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In the news: The Hum has not been solved. And I am about to start welding.

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

Science reporting in mainstream media is often exasperating in its errors and incorrect summaries. Yet again we see this theory that waves crashing against ocean shores are responsible for some mysterious “hum”. This theory doesn’t match with the data. Unless there was some short-acting major geological process that changed around 1960 or so in England and 1987 or so in the United States, then I don’t understand how the worldwide Hum has been solved. A few of the recent articles even referred to a “mysterious hum”, even though it was far below audible range!

One of the little-known quotes from Dr. David Deming’s seminal Hum journal article, is that perhaps the next significant Hum experiments not be widely broadcast, because of the lessons learned in Hueytown, Alabama, when the Hum disappeared just as powerful people and scientists descended upon the town. I’ve kept every aspect of this project fully open for now. But after I finish having the welding done on the Deming Box, I will conduct a few discreet experiments around the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have a few volunteers ready to go. I will document the process, and give you the first anecdotal reports on whether the Hum is rooted in VLF radio waves.

Thank you for your support and participation.



  1. They can, and likely will, turn the satellite transmission off concurrent with you or any other hum sufferer entering a box, chamber or facility to test a theory. The satellite operators are watching, listening and recording everything you do. They want you to believe the hum is being caused by something other than satellite.

    • I disagree with the above.

    • jimvandamme says:

      It would seem to me that you should have two hum hearers. One enters the box, and the results recorded. If both report no hum, “the satellite operators” shut it off at that exact instant. If the one inside records no hum and the one outside still hears it, the box has shielded it. If both still hear it, the box’s acoustic or RF shielding is ineffective or the hum is caused by something else. If the outside one hears no more and the one inside hears it ….explain that one!

  2. Melissa Padgett says:

    Glen you are a beacon of hope! I donated money and hope others have too. Please keep going. The health and welfare of so many depend on learning the truth of this insidious, invasive, destructive vibration/noise. Thank you for all you’ve done and are doing.

  3. Charlie says:

    Hi Glen,

    I know that you have found a candidate for the soundproof booth, but I had no idea that you were so close to starting the construction of a Deming box as well.

    I am very curious about the design specifications of the Deming box that you are making. Forgive me if this appears elsewhere on your blog. If it does could you tell me which entry its under, or if you get the time, post a rough copy/description of the plans you are using for the box?

    One thing I do seem to recall from one of your previous entries was that the welded seams can have no cracks ( even microscopic ones) because VLF radiation is capable of penetrating these tiny fissures. If this is the case, then I would imagine that the door would have to fit very closely, or else the VLF could get in around where the door fits onto the box. So I was wondering how you’d managed that as well.

    Anyway its great that you are doing this investigation! And I will commit to sending you a few bucks to help out.

    cheers Charlie

    • The issue of welding is crucial. Yet, it is difficult to get information on it. For example, if you search for something like “welding for VLF shielding” or something like that, chances are you’ll see references to me or this Hum Map blog. If anybody has solid information on this, by all means get in touch.

  4. Lisle Blyth says:

    Finally, the Deming box experiment is in the offing. What a relief! This is great news for people subjected to the ‘hum’ aka humboarding (so named by one of our European members as a play on the torture method called ‘waterboarding’). The latest Huffington Post article’s a joke; insulting to the many thousands of sufferers if it were not for the patent ignorance of the writer. Die Suddeutsche ran a good, albeit anecdotal, article in January. Whether it’s caused by VLF or microwave/wi-fi, it’s a man-made phenomenon.

    • TINMA says:

      Lisle Blyth,
      The media so iritates me on this subject. I mean I understand their disbelief , 6 months ago i would have scoffed at this. Now, of course , I regret that I would have had that view , but I am just one individual, the ‘media’ is supposed to have an unbiased investigation. These days they are just there to ridicule people , drum up ratings and support what ever political arm they are in bed with.

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