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Back on the Grid – An Update

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

Even though the experiment was at a crucial stage, about five weeks ago I was drained – physically and mentally –  and so I disconnected from everything and went camping up and down the Oregon Coast, followed by staying on a small island on a large lake in central Canada. My email and blog inboxes are overflowing, and I had to temporarily put on hold a visit from a documentary crew based in the United States. Back at it.

The Experiment: I have located a large and reputable company based out of Texas that specializes in the types of radio-tight gaskets that I need. I just need to understand the specs a little more and sort through the many options before I order them. Shipping will be less than seven days. When the gaskets arrive, I’ll get the welders ready to finally finish this thing. I’ll keep you updated.

The Hum Map: The Hum Map very much needs an update. A concerned reader sent me an email wondering if the Map was still active. A Map update of this size will require a solid half-day of work, and I must go through every last one of the entries by hand. I’ll get to it when I can. Note: The raw, un-edited open source version of the database is available upon request, for those who want to research “Sky Trumpets”, HAARP, cell towers, or whatever.




  1. eileenbowie says:

    Grants pass Oregon area reports increase in intensity,too.

    Hope Glen had some relief on the coast.

  2. I’m glad you took time off when you needed it. Nice to have you back.

  3. Simon says:

    Hey Glen, really good to hear you have had a well-earned break. Considering the scale of what you have taken on here I think you are an absolute hero to keep plugging away at it for all this time! I honestly believe that the DIY approach is the only way we will ever bottom out the hum mystery, as I have found that no-one except hum sufferers themselves have any interest in solving it..
    Just wanted express my huge appreciation and gratitude for everything you have done and you are trying to do..

  4. Allison Pardo says:

    Hi there….I guess I’m a “hearer” and this is not something I’d wish on anyone. I’m in Calgary, Alberta and I’m a 43 year old stay at home mom. I would like to help in any way I can. I want answers and I am willing to learn new skills if necessary to be part of something that will lead to answers and solutions….

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