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The working theory for the Source of the worldwide Hum

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

There is now a workable theory to explain how pulsed  radio waves at lower frequencies can activate human nerve cells. For more than 50 years, increasing numbers of powerful VLF transmitters (mobile, stationary, and airborne), have been in operation. By line of sight, ground wave, sky wave, antipodal focusing, and geomagnetic coupling, the surface of planet Earth is riddled with zones of modulated high intensity VLF electromagnetic (EM) radiation. A small proportion of people – I now estimate no more than four percent of the adult population – have auditory systems that are sensitive to lower sound frequencies and the type of biological radio wave activation described in the above paper. They may be able to detect the Hum in many places on Earth solely by interaction with VLF radio, while there may be another group of people who need some extant sub-audible low frequency sound or infrasound at certain frequencies in order to create sufficient auditory activation that, together with VLF radio energy, would be interpreted as sound. Sources of industrial infrasound, such as mining, hydro-electric projects, windmills, high pressure gas pipelines, and massive construction projects may or may not be prerequisite or aggravating factors in some settings. When there is strong but sub-audible infrasound such as from a large industrial site, it may take little VLF exposure in order to activate the auditory system. High levels of ambient noise during the day from traffic, industry, mechanical devices, and other people, often mask the Hum and explain why the Hum is stronger at night when society has quieted down somewhat, and why the Hum can become very loud in sound-reduced rooms. If the Hum is rooted in VLF energy, it is therefore affected by the behaviour of the Earth’s magnetic field and by the height and layers of the ionosphere, solar activity, the time of day, and the season. The Hum also is rooted in the particular radio frequencies that governments use for communication. Therefore, when a powerful VLF transmitter suddenly stops broadcasting or changes frequency, this will cause a simultaneous change in the Hum at multiple locations across the planet. During a big solar storm, anything could happen. The Hum can also slowly drift over an area as do the entry and exit points for geomagnetic conjugate magnetic field lines.

All I need to do to conduct the simple experiment that will prove or disprove the above theory. If I am wrong, then back to the drawing board. If I’m correct, then the first part of the job will be over.


  1. straightcue says:

    Right.. and the way to control these fields? I already know where this goes.

    • Now now, let’s not harp on and on about it.

      • straightcue says:

        It’s true, the thing that happens is that once you get a certain amount of buildup… you can actually control the field it generates and it can feed off other power sources of electromagnetic fields and also bounce off other signal waves to influence a person directly, though its mainly being reproduced for a mass people affect, overally. That’s what the chem spray trails are all about.. co-ed with the harrp technology and obama’s mind mapping incentive.. Its a world wide dilemma. Believe me, you will look back one day and know the truth, God bless, meanwhile, view a my blog on this.. https://straightcue.wordpress.com/ Thanks for viewing.

      • Zapper says:

        ..or impulse-ive.

  2. Steven says:

    Well Done. It’s a good theory. Beats my theory as mine is plausible but not likely. lol I was thinking it had to do with the Airplanes pushing pressure onto the earth causing the hum in a molecular fashion. As I am no scientist it is one thought I had, but yours is much more plausible and well thought out.

    Good luck! I know we all would love to know what keeps us up at night!

  3. citrique says:

    Yes, this is a good statement. Good chances that the truth about the hum is somewhere in these lines.

    Am I totally dreaming to hope that it could be possible to raise funds from universities or governemental organizations to begin some serious research ?

    Also, living in the woods like I do, I often think about what kind of impact this hum can have on wild animals, much more capables than us to hear VLF… Maybe some “green” organizations could be open to put some money in this research ?

  4. The ‘Mechanism for action of electromagnetic fields on cells’ is solid. That is a great piece to have, thank you. It calls to mind ‘Effect of magnetic micropulsations on the biological systems — A bioenvironmental study’ [http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF02189660]

    A note on the data around age: Remember that the data only suggests that the majority of Hum hearers -who have found this website- are in the 40s or older. There may be any number of young people who experience symptoms but don’t know how to qualify them or where to look for answers.

    Where do you get your information for tracking solar activity? I have a couple sources on Twitter, but could use something a little more concrete.

    • George G. says:

      SpaceWeather.com. is an excellent source. The folks at NASA are more than happy to answer any question regarding our celestial neighbors.

      As for your observation regarding younger people, I am in full agreement with you.



  5. hezi says:

    its interesting theory.however my experience of this noisless hum,that it is constant very low frequency that is everywhere,especially in quite places and can be magnified by focusing on it ignoring it and not hearing it, like the sound of empty space

    • straightcue says:

      Interesting, I have been trying to source the contemplation of sound composite myself.. and that is a very relevant thought you brought to mind. For me its like a wide open space spectrum with pinpointed sound replays.. or one could call it sound static, the empty space syndrome.. And its easier to focus on when its all quiet and your not around alot of huge power grids, like take for instance when I go to a lonely background near the mountain, its peaceful. I can actually hear my own thoughts apart from the sound patterned frequency, and sense the relief open air.. Otherwise the sound trash-static is so dense, when focused on.. it so much pressure internally, and can have a piercing effect on the ears. And if your not being careful, majorly affect your thinking and emotional cognitive values.. You need to be open to understand this.

      Particularly in my case, because I know how the source is actually being emitted, I’m being fused with individuals, that are using technology equipment to enhance the overall effect on their own personal aura digital outputs.. translations of interpreted patterns one could say to attempt to overpower me. Like similarly just mentioned above, I often experience mind patterns that try to “fold” out my existence.. my own normal brain patterns, to be voided.

      See brain patterns encourage motivation.. A idea worth, a sense of intuition, instinct, a better way of doing things.. Is why it is so convincing to become immersed into the frequency technology advancement because it runs so parallel with other people’s thoughts.. (and we all like thinking alike, in thoughts of friendships) that you can be blind sighted, being feed a butch of artificial intelligence to just make you feel good (self deception) yet avoiding actually dealing with the true perceptions in a reality based situation.

      Basically one becomes brain-trashed, because you get aligned to their “coked” frequencies, grid locked into their own patterned outputs.. And in avoidance, you essentially become frozen’d. No ability to feel, think or hear what you would want to (own freewill)… So unless you want to be profiled, your subjected an “outcast” of a cell differentiation “program”.. All responses create a specialized cell structure.. deployed with other layered spectrum’s.. to form a grid “mark” prolific information bank that is then processed by the machine, parallel reversed, and then sound coded to send the information back to individual to possess a person’s senses…

      Thou, this is done on a wide scale.. that’s why there is a “base” frequency that everyone is subjected too, likewise you have your primaries of eating, drinking, and sleeping, and “sex” These are the basic motor functions of your brain, and that is being pumped out in the stratosphere via harrp technology and ground vibration machines to base code line people in to a core root systematic “mathematical” “mechanical” “magnetized” subjection. This subjection is easy to fall into, because we basically all like the same things. That is also why it goes unnoticed for long periods of times till they have obtained enough information to then update the database and send out a new frequency to “level up” everybody and increase the pressure to the next advancement of code.

      Remember the Truth sets you free..

      It’s called mind mapping, and we are the involuntary science subjects.

  6. […] made this response reply on the Hum site, and thought to be include it here for another perspective way of saying […]

  7. Warren says:

    The hum is man made. We are making it threw the use of our inventions . Good job someone is looking into it it bugs me. I reco the way to the bottom of it is power cuts. Shut down what cause it. I have had 6 nights in three years not hearing it . It ties it back to something. Would be good to rate a world scale of the intensity each night of the hum to see if the the world hum suffers are hearing the same drone. I recon its up and down and always there day and night. Better scale at night as not as much backgound noise.

    • George G. says:

      Hello Warren,
      I cannot agree the Hum source is man made, and have said so numerous times.

      I am, however, 100% in agreement with your logic regarding a need for a synchronized world-wide reporting system, IN REAL TIME, to attempt a correlation of the Hum with our planet’s rotation.

      This will require a super effort from EVERYBODY interested, a difficult task.

      The failure to harvest enough data from this site during the recent Lunar eclipse is a good example of the difficulties involved.

      If you have any suggestions, or are able to organize such a task, I will support you any way I can.



  8. straightcue says:

    Look I said to you George.. be on of the people hearing it, AND when resisting it the “feel” of it.. to dealing the intensity affects being pushed back on you, targeted, in the middle of your own room. I got a spiral of energy field underneath my feet of kinesiological energy trying to algorithmic with my body’s aura, and when its intense of enough, I can actually see the “fabrication” of energy in-front of me. And then you go try to prejudge, brush off that its just some possible sound-wave that is cause by some natural phenomenon caused by an evolving man’s trademark on planet earth in one form or another. Well it is.. but a whole more advanced, and being particularly specific.. It will actually pierce into your eardrums with a pressurized vortex to warn/horn into your head. It is absolutely discomforting.. Cause they trace profile your thoughts about everything you think and feel, and align them with coding mach to intensify the reverse feel. It’s power control. Man if you read my website, read what they do with technology, cause they can actually cause cells in your body to realign specifically to a pattern and then subdued them to form a directional response. Are you just another willing subject? I only ask to suggest then you dig a little more here, my resources are limited to just reaching out, and I’m particularly in this position for a reason. Don’t take it wrongly guy, keep it open, I admire that your got this site up and willing to tackle a huge worldwide phenomenon.. Its a big deal and that’s why I got you cross-linked from my site.. Keep up the good work man, and follow through with good deeds, I hope you make it.. Peace out.

    • Zapper says:

      Remember the interferometric studies in Physics class? Now add several hundred radiation sources within a several miles of your habitat. Peaks and troughs. What happens when the peaks surpass the cell’s electromagnetic threshold? Elementary Watson. You are violated continuously day and night. Once driving over a mountain entering Los Angeles county I could hear several AM stations in my head until they became background noise again. My passenger had the same experience. From quiet to a constant subtle din. We had our metal filings replaced with composite, but the background hum is still present.

  9. George G. says:

    Hi Straightcue,

    I am overwhelmed by the ultra-high technology level you use to describe this phenomenon. Are you a professor of Quantum Physics?

    I am but a simple technician trained in classic electronic engineering. Quantum physics goes way over my head, so I am indeed grateful you take time to explain these mysterious forces, I am particularly interested in the technology “they” use to realign the cells in my body, though “they” need not have bothered, because the beer I drink does the job just as effectively.

    I can’t help to wonder if you may have me confused with Glen, who is the head tech. of this site, but no matter, because I have browsed through your site, twice, and each time have found it leaving me in some form of head-spin, far too complex for this old tinkerer.

    In reference to your warning re: “——pierce into my eardrums with a pressurized vortex———-” I did recently have the strange sensation of a piercing shrill during a prolonged Hum episode, and I did wonder if “they” were performing an alignment in my head, but it turned out to be the smoke alarm when my wife burnt the toast (again)

    What is it with her? She is the best cook but still burns toast. We are continually changing batteries in the kitchen smoke detector.

    I also notice you have the ability to see the “fabrication” of energy. Could you possibly teach me this trick, it would be useful at night time so I don’t go bumping into kinesiological spiraling fields on my way to the bathroom.

    Thanks for the peace blessings, take care,


    Oh, one more thing. How the devil did you manage to get past SpellCheck with “kinesiological” ???

  10. straightcue says:

    Just to make a short mention here.. “Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, is the scientific study of human movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical, and psychological …”

    I think you where in your ever so slightly sarcastical jargon saying, and correct me if I’m wrong.. “how in the world did I get past SpellCheck..”

    See how it made sense in how the sentence was put together to switch the “y” with “ical”..

    I’m glad to offer more of a “approachable” meaning less spiny explanation of the world’s dilemma.

    Thanks for your words,


    And I also note.. that any consolidating VLF frequencies disappear rather quickly… what’s happening here.. is a complied resource, and enhanced version of extracted snippets versions of frequency synchronized patterns that have been coded to forcefully interject a field of influence on mankind.. you.

    Like said.. Kinesiological Energy that has been Algorithmicated to control you.

    It’s easy research, mind you.. prayer is how you get there.

    And sorry about the confusion.. I did absently-minded-ly was thinking your where Glenn, with your G.. rather then the curious George, so I take it back and redirect to Glenn the “particular” encouragement to follow through with this. Yet also you too, and speaking of seeing the “fabrication” of this field of energy.. just do go with this explanation.. is like walking into a electrical changed room, you can feel it, meaning to sense it.. your skin tingles, your hair feels a rise, your brain is more alert etc.. and you might feel pain in a old injury.. etc.. Well, got that ok? Now make an containment field, of not just abasement random energy, but of particular co-junctionalized energy.. (basically patterned information sound-bytes, similar to dna sequencing) and then pinpoint it.. to have your “harmonized” affect/influence.

    How to do that? Well think about it.. That’s what my site is about, I’m a human experiment, subject per say.. and what’s happening to me, is the end result, and there is whole story that goes along with that.

    Again, thanks for your time, and thank you.. maybe clearing that up for you will prompt you a reread with a open, yet more of an understanding mind.

    • I’ll mention that I am better equipped to talk about science than poetry, and so it’s difficult for me to comment. Not because I have no opinions at all on poetry, but because I really have no idea what is being talked about scientifically, and I haven’t been given any hint on how to proceed. Maybe this reflects a limitation on my part, but so far my impression of what I have seen so far is that most of it is either error or gibberish. I have an open mind, which is a very different thing than simply accepting conclusions that don’t appear to be based in anything that holds up to examination. There’s no censorship here, however, because I’ve always felt that the best way to move forward is to not silence people, but to win the argument. And nothing beats a transparent, repeatable, and rigorous experiment. Cheers, Glen.

      • straightcue says:

        Seriously man? Look at this here, is what’s being said.. that a person being in a forced position of being an science experiment, in all of its vulnerabilities for the advancement of Scientology is presumptuously worth it and totally unbeatable? Oh for goodness sake’s, I would say.. I would just say in response, meaning without to say an insult to injury, One must not get out to vaguely limit one’s proportions in regard. But don’t take that wrongly though, yet openly.. Because what of the questions to be answered that are held above that of expectations of a nero-constricted/constrained science. Those answers offer the solutions. If you don’t divulge into those regions, then your basically incapacitating oneself. Then you have pure logic, yet no mystery of wonder in creation and just end up in ever-changing theories, agree, or disagree and destroy the human race in the pursuit of greed.

      • Scientology …. well, now I’m lost. I think I’ll turn back to the sheet metal for a while. Cheers.

      • Eva Fishman says:

        Glen –

        You have the patience of a saint, the gentleness of a diplomat. It’s January 20, 2016 and this is the first I have seen these posts. I worked adult mental health for many years, and while avoiding “diagnosis”, the ramblings of a few of these posts are that of someone who is not completely in touch with the rest of the world (no pun intended), and indeed is just gibberish. As long as they aren’t a danger to others or themselves, no intervention is needed. Made-up words don’t become legitimate by defining them with more made-up words or concepts. Some people perceive a very frightening world, and when something “real” is discovered that supports their fears and paranoia, creating “explanations”, no matter how off-the-wall, is one way to cope with it.

        Thank you for your measured, scientific methods in “sussing” out this phenomenon.

  11. straightcue says:

    OK Glenn… Look past a glance, look, I was having no idea that Scientology is actually a religion, I was referring to science-ology.. define science, then define ology.. “a subject of study; a branch of knowledge.” it wasn’t meant to confuse you.. I was just referring the the study of science.. So remove the incorrect spelling with an ” t “, I’m human alright. Thanks.. Blessings, Dan.

  12. Buck says:

    I’m interested in this and related topics, but want to add something to the debate.

    We live with 50 or 60HZ 110/240v power-grids, radiating EM waves which have been proven to cause our bodies distress on a micro-cellular level.
    These sine wave pulses travel approx. across the country in one cycle. So do not weaken over distance like higher frequency EM.

    During a local 2 to 3 hour grid-blackout I noticed how quiet & peaceful it was suddenly. It was very similar to driving say over 250+ kms from a city (I found). IE going to the bush for a few days.
    I believe city-life disruption/stress (inner noise) is additionally a result of a ‘hub of wills’ on a subconscious, telepathic level. Going bush also eases this factor.

    This HARP array seems to stem from Tesla’s work at Wardencliff etc. and I assume is genuine but not a clue myself.

    Will read on enthusiastically.

    • Warren says:

      Good to here that it stopped during blackouts. That was my understanding of getting to the bottom of it man made. Powercuts to see if it stops. I have learned to live with it. I tell you when it goes away few and far between man does one think what it used to be like with out the hum. Very quite and airy. Almost like you are waiting for what. Im sure technology will solve this issue in years to come. Or the average joe blogs.

  13. Jennifer Webster says:

    We had a wide spread power outage (Langley, B.C.) about 2 years ago. I still heard the Hum . . .

  14. James says:

    Has anyone considered that this sound is from the large transformers at local electrical substations?

    • George G. says:

      The thought did cross my mind James, way back in ’75.

      I was a young trainee living next to a zone station, (large switching/distribution yard).

      The 50Hz hum was a constant companion, especially at night. Often I would tune my guitars to it and jam away with it.

      Sleep? No problem, a gentle lullaby in the key of 50Hz. BUT! Every now and then a beat would creep in. Bloody awful! No hope of sleep. Bad news for a sleep deprived youngster.

      My limited experience led me to imagine a transformer was slightly out of phase with the rest, and would soon explode.
      “Impossible. “They are all fed with the same source.” I would think in the middle of the night.

      So, what was that nasty signal beating with my beloved 50Hz ‘bass’? My guess today is ‘The Hum’.

      Every now and then, during a severe electrical storm, my poor old Dad would have to go into the zone station and switch feeders. At times ALL incoming power failed completely. The Hum, however could still be heard. This is the interesting bit — no beating, just Hum. (study beating if I am not making sense)

      I hope my historical indulgence did not bore too many folk, but rest assured, whatever was beating with our domestic supply did not originate from the grid.

      By the way, this one is for your data bank Glen. Dad was in his 50’s and unable to hear the Hum.
      I was 20 years old at the time and well aware of it.

      • Zapper says:

        Right. Beating. Peaks and troughs. Interferometry.

        Our minds have tuned to, and have remembered, specific frequencies of equipment and music, even their harmonics. Pitch perfect individuals can sing accurately without reference. Throw in a rogue frequency and you either get distress or relief depending on the effect.

        Example: Does 432 sound better than 440?

        Some musicians work with this to create effects on the psyche without science. Working with Pink Floyd for 3 months convinced me of that. They had little clue except that it draws fanatics and $$.

        Many new power supplies emit pulse frequencies above hearing, yet you can hear them.

        Faraday shields are first order of protection/isolation, then removing proximal energy sources. This does not prevent earth bound sympathetic radiation, but there are methods to reduce this … expensive.

        BTW, a tin hat is just an ungrounded Faraday shield. 😉

  15. Rutger Neijland says:

    I find this all interesting. I always thought about such thing like a hum, or a collective conscious frequency actuated via Haarp. I just to be fanatic in this theory, but when I learned it didn’t gave me what I wanted, I like it less interesting. I’m now gonna study physics, and leave it behind. Maybe it will come around one day. I’m not afraid be called a tin foil hat loony. On one hand I find it a pity that people judge you on this way, not keeping the possibility in mind that such phenomena could be invented in theory. That’s the other way, then thinking it’s happening. To say I don’t conclude that, but I find it nice to be philosophical in a scientific way. I don’t think you have the right to so easily undermine that.


  16. […] particular site that deals with individuals that have this attuned hearing to know the hum.   https://hummap.wordpress.com/2015/04/10/the-working-theory-for-the-source-of-the-worldwide-hum/   You can see that I have responded to this website site accordingly and will continue to provide […]

  17. […] In other words, a large VLF signal anywhere on Earth creates a mirror signal at its geomagnetic conjugate point. This adds yet another layer of VLF energy at various location on Earth, interacting with each other, and creating unpredictable interference patterns of varying intensity. My current working theory is that the world Hum is a biological reaction to interaction between tissue and pulsed radio frequencies between 3 kHz and 30 kHz; that is, the VLF radio band. A full statement of that theory can be found here. […]

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