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Here this is again: who keeps pushing these stories?

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Here this is again: http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/Plymouth-hum-mystery-solved-French-scientist/story-28247111-detail/story.html

It seems that every few months, one or more major news outlets report that the Hum has been solved. And then when you dig into the story, you find quite the opposite. In this case, the original Yahoo reporting a few months back was so bad I had to write a separate piece on it, which you can find on this blog.

I don’t engage in conspiratorial writing, buy my gosh I can understand how easy it is to start thinking that there might be some people out there who do not want this solved.


  1. The comments are interesting: it seems that this story was published almost verbatim in two other local newspapers, up to 2 years previously. What goes around, comes around.

    I’d like to see Monsieur Fabrice explain to residents of Taos that their Hum is caused by water against the seafloor.

  2. MacHanson says:

    Conspiracy or not, The Hum is real and about 1:50 of us can hear it. It means that something is wrong, someone’s causing it and someone wants to quiet people’s interest!
    Another point is that wildlife is usually more sensitive to such things and may be adversely affected!
    All the more reasons why we should step up the campaign to raise awareness and dispel the misinformation and disinformation!

  3. Dan Brooks says:

    MacHanson made a great point about how wildlife can be sensitive to The Hum. I have read a few comments about pets as well, on here and other sites. I have been hearing this low frequency noise/vibration since moving to the beautiful Western NC mountains. 24 hours a day non-stop. I won’t go in to how disappointed I am with this new irritation. I definitely can see that my cat is affected. He mostly eats ,sleeps, and plays during the day. At night the hum from the refrigerator masks the VLF noise somewhat and when the compressor shuts off it is very quiet. When my cat hears a noise it is usually wildlife outside and he will run to a window to look out. But when it is quiet and “the hum” is the loudest, he sits in the middle of the house looking around with his ears pointing as if to locate a noise. He will go upstairs and do the same thing. He goes in to every room and will sit, looking at walls and ceiling looking for a source. This behavior I have never seen before until moving here. Always when he hears something he will go right to it, but this noise he can’t seem to locate and I can tell he is somewhat confused and cautious. He is a young, healthy cat and very alert, so I don’t feel it is a cognitive problem. So I am now convinced that not only humans can hear “the hum”, but also animals. What are your thoughts on that?

    • There are many informal reports of people claiming that their animals are aware of it, but then of course, anthropization is very common. And I include myself in that. I’m wondering how one could devise a convincing experiment on that question.

  4. Charlie says:

    The thing is that if these sorts of articles were a part of a deliberate attempt to muddy the waters, it would require the compilicity of ‘scientists’ and perhaps certain news outlets. I’m not saying that ‘they’ aren’t above trying such skulduggery, but keeping the participants quiet about it might be a problem at times.

    It does seem a little odd though that the PH should publish an apparently 2+ year old story as if it were recent news. Maybe they’re just slack and short of a story, but who knows? I’d be curious to find out what else this French reseacher came up with concerning his explanation.

    One thing I have noticed about these newspaper ‘explanations’ for the the Hum is that they all involve a source of regular sound, eg. waves, mating fish, whatever . But for me one of the defining characteristics of the Hum is the fact that it does not behave like normal sound. It can still be perceived despite the use of regular sound proofing. As far as I know no one has succeeded in even reducing its intensity using these methods. Yet this peculiar aspect of the Hum doesn’t seem to get much attention in the papers, or from the researchers.

    If it were somehow possible to advertise the fact that soundproofing doesn’t work it might help people distinguish the hum from ambient noise and hopefully discourage some of these ‘explanations’.

  5. Brandon says:

    Elmwood, WI. Lived here now for eight years. Moved to a new house this summer and started to hear it. No now else notices; people think I’m insane or something. I noticed a very faint sound at our house a mile down the road some years ago…now it’s intense. Evening only. No source of location. Amazing that others here around the globe hear what we hear. What is it? And why is it that only a few select people recognize this?

  6. Nan says:

    For the past year, a group of people in Wichita, KS have been discussing hearing similar sounds and feeling vibrations of unknown origin. These folks have no relationship to one another except that they’re all members of the on-line “Next Door” neighborhood site: one member originally posted that she was feeling vibrations at night and wondered if anyone else was experiencing the same; several people responded positively, and the group had been comparing notes since then. After yesterday’s “Inside Edition” episode, someone posted your website to the discussion, so you may be hearing from the individuals involved.

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