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May I present the VLF-Blocking Deming Box

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

After three years of talk and discussion and fundraising, It’s ready. The work on it finished minutes ago.



  1. … and the box will be moved out of this location within 18 hours.

  2. … and a quick shout out to Connor Walter who, at 17 years of age, showed real grace under pressure while making the crucial final cuts on the unit.

  3. Congratulations and well done! I will look forward to tests results and reports about this!

    Will this be tested against known VLF & ELF Sound and Electro Magnetic waves as a control?

  4. straightcue says:

    Now sand it down, paint it a black matte and put on a star spacey logo, and its set to make HISTORY!

  5. Marcus Erasmus says:

    Well done! Admire your perseverance! Looking forward to the results of the first tests.

  6. Melissa Padgett says:

    Truly an example of inspiration, dedication and perseverance! Regardless of the ultimate findings, you have moved the investigation on the Hum forward in an unparalleled manner. Thank you!

  7. Peter Haartsen says:

    And hopefully the box may turn out to be the beginning of the end of hum overload. A reverse rocket science to keep the roaring universe outside. Thank you for the inspiring initiative which may eventually bring back a life to many wandering spirits

  8. Lisle Blyth says:

    Three cheers for Glen. Looking forward to the results. Fingers crossed. You’re helping a lot of people around the world. I hope your effort results in some sort of blocking device so we can live normally again.

  9. Arnaud B. says:

    Well done!! Good job, glen !
    thank again for your pugnacity!

  10. Bring a phone and an AM/FM walkman. If you still get reception inside, you’ve done it wrong. (At least at 1, 100, and 900 MHz.) If not….enjoy the peace and quiet. Or, play a cassette tape.

    • Oh, with more than 1.2 mm of mild steel I’d better get at least that!

    • Hello. I am interested to know how the “DemingBox” was constructed? Years ago, I suggested that if radio waves were suspected. ( and we do live in a veritable ‘fog’ of communications these days), then find a method to block all radio waves , and see if the hum is still heard. I had access to a metal shipping container that was used as a secure storage area for mechanical parts (for cars etc.). I took a portable cradio and a mobile phone inside the container, shut the door (first telling ‘hubby’ where I was going, just in case the door stuck shut !). It was rather claustrophobic, with no air gaps, but I persevered for the sake of the experiment. The mobile phone and the radio did not work inside the container, which is what I expected, but needed to test. Now, is this of any help, Glen ? And is it something similar that your experiment will be , or has been, doing ? If the box blocks the waves that people are suspecting, then a hum sufferer who thinks they are receiving radio or electro- magnetic waves, etc., should go inside, and report what they then hear. If they say their hum has stopped, then that would be very interesting, (but bear in mind the placebo effect….). .The experiment must be repeatable, naturally. Thank you Glen for your perseverance to try to discover one possible aspect of this extraordinarily complicated puzzle . If time permits, could you please tell me if the dimensions and materials of your box are anywhere here, ….I am not sure where to look…… Thank you. Sincerely, Rosemarie, at LFNSH, England.

  11. kurt says:

    Congratulations from Denmark, really exiting. I have moved forward this info to the Hummers in Denmark

  12. Denice Merrill says:

    Wow!! This is WONDERFUL NEWS!! I’ve been plagued by THE HUM for just over 13 years. Yes thought I MIGHT go mad, BUT with TWO oscillators fans going night and day…tho over even them, yep I still hear that maddening diesel truck that just never “gets here”. 8(( But the white noise keeps my focus OFF it most of the time.
    I’m in central Cal. BTW. At A town which is in the foothills of the high Sierra Lyne. Just miles from the giant sequoia. National park. BEST OF LUCK!!

  13. […] and how radio theory suggests a specially designed Faraday-type unit – what I call the Deming Box – that can test the VLF […]

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