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A Brief Comment about HAARP

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

A few people have wondered out loud why I have not dealt with HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). The short answer is that I can see no connection at all between it and the Hum. The timeline is all wrong, among other problems. (Ironically, HAARP does provide a minor piece of indirect supporting evidence regarding geomagnetic conjugates for my own theory about the Hum). Conflating HAARP with the Hum is unfortunate in my view, because too much writing about HAARP drifts off into wild conspiracy, or is grounded in very shaky science. That doesn’t mean that we should ignore HAARP or the potential dangers it poses; it just means that unless I’m presented with some actual evidence, or a convincing argument, I’ll leave the HAARP question to those who want to pursue it.


  1. straightcue says:

    OK.. lets put it this way.. Conveying the understanding that using this type of technology and other types of simulates, ie ground vibration instruments can cause this unusual phenomenon called hum though-out the world on a global aspect. To get your gear together and make one to mass produce a signal frequency that is baseline/basecode with adjacent human auras/frequencies. And there you have it.

    What are you expecting.. a private tour?

  2. straightcue says:

    There is three or four ways of proving this, you know extensive research is, and ultimate suing the government of the United States is, for the help in this? 1. personal experience, 2. research the collation between human frequencies and sound frequency.. 3. research harrp and ground vibration instruments. 4. research human greed and spirituality. Have I got this.. yup. Give me sometime go dig up some outside resources to back up mine in a orderly fashion.. Meanwhile, I got some other work to do, people need saving. God bless.

    • No disrespect intended, but after several tries reading the above I haven’t a clue what you are talking about. I think you’ve had a few chances to make your point here, and therefore this thread is closed.

  3. George G. says:

    While we are on the subject of ionospheric disturbances, now may be the time for all hearers to make a special note on any abrupt Hum change. Our planet is currently in the midst of an intense geomagnetic storm.

    Any data collected now may prove useful.

  4. SGVH says:

    It looks as if StraightCue may have used a translator site to translate whatever they were saying in their own language into English (maybe?) because it definitely strains coherency. That, or maybe they were being severely hummed/vibrated while trying to think & write.

    Re: “Our planet is currently in the midst of an intense geomagnetic storm.”

    When did that begin? Would it affect the Power Grid? The vibrations & hum here have been going in “Way Too Strong” Mode for 6-7 days straight now, with barely any lessening of Intensity (usually it will lessen intensity for a few days out of a week, but not the past week; every single day & night has been H!)

    • George G. says:

      For further information on the current geomagnetic storm please visit SpaceWeather.com

      The grid is safe from this particular event.

      Locally, the Hum has been strong here also for approx. 6-7 days. Yesterday (June 23 UTC) it stopped for about 12 hours. It then returned at ‘low’ level.

      I wonder if others noted any Hum variations during the current disturbance?

  5. SGVH says:

    Thanks for the follow-up & link, GG.

    N.E. FLA: Yesterday (Tues. 6/23) was not AS BAD as the prior 6-days (Wed. 6/17 thru Mon. 6/22) but it was still Medium to Strong modes (incessant surges of intensity). Currently in Low mode 4am Wed. 6/24/15, thank God!

    “Strong” mode (in my own personal rating system) is when the Vibrations literally penetrate/vibrate internal organs, including brain & eyes, like an “Invisible EMF Drill Bit.” It’s torture & makes sleep (or doing much of anything for that matter) impossible. And yes, there is an associated “Hum” that goes along with it, but in my location, the Vibrations are the bigger killer of the two.

    Per that 2004 Portugal VAD study mentioned in recent weeks at the Hum Yahoogroup, LF “Noise” causes internal organs to harden like a rock (per an autopsy they had done on a man who was dying from VAD & donated his body for autopsy after death). Since the body always acts in its own best interest, the internal organs are obviously trying to protect themselves by creating an outer hardening to keep out the “invader noise.”

    That reminded me of tumors, which also have rock-like layers, 15-layers per Dr. Nick Gonzalez (“The Truth About Cancer” documentary series with Ty Bollinger, host). With tumors, the body is trying to “conceal” toxic overload from damaging the rest of the system so it creates a “tumor jail” in which to gather/store all the bad stuff so it can’t get out & pollute the rest of the body.

    (If caught early, tumors can be broken down & eliminated from the body naturally via water fasting & complete bedrest. It’s called “autolysis” > With no food intake, the body itself will begin “eating” the tumor’s hard shell & allow the toxins to eliminate via the normal means > skin, kidneys, bowels, etc.)

  6. Anonymous says:

    The researcher makes a valid and clear point. HAARP is not continuous, it does not produce a continuous signal.

    • straightcue says:

      Wheres your proof, and regardless, if anyone operating the HAARP could easily throw a switch to manipulate any frequency to baseline/code it into a repetitious pattern. Odd it might sound but only prosperous for an individual to think that the HAARP could not directly correlate with frequencies.. For that is EXACTLY what it does.. Anyone to think otherwise is insidiously dumb. One ought to dig a little more than under the shallow water they are submerged under, ie the term ” water on the brain / a little flooded up there, there’s no spark. “

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