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Another Year with the Hum

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

I’ve been inactive for a few months due to multiple and serious demands on my attention. But I have glanced over the headlines in the Yahoo Hum Forum and a few other places. And I’m dismayed by the snake oil and dubious science that seems to steadily creep in.

Perhaps I’m a broken record now, but there is a simple experiment that will slice through all the silliness, and finally point to the source of the worldwide Hum, and other localized low frequency hums. You can read about in a previous post.

Fundraising and the search for research time continue.




  1. Lisle says:

    Prof Allan Frey and his studies do not constitute snake oil. His research is published in the Journal of Physiology, and he worked at Cornell Univwrsity in the US. What he describes in his microwave studies on humans at peak power density fits tightly with my experience of the Hum. It’s strange that you dismiss it. Why? Because it is on the other side of the spectrum to your theory? It is not snake oil.

    • As I mentioned above, I am a fan of Allan Frey and his work.

    • George G. says:

      After reviewing prof. Frey’s studies it seems some of his unfortunate human subjects reported hearing clicks or buzzing noises while being blasted with microwave radiation. I cannot recall any of his hapless subjects complaining of prolonged humming sound.

      Your “experience of the Hum”, however, “fits tightly…”

      Explain please..??

      • Hi. Not sure if your question is directed at me, but Frey’s work simply establishes that the human auditory system can respond (indirectly) to electromagnetic radiation. Some people take that and run in the wrong direction with it, thinking somehow that I am connecting microwaves to the Hum. I’ve never said that, nor do I believe it. There is, however, a biophysical mechanism that explains how VLF energy (particularly below 16 kHz) interacts with living tissue, which is a completely different effect from the microwave discussion. If you look at the blog postings here, you see a direct link to that study and to my comments on it.

  2. Lisle Daverin Blyth says:

    Prof Allan Frey’s published research on the auditory effects of microwave radiation on humans is not snake oil Glen. Cornell Uni, Journal of Physiology. Why dismiss it? Not your end of the spectrum? Did you even read it? How can we contribute to your research fund? People are suffering. Lisle

    Thought is free.

    • No, I accept Frey’s work as an important background to my own. I hope not too many people inferred that I was criticizing his work; I think he makes a very important contribution to our efforts.

      • George G. says:

        Re: Frey’s work.

        My question was not directed at you, but thank’s for your clarification. I already know you have discounted microwaves as a possible source, otherwise you would not be putting yourself through the bother of constructing the Deming Box.

        So, any new progress to report on the D. Box project?

  3. Dhamma says:

    Dear mister MacPherson,
    I realy think it’s about time you spend some serious attention
    to the phenomenon of Ionospheric Heaters around the globe.
    I’am very much surprised that you – with your so called scientific
    approach – did not ‘find out’ about these undeniable sources of
    low frequency sounds in the earths atmosphere. It almost seems
    that you are looking deliberately into other directions.
    Take my word for it, the real source of those terrible low frequencies
    in the atmosphere are caused by Ionospferic Heating experiments.
    Just take a look at it and see for your self, but please stop fooling around.

    • Okay, let’s go through your points. First, I have given quite serious attention to facilities such as HAARP. But I always come back to just a few very basic but important points. In the case of ionospheric heating experiments, the Hum pre-dates those, which raises some serious doubts. Second, precisely what evidence are you referring to? I have pored over the available sources, including declassified documents and even Wikileaks, but I found nothing. If you have access to materials that I do not, then by all means post them here so that we can examine them. You say that the sources are “undeniable”. Well, I can’t deny them if I don’t know what they are! As for me deliberately looking elsewhere, you are exactly correct. Using David Deming’s example, I listed all the possible sources that have been suggested over the years, and one by one I eliminated the ones that made no sense in terms of the timing, or no sense because of serious flaws in the science or because the claims are fantastical. As for me fooling around, I’m a full time working professional and parent. I volunteer whatever time I can to this project. I’m trying to help people who are suffering, and although there are some people out there who think what I do is foolishness, I carry on anyway. Cheers, Glen.

  4. Simon payne says:

    Hi Glenn, just wanted you to know that there are many thousands of people out there like myself who suffer with the hum and who also know that a solution will only come through proper scientific rigour and experimentation, not pseudo-scientific nonsense and conspiracy theories.
    I hope you will find the strength to continue your valuable research towards unmasking the hum.
    Best regards
    Cambridge, UK

    • George G. says:

      Well said Simon.

      Glenn is ‘spot-on’ with his science. His research ability is reflected in his comments.

      I have worked with high-power HF, VHF and microwave transmitters for many years. Never once did I have hum induced inside my head from such equipment.

      As for HAARP, many old fellas’ will testify hearing the Hum years before HAARP existed. The same can be said for mobile phones and the rest of the ‘usual suspects’.

      We need to encourage Glen to carry out his experiments….he knows what he is doing!

      We don’t need comments from uninformed sources throwing two-bob theories at us.

      Best wishes,


  5. I hate to throw cold water on any aspect of efforts to deal with the Hum, but one of the main reasons my Hum Map and Database has been well received and successful is because of the anonymity it offers. In fact I don’t even ask for email addresses for Hum reports for that same reason. I do wish you luck on your video efforts. As for funding, I have thus far asked for nothing. When I do make that move, I will do so very carefully, with transparency and full accountability. Thanks, Glen.

    • Thanks David.

      But wouldn’t you know it: the one time I stick my neck out for a promising-looking documentary, the contact seemingly vanished into thin air, with not a word of follow up from him. I’ll give your request some thought, however; who knows, maybe we are at a point where greater numbers of people are willing to come forward in a more public way. Cheers, Glen.

  6. SmartGridVibesHum says:

    Nice to see an update/post. “Happy 2015” to all Vibe & Hum Sufferers!

    Not sure if this info would come under the classification of “Ionosphere Heaters” or not, but I’ll post it anyway (if you approve) because I don’t have a blog set up yet to post all the notes I’ve accumulated.

    Also, by posting it here does NOT mean I think this is “THE” Explanation for the LF Vibrations & Hum. It is merely info that came across my path without even looking for it, as usual (personally I still think Vibes/Hum are Power Grid related, which has been in existence since the 1930’s in USA).



    Point #1 (re LF Vibes/Hum):
    “The hum in Kokomo, Indiana, was traced to a Daimler-Chrysler COOLING TOWER FAN emitting a 36 Hz tone and a Haynes International airport air compressor intake emitting a 10 Hz tone”:

    Point #2: (not re LF Vibes/Hum but re Geo-Engineering):
    Marleyites on January 10, 2015 at 12:07 pm wrote:
    Best evidence and explanation of geo-
    =Our “new” weather:

    I’m not interested (for this discussion, anyway) in the Chemtrails nor the Geo-Weather aspect but only re any possible widespread DRONING RUMBLING LOW FREQUENCY HUM & VIBRATIONS that “cooling towers” &/or their “fans” might emit(?) & how far away could they be felt/heard?

    At that YouTube link was another video with this description:

    “Proof: Effects of Cooling Towers on Weather”:

    Published on Dec 24, 2014:
    …go to my site, WeatherWar101.com, download the PDF of the 1971 Zion Nuclear Power Plant Study on the Effects of Cooling Towers on the Atmosphere and Weather, and verify and validate every single weather impact I have detailed in 135 geoengineering videos. The only difference is that the study at Zion was considering the possibility of TWO cooling towers at ONE power plant. I’m talking about the reality of 62,500 power plants worldwide, many of which have enormous tower and WSAC farms that could only have one conceivable purpose.


    …62,500 Power Plants with anywhere from 2 to 240 Tower / WSAC Blower facilities evaporating anywhere from 18,000 gal/min to 700,000 gal/min adds trillions of gallons of Water Vapor to the atmosphere and God knows how much heat, and has for the last 50 years.
    End of YT description.

    My next question: What is WSAC? > “Wet Surface Air Cooling” (WSAC is a trademark) that “uses less water by maximizing heat.” More:
    http://deltathx.com/ContentPg.aspx?itemid=10 …which says, in part, “The fluid being cooled (or condensed) does not come into contact with the atmosphere” (which would SEEM to contradict what the WeatherWar101 person said above that WSACs “add trillions of gallons of Water Vapor to the atmosphere.” (??)

    But that’s all beside the point I’m after, which is: Do WSACs (or any brand of “cooling towers”) cause ELF RADIATION HUM & VIBRATIONS? Per WeatherWar101 guy above:

    Minimum: 62,500 power plants @ 2 WSACs each = 125,000 Cooling Towers in the world.

    Maximum: 62,500 power plants @ 240 WSACs each = 15,000,000 Cooling Towers in the world.

    BTW, a WSAC is an “alternative to a Cooling Tower / Heat Exchanger system” (whatever that means).

    Sample Photo, 2012, of a FLA Power Company “cooling tower,” 40 stories high (whether it is a “WSAC” model or not, I don’t know, but it looks pretty old):

    The WSACs are not just used by power plants but by any number of industries, per that WSAC link, so there are no doubt millions of such “cooling towers” & their generators/pumps around the world (no matter what model/brand they are). But is it “cooling towers” &/or their “fans” &/or “blowers” emitting (mechanically-induced?) ELF-RADIATION RUMBLING HUMS & VIBRATIONS around the planet(?)

    WSAC Applications:
    Steel Industry:
    –B.O.F. cooling
    –continuous caster water cooling
    –coke oven by-product cooling
    –benzene suppression oil cooling
    –steam condensing
    –waste water biological treatment temperature control

    Chemical/Petrochemical Processing Industry:
    –hydrocarbon condensing
    –process stream cooling

    Power Industry:
    –turbine steam condensing
    –thyristor cooling
    –general water cooling

    Other Industrial Applications:
    –furnace cooling
    –closed recirculating water cooling
    –hydraulic and lube oil cooling
    –compressor jacket cooling
    –evaporative condensers
    –compressed air cooling

    Lastly, since you mentioned HAARP, this quote is from that same WeatherWar101’s website, that HAARP is a false blame game (re Geo-Engineering), vs NEXRAD (the weather radar surveillance tool which, as far as I can tell, uses “short bursts” of radiation vs. long waves/ELFs):
    HAARP Report is Psyop Fraud:
    HAARP is an obso­lete research facil­ity that is about to be dis­man­tled. The Air Force quite lit­er­ally can’t even give the HAARP facil­ity away. The one pur­pose this facil­ity still serves how­ever, is as the cen­tral focus for a mas­sive dis­in­for­ma­tion cam­paign, to keep peo­ple focused and talk­ing about this obso­lete facil­ity – instead of the Global Nexrad /​Doppler Grid (156+ Nexrad sta­tions in U.S. alone), to which many of the abil­i­ties and func­tion­al­i­ties devel­oped at HAARP have vis­i­bly been dis­trib­uted to.
    NEXRAD uses pulse rep­e­ti­tion fre­quen­cies of between 318 and 1304 pulses per sec­ond, which trans­lates to pulse rep­e­ti­tion times of between 3.144 mil­lisec­onds and .766 mil­lisec­onds (766 microsec­onds). There­fore, the range of NEXRAD is between 471.6km and 114.9km.

    End of my “Cooling Tower Curiosity” Notes. 🙂

  7. Charlie says:

    FWIW I’ve found a somewhat trivial use for the hum. I use it as a reference note to tune my ukulele.

    Where I live, in rural NSW Australia, the Hum frequently manifests as a slightly flat version of the note C. Its readily available, and I can hear it when I block my ears. So sometimes at least it can be quite handy. Its a bit like a travelling tuning fork – albeit not a very accurate one.

    Anyway, best wishes for the Denning box project. I would be fascinated to find out what really did ( or didn’t) cause the Hum.

  8. Charlie says:

    I tried tuning (ie. detuning and retuning) the C string on the ukulele to the pitch that I get from the Hum. After several tries I found that I frequently got a pitch that was about 30 cents flat of middle C. But this could vary 10 – 20 cents either way.

    I found a site which can convert cents between musical pitches to frequencies. The pitch I got most often (30 cents flat of C4) corresponds to a frequency of about 257 Hz. 10 cents either way of this value gives a frequency range of about 256 – 259 Hz.

    However I should add that I am only using what I perceive as the high pitched part of the Hum. To me its a complex tone, and there are strong lower frequency components in there as well. Its a bit like the sound that can come out of some vacuum cleaners, there’s often a kind of higher pitched whine involved which can have a fairly distinct pitch.


  9. barnslayer says:

    I’m on Long Island NY. I’ve been hearing the LFV hum for years. Always at night and always a slow pulsating drone. Tonight it caught my attention around 2-3AM and it just cut out as I write this at ~ 5:40AM. I used to hear it more in the winter but this past winter was very quiet. Tonight was the first I’ve heard this spring. The sound seems to come from the NW (I’m near the water). It doesn’t have the same characteristics as boat motors being revved. Those sound progressive in speed and are a higher pitch than “the hum”.

  10. Charlie says:

    I should add that the tone that I use for tuning purposes is not the loudest part of the Hum. There’s a louder ‘tone’ an octave below. I think that the pitch that I use may be a harmonic, as I say its a complex ‘sound’.
    So in answer to your question, the dominant frequency appears to be around 128 to 130 Hz.
    Apologies for the wordy replies! Also if anyone is wondering, the cents that I mentioned are subdivisions of a semitone (100 to a semitone).

  11. MacHanson says:

    I recently travelled down south to Cheltenham and Cosford near Wolverhampton (UK) and, unsurprisingly, found that the Hum had followed me from East Yorkshire! However when I stayed for a week at Filey in North Yorkshire the Hum stopped. It was the same this time last year at Filey too!

    There is no Hum at Filey, particularly around Filey Brigg!!!

    I’m back home in East Yorkshire now and the Hum is back too! So what is so special about Filey? Could it be related to the geology of the area? There’s a lot of quartz and volcanic rock at Filey!

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