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Big Upload Complete – 4000+ Map Points

Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com
Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

The latest upload is complete, and we now have more than 4000 rows in the database. Let me know if you see any problems or if you have any questions. Cheers, Glen.


  1. Paul DeLucchi says:

    Great work, Glen — keep it up. I hear the hum 24/7 in Marin county, California. Am listening to it right now. Would still like advice on how best to document/record it. IMO documentation is everything. Cheers.

  2. Arnaud B says:

    Great job ! Once again, many thanks for your investment on this projet!
    I continue to hear it in Belgium (Europe) at half part of the time since 2009 !
    It’s like a curse on everynight 😦

    Best regards.

  3. 4000 people have entered their data, and their locations have been mapped.

  4. Kirstie Pearce says:

    Hi Glen
    I thought I had completed the questionaire. I live in Australia and have heard it in the following locations:
    Southbank, Melbourne
    Searford, Melbourne
    Newlands Arm (a small town near Bairnsdale in Victoria).
    I now live in Buchan, a very very small rural town in Victoria and have just started hearing it again up there.


  5. kev says:

    NEXUS magazine Vol 21 No 6 has put out a story that hits the hum on the head its a must read for all that hear THE HUM. ITS CALLED Directed energy cognitive warfare and mind control

  6. acdel says:

    Glad I found your site. I was starting to think that I was going crazy for being able to hear this hum while others could not. I am located in Calgary Canada and have also heard it in the Shuswap area in central British Columbia.

  7. Michele Lyon-Brown says:

    I have no clue about anything as a source but this is what has occurred. Since AT&T took over the cell transmission tower next door and we now have a 4G instead of the 3G capability of the former operators the ‘noise’, experience, has increased in intensity. It is more frequently accompanied by the feeling of or sensation of vibrations along with the rumbling . I did not know about the technical alterations until I was mentioning to the workers who were out to the site that it really makes a lot of ‘noise’ and was told that it had been upgraded and they were down on my property kind of remotely calibrating something on it.

    About five years ago when it simply was a high tension tower I never experienced anything from it. It wasn’t until ‘they’, a couple of cellphone providers, mounted their wares on it that this began. Perhaps this is causative or coincidental, I do not know. BUT, that is the history of my experience.

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