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The Hum and the big solar flare that’s hitting us now

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

(I preface my remarks by pointing out that the Hum may have acoustic prerequisites stemming from many different possible sources, ranging from mining to pipelines to all sorts of large-scale industrial activity. My best guess is that this is the case in Windsor, Ontario, Canada).

My best bet right now is that Hum is rooted in very low frequency radio (electromagnetic radiation) transmissions with frequencies between 3 KHz and 30 KHz. It is theorized that frequencies above 16 KHz in particular may be responsible, or at least a prerequisite in many situations. The biophysical side of the model is available on this blog.
I travelled across the western half of Canada this summer, by plane and by train, and everywhere I went I listened late at night. It was air travel for the trip eastward, which disrupted my perception of the Hum. Just as I was nearing my third day in Winnipeg, we headed East to a cabin on a good-sized lake in northwestern Ontario. On about my second or third day there, the Hum returned, lasting up until lunchtime, and if things were quiet and the doors and windows closed, I could notice it during the afternoon. I retrieved my tone generator and matched the frequency right around 56.5 Hz, which is what I hear at home. (I’ve searched the Hum Database and found some folks in New Zealand who perceive the same thing). Train travel back to Vancouver masked the Hum completely (very high level background train noise and semi-random lateral movements). I have returned home on the Sunshine Coast and of course the Hum is still here, and quite loud right now.
So what about the solar flare? I’ve proposed a mechanism to explain the worldwide Hum. Key to that theory is the role of the Earth’s ionosphere in reflecting and carrying radio signals at VLF frequencies. The ionosphere changes height diurnally, seasonally, and randomly. If the Hum is indeed rooted in ionospheric effects, then a big solar flare should cause some big effects. John Beaman was to my knowledge the first person to note some very interesting correlations between solar activity and the frequency of postings to the Yahoo Hum Sufferers. You can find his materials in that forum.
My theory predicts that there should be significant changes in the Hum across the planet. The Hum will appear in places, go quiet in others, and will strengthen in some locations. Perhaps the next time a really big flare comes at us, we can get organized enough to document things in real time, which might provide important evidence.
Meantime I’ll watch the reports pouring in to the Hum Database to see if there are spikes in new reports during the present solar episode.


  1. Sean says:

    I still don’t know if it’s one of my neighbors, but none else in my family can hear it. It is louder tonight than almost any other time I have heard it.

  2. Anna says:

    Wow liked this post, i checked in last week and thought it went a bit quiet …whilst the hum grew so loud i thought i was going bonkers, again only me hearing it. Ive been marking it off on my myan calendar and interestingly it started getting really loud around very energetic active days, got even louder around full moon, and blew me away round 10th when that flare erupted, still is. I also traveled a bit recently and had the same experiences you did, softer in some places, but ever there, especially in the smaller towns, did some flying up to Tanzania and that was bliss, no hum for a week. Really bums out my sleep as im very sensitive to sound as it is. My fridge is the only thing that keeps me sane, equalizer of sorts, got me thinking we need a sound ap that can help us hum folks, ive been trying some tunes and sounds via phone aps to use with earphones.. Alas no match that can help me with the i initial quiet that i need to fall asleep.

  3. George G. says:

    The Hum diminished completely August 17 here at Longitude 143E and did not come back till September 14. Since then, it has been intermittently present at moderately high levels for an hour or so. Unfortunately for me, nobody else on this site apart from yourself David, has bothered to give me their longitudinal bearing, so my data harvesting has been limited to local events.
    Even so, the small amount of time I have spent on this subject leads me to state we are stuck with
    it. It is not new, it has only become more noticeable. Forget sunspots, Russians, HAARP, Industry and all the other usual suspects.

    I am convinced The Hum is moving eastward in a longitudinal fashion at a rate which approximates the rate of the inner core i.e. 3 degrees faster (approx) per year than the planet’s surface. Should anyone who is actually thinking about this, and asks themselves how can a band of energy be sensed at different longitudes at the same time, I ask you to consider dipoles, side lobes and reflectors.
    I also ask you to consider a great lump of super-heated conductor almost the size of our moon revolving slightly faster than our planet in the very heart of the earth. Consider the diminishing magnetic field of our planet. Think of the so called quite zones, then perhaps try to imagine the offset angle of the inner core. Where do the dipole ends align at the planets surface? Could those areas constitute ‘quiet zones’?

    Cheers and farewell to all, try and ignore it, enjoy the lulls.


    • RustyMcCabe says:

      I live the Dallas Forth Worth area and noticed this past summer the noise went away and started coming back around the same time your talking about. It seems to have become even louder in mid December. I sleep with a sound machine on white noise, otherwise I can’t get any rest

    • c green says:

      Even though i can’t describe with the elegance that you do this was my thought and my personal theory, my thought was that the core of the earth has sped up or slowed down for whatever reason and what you are hearing is the core rubbing against the next layer..

    • George G. says:

      For those who wonder what causes the Hum to stop. It doesn’t. It moves away from you, only to reappear next cycle.

      • But if there were a cycle, then it seems that it would be predictable. Also, if this is a geological process, then why did widespread reports of the Hum first appear in England in the late 60s/early 70s? Cheers, Glen.

      • jimvandamme says:

        If it stops for one person, does it stop for any others? If so, how far apart are they?

  4. David greyling says:

    When people have a question they always look to the obvious for an answer. My thoughts about the Hum are possibly different than most peoples.
    I don’t believe that it’s caused by the natural, but by super-natural causes. Not a sound, but a vibration. I have researched my experience for the last 15 years. My research has led me to string theory, quantum physics, consciousness, spirituality, Buddhism, multi-dimentions, ancient architecture, aliens… Etc…
    The Buddhists knew thousands of years ago that everything was energy, vibrational energy. We are now confirming this through quantum physics. How is it that they knew what we only now can prove ?
    String theory… Everything is made of small strings that are wrapped into circle and are vibrating at different frequencies.
    The famous physics experiment called the “double slot experiment” which had been repeated hundreds of times and all arriving at the same conclusion… That everything is just potential energy unless there is a conscious observer.
    I have a hundred thoughts going through my mind about all of these subjects. I’m not very good at explaining myself to others. I’m just a welder by trade.
    I just make the suggestion to all. Look for the answer not on the conventional, but in the unconventional. No one had been able to explain the source of the hum. I believe it’s because they’ve been looking in the wrong place.
    I have some paperwork to get for Glen which will take several weeks. I hope to be able to work with him in order to be able to articulate my thoughts in a way that people can understand instead of causing confusion.
    People will see a man attending church his whole life, paying tithies, praying, etc. That will say “what a pious man”. But if that came man were to say that he saw the Creator. Those same people who said he was pious would say that he’s ” crazy !”
    Well I must be of the crazy variety then.
    The never ending search for the meaning of life… Why were we created ? The answer is quite simple… It is the ONLY thing that makes sense. It puts the Bible, physics, the natural world, the universe all in perspective.
    I was told why we were created… But for great I won’t tell anyone right now. I’m hoping to work with Glen in the near future so that he can help me better explain my thoughts.
    Maybe I’m just insane… Buy out sure makes sense to me…

  5. David greyling says:

    I also believe that we are a race with amnesia…

  6. David greyling says:

    In my first comment I said for great I won’t tell anyone now about why we were created. My spell check changed the word. I meant to say Fear ! In afraid.

  7. jimvandamme says:

    “Lightning increases risk for headaches” said a short article in “Bottom Line Personal” which I subscribe to. “Chronic headache sufferers had a 31% higher risk for headaches when lightning struck within 25 miles of their homes …Reason: possibly related to electromagnetic waves…University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, published in Cephalalgia”.

    Know anything about this?? Curious.

  8. jimvandamme says:

    May I ask some stupid questions?

    1. Does the Hum start or stop abruptly, or does it ramp up and down over a day, hour, minute, or what??

    2. Does it change noticeably when you pass through different media such as entering a large steel ship, underground, basement, tall building, change in latitude?

    3. Is it noisy? That is, is the frequency scattered and modulated, or is it monpochromatic? Does it sound like a single tone from a frequency generator, or chaotic like a drum?

    4. Has anybody tried to cancel it out using a signal fed into a transmitting antenna or speaker? The same principle as noise canceling headphones. It should be possible to reduce or eliminate it over a small area (one person), if you can sample the actual signal.

    5. Is there any correlation between the Hum and high frequency tinnitus?

    • wzrd1 says:

      From some descriptions, the hum could be tinnitus, in others, venous hum, in still others, unidentified.
      I’ve ran into some odd hum sources, many intensified by resonance created by a structure. That still doesn’t account for so many instances.
      The only thing I can actually rule out completely is magic. 😉

  9. George G. says:

    My old science teacher always said; “There is no such thing as a stupid question! Only stupid answers.”

    So, in that light, I hope my answers do not muddy the waters further.

    1. It does suddenly become noticeable, but not always at the same amplitude. And, it does suddenly stop. Amplitude can change abruptly. It may last a week, a day or several hours, day or night, most annoying at night. I have never experienced it for only minutes. (unlike tinnitus)

    2. When it is present at maximum power, there is no perceivable difference in level whether I am in my workshop (well earthed metal) or inside my home (timber) In the outdoors, however, it is diminished. A fellow observer at higher latitude (same longitude) hears it at the same time as I do.

    I have no experience with underground or tall building locations regarding the Hum.

    3. Pure sinewave. Sometimes prone to beats from local near-frequency noise sources, e.g. mains driven motors.

    4. I used a sig.gen. to try and approximate the frequency. Almost impossible unless the Hum is at max. power, simply because even at the lowest possible audio level the sig.gen. drowns out the Hum. Several times, when Hum at max. level, I noticed slow beating with the gen. frequency around 30Hz. Whenever I tried for second harmonics the sig gen would dominate. This is annoying. Even when I feel the Hum is at maximum amplitude, the slightest external tones often negate it. This includes speech. Maybe it really is in our heads? Never tried out-of-phase cancellation, and probably never will, I really have had a gut full of chasing this elusive beast. I had always assumed it is an electromagnetic phenomenon, but after reading the experiences of so many others, I am no longer sure. Until very recently, I would have argued with anybody who mentioned sonic, sub-sonic or infrasonic sources. But now, I would probably say “why not.”

    5. Hum and tinnitus? Like comparing a bass guitar to a very small flute. I do hear both, never at the same time. Cannot say there is any correlation.

  10. Cal says:

    I am currently in Victoria BC and the hum is driving me nuts. It’s throbbing. It gets louder and louder then goes quiet and starts again. I have never heard anything like this before but it is driving me nuts.

  11. Ernie says:

    In my experience there is definitely a correlation with solar activity. Increase in X-rays or protons causes an increase in the hum. I understand that X-rays increase the ionisation and protons increase the temperature and therefore the density of the atmosphere at higher altitudes. Both these effects increase the transmission of sound at high altitudes. The hum is not an EM effect; that is what ‘they’ want you to believe because it is a blind alley. Once you realise that, the cause begins to make sense.

    • Who’s “They”? Why do they want you to believe it’s EM? Why do you feel it’s not? Can you correlate it with published values of solar activity, auroras, CMEs? Do you think you are sensing X rays directly, or an Earth resonance based on solar particles?

  12. Antoinette says:

    I have been hearing a hum for years, it varies in sound and intensity, sometimes its like a truck.outside my window changing gears. I live in New Zealand an last night where I am staying experienced a small earthquake and tonight the hum is full on…is it connected to that?

    • TT says:

      Hi Antoinette, I am in NZ also, chch infact and from my experience of the hum i am convinced it is linked to geomagnetic activity/earthquakes and solar flares. It is particularly loud when there is earthquake activity. Also several nights ago it woke me up it was so loud. I also experienced it as not just a noise per say, but also a physical vibration that produces a pressure in my ears. LAst night this pressure and vibratory aspect was particularly intense. I even woke my husband up and asked him if he could hear it (i always find it unbelievable that he cant its so tangible and loud!) and said to him, I wonder if there is a large solar storm happening. The next day i googled it and there was! Not scientific lol but i do believe there is a link between the too.

  13. George G. says:

    But it is predictable. A suitable entry on your data base map asking specific date/time/duration of last lull would reveal the Hum moves in a longitudinal band with main and side lobes. With enough data precise forecasts of lull time and duration could be supplied for specific locations. This is not a far fetched proposition, I have worked on it locally at a small scale. The power of your data map
    would become an immense research tool with such a simple modification.

    I cannot answer why England produced the initial widespread reports, but I do know our planet’s magnetic field has diminished since the 60’s and 70’s and continues to diminish. In view of this perhaps we can expect increasing reports of the Hum spreading across the globe?

  14. Lucia. says:

    Hi. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, And Ive heard the hum a couple of times. It lasts for some minutes, then it ends. Once I heard it really hard, but most of the times its quite soft, smooth, lets say. I can hear it outside the city, and Ive heard it one night at my house in capital city. It sounds like Binaural waves, first I was confused, thinking I was getting some radio frequency waves as I did when I was a child, But now I started to think about the Solar flares and the maximum solar that we are going through. Anyone here in south america felt it? I know that there are some cases about people hearing it, but do you have any information about places here in south america where the hum can be heard? Real ones, confirmed. Not just guys listening something that can be street sound or machinery.
    Thank you for your investigation. Keep us posted if you get some new ideas.

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