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Experiment Update

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The exterior box is complete, but the access door (hatch) for the Deming Box is an issue right now. I found a supplier in Greater Vancouver, but I’m still waiting to hear if their product meets the minimum requirements. As soon as the hatch is on hand, the welders are ready to cut the box and weld in the hatch.

And then things will get interesting.



  1. SGVH says:

    “And then things will get interesting.”

    Haha, indeed!

    In the prior post you wrote: “My theory is that the state of the ionosphere – with a few other things – mediates the worldwide Hum.”

    For awhile I’ve been wanting to “introduce you” to a few people who I think would be very interested in your experiment, &/or who might could help, with “expert” opinions if nothing else; &/or who might know other people who could help, &/or who you might like to pick their brains in the future, etc., once things “get rolling.”

    1. One of them, Eric Paul Dollard (nicknamed by his “fans” as “Tesla 2.0” & is age 61) is an electrical & RF expert who monitors the ionosphere daily outside his lab in the NV desert & has heard the hum himself. They are currently building out there in the desert an EQ Detection System based on the 9-sounds the earth makes before an EQ. I’ll list his info below, first. He’s “old school,” no computer/email, Snail Mail only.

    2. & 3. The other two are in your neck of the woods (British Columbia) which is the main reason I’m including them. Both know all about Frequencies:
    –One is a microwave (MWR) expert (former Canadian military/retired), James G. “Jerry” Flynn; address & phone online, no email.
    –& the other is an electrical & EMF & thermoradiation expert, Curtis Bennett; yes has website, email, phone online; Twitter, too.

    4. The fourth, Barrie Trower (age 69), is in the UK but, if anybody would likely have a clue re the Bristol Hum 1960’s (the earliest modern Hum, right?), it would probably be this guy, former British military & MWR expert from the Cold War era. He’s also “old school” so does not use computers nor email but freely shares his address & phone & says he gets approx. 10 calls from around the world every day. He also says he refuses to take $$ from anybody because he does not want it ever said that he helped people “for the money.”

    So, if you don’t mind, I’ll put their info in 4 more separate comments below. I’ll do 1 at a time so it might take me awhile this morning.

  2. SGVH says:

    1. ERIC PAUL DOLLARD (re Ionosphere & Power Grid since Glen McP has previously mentioned that the Grid is possibly involved in the Hum):
    –Eccentric but Likeable Electrical & RF Engineer autodidactic.
    –Lives in the Nevada/California desert.
    –Age 61, doesn’t use computers nor email, either, handwrites everything, Snail Mail only, does reply, only asks people to send extra stamps with any written inquiries. Address:
    Eric P. Dollard
    General Delivery
    Lone Pine, CA 93545.

    –Former “child genius” who they call “Tesla 2.0” who was given free reign of the former Bolinas, CA, RCA Lab as a teenager to do whatever experiments he pleased; helped USNavy solve their own EMF problems, etc. A bio/article here:

    –Currently building a Seismic/EQ Detection System in the desert (detection, he says, based on the specific 9-sounds the earth makes prior to EQs):
    “Eric P. Dollard – Official Homepage” – “Eric Dollard’s Advanced Seismic Warning System 2 on Indiegogo”:

    –He lives in & outside the lab, has tons of electrical equipt. inside & outside the lab; says he monitors the ionosphere daily & knows it intimately.

    –He also has “heard the hum.” When the interviewer asked, “Hum from a power plant?” Dollard said, “I don’t know! but it’s everywhere, you can’t get away from it!” When the interviewer became more incredulous (as if Dollard was looney for hearing a hum), Dollard backed down & blamed the hum on crystals in the desert saying, “The desert makes all kinds of noises.” 🙂
    Dollard re Hum is in this video:

    –Dollard’s younger “internet guy,” Aaron Murakami, posts Dollard Updates here:
    “Eric P. Dollard’s Official Newsletter”:

    –Dollard lectures at annual Energy Conference in Idaho, coming up again this July: “2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference”:

    –Many Dollard lectures & interviews at YouTube:

    Dollard continued in Part 2 next…

    • NOTE FROM GLEN: Contrary to the information given in the first sentence above, I have in fact argued that the electric grid is not responsible for the Hum.

    • So Eric Dollard appears again. He seems like a nice fellow, but in my view he presents pseudoscientific ramblings. As a psychology teacher, I find it interesting how his speech is reminiscent of classic derailment; that is, he starts off on a thought that might contain a valid scientific fact, and then suddenly throws in a non-sequitur. And then while the listener is trying to sort out the logic involved, he starts another thought train, and the pattern continues. It’s impossible to get one’s head around his science because it seems that a significant amount of what he writes and says is either gibberish or error. I understand the attraction of the argument that essentially goes, “Well, they laughed at Tesla so I must be right as well”.

      Tesla did make fundamental contributions to science, but he was also flat-out wrong about some important things as well. It seems that the pseudoscientists are more interested in what Tesla got wrong than what he was correct about. I made an honest effort to go through some of Dollard’s writing, but I found it to be an impossible task and I just couldn’t go on for more than 10 minutes. There is no conspiracy against Dollard by mysterious forces, but I’m sure there is a consensus among people who actually know some physics. I don’t think I need to say in stark terms what that consensus is.

      As I wrote above, he seems like a very nice fellow and I wish him all the best. And, should he proven correct in anything that he says, I’ll be the first to congratulate him.

      • SGVH says:

        Haha. Well that settles that. I never heard of the guy until last Fall when someone posted a link re his Power Grid comments/video dated 9/29/14, & that was/is my main interest (the Grid) & all its noise, oscillations, fluctuations, vibrations, unfriendly wave forms escaping transformers, etc.

        All the rest of it (Versor Algebra, Tesla, Transluminal-whatever, etc.) would be over my head anyway.

        I still bet he would find your Deming Box fascinating, lol.

      • I hope nobody takes my word as final on anything. In the case of advanced science, I think we – myself included – need to fall back on the consensus of professional scientists and engineers. All this talk about “suppressed” science is utter nonsense. There certainly been cases where theories have been met with incredulity but, crucially, they have been confirmed with transparent and repeatable experiments. Some of the early quantum physics experiments come to mind. In response to those experiments, numbers of esteemed physicists essentially said, “I don’t like it, but I can’t argue with the results because I get the same thing when I conduct the experiment”. The difference between those experiments and the types of stuff that Dollard writes, is that there is nothing to argue about, because there are no experiments. I aim to conduct a simple experiment that anybody – scientist or otherwise – can conduct. And as soon as I can figure the last remaining technical issue, I’ll let you know what happens.

        And my theory might be wrong.

  3. SGVH says:


    This 10-min. segment re the Power Grid is part of a longer interview dated 9/29/14 (it sounds like he’s describing what the “Smart Grid” does but he doesn’t realize it):

    At 01:15:30:
    Question from Caller:

    “You mentioned something very interesting about the lack of current power line engineers not understanding the actual FIELDS & you said a catastrophe can happen in our existing power grid. Is that due to INTERFERENCE between all these WAVES that are propagating that they don’t realize are there? What’s that from?”

    –At 01:16:03:
    Answer by Eric Dollard:

    “Yeah, that’s basically what it is. They’ve created a power system where multiple modes of propagation are possible at a MULTITUDE OF HARMONICS, some of them VERY unfriendly WAVE forms and the power system is NOT rejecting these NOW but it is MAGNIFYING them and it is DELIVERING THEM STRAIGHT TO THE CUSTOMER. So what’s happening is the power system is basically turning into a GIANT ANTENNA for nuclear EMP or solar eruptions or any of that type of stuff, and they are PROVIDING a METALLIC PATH FOR IT all the way FROM the high side on the GRID right to the ground terminal on YOUR WALL OUTLET. So, the electrical system is becoming a MASSIVE ANTENNA and a MASSIVE parametric HARMONIC OSCILLATOR at 180 cycles per second producing a MASSIVE ANTENNA CURRENT that is getting STRONGER & STRONGER, and one of my covert operation jobs is to figure out WHAT the MIND STATE is behind this &/or the RESISTANCE TO EXPRESSING the mind state & present it to the proper agencies, so I’ll probably be starting on that at the beginning of next year so that’s another massive project.

    “But it really disrupts my work because it creates all this INTERFERENCE and it creates a psychological dismay at looking at this because I’m third generation in this stuff and, alone, the SHABBY construction & ugliness of the materials, but to see everything WIRED COMPLETELY WRONG is kind of a smothering effect on me, so I’m committed to write on that subject.

    “In fact, the Versor Algebra book that is coming out, what initiated the writing of that is, before I take on head-on-combat with the power companies, is that I never take on anything like that until I reach a PhD-level of understanding of the subject & then overwhelm all the people involved so all they can do is shuck & jive afterwards & make fools out of themselves; so I’m pretty successful at that, but it’s, the society is becoming more & more resistant to criticism & reorientation, so at some point all that will become impossible. But it’s going to be interesting to back this POWER COMPANY in a corner & MAKE them SAY WHY THEY ARE DOING THIS. So the appropriate governmental regulating agencies and, uh, it’ll be fun, somebody won’t be happy.”

    Question from Caller:

    “Did the power companies TAKE OUT some PROTECTIVE mechanisms that would have PREVENTED some of this RESONANCE?”

    Answer from Eric Dollard:

    “Yeah, basically, there’s NO LONGER any GROUND FAULT PROTECTION. That’s the first complication. There’s NO possibility of relaying, to ELIMINATE if one of these WAVES GETS OUT OF CONTROL, or if you get MASSIVE CURRENTS FLOWING INTO THE GROUND, you know, burning somebody’s house down with the wire laying on it.

    “Originally the power systems were configured so that current flow could NOT develop beyond a small level, or, IF it did it was cut off in three to four cycles. But the way the system is configured NOW, it cannot distinguish between a load current & a ground fault current, so it continues to burn.

    [Caller: “Wow!”]

    “The Zero sequence harmonic WAVE that is being generated in the system will NOT appear on ANY of the meters.

    “So you can have a 180 cycle, maybe 250 kilovolt ampere or 500 kilovolt ampere WAVE flowing in the power system & the meters will NOT pick it up because it cancels out.”

    –Two Callers asking/talking at same time:
    “Has this ever happened before?” & “Is there anything we can do to PROTECT ourselves?”

    –Answer by Eric Dollard:
    “No, the systems used to be hooked in Delta so the Delta connection shorts the Zero sequence out so there’s no path to ground, so the path-to-ground to drain the system is derived by a smaller grounding bank which has an impeder in it so that fault current cannot reach significant values even if a few amperes. And if there IS a fault current in that line then it goes off to ground [via?] draining transformers, then that relays the system out.

    “But the way the system is configured now, it can’t relay that out because the transformers are Y [wye]-connected & solidly grounded & the system has a neutral or fourth wire so any current flowing from line to this multi-grounded neutral is same as current flowing from that line to, you know, a wire laying on your car, or hit you or something, and it cannot distinguish the current.

    “So the power companies are deliberately REWIRING THE ENTIRE POWER GRID from Delta to Y [wye] in a record rate manner which is costing them a lot of money. So the question is, if it is costing them a lot of money, & it DECREASES the efficiency of the system by about 3-5%, then WHAT’s THE MIND STATE behind it?”

    [Caller or Host: “Yeah, Exactly.”]

    “So, all other electrical engineers that I know, you know, that are my age & have been around for a time, are all wondering, ‘WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!’ And it’s gotten to the point now where the power company will not even deliver a standard 240 Delta service to my laboratory even though I have that service & am paying for it, they will not provide me with the closed Delta; they’ll force me to pay them $30,000 to put in a 2 8 [?] Y which is useless to me; I need to have a 240 Delta ungrounded system so that my electrical impulses do not get into the town’s power system & start wiping out everybody’s computers & electronic devices. The power company refuses to do this & they will NOT SAY WHY. They are FORCING IT ON the CUSTOMER.


    “I don’t know why. I’ll have to get in a fight with the power company. That’s the first step to get in a fight with the power company; then I pit the power company against the government & see which way it goes. [Lol, I like that thinking!!] And then if that’s the case then so be it. I have to get a 480-volt Y, & then they’re going to try to ground it or whatever, & I’m going to have to defeat that, & then on top of that I have to put in my own transformer bank which will will cost about $10-or-$15,000 to go to the 240-volt Delta that I need to run all my equipment.

    “It’s like, you know, on all the Navy ships, all the power is Delta; all the big telephone companies I’ve worked in, all the RCA stations, it’s all 3-wire Delta with No ground. The ground is NOT there in the system because you do NOT want all these currents on/around ground; you want the thing ISOLATED, particularly on a ship because if the motor-winding takes a crap your current flowing to ground, you don’t want that thing flaming out. The system simply rebalances itself, then you pick it up on the ground-detector lights and then the engine men in charge of the switchboard will find out what meter that’s on & then isolate that ground. Meanwhile, everything is still operating & there’s no damage to the motors.

    “It’s the same thing with the mining industry here in Nevada where I’m at, old mines & stuff, you’ve got 440-volts on knob & tube wiring & half the time the motor frames are not grounded & all that. You don’t want that connected to a Y system because then, if anything contacts one of the phase conductors, you get a FULL BLAST from line to ground. It’s DANGEROUS to start a fire or kill somebody or burn out your whole… some of the motors here in this town are actually made by Telsa & Westinghouse; they’re that old.”

    Caller Question re the solar flares & solar eruptions
    & their effect on the grounding of the power system.

    –Answer by Eric Dollard:
    “Yeah, if you have line transformers on both ends of a very long line & they are Y connected, which they usually have to be to drain the static off the line through an impeder, but if you solve[?] the ground at both ends, then if the sun induces a traveling wave of current by jolting the earth’s magnetic field, then that traveling wave is going to go up to neutral & then flow in phase on all 3-wires of the transmission system & then go down in the ground at the neutral of the other transformer at the other end, & what that current’s going to do, even though you are not necessarily going to pick it up on the metering because it cancels out, the metering saturate the transformer cores & then they can’t develop any EMFs & short the line. This is usually how the solar flares end up knocking out the power grid.”

    –Caller Question:
    “So is there anything we can do to PROTECT OURSELVES from all this?”

    Eric Dollard Answer:
    “Isolation Transformer. Where the power comes in to your house
    you have to go through an Isolation Transformer to separate the metallic of the power company from the metallic of your house. THE POWER COMPANY NO LONGER PROVIDES THAT ISOLATION TO THE CUSTOMER. They hook you right to the HIGH VOLTAGE NEUTRAL which then, as a neutral admittance to the Power Feeder Lines, the structures on the Towers, through the Y Y Transformer connected banks.

    “So basically, when you put your hand on your washing machine or anything else that’s got a ground connection on it, you’re touching hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of square miles of metallic transmission structures; you’re connected to a GIANT ANTENNA.

    “It used to be the Distribution Transformer separated that Ground Loop but current engineering practices bypass the Transformers so you are metallically connected to the ENTIRE POWER GRID rather than just the wiring in your neighborhood.”
    –End of interview/section re the Power Grid.

    One more section coming up re Eric P. Dollard in Part 3…

  4. SGVH says:

    2. In your neck of the woods even though MWR is not necessarily a concern of HumMap:

    JAMES G. “Jerry” FLYNN:
    Captain (Retired/Canada)

    His bio in his own words:

    “I was promoted up through the ranks and retired as a Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces, having spent 22 of my 26+ years in Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), including two years in
    National Defense Headquarters (NDHQ), Ottawa, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare (DEW). Earlier I had been the Executive Officer and Operations Officer at one of Canada’s largest and most sensitive intelligence-gathering radio stations. Throughout my career I worked closely with U.S. and NATO army EW units; with NSA and, to a lesser degree, with Britain’s GCHQ intelligence agency. I completed a major NATO army EW officers’ course in Anzio, Italy, and participated in a major NATO army EW field exercise in Germany’s Black Forest. Earlier still, I conducted Radio Warfare (now called EW) aboard two Canadian warships, throughout which I worked closely with many U.S. naval units.”
    –Source 12/10/14:

    Jerry’s areas of study in the military:

    “Jerry Flynn is a former Captain in the Communications Electronics Engineering Branch of the Royal Canadian Navy. Jerry studied virtually every aspect of wireless radio communications, including radio theory, antenna theory (both transmitting and receiving antennas), the ionosphere and radio propagation, solar storms and solar flares, the electromagnetic frequency spectrum – specializing in the radio frequency spectrum, electromagnetic radiation, cryptography, communications security, radar systems, and satellite systems.”
    –Source 10/27/12:

    VIDEO: “Jerry Flynn’s presentation from Oct 4, 2012 – the National Day of Action…”; Runtime: 1:27:18:

    Jerry’s MWR “TIMELINE” slide-show: 1-Year & 1-Quote per slide covering years 1920 – 2014:
    •Full-Graphics Version:
    •Text-Only Version:
    •As of 5/23/15, Jerry’s presentation is up from 340 slides to 500+. Contact him for a current copy (address/phone at top).

    AUDIO: 4/13/15: Jerry Flynn on “Boil the Frog Slowly” Radio – 1-Hour:
    http://www.boilthefrogradio.com >

    9/26/12: “Former CDN Navy Captain & Engineer (Jerry G. Flynn): Are Smart Meters Microwave Weapons?”:

    –5/23/15 Letter:
    –4/29/15 Letter:
    –11/18/14 Letter:

  5. SGVH says:

    PS re Jerry Flynn: Just found an email addy for him, fwiw: jerryjgf@shaw.ca

  6. SGVH says:

    PPS to Glen: No problem at all re removing the addy/phone (& the email, too, if you like). It was mainly for your benefit anyway, or anyone closely associated with your project up there in BC who might like to chat with Flynn. (He does include his addy/phone in all his public letters that are online which is where I saw it.)

  7. SGVH says:


    This is the second guy who is located in your area. I originally thought of these two (Flynn & Bennett) back when you humorously wrote something to the effect of hoping you would have no problems getting the Box across borders. (Ha, yes, border patrol may think you have a metal casket there.) I thought if you needed more “professional clout” along with your own to get through any such possible future barriers, maybe these guys could help in that regard.

    What I like about Bennett is he puts into “plain English” exactly how EMFs affect humans & buildings from an electrical standpoint. He also says he’s the guy who has to know the “laws laws laws & the codes codes codes.” So he’s a tradesman with a brain. I like that. He also cracks me up when he refers to your BC govt. officials as “weenies & bean counters,” lol. He cross-examined the BC govt.’s expert witness/engineer re Smart Grid. One little interesting blip that came out of that exchange was that RF penetrates the ground 39 inches, per that Princeton-trained engineer:
    (I thought maybe that’s why the ground feels like it is vibrating if the RF is oscillating pipes below, concrete rebar, or underground powerlines, etc.(?)

    Lastly, if your town ever has concerns re the Smart Grid coming to your area, Bennett’s info may become more of an interest to you at that time.

    •Director of Operations
    •Chief Science Officer
    •Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician (Red Seal)
    •Building Engineering Technologist
    •Adjunct Faculty for IHF & GEDI [Medical Continuing Education Credits courses re Radiation]
    •Thermal Radiation Consultant for 35 Years
    •Thermografix Consulting Corporation:
    •Twitter: @RealThermoGuy
    Ph: 604-239-2694
    Ph: 250-765-9897
    •YouTube channel:
    “…a double credentialed science professional, temperature specialist, and Adjunct Faculty for two medical education groups. Our objective work has even required consulting on national security issues after 9/11.”
    “Part of our work over 35 years included pioneering infrared electrical inspections for oil, gas, energy, manufacturing, mills, mines, etc. We would inspect electrical distribution under full load to catch hidden electrical problems that couldn’t be seen.”

    –[Undated but excellent article] INTERVIEW WITH “THERMOGUY” CURTIS BENNETT
    posted at Will Thomas Online:

    4/21/15: VIDEO, 1.5-hours, Kelowna Safe Meters guest Curtis Bennett presentation:

    –In that video re Canada Safety Code 6 (2009) re “Limits of Human Exposure to RF-EMFs…”, which says its purpose is to “protect the public” & to ensure “reduced contact & induced currents…,” Curtis says when he read that he flipped out because: “‘INDUCING CURRENTS’ means ELECTROCUTION.”
    –In same video he also said, “A plastic head with water in it has overwhelmed the intellectual elite of Canada” (lol).

    3/26/15: AUDIO INTERVIEW, 1.5-hours, Curtis Bennett “The Entire World in a Microwave” explained from an electrical standpoint, excellent (begins in earnest approx. 10-mins. in):
    •.MP3 Direct Link:
    [audio src="http://recordings.telapi.com/RBca7f147f93704dd7bbb9c3899d383f74/RE7c8890843ee4c15b974a4c27993a273a.mp3" /]
    •Bennett site descript:

    2/26/15: VIDEO, 1-hour: “Kelowna Safe Meters Presents Curtis Bennett”:

    12/18/14: AUDIO, 1-hour, EMF Summit, Guest Curtis Bennett:

    9/22/14: AUDIO, 1-hour, Boil-The-Frog-Slowly Radio Show with guest Curtis Bennett:

    9/4/14: AUDIO, 2-hours, .WAV file: “Guest Curtis Bennett will discuss how buildings are affected by EMFs”:

    –12/26/14: Article: “FortisBC & Canadian Wireless Smart Meter Programs Not Compliant with [Vibration] Building Codes” ( < great point!):

    PUBLIC LETTERS to Govt. Officials (just a few samples) by Curtis Bennett:
    –3/26/15: Letter to Mayor and Council of The City of Kelowna on Smart Meters:
    –9/18/14: To Seattle City Council:
    –That letter was linked from his website here:
    –10/4/12: “Texas Senate Committee Meeting on Smart Meters” – Letters & Diagrams by Curtis Bennett, 11-pages, .PDF:

    Lastly, below are a few choice Bennett quotes from various sources:

    •”…EMFs, the proper term is subtle electrocution.”

    •”…electromagnetic radiation causes electrical induction, by polarizing and depolarizing of all nerves and muscles, forcibly overriding and coupling to the bioelectrical system of everything biological, and flipping on and off the switches of the body like a strobe light, literally billions of times a second, while shredding the DNA irreparably.”

    •”…the blanket radiation coverage creates an atmospheric heat sink…”

    •”…electromagnetic induction of buildings and infrastructure by high speed penetrating EMFs.”

    •”Energy companies and associated industries are using the [SAR testing dummy’s] plastic head to bypass [your city’s] Authority and building inspection.”

    •”The Smart Grid will put everything in [your city] inside an electrical circuit. It is very dangerous…”

    •”How much electrocution can a fetus take?”

    •”People aren’t ‘sensitive’ to EMFs, they are being subtly electrocuted.”

    •”…people are being tased on their property and that exposure is 24/7.”

    •”These EMFs will expand and collapse inside the body billions of times per measurable second, 3600 times per hour, 86,400 every 24 hours and 2,592,000 per month. The clock is ticking.”

    •”The utility is blasting EMFs across your property and subtly tasing you.”

    End of Curtis Bennett Info.

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