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The Windsor Hum Report is Released

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Follow World Hum Map and Database Project on WordPress.com

This morning the Canadian government released its report on the noise disturbance around Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Colin Novak of the University of Windsor was able to detect the noise with his acoustical equipment and determined that the nuisance noise was emanating from the area of Zug Island in the United States, although he was unable to specify the precise location of the source of the sound. As much as the report may validate the complaints of affected residents, it will likely serve to further marginalize the vastly greater number of people who suffer from the Worldwide Hum. It is instructive to look at the reporting here. Novak announced, via the government spokesperson, “The Windsor hum is real”. Think that through. For example, one question for Professor Novak might be, “Do you think that tinnitus (which is self-reported) is real and, if so, precisely why do you think that it is real?” The honest answer to that question leads us to the normalization of the Worldwide Hum and away from the trite assumptions and disrespectful commentary that typifies much discussions of this issue.

Some readers of the Windsor report will assume that the Hum has somehow been solved. That is quite false. A quick look at the World Hum Map (www.thehum.info) shows a large number of locations that are located nowhere near significant industrial activity. Reports continue to come in and as the Map fills in, we see that there are vast numbers of people around the world who suffer from the Hum. And as the Canadian and American governments begin to argue over the Zug Island problem, the much more serious worldwide situation continues.


  1. ebbill says:

    This inhumane and inconsiderate research project has interrupted my life and has caused great distress, anxiety, a drop graduate school performance by 2 grades. I am writing that Attorney General for the State of California to see if my rights are being violated because of this research. If I do not make a passing final score in this course, I will be required to pay an out-of-pocket expense of $2,200 to take the course over. If I do not get any help from the state attorney, I will be contacting the Attorney General for the United States. This has to stop. You are causing me so much pain and anxiety. I cannot even concentrate on what the hell I am reading. I am blasting this through every social media outlet I belong to. You have no right to inflict this cruel and unusual punishment on another human being.

    • The only reason I allowed the above post to go on the blog is so that the person who wrote it understands that on this site we are working to locate the source of the worldwide Hum and find a way to turn it off or to block it. The wording of your post implies that I or “the project” is somehow to blame for the Hum. I hope it is evident that such is not the case.

    • George G. says:

      What on earth are you talking about? Understand this! The hum is massive! The hum is world wide!
      Not a single pissy human can claim responsibility for producing it! The Attorney general for the State of California will piss himself/herself laughing when they receive your complaint!

      By the way ebbill, what are you studying, dolphin telepathy, whale music, alien art, ???

      Cheers and good wishes,


  2. Carla says:

    I think Windsor is just a case where you have an obvious source of LFN that has been proven to be emanating from one of the steel mills, but like you said, that doesn’t mean that the worldwide Hum isn’t still being heard beneath the obvious noise from Zug Island as well. As matter of fact I read a report somewhere that said that for a few days recently that all of the furnaces were shut down at US Steel (where the main source is claimed to be) due to some sort of accident or something, but yet many of the residents claimed they could still hear the Hum during that time, it was just not as loud or pronounced. That’s why I believe they haven’t really found the “entire” source of their problem, even though they claim they have.

  3. karen elizabeth dahl says:

    Is the hum the result of ‘dirty electricity’, maybe electricity that is produced from radioactive plants that is not properly filtered?
    I feel sure that the answer to the problem is a simple electrical adjustment to radio frequencies associated with ‘dirty electricity’.

    • jimvandamme says:

      No. Radioactivity does not “dirty” electrictricity. Nuclear plants produce steam, just like coal and gas plants, which makes the same kind of electricity. Nukes are base load, which means they prefer to run at a constant power output.

      Generators produce very little harmonic distortion. Any higher harmonics would be heard as a buzz, whine or whistle, not a hum. Switching power supplies, like your light cell phone chargers and TV, run at frequencies above human hearing.

      The power grid is kept very close to 60 Hz. That’s why your clocks keep time.

      If you are close to large industrial users, you could experience “dirty” power, which can cause havoc with some electronic equipment. Usually this is transitory. Lightning is another big problem. You can get a whole house surge arrester installed on your fuse box, or get surge arrester poer strips.

  4. George G. says:

    Well David, I’m glad you finally experienced a lull, your previous posts suggest you have really suffered. Yes, lulls are quite common, and almost often followed by a renewed constant onslaught, which leads me to believe there may be merit to Glen’s thoughts on standing waves. This is exactly what we would expect when observing standing waves (remember Tesla’s famous observation of a lightning storm?)

    Try and enjoy the lulls, perhaps use the hum as I do, a puzzle worthy of study. My observations lead me to think the hum moves in longitudinal bands around our planet, so just for my records, could you kindly tell me your longitude and date of last lull?

    Many thanks,

  5. George. G. says:

    To David
    Thanks. The last lull here began with a decrease in level over a period of two days, May 1 and 2. From May 3 to May 12 no hum present (deep lull) followed by ‘full power’ hum on May 13. Another observer on my longitude (143.51E) but hundreds of km north from my position experienced identical lull dates as myself. Looks like the recent lull visited here approx. 21 days before visiting you (if it is the same wave front we are experiencing). The hum has not ceased since.



    • Dan Fruzzetti says:

      Could you all be experiencing some kind of resonance from subterranean process that’s bouncing around while other components of that same sound are not as powerfully propagated? I don’t understand how it could be radio in general, unless if radio waves are being absorbed and turned into sound by some large solid like the ground. But were that the case, it would be a huge amount of energy.

      The aurorae are very loud – in radio – as they should be since they are so enormous and friction-like.

      I’d really like to understand and help.

      • George G. says:

        Excellent thoughts Dan. Both points are indeed valid and worthy of consideration.
        I have long ago discounted the hum as a mechanical resonance, simply because all who sense it report perceived levels as overbearingly loud. At such levels (perceived) I would have expected a greater percentage of ‘hearers’ than what Glen’s post reports. Folks with poor hearing can detect very low audio frequencies quite well, for example.

        Your radio comments do resonate (no pun) with my train of thoughts, however. I often describe the Hum’s nature as ‘electrophonic’. Although this term is not quite correct, according to the dictionary, it’s the closest word I can think of to describe what you pointed out about radio waves being turned into sound. In my view however, the conversion is carried out in a much smaller medium than ground. Middle ear tissue? Skull cavity? Slightly distorted jaw bone, perhaps?? We sure could use some medicos joining this discussion.

        Your aurorae comment is A grade, certainly plenty of power available there. (Especially in the ELF/VLF bands)

        Thanks for your interest, cheers for now,


        P.S. I gather by your post you do not suffer from this infernal hum?

  6. jimvandamme says:

    Got a link to the report? Seems like a rail yard full of big 12 cylinder diesels could make a racket. I can hear one a couple miles away, if atmospheric conditions are right.

  7. David, I live in the United states and the Hum has driven me crazy for over 5 years now. It is making me so very sick. I know what you are saying is true. what makes the Hum even more unbearable is that nobody else in my Home hears it but me! They think I am crazy…I am ready to move

    • Melissa Padgett says:

      Margaret, I feel your pain-I’ve heard it for 4 years. See my other posts or feel free to contact me for a few techniques you can adopt to at least lessen the misery. I’m writing because I too hoped that moving would solve the problem, until I heard from others in the area I was considering who hear it too. I conducted my own research project and found that regardless of which city/town I drove to, I could still hear it if I was in a house. I don’t hear it as badly or as much in large office buildings. Sadly, I’ve also heard it in several states. I mention this because you may be disappointed if you spend money moving and still hear it.

  8. Frances says:

    I have just found this site after waking up at 2:30am and hearing this “hum”. I’ve heard it off and on for the last year. I attributed it to the fact that I live in Trenton, Michigan near the Detroit Edison plant, am a block off the Detroit River and in a very industrial area. I know Windmills are across the river in Canada as well. All that being said, the descriptions I’ve read are accurate in that it is a low, dull drone that has a pulsing to it. I can’t sleep…

    I had to chuckle about the information regarding Zug Island. Yes, it’s a shit-hole but can’t imagine the worst problem it causes is humming! I’m more worried about the contamination it’s caused in the river and the Great Lakes in general not to mention the health problems of the residents in that vicinity. U.S. Steel should be more concerned about that…the world should be more concerned about that!

    Back to the “Hum”. I am grateful that someone is researching this…it’s bizarre to say the least. I don’t mention it to anyone for fear they will think I am nuts! So I don’t know if any of my neighbors experience this sound as well. Will have to get over the fear and start asking and if they do hear it I will direct them to this project and site.

    P.S. Are animals affected by this at all? My dog doesn’t seemed bothered or distressed. No neurotic behavior or anything related to the hum. Just curious since their hearing is more sensitive than humans.


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