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A Simple Controlled Double-Blind Experiment for Determining the Source of the Hum

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

The working theory right now is that the Hum is the body’s reaction to VLF radio energy. You can find detailed descriptions and further discussion of this theory elsewhere on this blog.

And there is a simple and elegant experiment that will sort out whether there are multiple hums, and whether some of them have acoustic or internal sources. I call it the “Deming Box” experiment, named after the geoscientist David Deming, who was one of the first serious scientists to come forward with a sober and well-researched paper on the worldwide Hum. It comprises three boxes which appear identical on the outside and to anybody inside them. One of the boxes will greatly reduce acoustic signals (i.e. soundproofed), while the second one blocks VLF (EM radiation between 3 kHz and 30 kHz). The third box is a control and blocks neither.

The challenge at this point hasn’t changed: I need expert opinion on the construction of the boxes. Funding is a separate issue.

The experiment, and the solution to the source of the Hum, awaits.


  1. What about SLF (30 Hz to 300 Hz) particularly around 80 Hz and 60 Hz?

    • The biophysical model (http://kyttariki.biol.uoa.gr/mobile_phones/article-2002.pdf) suggests that 16kHz may be the cut-off frequency for the effects they suggest are possible.

      • Brian Mackenzie-Hanson says:

        With all due respect, I think that’s unbelievable…:

      • Is there some aspect of their model that doesn’t sound right to you?

      • Michael-John Mackenzie-Hanson says:

        I know that you would quote harmonics and resonance to me but I would quote Okham’s razor and the Schumann’s resonances in addition to that fact that both the US and the Russian Federation have massive SLF transmitters broadcasting 76Hz and 82Hz signals through the planet to their nuclear submarines.

        Looking at the Schumann’s resonances there are only seven detectable resonances that return at 7.83Hz (the fundamental), 14.3Hz, 20.8Hz, 27.3Hz, 33.8Hz, 39Hz and 45Hz. EM radiation between 3kHz and 30kHz would not produce a detectable harmonic in the ranges of 60Hz to 80Hz with enough energy to resonate with the human ear without causing serious problems at higher frequencies.

        The US Navy’s dipole SLF submarine communication system, Seafarer, operated at 76Hz from Clam Lake, Wisconsin (since 1977) and at Republic, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula (since 1980). However the Russian ZEVS system is operating at 82Hz from the Kola Peninsula near Murmansk. The ZEVS signal can be detected in Antarctica. The British Royal Navy was said to be considering building its own transmitter at Glengarry Forest, Scotland, but the project was officially cancelled (which could simply mean designated to “Secret!”).

        What I perceive is about 80Hz with a 1Hz beat, and there’s structure, some kind of modulation going on, which tells me they’ve partly resolved the data transfer rate issue with SLF.

        So pardon my French but talk of 3kHz to 30kHz VLF is quite unbelieve-a-bull!

      • I’m not sure you understand what I am suggesting. I’m not suggesting that a, say, 5 kHz radio signal translates to a perceived tone at the same audio frequency. I am suggesting that the human auditory system is simply reacting to VLF radio energy. For example, if two strong VLF signals are separated by 50 Hz, the beat effect from that might be what is heard. Microwaves are vibrating at billions of times per second, and the well-documented cases of people who have “heard” microwaves most certainly do not perceive the noise at such frequencies! I suppose I could rephrase the above by saying that an 80 Hz radio signal wouldn’t necessarily be perceived at 80 Hz audio.

      • Michael-John Mackenzie-Hanson says:

        Still from 5kHz, even with a separation of 50Hz there would be an array of resonances at higher frequencies, which would definitely be noticeable. This just doesn’t happen!

      • But who says that they don’t occur? Perhaps their amplitude is at sub-activation levels. In any case, the experiment I propose will sort this out.

  2. Andy Foley says:

    As a sound engineer (retired), I already explained in another post how hard it is to truly soundproof a room, particularly against low frequencies. Even a heavy structure such as a building will allow resonance of LF acoustic within its own structure. That’s why you can hear the heavy rumble of a distant truck, or just the bass of a loud sound system in a passing car. Building a portable soundproof box – well, good luck. Tightly inserted ear plugs, with Peltor Pro ear defenders on top, in a quiet internal room at night will be as good as any soundproof room you could build on a budget.
    (http://solutions.3m.co.uk/wps/portal/3M/en_GB/PPE_SafetySolutions_EU/Safety/FeaturedProducts/Peltor_X_Series/) I’ve tried the ear blocking on myself, and I can still ‘hear’ the hum just as ‘loud’. Broadcast quality microphones from my job at the BBC were unable to detect the Hum. (I have no expertise to share on blocking EMR.) Of course, another difficulty with such an experiment is the random nature of the Hum effect. I ‘hear’ it regularly, but some nights quite loud, other nights nothing at all. There’s no way to predict when it’s going happen. I can tell you that when it does happen, my partner ‘hears’ it too, so the cause is obviously an external phenomenon for us to both experience it at the same time. For the record, my experience equates with 62Hz using a tone generator for comparison.

    • Thank you for this post. It may be that it is impossible to construct a portable sound-proof unit. If the units can be made portable, then they could be easily transported to different locations, which could answer other questions about the Hum. As for recording the Hum, I am aware of Moir’s material from New Zealand, but I am still not convinced that it has been recorded; it’s a shame that there are so many hoax videos on YouTube and elsewhere. As a teacher of psychology (and other subjects), I’m interested in the obvious joy that some folks receive from trying to sabotage genuine inquiry or conning others. But I suppose that’s a separate project!

  3. sandman says:

    There seems to be something similar in a lot of the comments and suggestions made on this site. People seem to perceive that the humming that they hear is heard through their ears. The ear is a sensory organ that receives an imput and then sends a signal to the auditory section of the brain. Is it possible that the hum is bypassing the actual ear imput and directly interfering with the auditory component of the brain before it is further processed? Maybe the “HUM” is always there, but our lifestyle and immersion in technology, electrical energy use, lack of connectedness with the environment, is making the hum appear as an actual noise,,,which it is clearly not. Only a thought for now……

  4. Arnaud B. says:

    Hello everyone,
    To complete the hypothesis from Sandman and for sure one of Glen. I decide to communicate to you a strange feeling that i’m a victim, in additional of “the hum”, discovered almost 2 years after the first hum panic feeling in late 2009.
    I explain myself: When “the hum” is felt (i chose deliberately “to feel” in place of ” to hear”).
    At night if I turn ON a light, “the hum” begin to increase considerably (2 of 3 times more loudly in fact).
    When i turn OFF the light, “it” decrease (with the same amplitude).
    At a “humming” day, i checked the reverse experiment.
    When i blind my eyes with my hand because closing my eyelids is not suffisant with a beautiful sunlight (you know a “red” light is breaking through the eyelids with the sunlight and it’s sufficient for maintain the “level” of “the hum”). “The Hum” is also decreased when blinded!
    I also had tried with keeping eyes opened with my hand blinding to avoid a eyelids muscles trouble and it’s not. 😦

    Sush as “the hum” perception is following the light level in my eyes, it’s a higher level of weirdness then simply to be alone in a neighborhood at hearing “a strange hum” , no ?
    So after for 4 ans of linked “light & hum” sensibility , i decide to share it with you.
    I complete my feeling experiment by adding that happens with all sort of light, solar in days, (incandescence or LT) home light plugged on grid, LED light on batteries and candle light.
    Weird, isn’t it?
    How to explain a possible link between the human visual and auditory system?
    So if other “hum” sufferers would make just a simply test when hearing the hum. (Just turn ON a light, hear and report it here).
    I will feel less alone if others feel the same phenomen and it could be a interresting track if i’m not the only one to feel that:

    That the brain receive “something” directly without going through the auditory system.
    Sorry for basic english and to be so long on this comment, Glen.

    Best regards.

    • sandman says:

      Hello Arnaud B. You have made some wonderful observations i believe. I learnt, even when i was young, that the best piano tuners were blind. (before the use or access to electronic tuning devices). Science later revealed that because the neurons in the visual cortex weren’t being used, the auditory part of the brain which is located next to visual, would start borrowing the uses of these neurons and dendrites, which would make the blind person much better at hearing. Super hearing as such. When you close your eyes, parts of the brain slow down because they dont have to process visual information. Maybe before any of the information is processed, there is an “on” signal when light is detected, speeding up the brain and allowing you to feel the hum with greater intensity or processing ability. Possibly if the body in the form of an antenna is receiving the hum in a form of energy, it has to be processed by the brain somehow, and maybe leaking across to the auditory system and appearing as an audio sound. This might mean that older people or people with some form of hearing problem or loss, may be a lot more likely to hear the hum?? The easiest way to prove or disprove this theory is to get as many people possible from all around the world that can hear the hum,, to do a basic hearing test,, and then analyse the data and compare the average level of auditory health between the “hummers” and people with “good” hearing.
      Surely someone may have already done this test?? If it has been done it would be lovely to see the results/ Bye for now and keep up the good research? Sandman.

      • Arnaud B. says:

        Hello again, thanks to Sandman to take his time to answer me.
        It’s good to me to have a kind of explanation about my “problem”.
        Well, in Sandman hypothesis, people with hearing troubles can be more sensitive to “the hum”.
        I’m in! Because in 2010, I made a complete auditory tests battery and my left ear the one with the more sensitive “hum” perception is also the one with a minor degradation in the high frequency range spectrum!
        See You.

      • Victoria says:

        I have had all tests, brain scan and been in a sound booth and the results were normal hearing organs. Brain scan was found to be normal as well. I have found peace at night or anytime by plugging my ear buds into my iPhone and listen to white noise. Rain at a certain sound level will mask the hum and allow me to sleep soundly. I listen to rain when the house become silent at times (no background noise).

  5. Tom says:

    Hi there I have heard the hum loud and clear for years. Until I got myself a orgone crystal gemstone pyramid, now I no longer hear the hum and my mind feels declouded. I urge anyone to get them selfs some orgone rock and notice the changes themself.

    • sandman says:

      Hi Tom. Sounds Great! I am sure that a lot of people in this site would welcome that information. Can you tell us how or what these orgone crystal gemstones do, and also do you know of anyone that supplies them? Are they in the shape of a pyramid, the same as the ones in Egypt? Could you please check the base width and the height, and see if the base happens to be 1.618 times the height. If it is, that would be really freaky I think. How long have you been using the orgone pyramid, and how long did it take to cancel out the noise of the hum frequency? Thank you kindly.

  6. Tanya says:

    Thank you for your data and the topic discussion. I have always thought it was satellites, cable, and wireless technology. I have found a few places where I don’t hear the tones. What amazing is that it could be almost anything, and the imagination is a huge distracting place that takes away from the severity of this issue, especially those that is does harm.

  7. Bob Strand says:

    both me and my wife are hearing it.
    Also I have a theory its generated by HAARP located in Alaska just so happens it central to World’s Ancient Sites.

    Gakona is a census-designated place in the Valdez-Cordova Census Area in the U.S. state of Alaska. As of the 2010 census, the population of the CDP was 218. Lat/Lon: 62.3047, -145.2733



  8. James says:

    I don’t know anything about frequencies and such, but I have to say that I have been hearing the “hum” for years. I always assumed that I had a problem with my ears, so after much insistence from my partner I decided to have a check up and a hearing test, the result of which was that I was assured by an audiology specialist that my hearing was absolutely fine. I told him about the hum, he dismissed it completely and refused to entertain the idea at all.

    Half an hour ago, I heard it again. The 5th time today. It had never occurred to me that I should perhaps check online.

    I am unbelievably relieved, to see that I am not insane and that other people apparently hear it too. Or at least, variations of what I hear.

    I hope one day an answer can be found.

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