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Going into the Box

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So, I guess it’s time to go in. I need to Shop-Vac the unit because it’s full of metal shards from the cutting. Also, I’ll need to put a ThermaRest on the bottom of the inside. A flashlight, an assistant, and a few minutes of quiet and I should know if I’ve blocked The Hum. If not, I’ll follow up with some outside and inside readings on the VLF spectrum. My portable VLF unit is not reliable, and I’m quickly searching out an affordable alternative. My only concern is that the Box is not yet on a trailer, and it is sitting in an garage on the Sunshine Coast of BC. Because of all the outdoor sounds that transmit through the side lattice of the garage, the ambient noise level may be too high the hear the Hum. So I’ll need to gather funds for a trailer, which can then be taken anywhere for testing.

But I work full time (more than full time actually), and I want to have a life, so I will do it soon.


  1. tellyman a says:

    Excellent work, Sir. In my area (near Birmingham, UK), the Hum is not always present. Is the Hum always present where you live, or will you have to wait until such a time as you can perceive it first before you test the box?

  2. barbara says:

    You are helping us all. Thank you.

  3. Charlie says:

    Well, thanks to a technical glitch I’ve been away from the internet for quite a few days, so Im only just catching up with the latest re. The Box. But Im quite excited by what I’ve read,

    If it were me, I would have jumped into the thing straightaway just to see if it did anything! I know you mentioned that there is some ambient noise in its current location. But as you know the Hum has a somewhat different characteristic to regular sound. In particular, I mean the way that it can still be perceived despite the use of regular sound proofing such as ear muffs (or whatever). I have found that in many situations even just blocking my ears with my fingers can cut out enough ambient noise to allow me to tell whether or a ‘sound’ I am hearing is real sound or the Hum. For me real sound will change when I do this, but the Hum won’t.

    So, perhaps as a quick and dirty test you could get some ear plugs, don some ear protectors etc. – see if you could perceive the Hum outside the box, then get in and see if it made any difference. Probably lacks a little in scientific rigour, but it might be enough to give just a clue!

    It must weigh heaps! It’d be a bugger to move I would think. I’d be tempted to stick wheels on it, though i guess a trolley or dolly would do. Maybe you could rent a trailer for a short while, that might enable you to move the box to a more suitable location.

    It’s a pity that the box isn’t here. I live in rural Australia and there is very little in the way of manmade noise here, but the Hum is very apparent and pretty well continuous. I am fairly sure that I would be able to tell whether the box blocked or reduced its intensity noticeably within moments of getting inside.

    But, as always, it’s easy to say these things, I’m not the one having to deal with the reality of the creation and care of a large heavy Deming Box (and all).


    • I’ve said very little over the past year or so about my own experience with the Hum. My house is very busy, and we keep the bathroom fan running constantly at night. So it’s been quite some time since I’ve sat back and actually listened for it. There are a few other people I know in this area who do hear it, and I’ll be very interested in what their experience is when they enter the box.

      As I mentioned during a few recent interviews, I remind myself that the VLF radio theory could be incorrect. I’ll let you know what happens.

  4. frank rizzo says:

    You c buy a trailor at Harbor Freight tool supply for $350 which will hold over 1000 pounds. Isnt that good enough? The hum is absolutely out of control. Its at its loudest all last night and this morning.

  5. Melanie Amaral says:

    I have thought about putting egg cartons on my wall and certain parts of my bedroom where its the loudest to through back the vibration and sound. I am in Northern CA way out in the Country

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