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Welding videos and pictures – here’s your first look at the Deming Box coming together

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

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Rarely do I take selfies, but I thought the occasion warranted it.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-YgYLTU2NM&feature=youtu.be

Thank goodness the boys did a practice weld – the MIG welder setting for 18 gauge was way too hot and burnt holes right through the standing seam.


  1. Melissa Padgett says:

    Woo-frigging-hoo! You rock, Glen and co. Great selfie. Given I don’t know the science behind the construction I can only make cosmetic observations: So shiny and pretty. Elegant. And small–I feel claustrophobic just looking at it. Thank you for doing this–I’m honored and grateful to be part of the Hum investigation progress.

    • If only you could have seen the looks on their faces when the project was initially explained. After their incredulity faded, they leaned right into the job. The next full length weld will be done Monday morning.

      • Brian Titus says:

        Well done, Glen! Chronic insomnia has left me too drained to keep in contact, but a particularly noisy visit at my parent’s house in Sooke today led me to catch up with your websites and progress. With best wishes for an experiment that yields scientifically reliable data, regardless of the direction that the findings take us in!

      • Thanks, Brian. Do I recall correctly that you have some experience with the “room within a room” concept for sound isolation?

  2. Charlie says:

    Goodness me! You are really getting on with this stuff.

    I am really pleased that someone is taking the time and effort to do this!

    And I can only imagine what the response was from the guys who did the welding.

    How did you get around the door seal issue? If the welds can have no cracks, then surely it follows that the door\ hatch has to have a good ‘seal’ as well. Personally I’d bolt the bloody thing closed (tightly like a cylinder head on a car).

    Also how do you intend to test for the hum within the box? Are you a hearer yourself or are you using someone else? I am interested in the details of your experiment!

    Anyway I’d love to have a beer with you and discuss it all, but the tyranny of distance interferes!

    More power to you and if I can help in anyway ….. not sure how! But lemme know!

    • Thanks, Charlie. I will be using what is called an “access door”, cut into the top of the box. Something like this: http://goo.gl/wse7O7. It has a flange that is welded, and a handle (inside and out) for tightening. A small hole will be drilled in the side of the box, and fresh air will be forced into the box via a snaking metal coiled conduit. (Even though I’ve done the math and checked it externally, and even a larger person could survive in a fully sealed box for several hours). Wherever the box is used there will be somebody standing by with a portable cutting wheel, just in case there is an access door problem.

      And yes, I am a hearer, since early 2012. And I will be the first person to go into the box. After some further fundraising, the unit will be put onto a small trailer so that it can be moved to different locations.

      The sound-reduced box will be more challenging, and certainly more expensive.

  3. Lisle says:

    Glen, I hope this wins you a Nobel prize. Will donate more soonest. You’re awesome.

    • Thanks. I’m glad to be part of the movement to get to the bottom of this. We will have to do the hard work on this ourselves, without government or corporate funding. The answer is coming, however, no matter who doesn’t like the answer.

  4. Nirup says:

    Thank you for all your research you are doing to understand what this Hum is about and to find a solution. My husband and I live in Sedona AZ. I am originally from Victoria BC, and began living in Sedona in 1996, we did not hear the hum until 2003, we both began hearing it at the exact same time, and it has been constant. We have moved a number of times around Sedona, and just recently outside Sedona, hoping to get away from this Hum, as we cannot sleep, and it is affecting us on all levels, however that has not helped.

    We have tried a number of things to block the sound and vibration, which is very strong, but to no avail. My husband has been doing research of building a soundproof room within our bedroom, (a room within a room) not sure if that will help if the waves travel through thick walls.

    I came across website, that you can set the hertz to cancel out the sound, this was something on
    a web page. How would one know what hertz level is, and what piece of equipment would I need to cancel this sound out. Thank you.

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