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The Hum Map is (finally) being updated again: expect unusual behaviour/appearance while I sort out some issues

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

The latest data upload did not go smoothly, and the live Hum Map will change regularly over the next day or two. I will make a post when it has stabilized, along with some fresh statistics.

Expect a final tally of over 7000 map points.



  1. Keith Dobson says:

    Hi Glen and all fellow hum-sufferers, please accept my apologies if I’m posting this in the wrong place!

    Firstly thank you so much. It is incredible to find this website. I am a sound engineer with a detective-like brain, and it has set me on an intense journey of discovery.

    After my recent experiences and research, I feel I must share my theory/theories. In many ways it is in accord with much of what I have read here. However I’ve seen only one reference to Schumann resonances here, and they form a large part of my theory.

    Schumann resonances are essentially ‘standing waves’ of electro-magnetic energy trapped within the earth’s atmosphere.
    The small ‘frequency set’ of the Schumann resonances is determined by the ‘bounce distance’ between the earth’s surface and some point in the ionosphere [approx. 60 miles high, this space is aka the ‘Schumann cavity’].
    Whilst the vast majority of electro-magnetic [or radio] frequencies generated on earth escape on out to the wider universe, energy waves of the same frequency as any of the Schumann resonance frequencies are trapped here.

    These radio frequency bands are loaded with electro-magnetic energy [universally said to originate from electric storms/lightning].

    My “theory 1”:

    The Schumann resonances cause physical resonance in certain objects which are of the corresponding physical resonant frequency/ies.

    The physical resonance of said objects produces audio sound waves.

    The sound waves produced can be of the same, or very similar, frequency, [or multiples/submultiples thereof], to the particular causative Schumann frequency.

    The audio waves will usually be so small as to blend in with ‘background’ sound.
    But if said object/s is/are large enough, the sound produced will be of high enough amplitude to be heard.

    For Example:
    In a given location, the “objects” could be thousands of large rocks located a certain distance under the surface of the earth. Some of them are of the particular substance and density/mass/volume to have a resonant frequency of 26-27Hz.

    These rocks will resonate with the 4th Schumann frequency (the 4th is reportedly measured at between 26Hz-27.3Hz) and thus will be induced to produce sound waves at their resonant frequency of 26-27Hz, [or multiples/submultiples thereof].
    [Even though Schumann1,2 & 3 have greater amplitude, the rocks in this particular example do not resonate at those frequency/ies].

    These vibrations rise up through the earth to the surface where they can be directly felt through the body, and heard aurally, by way of the vibrations extending from the earth into the air.

    This theory does not explain it all, but goes some way to address the questions of:

    How such huge radio waves are transformed into sound waves.

    Why the sound is spread over a large area, but does not decay over distance [at anything like the rate that sound ‘should’].

    How it was still possible to “triangulate” the worldwide sound to a nominal local ‘epicentre’, as I did.

    My experiments:

    1) Using the online tone generator, I tuned the local hum here to be: around 27Hz – or at least: above 26Hz and below 27.5Hz.

    That was before I knew what tones others were reporting, and before I ever heard of the Schumann resonances.
    I have since read others speak of tuning their hums at 54Hz and 80Hz – pretty much double and triple the 27Hz I hear.
    To illustrate the doubling phenomenon: mains hum nuisance is usually experienced at actual tones of 100Hz or 200Hz (which are octaves and multiples of the originating frequency of 50Hz).

    2) Using a microphone with very low frequency response I was able, today, to record the 27Hz-based hum in my soundproofed recording studio. Proving, – to me at least! – that the sound is actually present in the surrounding air, as air pressure, i.e. it is [to a measurable degree] airborne sound.

    Why is it getting louder?

    Theory 2:

    Due to the Schumann cavity expanding and contracting, and possibly other factors, some of the trapped energy, at the relevant frequencies, is released into space, so it doesn’t actually stay, building up, for ever and ever.

    Yet there is always more energy coming along to replace that which is lost.

    There may historically have been a kind of equilibrium.

    But, in recent years either a) more energy than usual is being generated, and/or b) less energy than usual is being released into space.
    Thus the level of trapped energy has increased.

    My guess is that this (theoretical) increase is most likely caused by a natural or unintentional phenomenon. The first suspect would be if there are higher than average incidents of lightning due to global warming, and/or other global warming factors. Such as, something like the Greenhouse Effect could be happening with radio waves.

    Although there are plenty of reports of deliberate human generation of ELF radio waves, My guess, and it is a total guess, is that anyone purposely producing ELF radio waves for communications etc. would most likely try to avoid the areas close to the Schumann resonances’ frequencies, as the trapped energy circulating at those frequencies would be likely to interfere.

    Now I must go to bed. ..hmm, I wonder what that weird hum is?

    With great respect,


    • Mike says:

      HAARP IS Presently an array of antenna and energy at 8hz + -. Nicola Tesla discovered that the earth, human brains etc run at 8hz.. Tesla wanted to power the world with energizing the ionosphere but came to the conclusion that it heated up the ionosphere and also messed with the climate, human brain, all life etc. at 8hz. Tesla scraped it so the human race didn’t destroy itself. After the feds knocked him off, because he was going to share a particle beam weapon he developed with many other countries, the feds sacked his hotel and stole HAARP and many other discoveries. Several other countries started their own HAARP program also that are up and going. Mainly developed for sub communication but this technology also messes with the human brain and climate change. That is one reason why the climate is changing so fast. A HAARP array in the Ukraine blacked out the east cost US some time ago. HAARP can also be perceived as a HUM sound by humans and other animals. Remember the crazy wale and dolphin stuff like grounding and not knowing where they are? This work on the human brain also. This is a very destructive system with no international oversight and they are like kids with matches. REALLY we have to tell the governments to stop messing literary with our minds. THE NOISE YOU HEAR IS HAARP NO DOUBT.

      • I disagree with most of what you wrote, but this is an open forum. Thank you for your conclusion, but in fact I have great doubt. I have great doubt about anything that is parachuted in as received wisdom. If you are convinced about HAARP, then there are some simple experiments that you can perform along those lines. Let me know how things go. Cheers, Glen.

      • George G. says:

        Just wondering Mike, how HAARP manages to propagate at 8Hz. with a HF antenna array?

  2. George G. says:

    Hooray! Finally a practical thinker who is not pointing fingers at mobile phones, HAARP, AM radio, radar, navaids, microwave ovens, aliens, dental fillings etc. etc.

    Keith, you are on the right track! Good work.

    Now, have a look at our planet’s steadily diminishing magnetic field, and while you are at it, perhaps take a glance at that huge dynamo we call the Earth’s core, specifically its angular rotation with respect to the surface. Do the sums, you will be rewarded!

    Happy hunting,


    • Keith Dobson says:

      Thanks for your encouragement George. I’d love to hear more on your thoughts on the Earth’s core, etc..
      Also, a couple of pragmatic observations I’d like to share with fellow truth-seekers in general:
      One is that we can’t hear radio (aka electro-magnetic) waves. However they will cause some materials, eg metals, to vibrate and thus to produce sound waves. It is sound waves which can be heard.
      Two: I have a studio with ability to record very low audio frequencies and have made several recordings of the hum. It’s easy, whenever I switch on the mic it is right there. I can see it represented clearly on a spectrum analyser, and will soon load up a film of it to youtube.
      Three is that Sound waves decay in amplitude over distance, yes even very low frequency sound waves. They physically move air, and eventually the energy dissipates as heat. So if you can hear something at the same quiet volume in several places over several kilometres (which I definitely can), then one or more of three things must be happening: a) it’s coming from the earth; b) it’s coming from the sky; c) there’s a new kind of sound phenomenon that defies previous science (highly unlikely, but let us leave all possible options open).
      My next experiment is to send my low-frequency microphone up on a balloon to see if the amplitude of the hum decreases with altitude. If these are sound waves of the orthodox (and so far the only known) type, and they are rising from the earth, then the amplitude should decrease rapidly with height. If the amplitude increases, it would indicate that the source is above. If it stays at the same volume then this is not sound as we know it, Jim.

      • George G. says:

        If you really have captured The Hum on mic then that is amazing. However, alarm bells are ringing inside my head. Many others have tried and failed to record it. (acoustic and electromagnetic)

        You can see it’s spectrum?? Put me out of my misery and reveal it’s wavelength please.
        Thank you,

        P.S.Should you wish information on my research with earth’s seismic electric signals please contact Glen via email and request my email address.

      • Keith Dobson says:

        Hi George, I’m sure I’ve got it. Been analysing it with 3 spectrum analysers, but it’s difficult to find time to spend on it. Now i’ve seen what the analysers can do, I want to get another, longer, recording of it when it is at a louder point. As you ask, I’ll give some kind of update here, but I want to be totally sure of my onions before uploading film/audio etc. of it. Obviously there is plenty of background noise to filter through, but currently I’m seeing loud peaks around 20Hz; and 30Hz; one short peak bang on 27Hz (the pitch I previously identified by ear); and around 75Hz. There are other contenders, but it’s the circa 30Hz which is most audible here. These peaks, or most of them, appear to occur at a similar rate to the lumps or ‘pulses’ in the hum. But this is early days on detailed identification, and this is why I want to get a longer, louder sample. Thanks again for the support George! I will definitely pm you as I find some more time..

      • Keith Dobson says:

        Hi George and everyone, I’ve put up a film on Youtube of my hum recording, with spectrum analysis. I hope it’s OK to put a link to it here, below? If not, then it can probably be found easily with a youtube search, It’s just called: the hum 1. There are further possible correspondences with Schumann resonances in the frequency peaks recorded. the predominant “audible” frequency wavers between approx. 18Hz and 20Hz.
        [URL EDITED: Please provide precise specs on your recording set up]
        Been working on this for 3 long late nights.

      • Keith Dobson says:

        All 1st class professional studio equipment. I have a vintage analogue recording studio.
        I have 45 years experience in audio recording.

        Here is the signal path:

        Room: lightly-soundproofed. Irregular shape, approx. 25 square metres, with approx 3m. ceiling height. Plasterboard-faced walls.

        Microphone: Neumann mv692 with Neumann UM70 (M7) large-diaphragm condenser capsule, in omni-directional mode.

        Signal amplified by: Soundcraft 600 mixing desk.

        Analog to digital converter: MOTU 1296. At 96Kb/24bit.

        Digital recorder: Digital Performer 7 HD recording software on Apple Mac G5 computer.

        Signal speed doubled using: Studer A80 16 track 2 inch tape recorder. signal recorded at 15ips and replayed at 30ips. [DA and AD conversion as above] This process done twice to get 4 x speed.

        Frequency band attenuation: when speed-doubling, in order to better hear the low frequency band being investigated, frequencies above 1kHz were attenuated by equalisation on the above mixer.
        Important: Frequencies below 1kHz. untouched and untreated at any point in the entire process. Original sound file [1x speed] not equalised in any way.

        Spectrum analyser: SPAN

        Audio on the video reproduced on my hi-fi: Rogers A75 Series 2 with Rogers Export monitors.

  3. Bioacoustician says:

    Greetings to everyone! I am one of the sufferers from hearing a low frequency vibration. It is now for >2 years. The consequences are very similar to others though may be just less dramatic. All the time I observed the physiological manifestation of the phenomenon in my body. Then I studied the oscillations/waves continuum transmission trying to understand its physical nature.
    Now the good news, I managed to build working theories of the phenomenon and invented several things protecting from hearing the LF vibration. Thanks to heavens, I can sleep now at nights!
    I would love to share my findings as soon as possible to everyone in shape of a product, but first probably need to file a patent and do some other organizational efforts. I wonder how many people will be interested (market size) in such vibration protection? May be someone is experienced how to bring the invention to the market?

  4. Hi, ‘bioacoustician’…….Good to hear you have devised something two let you get some sleep. For 28 years I have been looking at this problem, and I am convinced most hums will turn out to be acoustic in origin. Those of us looking at acoustic sources may be talking about something different from others who seem to think their problem comes from electro magnetic or radio sources ? I was just wondering, are you talking about the same phenomenon as Dr. Glen? As far as I understand it, he is investigating radio (?) or electro magnetic(?)waves, on the basis of them triggering the IMPRESSION of a low droning noise…..you write that you have heard low frequency vibration. (see your post of 8 Sept, 2015), On the basis that low frequency acoustic noise (the area I am most interested in) is in fact the air being vibrated (sound is vibration, of the air, in essence), do you feel that your hum is an acoustic noise rather than ‘E.M.’, or radio waves, etc .? At the moment I have to say that I have no evidence whatever to support the theory of people being able to hear radio, or E.M. waves, but time will tell, with repeatable experiments.
    By the way, regarding your idea of a product to manufacture and sell, I understand (from ‘hubby’)that patents cost a large amount of money, and often existing companies can take your idea for their own gain, and there’s little you can do about it unless you can afford expensive litigation…..I wonder if you would share your idea here, so people could try it ? If it is effective, as a prototype, then that might make it easier for you to secure funding…..Actually, in the interests of relieving suffering, might it not be a lovely gesture to humanity just to share the information you appear to have discovered? If you do not feel able to tell us here , then, in the interests of truth, would you write in strict confidence to me, as I am intrigued to hear what science/physics your idea is based on?I hope to hear from you ? Please contact Tobypaws2002@aol.com. I would be very grateful if you could spare the time, in strict confidence. Please note, I have no commercial intents, just wishing to learn more, as I may be able to advise people on how to cope with it…….Thank you. R.M.

  5. George G. says:

    Hiya Keith,

    Very impressive presentation, I must say. I particularly liked the X2 and X4 frequency manipulation.
    It reminded me of a big old diesel loco patiently waiting at the station for passengers. And that in itself presents a problem to me. What I had listened to was not the fundamental.
    I do not wish to discourage you. Indeed, I think your hypothesis of transition from electromagnetic to acoustic energy through geological material is sound.

    Your work will be scrutinised thoroughly over the next few days, I’m sure, and please do not take it personally, this process is essential. In that light, you must present a case where your findings can be replicated over and over, by anyone, anywhere on the planet. In that light you will be asked many questions, so, when that occurs, do not be disheartened,just answer the question as plainly as possible.

    This is my last post on this site. The Hum has never bothered me, but my wife suffered deeply from its effects. My workshop is well-equipped ( or so I thought) to deal with such phenomena, so I set sail on a great adventure of discovery:

    Find The Hum

    Eliminate The Hum

    Problem solved.

    Now, however, that no longer applies. So, I no longer have a pressing need to worry about this phenomenon.

    In view of that, I wish everyone goodbye and good wishes,


    Keith, you will be asked lots of questions, so, here are my two bobs worth, and remember, I am happy to chat with you (or anyone else one this site ) via email.

    Question. Does The Hum stop or diminish in volume at your location? If the answer is yes, then can I suggest you carry out a recording during lull? Can you understand why?

    The microphone you describe is fantastic. have you considered placing it ( in a suitable container) several feet underground? Is it phantom-powered? Yes? Does the power source originate from a PC?
    Are there cooling fans running inside your equipment? How far is your microphone from such equipment?

  6. Keith Dobson says:

    Hi Guys, Wow, I only just saw this reply! it’s tagged on as a reply to a different post so didn’t see it the last ten times I looked – thought you’d dismissed me!
    George, It sounds like you have had a personal tragedy, I am really sorry to hear that. And I’m very sorry you’re departing the quest. I would still very much love to know your thoughts on earth core etc. stuff. I’ve asked Dr. Glen to give me your email as you suggested, but don’t have it yet. You could perhaps ask him for mine.

    Thank you so much for your comments on the sound of it. I’ve been waiting 2 days and that is the first qualitative comment it’s had! Which has surprised me. Seems like no-one knows it is there.

    If you play the 2x recording through big speakers, you will hear the fundamental booming louder than any other freq. as it peaks in volume.
    This is definitely what the hum sounds like here, right now, but the freq combinations were a little different last month, and I daresay the freqs and freq “combinations” or “dischords” could be completely different in other locations dependent on local geology and topography et al. That is partly why I am so interested to hear some comparisons.
    I have another idea, which is to send out a call to recording studios around the world, which are located in humspots, to follow the same process I have, and to share their recordings.
    The combination of this audio information could provide valuable insight into the phenomenon.

    Thanks also for the tips re inquests – I do expect the Spanish Inquisition treatment, but I’ve been around the block, and have a broad back. My main motivation for moving this along afap is to help the worst sufferers by attracting proper scientific study.

    I have recordings when the hum is less loud, and 20Hz sits back, a lot closer to the noise floor on those.
    I’ve tried it with two completely different power supply systems, neither from PC, and two different mics. Same essential results.
    The room has a complete “skin” on the inside – no air gaps. I blocked up the 2 air vents completely so there would be no so called “fluid movement” of air recorded at very low freqs.
    Definitely no equipment at all switched on in the room apart from the mic.
    I said ‘lightly soundproofed’ but it is a complete, tight, job. There are double sliding doors with rubber seals between this room and the control room, where the background sound is very quiet anyway. And no other doors or windows at all.
    I’ve really thought about how the recorded low freqs might be something else. Of course it needs to be replicated independently several times, with totally different equipment and location, before we’ve got anything close to “proof”. But 2 things shout at me above all other, that confirm the authenticity of these several recordings I’ve made, and they are –
    1) They sound exactly like the hum I hear through my ears, live.
    -What are the chances of that sound being replicated by some fault or noise in the system? I could see how general elevation of those frequencies could be caused by system noise etc., even warbles and pulses, but to replicate exactly what I hear, the same warbling rumble, with the same timescale of “thumps” or pulses in it, as well..?
    The chances of that must be very very small indeed.
    2) The elevated 20Hz at this location is fully borne out by the findings of Western Power (The area electricity authority).
    They left a Bruel & Kjaer state of the art test microphone here, with it’s own totally independent recording kit, for a weekend. It doesn’t actually make sound recordings, but it records a lot of totally reliable info about the freq bands, like amplitude for each freq band for a given period, etc.
    The engineer sent me all the data, and I have the graphs which show the 20Hz – 25Hz band results well raised. He confirmed that the 20-25Hz band was “higher than usual”.

    The other thing I keep asking myself – I’ve looked around the net for hours looking at various news stories and films on youtube – it seems like no-one has actually tried to record it in the same basic and obvious way that I have – I’ve seen reporters with interview mics trying to record it, but interview mics roll-off everything below about 100Hz so they stood no chance. Had anybody actually properly tried to record it before me? I see no evidence of that whatsoever, anywhere. I’m forming the opinion that amazingly, they hadn’t.
    Best wishes to all,

  7. Keith Dobson says:

    Thanks Glen. I’m on it.
    by the way –
    Wow. I have finally found another genuine recording, I’ve just discovered the “taos hum” short video on youtube. Recorded in Switzerland in 2009. That’s the same hum I hear, and recorded.
    His recording plays in realtime though, so the hum is very hard to reproduce and to hear due to it’s very low frequency.
    Please take the time to look at the more detailed low bass frequency peaks shown on the spectrum analyser in the second half of his video, especially around 20Hz, and compare them to mine. You may very well also say wow.

  8. Keith Dobson says:

    I’ve now seen Tom Moir’s films, and believe he too has very likely made genuine recordings of the hum. I have contacted him to ask for spectrum analysis of the sub 50Hz frequencies. It will make very interesting viewing.
    I am in no doubt whatsoever, that the matching recordings from Somerset (30 miles from Bristol, btw) and Switzerland are genuine real recordings of the world hum.
    IF his recordings match mine and Dugall’s of Switzerland, in the low frequency domain, we will have very strong evidence indeed.
    Thanks again for your support,

  9. Keith Dobson says:

    Closer inspection of Dugall’s film reveals even clearer links with the Schumann frequencies than does mine. This is possibly because he used a dedicated flat-response super-low frequency test microphone for the job. I’ve made a very rough film for youtube putting forward the theory of Schumann resonances inducing physical resonance/s in the earth, which cause, or cause part of, the hum. I’ve shown a screen shot of Dugall’s film illustrating the correlation with Schumann.
    It’s called: “World Hum – New “Schumann Resonance theory” with audio analysis”
    Please chop this link out if inappropriate:

    Please forgive the zazzy title and delivery – I’m just trying to draw attention to this virtually taboo subject, in the scientific world at least.
    It is not intended to be scientific – it is just showing what I have seen, and trying to get the ball rolling re proper research.
    Best to all,

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