his are quite a bit lower in pitch than the other recordings, which suggests perhaps that there are many hums that are similar, but from different sources.
    Happy new year to all.
    Best regards

  4. Rusty McCabe says:

    The hum seemed to go away this past summer but has came back in the last couple months fairly strong here in N Texas. Has been louder than usual in the last couple days. I will pay close attention to see if it becomes more noticeable

  5. Angus MacArthur says:

    Quiet over Christmas but back with a bang since the 30th . So glad to have the support of this group. Keep up the good work . Angus , Cornwall uk

  6. Chris says:

    I’m in Ireland and the hum is relatively recent in my life.. a few months… it’s pretty crippling as I can’t sleep or at least am finding it VERY difficult…

    Glad to have found this website however… hope someone solves this… lol… that’s probably impossible huh?

    • Angus MacArthur says:

      Hi Chris , yep it can be very tough at times, I’ve been living with it for some 8 ish years . I once read that an ear plug made of blue tack wrapped in cling film blocked out the hum. This has often helped me get the sleep we all need.
      I guess life always throws up challenges and the hum is one of those for sure, though rather this than living in Syria.
      All the best , Angus

    • Melissa says:

      Chris, I’ve lived with it for two years. I hear it only in my left ear (and sometimes feel strong vibrations in the rest of my body). In order to sleep, I use a very good ear bud in my left ear (this is important–cheap ear buds don’t work well, hurt and fall out), and listen to white noise (from a free app) on my phone on low. The “airplane” mode works great and I’ve been able to sleep for 2 years with this method. I hope that helps. BTW: an added benefit is that the app allows me to turn off the phone’s light while it still continues to play, so the light doesn’t affect my sleep.

  7. frank rizzo says:

    The hum has been at itts absolute worst over the last couple of weeks, and has been bad in general since late December. Im glad Im not the only one noticing this. Its been so bad that I can hear it loud and clear in the daytime. I’ll have to read up on this solar even thing.

  8. Chris L. says:

    I am here in south Germany. The Hum went worse the last Days and today it is the worst since i hear it. I hear the Hum since September 15 and with help of magnesium pills and wearing Ear Plugs at nigt it was almost away. But now i hear it through the plugs and have the feeling that my head is some kind of vibrating Bell.

  9. Jamie says:

    I live in Leeds, UK. The hum reappeared on the 30th Dec and lasted 6 days (4th Jan). WOW!

  10. Marcus Erasmus says:

    Hi, we live in Heemstede, The Netherlands. After Christmas the hum has been continuous and quite annoying. January 3+4 it seemed even louder (I could notice it inside the car with engine stopped), and today January 5th it is the worst since a long time. My wife says she even heard it today inside a store, which she normally doesn’t.

  11. Melissa says:

    After seeing your solar flare announcement and request, I noticed that the hum was noticeably louder for a couple of days (rather nights, since that’s when its loudest). But it seems to have tapered off a bit in the last two days.

  12. T says:

    Hello fellow sufferers ;/

    I’m new to hearing the this unfortunate GD hum, going on 2 months now. I started a daily journal logging the times of day of general activity, when I *rarely* don’t hear the hum, and when it is extremely loud.
    Was shocked to see Dec 30 was the worst yet, (copy/pasted) :

    Wednesday Dec 30:
    – Loud all day since wakeup
    – 4:15pm: extremely loud!
    – 5:20pm : extremely loud!!!!!!!
    – 6:45pm : EXTREMELY LOUD!!!
    – 8:00 pm : off
    – 8:50pm : sound restarted
    – Went loud all throughout night

    I slowed down logging these since I thought I’m playing into the madness , but now I’m thinking it might be helpful…?

    Montreal, Canada

  13. Alinoe80 says:

    Very strange. After a few days with an awfully strong hum… Yesterday evening (night between 8th and 9th January), it was very very quiet, almost absent…

  14. Jonathan says:

    I’ve been hearing the low frequency sounds all over the Christmas period and into the New Year. Not only do I hear ‘the hum’ but I also hear other sounds which seem to be bypassing my normal hearing canals and directly affect my auditory cortices. I have found that the hum can be perceived to be to the left or right of the head, but is never heard to the left and right sides together. There are also different textural effects to the low frequency sound.

    I wonder if any people out there are hearing sounds other than the hum such as mentally debilitating loud white noise, a rasping effect or a sequenced white noise three-note effect that keeps looping which can be heard at different pitch bands. As I hear the hum and these other torturous effects I have concluded that all these sounds, including the hum, are being caused by very advanced psychotronic technology. If I am correct, this is a blatant abuse of our human rights and should be investigated in depth by the medical and scientific communities in order to determine the source(s) and who is responsible for the mental upset of so many people world-wide.

    Glen, I think you will find that the low frequency hum is being induced by RF psychotronic technology. That I feel is the reason why no one can find a source of the hum as it is not traceable using conventional audio equipment.

  15. Alinoe80 says:

    Night from 9th to 10th january – Belgium.
    Very quiet. It’s the second consécutive night I almost don’t ear the hum. Wonderful after the awfully loud previous weeks. Does someone else ear the same acalmy? Thanks

  16. Alinoe80 says:

    1.38 am… Middle of the night… It’s strongly back 😦 don’t understand anything 😦 could it be my perception that is so subject to variation? …

  17. Eva Fishman says:

    I have suffered (yes, suffering is the correct word) for almost 7 years. Intermittent “crises” in my life have taken precedence at times, but I have documented every day what the hum is doing or not doing. I abbreviate it as “HFA” when it is at it’s worst, trying to correlate it with time, temperature, weather, whether the school across the street is in session or the churches across the other street are having services, etc. without identifying absolutely any commonality whatsoever. The “HFA” stands for “horrific, freaking awful” (well, the “F” stands for something else, but I need to be prudent so it will be printed…).

    For 6 months this spring and summer there was major road construction right behind my home, roofs replaced on all town homes due to hail damage, etc., and much of the hum was drowned out by those noises – believe it or not, preferable to the hum because the hum is something that I can FEEL through my body (I’m thin and small) and gives me a headache, brings me to tears sometimes because I can’t “escape” it. It is very hard doing any kind of quiet activity, like reading, or meditating because it is so intrusive. For approximately 11 days it was GONE for the first time in over a year, approximately between December 18th and December 30th, 2015. I thought perhaps it was due to neighbors being gone and their furnace wasn’t running full tilt, we had mild weather, etc., always trying to find some concrete cause that can be fixed/repaired/changed. I don’t check the site frequently, and today (1/10/16) is the first I read about the solar flare, and since January 1 it has been HFA and then some – now I know why it came back.

    I KNOW it is actually due to whatever finally comes out of all the work Dr. MacPherson has done, it’s just very hard to accept that when all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed, THERE WILL BE NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT, except cope as best we can. Not very optimistic, but when it is at it’s worst, it nearly drives me crazy. I use a sound machine on “white noise” at night; I have to have my radio on very loud, or the TV to drown it out during the day. I’m in Minnesota, and at this time of year, leaving the house isn’t an option. Lately I’ve been hearing it outside after midnight, but ambient noise prevents me from pin-pointing exact direction. It is amplified in the house and louder in some rooms than others. My dog gets very restless, looks up and just stares, and sleeps a lot more when the hum is present. I wonder what she hears, poor thing. Spending the rest of my life in some sort of box doesn’t appeal to me (the hum causes hypertrophy in my sarcasm gene too…).

  18. Kayla says:

    When I heard this last night around 2am it freaked me out. It’s the 3rd time I’ve heard it in my apartment. It’s always in the same 3 foot radius in my bedroom. Walking 5 ft away it diminishes. It seems to specific to a small circle. The hum doesn’t pulse for me, it’s just steady, but I get dizzy and it completely surrounds my ears and whole head. It gives me the sensation of being pulled by a magnet. I walked out of my bedroom and POOF it was gone. Went back into my bedroom and it’s still there. So I’ve been sleeping in the living room where it’s silent. This is the 3rd time, the other 2 times were in the exact same spot around the exact same time some months apart.
    The first time was in a different apartment, and it pulsed, all over. I thought I was going insane. It lasted maybe 10 minutes and stopped.

    • T says:

      Hi Kayla

      I’m so sorry about it. Wish I can offer some help but of course I’m going thru the same and it is F’ing awful. I’m reaching the point of 2 months now and am physically/mentally/emotionally exhausted – I don’t know how I’ll cope if this turns into years, which I think is likely.
      Question: In all your years of hearing the hum, have you ever heard it during an overnight stay elsewhere like a hotel or relatives/friends house?

      • I am sorry to hear about your suffering. But thank you for sharing it alongside thousands of others. The next stage of the experiment is waiting in my garage. All I have to do is get in the box and check if it blocks the Hum. You’ve heard of writer’s block? Well, I suppose I have “experimenter’s block” on this one. Stay tuned.

  19. Joe K. DiMario says:

    I have been hearing these things for years now. It started back in 1995. Sometimes they go away for a long time and sometimes they linger for days. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who hear’s them, sadly. I thought I was going nuts, I’m gladiI’m not. Joe.

  20. Joe K. DiMario says:

    I have been hearing these things for years now. It started back in 1995. Sometimes they go away for a long time and sometimes they linger for days. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who hear’s them, sadly. I thought I was going nuts, I’m gladiI’m not. Joe. 👽

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